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OK, workshop the first: Public Speaking for Technologists by @phrawzty

#devopsdays #blndevops
Why do I have the same opening?
- To not have to think about it.
- Brand, situation recognition.

This was a 2 day, then 4 hour course, back into 45 minutes. Good luck!

- Identify
- CfP
- Prepare
- Deliver
- Aftercare

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Business goals - themes, industry, influence, audience
- Your goals - topics, format, networking, other content
- Logistics - location, support, production value, costs

#devopsdays #blndevops
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Excited to be livetweeting @jezhumble's brand new talk on DevOps and Cloud Native at #CloudNativeLondon!
@jezhumble Netflix did the shift from traditional ops to "NoOps" which... didn't actually remove the need for ops, just ops as a separate department. #CloudNativeLondon
but what it did highlight was that instead of having ops departments, we have started having _platform_ engineering departments separate from product dev teams. #CloudNativeLondon
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Please do also check out @honeycombio who pay my salary, enable me to livetweet events, and inspire the things I tell you about onstage :) #DevOpsDays #DevopsdaysDFW
It was haaard to not shout "use Honeycomb" onstage when an audience member was asking me about "how do you get experts to share their debugging/systems skills with new teammates?". #DevOpsDays
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Next up at #DevOpsDays DFW is @barkerd427 on managing risk during transformations!
@barkerd427 Succeeding after risk and failing to a risk are both equally important. What matters is figuring out what risks are _worth taking_, even if you lose! #DevOpsDays
We can sell transformation not just on increased revenue or increased savings, but instead on decreasing risk. #DevOpsDays
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Next up at #DevOpsDays DFW: @QuintessenceAnx on building stronger development teams with better diversity!
@QuintessenceAnx We often select people for "culture fit" and for "technical fit". But what are we actually getting out of our processes? #DevOpsDays
What spots in our product are we failing to notice? e.g. l10n failures that prevent diacritics characters from being written -- we can more easily debug kinds of failures when we have people with different experiences. #DevOpsDays
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Next up is @damonedwards on SRE and DevOps, and how SREs can automate Ops problems without being caught up in toil! #DevOpsDays
@damonedwards but what _is_ SRE? everyone seems to have their own definition.

here's @damonedwards's, which he's telling in the form of a story of the million dollar outage nobody noticed. #DevOpsDays
echoing @mipsytipsy, "all the dashboards are green, yet the customers are upset that everything is broken..." hmmmm. #DevOpsDays
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First up today is @adrianco on innovation culture! #DevOpsDays
@adrianco .@adrianco talks to many companies about innovation. "So far, nobody has said they want to slow down their innovation rate..." #DevOpsDays
In the old world of IT, there was nothing that directly touched customers; your only clients were your employees, factories, marketing department, etc.

But in the new world, we interact *directly* with customers as well as our employees. Everything is just in time. #DevOpsDays
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'Guys' is not gender neutral, #devopsdays
Yo, the men who are "well actually"ing this post can fuck off.
And even cis women who are claiming "guys" for themselves... that's lovely and wonderful for y'all, but some of us trans folk have spent a whole lot of effort to stop having people call us a "guy".
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.@BriLimitless says: automation and AI reinforces how the world *is*, not how it will be in the future. We need to understand what we're reinforcing before we automate it. #devopsdays
@BriLimitless If your automation fails, it is a learning opportunity. Make sure your engineers learn from it. Do systems analysis afterwards. --@brilimitless #devopsdays
Do not automate for evil. Make sure your team represents the community. Everyone you're automating for, around the world, doesn't look like you. --@BriLimitless #devopsdays
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"Collaboration is not about the autopilot trying harder, silently, until the plane crashes..." --@jessitron #devopsdays
@jessitron "don't rely upon anything. work _with_ it."

"resilience isn't a thing without humans in the system." --@jessitron #devopsdays
"You have to be able to understand your system's state, action, and what's about to happen. Don't use AI, ML, or NLP in your automation, or else you'll be screaming 'IT DID WHAT?'" --@jessitron #devopsdays
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my slides for #DevOpsDays amsterdam,… 🌈 and the talk i said you should watch is: by @lyddonb. going to get the stickers from my room, brb ☺️ 🌷 #devopsams
the stickers I brought with me to #DevOpsDays -- grab me if you want some ☺️🌈... or a @honeycombio demo 🐝!
I am outside with stickers, come get some before they blow away ☺️🌈 #DevOpsDays #devopsams
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Kent Beck (1999) @KentBeck
Kent Beck (2004) @KentBeck
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So here for @jessitron's talk on how our systems are a hybrid of technical and people-based, and how to make them better. #DevOpsDays
@jessitron Don't just try harder until you silently fail, you have to communicate with each other in advance of failure.

