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Roadmap to Learn Linux 🐧

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1/10: Getting Started

Start by understanding the basics of operating systems and their components. Familiarize yourself with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian. Choose one that suits your needs and install it on a virtual machine or a spare computer.
2/10: Command Line Basics

Linux relies heavily on the command line interface (CLI). Learn essential commands like ls, cd, mkdir, rm, and mv. Understand how to navigate the file system, create files and directories, and manage permissions.
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Top 20 Linux networking commands explained with examples!

A Thread 👇 PS:
1⃣ ifconfig: Displays network interface configuration.

For example,
ifconfig eth0

shows the configuration details of the Ethernet interface. #LinuxNetworkingExample
2⃣ ip: Versatile command to manage network interfaces, addresses, and routes.

For instance,
ip addr show

displays IP addresses assigned to all interfaces. #LinuxNetworkingExample
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Welcome to my Saturday #linkdump, the third in an occasional series that may or may not be restricted to Saturdays, but which will ever be an ode to olde-timey #linkblogging of the sort practiced by our blogfathers, blogmothers, and other blogparents:

1/ A pot of chunky chicken and...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Any fule kno that Saturday is #Caturday, and today's woke felinism comes from @GoingMedieval, earthiest of all the Medivelist Bloggers, author of the superb *Once and Future Sex*, all about dirty dirty medieval people and their filthy filthy habits:…

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: 'We buy ugly houses' is code for 'we steal vulnerable peoples' homes'; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A Depression-era photo of a...
Tonight (May 11) at 7PM, I'm in #CALGARY for @WordfestTweets with my novel *Red Team Blues*; I'll be hosted by Peter Hemminger at the Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor.…

2/ Image
'We buy ugly houses' is code for 'we steal vulnerable peoples' homes': The pervasive, predatory sleaze of Homevestor, "the #1 homebuyer in the USA."

3/  Image: Homevestors https:/...
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🧵 (1/3) How well do you know your tools? 🔧
We have gathered a list of resources for you to explore and practice the most powerful #pentesting tools. Image
(2/3) 📚 Your next #HTB Academy lessons:
➡️ Explore the #Linux Fundamentals:
➡️ Learn Network Enumeration with Nmap:
➡️ Metasploit Framework:
➡️ Web Requests:
(3/3) Don't forget about these #pentesting tools 🫡
➡️ Cracking Passwords with Hashcat:
➡️ Active Directory BloodHound:
➡️ Intro to Network Traffic Analysis:
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Identificar proyectos que serán integrales para el futuro de #Web3 & #Crypto es vital para tu portafolio 🔥

@OasisProtocol @OasisNetwork_ES $ROSE 🌹 y su fundadora @dawnsongtweets tienen asociaciones, patrocinadores y conexiones que te dejarán boquiabierto 🥰

Hilo a…… Image
2. @MetaAI X @OasisProtocol

Durante más de 2 años han trabajado en el desarrollo de la equidad en su #AI 🤖

@OasisNetwork_ES es el socio tecnológico elegido por @MetaAI y vale la pena recordar que $META se acercó a Oasis 🤝

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3. @googlecloud X @OasisProtocol

Aportar lo mejor en tecnología de #privacidad de datos de empresas que manejan esencialmente información confidencial en grandes volúmenes.

Fomentará y ampliará el apoyo a las aplicaciones innovadoras que hacen uso de la informática y la…… Image
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É muito triste que o movimento cypherpunk ainda seja totalmente desconhecido por muitos da #BolhaDev brasileira e de vários entusiastas do #Bitcoin . Poucas pessoas sabem que se hoje há preocupação com privacidade e vigilância no meio digital, é graças a luta dessa galera.

O Manifesto Cypherpunk é um documento escrito por Eric Hughes em 1993 que defende o uso da criptografia para proteger a privacidade e a liberdade no ciberespaço. O texto foi distribuído e discutido em fóruns online, com grande impacto na comunidade hacker na década de 1990.

