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(01/36) Ce que le système d'exploitation GNU+Linux et le logiciel libre ont changé dans ma vie.
#GNU #Linux #LogicielLibre #témoignage #thread ⬇️
(02/36) Aujourd'hui encore, lorsque je prononce le mot Linux, je suis parfois confronté à des réactions du genre « Inux ? C'est quoi ? » ou encore « Ah oui Linux ! Je connais ! J'ai le fils du cousin d'un ami qui a ça sur son PC. ».
(03/36) Évacuons donc tout de suite la question du vocabulaire pour nous concentrer sur le fond : Linux c'est le nom commun qu'on donne au système d'exploitation GNU/Linux (ou GNU+Linux).
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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First report I've seen of #COVID19 in Primary Immunodeficiency patients

- thankfully, both of survived… #serverless #iot #itrtg #bigdata #scicomm #meded #COVIDー19 #PrimaryImmunodeficiency #immunology #raredisease
Lot of concern in the primary immunodeficiency community that COVID19 is an automatic death sentence. This report seems to show otherwise.
Amazing that with the astronomical Italian COVID19 death toll, these two patients - with among the most severe of Primary Immunodeficiencies - made it.

Much gratitude and respect to the medical personnel who saw them through their illness.
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I was thinking that many people on Twitter follow me because of the retrocomputing or electronic DIY stuff. I will do a short thread about #FidoCadJ, as it I dedicated more or less 10 years of my spare time to it. #opensource #gplv3
First of all, #FidoCadJ is a vector drawing program with a vast library of electric symbols, not a full-fledged electronic #CAD. There is no netlist concept, what you see is everything you have. This means that the program is very simple and immediate to use.
#FidoCadJ will not be the right tool to build a very complex circuit. #opensource tools exist (like #Kikad) and do their job well. #FidoCadJ does not help you to do a professional project, automatically extracting the bill of materials, nor it has autorouting tools.
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#Corona benefits.

A thread (will be continually updated).
@pluralsight #FreeApril offer::
Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long.…
@Codecademy #students offer::
Codecademy Pro for free to high school and college students across the world for the rest of the school year.…
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1) Are you using #postgres via #docker for mac?

Have you ever noticed `EXPLAIN ANALYZE` slowing down your queries by like 60x?

Let's dig into some #postgres and #linux internals to figure out what's going on! An accessible version of this thread is available at
1b) This thread is also available on GitHub:…
2) First we need some understanding of how `EXPLAIN ANALYZE` works.

Looking through the PostgreSQL code, it basically boils down to:

start = clock_gettime()
row = node.nextRow()
node.time += clock_gettime() - start
return row
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Viele Menschen begegnen Technik mit (nachvollziehbarer) Ehrfurcht, die eine Auseinandersetzung verhindert, aber dadurch mit Risiken für die eigene #Sicherheit und #Privatsphäre im digitalen Raum einhergeht.
Hier daher der Versuch sukzessiv einige einfache Maßnahmen zu sammeln:
Selbstverständlich empfehle ich folgende Webseiten auch einfach selber zu lesen, aus denen ich größtenteils das Wissen für die „Tipps & Tricks“ in diesem Thread extrahiere:……
Nutzt #Firefox!
Er läuft auf allen Geräten, ist frei und open source, wird von einer Non-Profit-Organisation entwickelt und lässt sich durch Add-Ons beliebig anpassen bzw. verbessern. Ein sicherer Browser hilft manchmal mehr als ein Antivirenprogramm.…
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During last two weeks, I've tried to use #Linux laptop in mixed-DPI mode. Thread with #summary / #rant / #hate follows.
XPS 13" 3200x1800 with @fedora
monitor 27" 1920x1080
@fedora Initial state:
Fedora 31 KDE + updates-testing + copr:mkyral/plasma-unstable + X11

used per-monitor scaling:

xrandr --output DP-1 --auto --panning 2880x1620+3200+0 --scale 1.5x1.5 --right-of eDP-1

due scaling it is blurry
cant set monitors with Krandr
@fedora verdict: compared to other states pretty usable
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Wie versprochen zum Start des neuen Jahres eine kleine Twitterüberraschung, als Dank für das Interesse, die Unterstützung und die vielen neuen Follower. Natürlich wünschen wir euch ein erfolgreiches Jahr, in welchem wir es schaffen die Rechten etwas zurück zu drängen. 1/X
Da viele unserer neuen Follower aus dem #36c3 und dem @chaosupdates Umfeld kommen wollen wir in diesem Thread einen Überblick über die #OpenSource Tools geben, welche wir in unserem Gedenkprojekt benutzen. SIcherlich auch interessant für die Follower aus dem Geschichtsumfeld. 2/X
Der Onlineatlas zu den NS Bücherverbrennungen ist eine Eigenentwicklung auf der Basis von @Drupal Ein eigenes Frontend und ein paar Skripte passen das CMS an unsere Bedürfnisse an. 3/X
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Stoked to share these free resources to expand your #infosec and technical skill set.

