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The air cleaner purchased by @nseducation for schools has a Clean Air Delivery Rate almost HALF of a common retail unit and may create secondary products by reacting with gas phase contaminants in a poorly ventilated room using photocatalytic oxidation #nspoli /1 Guardian Beyond Air F159E: ...
As seen in the photo, it's not running on its highest setting. For #ventilationequity in non-mechanically ventilated classrooms, should be a min 15 CFM per person, or 375 CADR for 25 people, AND at an acceptable noise level. How many per classroom? #DoTheMath! /2
Don't get me wrong, any filtration is better than nothing! But it's a mere band-aid over a gaping wound.
A DIY $120 #corsirosenthalbox will beat the air cleaners purchased by @nseducation AND can be used in STEM lessons! See /3 Screen capture of web site
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This has everything to do with $$ Improved ventilation has been spoken about in #Ontario almost from the beginning. @fordnation didn't want to spend the money on #ontarioschools, so they gambled that #COVID could be managed without having to retrofit schools or add #HEPA filters
COVID being #Airborne has been known for over a year, and yet they didn't provide essential PPE to you and your teachers.Testing could have kept you in school, but they chose not to implement a regimented testing system. Any kid born in 2004 who will be eligible to #vote
remember that this govt gambled away your highschool years, your rites of passages, your education, your emotional well-being and your physical well-being because they didn't think you were worth protecting. Show them your worth on June 2nd, 2022. #VoteFordOut2022
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☕️ SARS2 Journal Club

h/t @trishgreenhalgh

'Hidden hazards of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in
hospitals: A systematic review'

Very timely, given #Omicron

@mjb302 @andymoz78 @microlabdoc @LawtonTri
I think you'll like this

'SARS-CoV-2 can be frequently detected in hospital air since 1:6 air samples were contaminated with SARS2. Airborne SARS2 RNA was detected throughout the hospital, regularly beyond the social distance of 2m from patients even extending up to 7.6m away from the nearest patients.'
'The nature of air contamination revealed the existence of patient-generated, size-fractionated, & infectious aerosols & that...only fine [<5microns] aerosols contained viable SARS-CoV-2.' @drkristenkc @Don_Milton
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1/ #SARSCoV2 leviää #Aerosol viruspartikkelien avulla joita uloshengittää tartunnansaanut. Haluat välttää näiden partikkeleiden sisäänhengitystä (🦠partikkelimäärä⬇️). #Vuosikymmenien_tutkimus kertoo seuraavien keinojen laskevan sisäänhengittämiesi aerosolpartikkeleiden määrää:
2/ #Maskit: mitä korkeampi laatu ja mitä parempi istuvuus kasvoilla, sitä vähemmän sisäänhengität itse aerosolpartikkeleita joita tartunnansaanut uloshengittää yhteiseen hengitysilmaanne. Tämä ei ole rakettitiedettä.

Aerosol voi ilmaleijailla tunteja.…
3/ #Ilmastointi: Mitä tehokkaampi ilmastointi ja #Tuuletus, sitä vähemmän ilmassa on aerosolpartikkeleita joita tartunnansaanut/-neet hengittävät yhteiseen, jaettuun sisäilmaanne. Näin sisäänhengität viruspartikkeleita itse vähemmän. Tämä ei ole rakettitiedettä, vaan simppeliä.
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Nadhim Zahawi has written to School leaders.

Focus = attendance

This is particularly concerning attendance targets are already driving many headteachers to threaten vulnerable households with fines and prosecutions.

He emphasises the fact that schools must not use the following mitigations: bubbles or isolation of contacts.

Whilst insisting on the need to improve attendance "maximising school attendance a top priority" in a #Pandemic.

Next, something we have been pushing for (if only it wasn't in that same paragraph demanding attendance). An acceptance that vulnerable children have been impacted more than others. * although no mention of children in vulnerable households.