Don't just provide a yes/no or green/red. #devopsdays
Let humans handle exceptions, and don't expect 24x7 perfection from either systems or from humans. #devopsdays
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First up today at #DevOpsDays #DevOpsDaysATL #serverlessdays #WardleyMapping [what a mouthful of tags]: @littleidea on how to pick the right thing to do [ed: if I got his talk's theme right off the title/abstract]!
@littleidea He starts off by pointing out the giant elephant in the room: there's a huge missing demographic from this room. So many people of color are in Atlanta but not here at the conference... so hire the talented people less than 10 miles away! #DevOpsDays
We're getting 3 talks for the price of 1: rehabilitating devops injuries, what moves to make given a map, and making serverless the goal. #DevOpsDays
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It's midnight, I want to sleep so I can give a great talk tomorrow, but apparently the group who stayed in my hotel last night partied too hard [or just all left this morning] and housekeeping still isn't done cleaning all the rooms so there's none for us :( --Liz #DevOpsDays
Maybe I'll revise (both the UK and US senses) our talk now though while we have to be awake anyways? --lizf

Bleh. Good luck getting us awake in time for the start of #DevOpsDays given we usually need 10h of sleep these days :( --Liz
You've gone fully multiple on main. --June

and so on and so forth.
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The last speaker of #DevOpsDays Geneva is @RonYishai, talking about bottlenecks in serverless applications.
I love @RonYishai’s shirt. :) #DevOpsDays It says “I see dead functions”
What is serverless? Can be seen as part of an ongoing evolution of tech: more focus on business logic, less concern about stack implementation (also less control over it). #devopsdays @RonYishai
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Jihai Zhou is going to tell us about implementing DevSecOps in large banks. #DevOpsDays
In Jihai’s experience in London, a strong concept of DevOps has developed over the last 3-4 years. He just moved to HSBC’s Technology China office and finds the awareness of DevOps is less developed there (so far!). #DevOpsDays
Now he’s started to introduce DevSecOps there too. 💪 DevOps means better, faster cooperation between teams to deliver software... but rapid development conflicts with security. So let’s remove the barrier with security too! #DevOpsDays
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The next talk: @rmedranollamas, Google SRE, talking about Service Levels and Error Budgets. #DevOpsDays
First info: there’s a Google SRE book from O’Reilly now, available at #DevOpsDays Slide: info about the book
How good is your service? A Service Level Indicator is a quantitative measure of how good one attribute of the service is. This should be a property that users care about! #DevOpsDays @rmedranollamas
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Arun Kumar Singh is now talking about a journey to self-healing infrastructure. #DevOpsDays He’s an SRE at Adobe, where each product has ~30k servers. If each server alerts once per week, that’s 30k alerts a week for the poor SRE! 😱 What to do?
Auto-remediation (self healing) is a workflow triggered by an alert or event, which fixes the problem. Simplest example: the server is off, turn it on again. #DevOpsDays Slide: general auto-remediation workflow
Arun’s team used to use SaltStack for auto-remediation. Pros: already used within Adobe; easy access management with LDAP; easy secret management; based on Python and yaml, so easy to extend. #DevOpsDays
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.@roidelapluie is talking about Monitoring as an entry point for collaboration. Here’s the CAMS principles of DevOps: we’re going to talk about all of them. #DevOpsDays Culture, Automation, Measurement, Sharing
Okay, you have your dashboard with green and red lights. And green, red, yellow, red, green? What does that all mean? It doesn’t tell us much about what’s really going on. Maybe the light is green but there’s a traffic jam... In-between states of working/not-working in the real world
Observability is about the ability to ‘be’ inside the system, with high-quality data, delivered rapidly. #devopsdays
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Twitter was based on the idea of getting your friends together for a pizza or beer, and it ended up a platform for bad political ideas and harassing people.—@aspleenic #DevOpsDays
I got here a bit late today and just arrived in @aspleenic’s talk on reactive programming. A good point to jump in. :) #DevOpsDays
Problem with reactive programming: if you’re relying on following user feedback for building features, you find yourself always playing catchup. The users’ needs always outstrip your ability to add to your product. #DevOpsDays
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Now @siruslan is going to talk about automatic scaling of the Java heap in the Elastic JVM. #DevopsDays We hear a lot about horizontal scaling, but people underestimate the use of vertical scaling.
Java can be greedy... so much memory consumption! Before founding Jelastic, @siruslan found there was no good hosting for Java apps (vs. lots for PHP) because of that. #DevOpsDays
Problem with horizontal scaling: sometimes you’re just scaling an inefficient process. Java is hard to vertically scale (despite the popularity of containers now) because you can’t resize it on the fly. #DevopsDays
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The next #DevopsDays Geneva speaker is @nat_remez: Fail fast, Fail often - make safety a prerequisite for your team…
When I skimmed over the title originally, I assumed this was about safety as in security, but actually it’s psychological safety—much more interesting, I think!
Looking for a story to link Switzerland with her country, Sweden, the first thing @nat_remez found was the NYSE hanging a Swiss flag to celebrate Swedish company Spotify. Great for a talk on mistakes! Slide: Spotify banner on the NY stock exchange, with USA and Swiss flags.
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.@gsaslis and @mikz say that any project needs CI, but OSS projects need it more!
#DevopsDays Slide: any project needs CI, but OSS ones need it more!
I think @DRMacIver and @alexwlchan would probably agree with this. #hypothesis #isThereAnOfficialHypothesisHashtagYet
CI is supposed to run in the background, whenever you push changes—but if you’re stuck waiting for the tests to run, it’s not in the background, is it? @gsaslis #DevopsDays
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