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Today I started compiling a list of twitter accounts of online media who write all about #Linux and #opensource.…

In this thread🧵 I will tell you what project is behind each account on this list Image
Learn to use Linux command line, SysAdmin tools, server setup etc with us. Image
Enjoy Linux, Unix, OpenSource, Programming, Sysadmin & DevOps? Follow to make the most of your geeky IT career. Ad-free Patreon content Image
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A thread of my Linux threads🧵
1. Useful Linux🐧 Terminal Keyboard⌨️ Shortcut Keys To Boost🚀 Your Productivity📈

2. Basic Linux 🐧Commands📜 For Text Manipulation.

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It's 12:30am, it's been a huge day of #Linux/#Bitcoin troubleshooting; let me share so you don't have to go through the same pain...
I was following @_k3tan 's guide to run Bitcoin on a Linux desktop computer. I bought a cheap $150 refurbished Compaq desktop and it's awesome for this.

It will be my workhorse #Bitcoin and #Lightning Node, enough of the #RaspberryPi, I'm stepping up...
Installed Bitcoin Core, easy peasy.

Setting up systemctl bitcoind.service to make Bitcoind start on bootup - learned a lot.

I have an external SSD drive, so lots of modifications were needed to the standard instructions...
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#Linux Boot Process Explained!

A Thread 👇 PC:
Every Linux Admin or DevOps Engineer should know what happens when a Linux system boots. It's a very popular Interview Question as well.
Every time you power on your Linux PC, it goes through a series of stages before finally displaying a login screen that prompts for your username or password.

There are 3 high level stages of a typical Linux boot process.
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Useful Linux🐧 Networking🌐 Commands📜 for Sysadmins/Regular Users🧑‍💻

A thread🧵
Hello everyone👋, Today I'll be doing another quick, easy to follow thread🧵 on some of the most used command-line tools and utilities for network management in Linux

#infosec #CyberSecurity #Linux
1. Ifconfig🌐
Ifconfig stands for Interface Configurator, it is one of the most used commands for finding network details, nitialize an interface, assign IP address, enable or disable an interface. It also display route and network interface.
2. Ip🌐
ip command is the latest version of ifconfig. It is more powerful than ifconfig command as it can perform several other tasks that the ifconfig cannot do. The utility is used for displaying and manipulating routing, network devices, interfaces.
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Basic Linux 🐧Commands📜 For Text Manipulation

A thread🧵

Hello everyone👋, Today I'll be doing a quick, easy to follow thread🧵 on basic Linux commands for text manipulation.
#infosec #cybersecurity #Linux
1. Echo🐧
The echo command is used to display line of text to the standard output(stdout).
2. Cat🐧
The cat command is used concatenate files and print their contents on the standard output. In other words it's just used to display the contents of a file.
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The Linux🐧 commands you should NEVER use.
Disclaimer DON'T🚫 run these commands.

A thread🧵👇
#CyberSecurity #infosec #Linux Image
1. Recursive Deletion🔁🗑️
This is one of the most dangerous commands. Once this command is run, it deletes all the content of the root directory forcefully and recursively. Thus, all your directories and subdirectories will be deleted and the data will be lost. Image
2. Fork Bomb🍴💣

My personal best😄,this is a simple bash recursive function which once executed creates copies of itself which in turn creates another set of copies of itself. This consumes the CPU time and memory. Thus, it runs recursively until the system freezes. Image
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¿Aún no sabes por qué aprender #Python?
Hoy te traemos 8 razones para convertirte en especialista del lenguaje de programación más requerido en el mercado ⚡🧵
1️⃣ Es el lenguaje ideal para comenzar a programar.

Es de código abierto y no debe ser compilado. Con la motivación correcta, podrás dominar esta herramienta a corto plazo. Pronto te encontrarás desarrollando tus primeras aplicaciones sin problema 💪
2️⃣ Tiene una sintaxis accesible.