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GET HEPA FILTERS—Real-world data show that filters clean COVID-causing virus from air. An inexpensive portable #HEPA filter efficiently screened #SARSCoV2 and other disease-causing organisms from hospital air. #COVIDisAirborne #COVID19…
2) “This study suggests that HEPA air cleaners, which remain little-used in Canadian hospitals, are a cheap and easy way to reduce risk from airborne pathogens,” says @DFisman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, Canada, who was not involved in the research.
3) And the scientists found that the filters don’t only protect against SARS-CoV-2. When the filters were switched off, the air contained detectable amounts of other pathogens that cause infections, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus pyogenes.
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Wat zijn ze?
Wat doen ze?
Wat drijft hen? ImageImageImageImage
Time is money!
#HEPA filters ImageImageImageImage
Hoe transmissie via #aerosolen stoppen? Image
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Mr Williamson, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to contain my horror at #DfE plans for the return to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools this week.

Such insincere tweets are deeply offensive to anyone who’s been personally affected by serious acute #COVID, #LongCovid or been bereaved by it.
Suggesting schools “get back to a greater sense of normality…” during a pandemic of an #airborne 🦠reveals a marked lack of scientific understanding of the issues & is an utterly disingenuous way to present the situation to parents & children who deserve far better.
And to those of us caring for patients to w/ #COVID19 whilst simultaneously trying to tackle the ever growing mountain of non-#COVID care (STILL in sub-optimal #PPE) it is a huge slap in the face.
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🔥🔥🔥Julio 2020, Acuerdo de la Mesa de la @asambleamadrid , de fecha 29 de junio de 2020, por el que se aprueba el Plan de Contingencia para el retorno al trabajo presencial del Personal de
🤬🤬🤬#ForodelaToja, 2020 Ministros, @marianorajoy @FeijooGalicia @sanchezcastejon , gobierno, oposición, todos bien protegidos con #FiltrosHepa bien dimensionados, (2-14)
👆🏼🗣️➡️Antes de que el CSIC saque la guía, Móstoles aprueba la propuesta para instalar los #FiltrosHepa en sus colegios...#VentilarSinAlegría…
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Good afternoon @RishiSunak & @BorisJohnson

Claims that “we can’t control the spread of the virus.The virus is doing what’s doing….”, that we must learn to “live w/ #COVID” & exert “personal responsibility” are incorrect, disingenuous & dangerous!
@BBCNewsnight @simakotecha
What you actually mean is that YOU (& your government) have deliberately CHOSEN to prioritise the ECONOMY over the HEALTH & WELLBEING of the British ppl…..but are dishonestly & patronisingly pretending there is no other option?

@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @Conservatives

W/ easy access to scientists & public health experts, anyone used to researching, looking for & assessing evidence, can find plentiful, accessible information on how to reduce #coronavirus transmission!

For highly educated ppl like yourselves, it would be an absolute doddle!
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"6 Questions To Ask Your Colorado School About COVID And The Air In Your Child’s Classroom"

Great, well-researched & hyperlinked article in @CPRNews by @CPRBrundin

These are not rhetorical questions -- pls contact your #school district!
🧵 below (1/x)…
2/ Also don't miss the link to answers from 25 #Colorado school district on their COVID response. Brilliant & critical public health info!

Using this info you can follow-up based on the questions @CPRBrundin provides!……
3/ #AskYourDistrict:
1. How is the air in your child’s classroom being filtered and ventilated?

- Improve to MERV 13 filters, minimum of 5 ACH air exchange, and open outdoor air dampers
- Don't forget the long-term benefits
- Way to go @ESDk12 for using federal $ on air upgrades
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I’m right behind you @Sandyboots2020👏

Just imagine what school improvements £37bn would’ve bought @BorisJohnson ?

Maybe there isn’t a #Tory MP or donor w/ an interest in #ventilation systems, #HEPA filters, CO2 monitors etc?