Each is a career path in its own right, the rabbit hole goes down as far as you follow.

Check these out and make 2020 count! 🎊

#30DaysOfThreads #BlackTechTwitter
Begin your road into #pentesting with this staple book and free VM to practice hacking into 💻

Metasploit The Penetration Testers Guide :… via @internetarchive…
A requirement for all in #dfir is being able to read and understand network traffic. It’s how our systems communicate!

Practical packet analysis: using Wireshark to solve real-world network problems : Sanders, Chris…
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Public Service Announcement: If you want to help push the needle away from centralized corporations telling you what to do, snooping on you, and making you the product, get your local geek to install Linux.

How I did it:…
Wait, isn't Linux too hard?

No, you're thinking it's still 2005. The most polished and easy-to-use of Linux distros are fully modern, easy-to-use, and accessible to non-geeks.

Isn't there still a learning curve? Yes, but it's really easy to use, and new stuff is not that bad.
The best first distros to try (but still powerful) are:
Biggest community/best supported/still easy-to-use: Ubuntu
Best UX for users coming from Windows: Zorin
...from Mac: Elementary
Nice and fast: Mint
Ubuntu apps will work on all of these.

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My exchange with @jlwallen set me thinking

Obviously, as a user of Linux since early 90s (and as an operating system specialist) I’m very keen to see it extend everywhere

Many of his points are sensible

This thread would be the Linux conference talk I’ve never managed to give
@jlwallen How to make Linux popular, a subjective and rational approach

There are many interpretations as to why Linux isn’t successful on the desktop (server wars have been won by Linux)

This is just one, imperfect view. I’ve been doing IT for ~40 years, so I know a little, sometimes!
@jlwallen It is a complex topic, clearly, in little short of 8000 words I couldn’t do it full justice. Anyone who knows me in real life will know I am very verbose, so I’ve kept it short. For once.

Nevertheless, this is based on my experience of teaching Linux, freely, in London.
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Let's go step-by-step and do some basic live process forensics for #Linux. Today's contestant is a bindshell backdoor waiting for a connection on Ubuntu. We saw something odd when we ran:

netstat -nalp

#DFIR #threathunting #forensics
netstat -nalp shows a process named "x7" PID with a listening port that we don't recognize. #DFIR
First thing we'll do is list out /proc/<PID> to see what is going on. Our PID is 5805:

ls -al /proc/5805

The current working directory is /tmp. The binary was in /tmp, but was deleted. A lot of exploits work out of /tmp and /dev/shm on Linux. This is a major red flag. #DFIR
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Did you ever ask yourself if cgroups (containers, pods, whathaveyou) can impact the @golang runtime? I did and here's what I learned... (thread) 👇#Docker #Kubernetes #Linux
So ~2y ago, while working with a lot of customers moving into containers and #Kubernetes, I naturally hit the (now well-known) Java/JVM cgroups issues (all you need to know ->… and ).
Now, @golang being the language of my (your?) choice, this made me curious and I started to ask questions:
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For those who want to learn about #infosec 🔐 here is a #thread that includes all my #infographics.
An easy way to learn new things 📖Feel free to share with your community🌐

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #CyberSecurity #startup #ITsecurity #security #technologies
Some good tools useful in Infosec

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
Some good tools useful for OSINT

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
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Here's how to recover a #Linux binary from a malicious process that has deleted itself from the disk.

cp /proc/<PID>/exe /tmp/recovered_bin

Let's see how this works. #DFIR #threathunting #forensics
Often, malware deletes itself after it starts so file scanners and integrity checks won't find it. It can make analysis harder if you can't get to the binary easily.

But if you remember /proc/<PID>/exe you can recover any deleted binary.

#DFIR #threathunting #forensics
Use the sleep command to simulate a deleted process:

cd /tmp
cp /bin/sleep x
./x 3600 &
[1] 32031
rm x

This copies the sleep command as "x" under /tmp and runs for 3600 seconds. Then, delete "x" so the binary appears removed. Practice on it.

#DFIR #threathunting #forensics
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Bir yazılım geliştiricinin bilmesi gerekenlerle ilgili 15 maddelik flood geliyor.. Mümkün olduğunca fazla keywordü bir araya toplamaya çalıştım.
Hadi Başlıyoruz!

