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We had an insightful conversation with @shopify india yesterday. If you are a #D2C brand with an online shop or planning to set one, follow the thread. #d2cinsider #shopify #cheatsheet
What are the benefits of @Shopify you ask? fully hosted #diy application, low cost, store setup on subscription model, user friendly, stable technology, 99.98% uptime and excellent #CustomerService #d2cinsider #cheatsheet
#shopify gold is now shopify plus - a product built for mid to super enterprise customers; provides an array of rest based APIs helping configure a lot of things; lots of apps, plugins available from Shopify and third party for customization #d2cinsider #cheatsheet
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¿Queréis construiros un potente telescopio casero? 💪
He estado restaurando un viejo proyecto ahora que toca quedarse en casa. Abro hilo con todos los detalles 👇
#DIY #Telescope #Dobson #AstronomiaDesdeCasa
Todo empezó con este espejo, 200mm de diámetro a F/6, exactamente 118,3cm de foco. Perfecto para construir un telescopio tipo Newton. Podéis encontrarlos en Internet a muy buen precio.
¿Y cómo es un telescopio tipo Newton? Pues este gráfico lo muestra claramente, es uno de los diseños más antiguos de telescopio reflector ideado por Sir Isaac Newton:
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Bon, le monde s'en fout, mais j'ai décidé de me mettre à l'étude d'un projet d'#héliostat en #diy pour améliorer l'éclairage de mon domicile. Je me suis amusé à utiliser des miroirs en les déplaçant à la main pour éclairer notre lieu de télétravail familial. Concept validé.
Maintenant l'objectif est de concevoir un héliostat déployable, voire plusieurs petites unités, que je pourrai mettre dans mon jardin et ranger au besoin. Ainsi pas de contrainte d'étanchéité ou de résistance vent.
Des miroirs suédois pas chers carrés, deux axes, moteurs pas à pas. Reste le problème de la localisation du soleil. Comme les unités ne sont pas fixes, l'utilisation d'éphémérides n'est pas évidente. Un traqueur de soleil, avec 4 photodiodes ? C'est l'idée pour l'instant.
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Registrations for our next webinar "Getting Started with Enterprise Cellular" is now open: Join @Yavuz72Mehmet and @revolutionwifi for a discussion on #CBRS certified devices, relevant use cases and a live demo of Celona's network planner tool. 💻 📺 🖥️
@Yavuz72Mehmet @revolutionwifi Starting a thread with #CBRS capable devices. First up, Zebra L10 go-anywhere Windows tablets. Each with the optional Sierra Wireless EM7565 or EM7511 modems.

Street price ~$4K.……
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So after the @UKGamesExpo The Game Shop: Aldershot took a few of our pre-release kits off our hands and we said goodbye to our Iconic Pink bag as it went off to find new adventures. Clearly we need a new demo piece so I thought I’d do a Tweet along...…
The D20 I’m going to build today is one of our ‘Unicorn Blood’ kits. This colour is still currently locked on the #Kickstarter but when we get to 1500% or £15k this high spectrum glitter effect will be available in the pledge manager at the end.
#rainbow #unicorn #glitter #diy
So to start off I’ve laid out my pieces in the same pattern as the diagram in the kit, if you have a kit with numbers having a D20 to hand can help you put everything in the right places. Then I’ve got one eyelet piece and one other and tied a standard knot.
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Tinder moved to #Kubernetes and @EnvoyProxy, is averaging appx 50 containers, 15 pods per node. Interesting for a few reasons from my perspective
#1/ Bigger nodes running many containers is not so rare. At @signalfx we are seeing this more and more in the field. Is it too early to say that #Mainframe is making a comeback? #MillenialMainframe #GenerationM
#2/ "One reason we were able to move so quickly was due to the rich metrics we were able to easily integrate"
Seeing this everywhere. You can't fly a #jetplane without instruments and you can't run advanced #infrastructure without great #observability and #metrics
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1/ Here’s how I built the iconic first level of #SuperMarioBros as a life-size first person AR game that I played in @CentralParkNYC . Read on below!
2/ Ideas can come from anywhere. It all began with a simple cube. While learning @HoloLens dev I mistakenly placed a cube above my head, walked under it and looked up. The image of a #Mario brick flashed through my head
3/ Unable to find 3D assets in the style I wanted, I decided to recreate them myself. Used @adskFusion360 & had to consider things like how will bricks & characters I’ve only ever seen in 2D appear from the various angles that #AR enables.
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Got some free time, so I’m going to tinker around with my phone project a bit.