Is it just not lucrative enough @Conservatives?
I’m surprised none of the VIP #PPE contract beneficiaries didn’t spot an opportunity to make some extra cash supplying schools with FRSM😷s knowing #COVIDisAirborne ?

For those foolishly continuing to block out the truth of #COVID19UK, this👇🏼isn’t what “recovery” looks like.
The ONLY CONCLUSION one can draw from #DfE advice is that UNMITIGATED #coronavirus TRANSMISSION in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿/🇬🇧schools IS THE PLAN for the 21/22 academic year!

The HUMAN collateral damage’s been “baked in”- lives lost, chronic debilitating illness, orphaned children…ALL AVOIDABLE.
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Great work on a new report by @JHSPH_CHS via @polsiewski et al:…

Listen to the wide collections of experts -- improve ventilation schedules & add room #HEPA filters to back-to-school safety checklist.
Highlights of exec summary recommendations in 🧵 below.
1. School administrators and decision makers should improve #school #ventilation now by bringing in as much outdoor air as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will safely allow and upgrading filtration.
2. School administrators and decision makers should purchase #HEPA air #filtration units to be placed in classrooms and common occupied spaces.
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💡How to save kids lives & prevent hospitalizations with $55–make your own Corsi Box!! Seriously—if you don’t have a HEPA filter, then do this!👇

📌A motto in environmental health—THE SOLUTION TO (#coronavirus) POLLUTION IS DILUTION (#ventilation) & FILTRATION (#HEPA /#CorsiBox)
2) Technically this is a “Corsi Box” with 5-6 MERV-13+ filters arranged in a cube like this below 👇… I’ve been recommending this for over 6 months! Air disinfection is critical!
3) we know for certain that air disinfection (with either a portal HEPA filter or a Corsi box 📦 comprised of MERV13 filters in cube) works. Studies support the benefits of HEPA filter. The key is to get them into schools — if school won’t buy it—then just buy & donate to teacher
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My OpEd today
Yes, everyone needs to wear high-quality #masks in #schools, but that’s not the only urgent action necessary to keep kids safe -- we desperately need to focus on air quality by adding #HEPA filters & by addressing the risks at lunch time,🧵👇…
2/ Opinion: As an aerosol scientist, I know schools need masks, HEPA filters and outdoor lunches

A link to the same OpEd, but with hyperlinks to various articles and support:
#DeltaSchoolsAirborne #MasksInSchools #HEPAInSchools…
3/ "We all want children to attend school in person & avoid bouncing to online modalities. To make that happen, [we] need to follow the near-unanimous advice ... to mandate indoor mask-wearing, install more portable HEPA filters, & institute safer lunchtime procedures ... ."
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Live: International dream team of air quality experts talking about how we're not doing enough to prevent #delta transmission in schools
Worst-case scenario: Children's hospitals overloaded with 1/3th the beds needed, and 1/5th the PICU beds needed
Delta primarily spreads through #aerosol inhalation. The 6-ft rule is insufficient. The 15-min rule is insufficient. If someone must eat indoors, they should not talk. The infectious person does not have to be in the room at the same time as you
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2/☝️This shows about a 1% transmission rate while all kids were wearing masks in this study.
The caveat (in the earlier data we reviewed) was surveillance testing wasn’t utilized to catch many asymptomatic kids. In places where testing was used, like Omaha, they found 6x cases.
3/ Other studies found COVID-19 infected many more kids than known. Serology in MS found >10x COVID-19 cases in kids as known. (Many MS kids getting reinfected; devastating outcomes.)