#Developer #Software #Java #code #kod #yazılım #development #computer #bilgisayar #tool #PC #IT #web #tech #data
1-Temel veri yapıları (linkedList, map, tree vb) ve temel algoritmalar (sıralama, arama vb)

Sıfırdan kodlama ihtiyacınız büyük ihtimalle hiç olmayacak. Ancak ihtiyaç anında doğru yerde doğrusunu seçebilmek için o veri yapısının veya algoritmanın nasıl çalıştığını bilmeniz şart
2- Network Temelleri

OSI Modelini ve 7 katmanı; temel protokolleri(#TCP-IP, TCP-UDP, #HTTP, #FTP), güvenlik protokollerini(#HTTPS, #SFTP, #SSL), monitoring protokolleri(#SNMP, ICMP) bilmekte fayda var. Ayrıca ağ ekipmanlarının görevlerini tanımak ve 7Layer yerlerini bilmek lazım
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I’ve shifted everything to @Windows 10, the Subsystem for Linux #WSL, @WLinuxApp, a lightweight #zsh package manager #Antibody, and @code via a local X server. Windows stuff syncs via #OneDrive. #Linux stuff syncs via a #dotfiles repo.
I’ve been using WSL off-and-on since it came out, and the pace of improvement is really remarkable. The Windows dev team is seriously hustling to make their platform a good foundation for modern open-source development.
One think I really like is the ease of blowing away and rebuilding the entire Linux side of things. It really pairs well with the dotfiles movement to incrementally improve my use tool chain. I’ve automated the build of my stack so I can rebuild over lunch break.
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#linux #bash #obfuscation #technique #bashfuscation
padding commands with history expansion characters (#exclamation mark (!))
! ! ! ! echo this is test
(removed the previous tweet as I revealed too much info !)
#linux #bash #obfuscation #bashfuscation

using history expansion character -> !! (i.e. last command)

!!t really

is equivalent to
cat really

(only 4 interactive shell)
#linux #bash #obfuscation #bashfuscation

padding commands with empty commands (: ;)

: -> true (do nothing)
; -> command separator

: : ; : ; cat really
! ! ! : : ; : ; cat really
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Initially, #linuxgate won't have big effects on software quality. This is because most nerds are shitlibs, so there is a large pool of SJW-friendly programmers to draw from. /1
Maybe 10% to 15% of programmers are right-wing. You can run all of them out, and you can still have enough talented people to update glibc, git, curl, and all that. #linuxgate /2
Problems start to happen with the apolitical. Most people aren't political and resent having politics dragged into work. These are the people who foolishly think they can argue against a dumb policy or defend someone unjustly run out. #linuxgate /3
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Vai chegar ou já chegou na timeline de vocês uma discussão sobre os termos do novo Código de Conduta do #Linux. Aparentemente alguns desenvolvedores não gostaram do CdC e estão querendo cancelar suas contribuições ao kernel, supostamente ameaçando o Linux. Thread.
O Linux é gerenciado pela GPL2. A licença não menciona capacidade de cancelamento (revoke em inglês). Isso está mencionado como uma brecha que essas pessoas poderiam usar para cancelar o licenciamento do seu código. Na prática, isso é falso.
Essa thread do Stack Exchange dá as bases legais. Você pode ler pra se aprofundar.
Na prática somente se houvesse quebra dos termos da licença isso seria aplicável.
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Does AUSA Moira Kim Penza, prosecutor in the fed. #NXIVM #RICO criminal racketeering case, realize that her indictments of #NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," last March, may have affected the outcome of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election? #ArizonaMafia #Democrats
Moira Kim Penza is 1 of the main prosecutors in the federal #NXIVM #RICO criminal case. A #RICO case is very serious; it is 1 of the most complex types of prosecutions the U.S. Government can initiate. Moira's boss is Richard P. Donoghue, U.S. Atty for the Eastern District of NY.
Penza is a smart lawyer. According to publicly available information, she studied at Cornell Law School, a private Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell was ranked the #13 law school in America, out of 203 law schools, by U.S. News & World Report, in 2018.
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#linux #bash #path #obfuscation
goal: obfuscate /etc/passwd
1) #directorytraversal: /mnt/././../etc/././passwd
2) escape characher: /etc/.\/\/\/\/\/passwd /etc/.\/.\/.\/.\/passwd /\e\t\c/passwd
3) null character /et$'c/pa\u0000/notexist/path'sswd
#path #obfuscation using #symbolic #link
ln -s / anything
head -n 2 anything////../etc/passwd

ln -s ../../ wow
head -n 2 ././wow/../etc/passwd

* ../ after a sym link applies to the sym link not the current path
filename expansion #globbing

cat /et*/pa**wd

command expansion
$(echo /e)tc$(echo /pa*)wd

+ other string obfuscation techniques
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#linux #bash #obfuscation using shell parameter expansion:

${alphabet:2:1}at really
${alphabet: -24:-23}at really
${alphabet: -24:1}at really
${alphabet:2:-23}at really…
similar #bat #windows (…)
The goal is to obfuscate the following command:
cat really
in which, really is a file.
Using arithmetic (add, sub, mul, div, mod, and pow) for calculating index or lenght
${alphabet: 2:(-20-3)}at really
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