O manifesto afirma que "a privacidade é necessária para uma sociedade aberta na era eletrônica", e afirma que a criptografia é uma forma de resistência contra a vigilância corporativa, e que seu uso deve ser ampliado para proteger a liberdade individual.

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I think at large people are missing the significance of a #web3 #wallet beyond just #hodling your favourite #Crypto #Cryptocurency token.

Maybe the same way they effortlessly think about using the #chrome browser.

They are both portals for the #WWW and #Web3 respectively
There are new functionalities being added to #web3 wallets to exist as wallets to hold your #credentials for zero knowledge #authentication.

This wallet market is going to be worth a whopper of a predicted $7 trillion market by 2027 alone.
One of the most significant comments on this movement is from the creation of the open source Open Wallet Foundation via Linux, which has been noted as potentially more significant than #Linux itself!!!!!


With members such as #ToIP and #Avast (#Gen)
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Let’s use BATMAN-ADV to set up the mesh network (for educational purposes once again🌚)
#NigeriaDecides #NigeriaElection2023
1/7 Check hardware compatibility: Before starting, check if your hardware is compatible with BATMAN-ADV. It works with most Wi-Fi devices that support the IEEE 802.11s standard. You'll also need a computer running Linux.
2/7 Install BATMAN-ADV: To install BATMAN-ADV, open a terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install batctl

This will install the BATMAN-ADV tools.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysOfCode #Day30

Today was a great family day-

also studied some

Looked over my #Cpp cards

2 Docker lessons
4 #CSS lessons (next #Sass)
pseudocode for binary search algorithm

closely read #Knuth's flowchart for #ArtofComputerProgramming
@wildlearnerapp's #React course has taught me more so far than at least one other online course, if not two others.
My strategy is #repeatedexposure - the more I get aquainted with a lot of the concepts, the easier I find it to engage in coding itself, its concepts, syntax, & logic --- especially since I have such a hard time getting to sit down to actually code, given my job and family life.
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Looking to kickstart your career in cybersecurity?

You can do it all with FREE resources and a clear step-by-step path

Here is How 🧵

#infosec #cybersecurity #pentesting #oscp @tryhackme #hacking #cissp #redteam #technology #DataSecurity #CyberSec #Linux
1️⃣ Level - Introduction to OpenVPN

🅰️ OpenVPN: How to Connect

-OpenVPN - Windows
-OpenVPN - Linux
-OpenVPN - MacOS

The room is free complete it.👇
2️⃣ Introductory Research Walkthrough

Here you will learn

- How to research
- How to search for vulnerabilities

The room is free complete it.👇…
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iOS vs. GrapheneOS

In terms of #privacy and #security, GrapheneOS absolutely crushes iOS on so many levels. A few awesome features are listed here.

@GrapheneOS is an #opensource operating system based on AOSP, focused on #security and #privacy. It is designed to be used on mobile devices, and includes features such as verified boot, sandboxing, and exploit mitigations.
It also includes the ability to use different encryption methods, and the ability to use VPNs and the Tor network to enhance #privacy.

GrapheneOS is geared more towards security-conscious and privacy-conscious users and has a #opensource ecosystem.
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Open Source Internship Programs to increase your development abilities and get a fantastic stipend :

Thread 👇
📌 Google Summer of Code (GSoC):

📌 Linux Foundation Mentorship Program (LFX):

📌 MLH Fellowship:

📌 Google Season of Docs (GSoD):

📌 Outreachy:
📌 Season of KDE:

📌 Girlscript Summer of Code:

📌 Free Software Foundation (FSF) Internship:

📌 Linux Kernel Mentorship Program:
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How about some AI straight into your terminal?
Just say: gpt3 <your_command>.

