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"Nearly 40% of COVID cases related to outbreaks in Colorado are at schools"; By @EricaBreunlin @fishnette

This is equally unsurprising & disappointing. I'm torn by thoughts that districts often:
* are overwhelmed
* largely ignore airborne prevention
2/ There have been *countless* sources for good, data-backed science on how to radically slow COVID spread in schools. Pick from any number of excellent Colorado experts or widen the net to advocates & experts all over the country and world.
The solutions are ready to be applied.
3/ This was a @ColoradoSun OpEd I wrote earlier this year with one of many impassioned pleas:
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The 2-Page Executive Summary is available for sharing, download, and print to help you with your organizing efforts to make schools safer. Please share with parents, teachers, school districts, and decision-makers. #DeltaSchoolsAirborne @SpeakUpAmerica_ Image
We've added a dedicated page of success stories since the webinar to inspire more action to make schools safer. Please share your great work, we have some great stories up and more on the way. Let's keep going!
@SpeakUpAmerica_ #DeltaSchoolsAirborne… Image
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So glad to see growing national push to #EatOutside & increase #school lunch safety. Anytime masks come off indoors, COVID risk increases.

@HeidiNBC 👇: "Does this cost money?"
Principal: “Money?! No, we just used our brains!”

Full 🧵 of links & info. #DrFauci up next ... (1/x)
2/ Parents here realized that if adults need to be very careful w/ indoor dining when masks are off, so do school kids during lunch.
@HeidiNBC: "Here's what they do. It's not hard. They open these doors, the kids come out."

h/t @SmartRestartAPS
3/ #DrFauci today" "You have pretty good prevention measures at the time you’re in the class or working, and then you let your guard down when you get a lunchbreak and you take your mask off, b/c you have to take your mask off to eat."
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PSA: 🚨 DO NOT TAKE YOUR MASK OFF INDOORS, even if there is no one else around.🚨

The virus persists in the air for HOURS because #CovidIsAirborne

Only take your mask off outdoors, and preferably use an N95 mask.

Important potentially lifesaving thread. Please RT. 1/n
Aerosols that carry the virus can float in the air for HOURS. Long after an infected person has left the room, the air is still not safe to breathe, unless there is aggressive ventilation and filtration to keep it safe.

Just because you are alone does not mean you are safe. 2/n
Do not take your mask off inside, even if you are alone. It’s not safe for you.

And if you are infected, you will be making the air unsafe for others.

Read on to understand this more fully. 3/n
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"6 Questions To Ask Your Colorado School About COVID And The Air In Your Child’s Classroom"

Great, well-researched & hyperlinked article in @CPRNews by @CPRBrundin

These are not rhetorical questions -- pls contact your #school district!
🧵 below (1/x)…
2/ Also don't miss the link to answers from 25 #Colorado school district on their COVID response. Brilliant & critical public health info!

Using this info you can follow-up based on the questions @CPRBrundin provides!……
3/ #AskYourDistrict:
1. How is the air in your child’s classroom being filtered and ventilated?

- Improve to MERV 13 filters, minimum of 5 ACH air exchange, and open outdoor air dampers
- Don't forget the long-term benefits
- Way to go @ESDk12 for using federal $ on air upgrades
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One year ago, this was my jump into trying to clear the air around school #ventilation (wherein I miss-tagged Ontario Minister of Education @Sflecce) now at 48 tweets.
Photo is a rooftop classroom exhaust fan turned off because it was too noisy.
That fan is used to force infiltration in through cracks in the building envelope and intentionally open windows. It was a valid design for several decades for ~25% of classrooms in Ontario, ~5% are fully naturally ventilated, and the rest have a HVAC system /2
Some of these have been or are being retrofitted to add ventilation with federal flow-through funding. It's about 🇨🇦$43,000 to add a unit ventilator to a classroom, based on AMDSB @yourschools which is ensuring all its schools have mechanical ventilation! /3
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We are continuing to make resources from our program on school reopenings and airborne transmission more accessible to empower more people to make schools and communities safer. @kprather88 @TheAngryEpi @DataDrivenMD @SpeakUpAmerica_ #DeltaSchoolsAirborne ImageImageImage
.@kprather88 and @denise_dewald on reducing the risk of airborne transmission in schools and whether the U.S. hospital system can absorb a Delta surge of COVID. #DeltaSchoolsAirborne @SpeakUpAmerica_
.@linseymarr on masks for kids and the importance of better masks during Delta, how masks filter, and criteria to prioritize when buying a mask (comfort, fit, filtration).