La legibilidad y claridad del código permite a personas con un nivel de 'alfabetización' básico en lenguajes de programación, escribir instrucciones o realizar procesos específicos de forma sencilla.
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Resources to learn Linux
1 - free courses
2. books
3. websites
4. paid courses
5. Tips

#Linux #100DaysOfCode
5 Free Linux Courses for Programmers and IT Professionals to Learn Online…
Top 10 UNIX and Linux System Programming Books…
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Traceroute: A computer Network Diagnostic Tool 🛠️

How does it work! 🤔

Ping works fine but not traceroute! 🤨

What are the stars in traceroute output! *⃣*⃣*⃣

#Linux #Networking

A Thread 👇 PC:
What is traceroute ?

traceroute tracks the route packets take across an IP network on their way to a given host.

It assists you in troubleshooting nw connectivity issues from your Destination to a Remote destination by using echo packets (ICMP) to visually trace the route.
The syntax -

The cmd traceroute <x> (x here being an IP or hostname) is d most basic version & it will begin to send packets to d designated target. This result will allow u to trace d path of d packets sent from ur machine to each of d systems b/n u & ur desired destination.
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10+ Linux commands programmer should know/learn
- find
- grep
- nslookup
- xargs
- sed
- kill
- lsof
- curl
and more
A thread 🧵

#programming #Linux
mailx command example to send email from Linux host…
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#ESETresearch analyzed #FontOnLake, a previously unknown #malware family that utilizes custom and well-designed modules, targeting #Linux systems.…
@HrckaVladislav 1/6
Modules are under development and provide #remoteaccess to the operators, collect credentials + serve as a proxy server. To do this, #FontOnLake uses modified legitimate binaries adjusted to load further components, its presence is always accompanied by a #rootkit. 2/6
The sneaky nature of #FontOnLake tools, along with advanced design and low prevalence suggest usage in targeted attacks. #ESETresearch believes its operators are extra cautious as almost all samples seen use unique C&C servers with varying non-standard ports. 3/6
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🔷Want to master Command Line but struggling to find where to start ? Then here is the mega thread 🧵for you to start
🔷This thread covers Windows Commands, Power shell Cmdlets, Linux shell commands along side Mac
🔷You will get to know Kernels & Shells

#Windows #Linux #macOS Image
What is KERNEL?
What is Shell ?
What is the Relation ?
Unlike many things, Every Operating System will have KERNEL not just Linux, it's a misconception
#kernel #Shell #DEVCommunity Image
Windows - Regular Command Prompt
Linux - Most of shells like SH, BASH and ZSH
Apple - ZSH shell
#Developer Image
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Cloud-Native Learn-by-Doing Platforms (part 2) ✏️

I closely reviewed 10+ platforms providing a hands-on learning experience to study:

- Linux
- Containers
- Orchestration
- other Cloud-Native stuff

My findings (thread) 🔽

#kubernetes #docker #containers #linux #sre #devops
1. A Cloud Guru (acloudguru .com)

A really massive platform for individuals and businesses.

- 360+ courses and 1,600+ hands-on labs
- Clouds: AWS, GCP, etc.
- Tech: Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless

- Servers
- Temporary cloud accounts

2. Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift (developers.redhat .com/developer-sandbox)

A free platform with a private OpenShift playground:
7 GB RAM, 15GB storage 🔥

Almost no educational content, but combines well with kubebyexample .com.
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Recommended Books to Learn and Master Linux [For Beginners to Advanced Linux Users]📚
Linux plays an incredibly important part in the job of a #cybersecurity professional, #hacker or #pentester.
/ A thread 🧵👇 Image
If you are planning on working as a cybersecurity professional, you'll definitely need an excellent working knowledge of the Linux operating system. Below is a curated list of books to master #linux.
1) Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 3rd Edition📜
My personal favourite. Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible is a reference book written by Richard Blum. The book includes detailed instructions and abundant examples.
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What is CPU Load Average?

#Linux #DevOps #Compute

A thread 👇
Load averages are the three numbers shown with the uptime and top commands - they look like this:

load average: 0.09, 0.05, 0.01 Image
The three numbers represent averages over progressively longer periods of time (one, five, and fifteen-minute averages), and that lower numbers are better. Higher numbers represent a problem or an overloaded machine.
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Networking Basics!