1. Go to my GitHub and clone this repository.…
2. Copy to /root or another convenient location.
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Kubernetes Tutorials For Beginners📚

1️⃣What Is Kubernetes Architecture?…

2️⃣Kubernetes Basic Concepts & Examples…

#devops #kubernetes #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #Azure #infrastructureascode #serverless #terraform #ansible
3️⃣ How to Manage Secrets in Kubernetes – A Complete Guide…

4️⃣ Kubernetes Security: 5 Best Practices for 4C Security Model…
5️⃣ Kubernetes Ingress with NGINX Ingress Controller Example…

6️⃣ 15 Kubernetes Best Practices Every Developer Should Know…
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Prokaryotic genome annotation is an important process in understanding the function and biology of bacteria and other prokaryotes.
Here are the top 10 pipelines for prokaryotic genome annotation🧵: #bioinformatics #DataScience #Genomics #Linux
#1: RAST (Rapid Annotation using Subsystems Technology) - a web-based tool for annotating bacterial and archaeal genomes
#2: Prokka - a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use annotation tool for bacterial and archaeal genomes
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Ya sabrás que dominar #Linux 🐧es útil para trabajar en diversas ramas de la #informatica. En este HILO 🧵te dejo 5⃣ recursos para que aprendas GRATIS y DESDE CERO ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #software #programacion #tecnologia
Aquí tienes una introducción a #Linux 🐧DESDE CERO por @nategentile7. Y repito, DESDE CERO. Me parece un vídeo básico y MUY bueno para empezar a introducirte en este mundo. #informatica #software #programacion #tecnologia
Aquí tienes una lista de reproducción para aprender #Linux 🐧DESDE CERO: desde la instalación de #LinuxDebian hasta comandos, tuberías, filtros, procesos... MUY 🔝🔝🔝#informatica #software #programacion #tecnologia
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1️⃣ NICCS Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE)

2️⃣ SANS Cyber Aces Free Cyber Security Training Course

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You want a career in Cyber Security and Hacking?

BUT can't afford costly courses & subscriptions

Start with 💯 FREE @RealTryHackMe rooms:🧵

#tryhackme #infosec #Linux #Hacked #Root #pythoncode #CyberSec #Web3 #Hacking #BugBounty #learning #100daysofpython #Security
1⃣ Level:01 Introduction

1. OpenVPN
2. Welcome
3. Intro to Researching…
4. Crash Course Pentesting…
2⃣ Introductory CTF

1. Google Dorking…
2. OHsint
3. Shodan
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Best Privacy Software & Services in 2022 Everyone
should check: Top 10 Picks 🧵

#privacy #Security #infosec #search #Python #Linux
1️⃣Incogni: Get your personal data deleted and off the market

Thousands of companies are collecting, aggregating, and trading your personal data without you knowing anything about it. Incogni removes them for you.
2️⃣ LibreWolf

A custom version of Firefox focused on privacy, security, and freedom.
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Your #Linux #internals tip of the day: On Linux, there's a magical directory called /proc. In it, every process get a subdirectory according to its PID. Inside of this /proc/pid (that framework is called procfs) you can find a lot of information about the process, (1/3)
everything from it's memory allocation mapping (/proc/pid/maps) to the command line that executed the process (/proc/pid/cmdline) and more... An interesting file to check there is "status". Status sums up a lot of interesting pieces of information such as the PPID, owner (2/3)
uid/gid and more. If you're new to Linux internals, give yourself a tour of the /proc directory. The full documentation of procfs can be read here:… (3/3) A screen shot of the status...
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🦉Wanna get started with DVC on your own machine? Here's how you can get started👇

🍎 MacOS
🪟 Windows
🖥️ Linux
🐍 Python Package
👨🏻‍💻 VS Code Extension

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mac #windows #linux #code

🧵 [1/7]
🍎 MacOS

The recommended way to install dvc on Mac is using @MacHomebrew with command “brew install dvc” ☕️

🧵 [2/7]
🪟 Windows

If you are on Windows, we recommend installing Chocolatey. Then using the command “choco install dvc” 🍫

🧵 [3/7]
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Hacking APIs: You need to learn this in 2022!

Checkout these FREE resources 🧵

#hacking #infosec #Python #100daysofcoding #100DaysOfHacking #API #learning #informationsecurity #web3 #API3 #coding #Linux
How to Hack API in 60 minutes

A collection of awesome API Security tools and resources. The focus goes to open-source tools and resources that benefit the community.

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