#DeltaSchoolsAirborne @SpeakUpAmerica_
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And again, @marwa_zaatari + @Poppendieck bring the 🔥. Yep, #masks are crucially important for everyone in #schools. But don't forget that airborne virus are still breathed out at lunch when masks are off. 👇👇👇

(A few more thoughts on #SchoolLunchOutside below in short 🧵)
2/ Idea for pool + hot tub pee came as an evolution from the analogy from @Poppendieck and morphed into a panel talk as part of a #DeltaSchoolsAirborne event this week when we talked about how to keep #schools safe from the ravages of #Delta this fall.
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1/ #CO2monitors: How cool! San Diego Unified put CO2 monitors and particle counters in schools to monitor #ventilation and #filtration — making sure it was adequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in every room.

Using science + data to target and actually fix problems!
2/ Here's a great thread 🧵 explaining how this works.

3/ We asked @APSVirginia and @APSReady to strengthen reopening plans, to rise to challenge of #DeltaVariant. Conference of 1,000 experts + education advocates this week outlined best ideas.
(@kprather88 describes San Diego effort.👇)

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My OpEd today
Yes, everyone needs to wear high-quality #masks in #schools, but that’s not the only urgent action necessary to keep kids safe -- we desperately need to focus on air quality by adding #HEPA filters & by addressing the risks at lunch time,🧵👇…
2/ Opinion: As an aerosol scientist, I know schools need masks, HEPA filters and outdoor lunches

A link to the same OpEd, but with hyperlinks to various articles and support:
#DeltaSchoolsAirborne #MasksInSchools #HEPAInSchools…
3/ "We all want children to attend school in person & avoid bouncing to online modalities. To make that happen, [we] need to follow the near-unanimous advice ... to mandate indoor mask-wearing, install more portable HEPA filters, & institute safer lunchtime procedures ... ."
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My contribution at #DeltaSchoolsAirborne: #Ventilation is a very important factor in the pandemic, it's the primary difference between indoor and outdoor.
Quick definition of #ventilation: Supply clean (outdoor) air, and remove stale (indoor) air. /1 Screenshot of ASHRAE terminology web page
There are three main types of #ventilation in schools.
1️⃣ Natural (windows only). Unreliable.
2️⃣ Partial mechanical: An exhaust fan draws stale air out. Replacement air enters from other rooms and from the outside through cracks and open windows. /2
3️⃣ Mechanical #ventilation uses fans in a system to provide outdoor air, filter it, and remove stale air. /3 Photo of school showing exhaust-only classrooms, classrooms
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Hi, my name is Ian Ricksecker. I have 20 years software engineering experience, with a speciality in security and risk management. I'm the father of a 9-year-old in a San Diego Unified (@sdcshools) elementary school.

Last March, my ex and I faced an impossible dilemma. (1/9)
At my home, we have a three-generation family, and my mother is taking immune-suppressant medication.

In the first year of remote learning, our daughter did very well, but we'd just had our parent teacher conference, and her performance had dropped dramatically. (2/9)
When San Diego Unified @sdschools announced that they were re-opening, we were stuck with the choice: risk my mother's life on a bet that school was safe? Or keep our daughter remote when that clearly wasn't working for her? (3/9)
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As contagious as chicken pox.

Far fewer pediatric beds - provide specialized care.

27k pediatric beds

5400 PICU

In the US

Usually 80% full

Asymptomatic spread is an issue!

Aerosols that float and can fill a room. Like infectious cigarette smoke.

Some droplets, droplets drop, aerosols float.

Aerosols drive disease.

Need to clean where the virus is.


It's very contagious - 1000x the viral load.

If you believe 15 minutes from original COVID you could inhale the same amount of virus in one second.

BUT we can clean the air.
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Starting now -

Of interest to everyone who is concerned about making schools safer everywhere.

With @linseymarr
@kprather88 @Theresa_Chapple and many others.
Join here -
Delay is due to technical issues. The program will start very soon.
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Join us Wednesday, August 18 @ 12PM PST, to discuss concerns on school reopenings and strategies that can work to reduce airbone transmission in the U.S. This event is open to anyone in the world and these strategies can be applied anywhere.
Join in - tech difficulties but starting soon!

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This is a lot of hot (rebreathed) air. A lot a lot.

More than 8,000 Florida students in one school district isolate or quarantine amid local covid surge

It was 5000 the other day.

Talk about "learning loss" what do you call it when adults can't learn at all?…
‘Parents are scared’ as Wake schools prepare to reopen amid surge in COVID cases

And they won't reopen their virtual academy.

Every parent who can keep a kid home helps a kid who has to attend in person. If you can, do that.

Read more here:…
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This is a thread sharing @kprather88 and friends program on Wednesday with BOCES, counties, parent groups and others in NYS. Please feel free to use to send to your local places!…
Please use your contacts or @s to promote the program tomorrow. They need to register.

Twitter handles of speakers

@kprather88 @linseymarr @corsiAQ @chipatucsd @huffmanlabDU @joaquinlife @juliaraifman @theangryepi @theresachapple @datadrivenMD @ldelanowood @andrewmaketweet
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