INOVA/GMU study: HUGE undercount here.
Any known exposure = kid ~3x more likely infected Image
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I keep thinking about articles discussing importance of being both #VaxxedAndMasked. Some comments via 🧵. (1/x)

Data shows:
✔️ Vax safe & wildly effective
✔️ No vax 100% (think raincoat or sunscreen)
✔️ Masks very effective
✔️ Both help indiv & public health
✔️ Delta is a beast
2/ Through hard work we know:
✔️ COVID could spread by several routes
✔️ Airborne aerosols likely to be a critically important piece of that spread
✔️ We can reduce w/ masks, distancing, reducing #SharedAir
✔️ Vax reduces number & severity of infections…
3/ So if the only factor (indiv or collectively) is to provide the best protection, the answer is clearly to #VaxUp ASAP & to still #MaskUp in crowds or indoors w/ anyone who is unvaxxed. Delta is dangerous & many not yet protected.
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“Ozone, a lung irritant, is produced indirectly by ion generators & directly by ozone generators. While indirect ozone production is of concern, there is even greater concern with the direct, and purposeful introduction of a lung irritant into indoor air.”…
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Great new study on #HEPA air cleaners by Lindsley et al. out today via @CDCMMWR: masks reduced aerosol by 72%, HEPA by 65%, together by 90%.

Conclusions are consistent with messages for months, but important that #CDC amplifying this strategy.
Short 🧵…
2/ "The use of masks without air cleaners reduced the aerosol exposure of the receivers by 72%, and the use of air cleaners without masks reduced the exposure by up to 65%. When used together, the HEPA air cleaners and masks reduced exposure to respiratory aerosols by up to 90%." Image
3/ "These findings suggest that the use of portable HEPA air cleaners and universal masking can each reduce exposure to simulated SARS-CoV-2 aerosols in indoor environments, with larger reductions occurring when air cleaners and masking are used together."…
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Yesterday, after a long discussion with a close family member who is a US MD phd, we agreed that with world's best #contagion models (% masks & social interaction) available in world today, the covid take-off could at best have been predicted 7 to 10 days before it exploded...2/
2/covid #Covid Pragmatic suggestion is to ban all #Social gatherings of > 7-10 people (indoors & outdoors), till curve turns down, but don't stop economic activity (w cumplusory masking, distancing). Once curve flattens, outdoor gathering restrictions can be eased with masking
3/covid Cities/towns/urban,/semi urban; rural markets/melas areas are where there is the greatest interaction between people (mobility & personal interaction are the key parameters in these virus spread models)
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Frequently questions about type of room air filtration & if #ionization is a useful upgrade.

Nearly always, simple filtration is sufficient for most people. Study here shows a bipolar ionizer also *not* useful at reducing PM2.5. Thx @JimRosenthal4. (1/x)…
2/ "[experiments] ... suggest that operation of the ionizer unit led to a small increase in loss rates for ultrafine particles (<0.15 μm) and a small decrease in loss rates for larger particles (>0.3 μm), but with negligible net changes in estimated PM2.5 loss rates."
3/ In contrast to relative ineffectiveness of ionization technology to reduce concentration of suspended particles in a room, simple #HEPA filtration does an *excellent* job. See e.g. examples in this 🧵 showing filtration in a school classroom.
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Infektionsgefahr in #Schulen über belastete #Aerosole
Professor #Kähler schließt sich der #AITAsk Bewertung an:
"#Lüften alleine reicht nicht. Die Schulen wurden ja lange zugemacht, weil es eben nicht reicht". #twlz #kmk #rki…
Schulen sind mittlerweile wieder geöffnet, weitere Jahrgänge sollen folgen, dabei steigen bundesweit die Infektionszahlen. Gleichzeitig breitet sich die Mutante #B117 weiter aus. #Schulen sollen "eher" keine Pandemie-Treiber und dank #AHA+L sicher sein, sagt das #RKI. Stimmt das?
Eine erste Warnung, was ein #Superspreader im #Klassenzimmer bewirken kann und warum #Schulen sehr schnell zu einem Pandemie-Treiber werden können, zeigte das Ergebnis der #AITask-#Modellierung bereits im August 2020: Superspreader Klassenzimmer #twlz #kmk
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Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head Image
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
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