How communication happens?
What are 7 OSI Layers?

#Linux #networking #basics #osi #DevOps

A thread 👇
What Is the OSI Model?

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model describes seven layers that computer systems use to communicate over a network. Image
Layer 1: Physical Layer

It represents the electrical and physical representation of the data connection / system.

When a networking problem occurs, many networking pros go right to the physical layer to check that all of the cables are properly connected. Image
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What technologies should every #OSINT professional know? Python? Basic Linux terminal skills? Maltego?

Lots of things...

But I think it's definitely worth actively using advanced search operators at ALL STAGES of work.

7 types of advanced search operators. Thread🧵
Let's start with productivity issues.

Type 1

Search operators for mailbox
(#Gmail, #Outlook, #Yahoo, #Yandex)

for quick filtering emails by date, recipient name, attachment type and size, filename and other parameters.

(All links to the docs are at the end of the thread)
Type 2

Search operators for cloud storages

Help quickly navigate through files and sort them by owner name, type, creation date, words in title etc.
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List of my Kubernetes Series (Part 1) Articles.

A Thread 👇

#Kubernetes #cncf #DevOps #cloud #AUTOMATION #Linux
1. Kubernetes! 🤔

What's that!
2. Kubernetes Cluster Deployment on CentOS Linux!…
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Collection of Cheat Sheets:

Linux Commands, Networking Tools, Hacking Tools, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS etc.

#Linux #infosec #DevOps #cheatsheet

A Thread. (Will continue to add more)
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet Image
Systemctl Commands Cheat Sheet Image
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Para celebrar el 30 aniversario de Linux, os voy a contar 30 cosas que tal vez no sabíais #linux #opensource #softwarelibre #systems #sistemas
Linux fue el primer sistema operativo en incorporar controladores USB 3.0. Sage Sharp anunció el 7 de junio de 2009 que su controlador para dispositivos USB 3.0 estaba disponible y su código se incluyó en la versión 2.6.31 del núcleo.
El kernel se marca a sí mismo como "tainted" (manchado) cuando ocurre algún evento que podría ser útil para la resolución de problemas. No supone problema ejecutar un kernel "manchado". Si algo va mal, uno de los primeros pasos para solucionar el problema es intentar (1/2)
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Writing code in BASH can be super powerful!!!

Here is a 1 liner you can put in your terminal right now!!!

This 1 liner that asks the user to input a URL.

IFS= read -r -p "Enter The URL or File To Pull Down: " input; wget -m "https://www.${input}"

#bash #Linux #coders #UNITE
Post your custom 1 liner you made from this! Share it with everyone, tell us what it does!
Run an nmap scan on any IP address!

IFS= read -r -p "Enter An IP Address: " input; nmap -v -Pn "${input}"
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\o/ Linus merged the bulk of the #PREEMPT_RT locking infrastructure for proper #realtime support to #Linux mainline, which thus will be a part of #kernel 5.15:…

Congrats to Thomas and everyone involved!

To quote: ```[…] The underlying concepts…
…of this code have been in use in PREEMPT_RT for way more than a decade. The code has been refactored several times over the years and this final incarnation has been optimized once again to be as non-intrusive as possible, i.e. the RT specific parts are mostly isolated. […]```
Reminder: that's "bulk of the locking infra", which is a big part of what's currently in #PREEMPT_RT, but other things remain there. IOW: It's a really big step for #REALTIME support in mainline, but not the last. More info expected in a status update this month on @linuxplumbers
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#COVID19: The reaction of doctors and fake scientists to vaccine adverse effects (and eventual deaths) is worth deploring and taking to courts. They are helping in this #Genocide and most heinous #HumanRights violations of humanity so far. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 @_Perry4Law Image
#COVID19: With data of infections, hospitalisations and deaths despite vaccination, it would be a legal obligation to revoke all permissions of emergency use of vaccines. Ignoring these conditions and deaths is criminal negligence…. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75
.@threadreaderapp unroll please.
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