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A rash of mask tweets 🧵.

On elastomeric masks, N95s, KN95s, FFP2s, KF94s, care and fit, sourcing, testing, real-world examples & tips, warnings, children's masks, cute alternatives - and why you might want to upgrade now.

#facemask #facemasks #Masks #COVIDisAirborne Image
Why you might want to strengthen your first and most important line of defense.

Bear in mind the type of people you are sharing your supermarket air with.

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One of the best primers on new mask technology in one short interview.…

Teases out technical classifications of 'hi-fi' (high-filtration) masks such as N95s, KN95s or KF94s - and why cloth & surgical masks are not an option now.

Think '2022', not '1918'. Image
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And again, @marwa_zaatari + @Poppendieck bring the 🔥. Yep, #masks are crucially important for everyone in #schools. But don't forget that airborne virus are still breathed out at lunch when masks are off. 👇👇👇

(A few more thoughts on #SchoolLunchOutside below in short 🧵)
2/ Idea for pool + hot tub pee came as an evolution from the analogy from @Poppendieck and morphed into a panel talk as part of a #DeltaSchoolsAirborne event this week when we talked about how to keep #schools safe from the ravages of #Delta this fall.
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My OpEd today
Yes, everyone needs to wear high-quality #masks in #schools, but that’s not the only urgent action necessary to keep kids safe -- we desperately need to focus on air quality by adding #HEPA filters & by addressing the risks at lunch time,🧵👇…
2/ Opinion: As an aerosol scientist, I know schools need masks, HEPA filters and outdoor lunches

A link to the same OpEd, but with hyperlinks to various articles and support:
#DeltaSchoolsAirborne #MasksInSchools #HEPAInSchools…
3/ "We all want children to attend school in person & avoid bouncing to online modalities. To make that happen, [we] need to follow the near-unanimous advice ... to mandate indoor mask-wearing, install more portable HEPA filters, & institute safer lunchtime procedures ... ."
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Lots of questions about best #masks for kids at school. Practical answer: highest quality, tightest fit they will *wear*

No one answer, resources to consider as you look; short thread. #MaskUp #KidsMasks #MasksInSchools

(1/x) This by @CleanAirCrewOrg:
2/ Recommendations, with accompanying video + data on #KidsMasks by @masknerd.

Thread w/ links:
3/ Article by @zoermalin summarizing children's #KN95 masks:…
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This interview with @mtosterholm is 🔥. One of the clearest & most succinctly accurate 6-min summaries of where we are with Delta/COVID mitigation, masks, & vax (best part starts at 1:30).

#VaxUp #BetterMasks #N95 #MasksInSchools
A few quotes below. h/t @PPEtoheros, @citlanx
"This virus is an #aerosol. It’s transmitted in the air, just like we see with cigarette smoke. If you’re in a room and you have a covering on your face and you can smell* the smoke, then you know you’re also getting virus in there if in fact you had an infected person in there."
* (Editorial comment on the smoke smell comment. Aerosols in smoke come out as a concentrated plume, waft through the air, & build-up indoors. But the smell is from the gases & can go through masks, whereas aerosols are blocked. Good visual analogy, but it breaks down at smell).
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1/12 How anyone who claims to care about children can read this thread & look at these figures, & still think “Oh yes, this was a good time to remove 😷s from secondary schools!”

What madness is it that has lead to pupils, staff & families being so unprotected from #COVID19?
2/ #Bolton is just 1 town, every day this week more places have found ⬆️cases of the #IndianVariant.

A local school has an outbreak, a whole yr group’s been sent home. A min of 10 children have tested +ve, so assuming they all have a mild infection, ONE could get #LongCovid.
3/ Has the #PrimeMinister decided that this is acceptable COLLATERAL DAMAGE?

Is this what the #antimask anti-scientific groups like #UsForThem, #HartGroup & the #CRG want for the children of this country?
1000s of innocent children w/ long term symptoms we don’t yet understand? Image
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Nope nope nope, a thread. 😡

This petition to make masks "optional" in K-12 schools is is a gut-punch to my family. My wife teaches elementary school music and this may be the most painful indignity she has faced in 13 years of teaching.

#MaskUpUtah #MasksInSchools #UTpol

She is a dedicated educator, takes her job seriously, & sacrifices for her students despite regular disrespect from parents, administrators, and even fellow-teachers, low pay, & general disregard from a general public that demands much of teachers, but rewards them little.

Last Spring she & thousands of other educators in Utah & elsewhere shouldered the herculean task of reinventing curriculum on the spot for online delivery when schools closed due to COVID-19. Lots of extra work, no extra pay.

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