Going to try and install KDE Plasma Mobile on a Raspberry Pi.

Documentation and live posting on Mastodon.

Follow here:…
Alright. Some progress!

Got KDE Plasma Mobile successfully installed on a #RaspberryPi!

Everything works fine except I can’t get the screen to rotate into portrait mode!

Will work on that another day!

Full thread on building it here:…

#Phone #DIY #RPi
Dialer App.
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Creating animation with halftone:
(a) In TV medium creates flicker effect
(b) In digital requires high data rate & less compression
I think remaking #SpiderMan: Into The #SpiderVerse trailer would be a challenge. A fun challenge where there are scenes with halftone & misprint colors.
Going to be an ‘expensive’ challenge since the cheapest halftone/screen tone sheet I found in NYC is $7.96. Imagine frames of animation with multiple halftone 😂
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Mmg betul #Sate bukan hanya ada di Indonesia, bbrp negara jiran sampai Asia tengah pun punya sate dengan versinya masing-masing. Namun kalau ditanya negara mana yang punya paling banyak varian sate, dengan berbagai bahan, jenis bumbu, dan paling unggul citarasanya, ya Indonesia.
Tahu nggak ada berapa macam #Sate di Indonesia?, atau pernah makan sate apa saja? Mungkin mau berbagi sate yang khas di daerahmu? Pembagian jenis sate di Indonesia ini bukan hanya dari bahan atau daerah, tapi juga style/gayanya.

Coba iseng-iseng kita data yah

1. Sate sapi Suruh Salatiga, bumbu kacangnya kasar-kasar, dimakan dengan ketupat, penjualnya banyak di Kota Salatiga, Jateng dsknya

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“We’ve long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune tellers look good. We believe that short-term market forecasts are poison and should be kept locked up in a safe place, away from children & also from grown-ups who behave in the market like children- WB
If you believe “experts” have enough foresight about financial events to make a meaningful difference. Unfortunately they don’t. After reviewing brokerage reports, you will quickly realize most of what passes for financial advice and forecast is really ‘financial fiction’ !
Here are several examples:
Five stocks for 2022
18 stocks likely to witness rebound, time to buy?
Don’t sell now, odds favour a market rally.
HDFC’s earnings to grow at 20% for the next 2 yrs
HUL should trade in the range of X-2X
Six mutual funds to buy today
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Making molds - #30secondtutorial #dnd #nerdcrafts

NEED: Silicone Caulking/gun, big bowl w/ dishsoap & water, thing to mold in an appropriately sized container, gloves (if you use them, I always end up taking them off)

Nice to have some goo-gone on hand, to get rid of stickies!
-Prep item to mold. I'm making dice, so I glued it in at the angle I wanted. Once the mold is done, the bottom will be the top of the mold, and where the die touches the bottom will be the opening.
-Get your gloves on! (I put soap on my hands instead of using gloves)
-Put water in the big bowl, with dish soap. About 1 part soap to 10 parts water.
-Put caulking in water mixture, work with hands for 3-5 minutes, until it's a big less-sticky blob
-Squish silicone in the little cup with item to mold, make sure it's filled in around item.
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Let's discuss this thread for our #GlobalEChats!

So what do you make of the wave of #ecommerce these days? Come delve into the ins and outs of it with us!
So #Entrepreneurs out there, what is ecommerce?

It just refers to electronic transactions done in the name of #sale and #purchase.

In simpler terms, you buy and sell things online with the #internet! That's it!
But to whom and from whom can these #transactions take place between? Surprisingly, it's not just between #business (B) and #Customers (C)!

It can take place between:
1. B2B
2. B2C
3. C2C (or P2P)
4. C2B
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