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🚀 Backend Developer Roadmap for .NET Developers. (2023 Edition)

Follow this thread along for the entire roadmap.

#dotnet #developer #backend Image
Step 0: Know your basics.
Be familiar with OOPS, Brush up your problem solving skills, and learn GIT.
#dotnet #developer #backend Image
Next, get your C# skills right to the latest changes. #dotnet #developer #backend #csharp Image
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1/ Exciting news for VASPs (Read: #crypto businesses)! 🤩

We're launching #VeriscopeIaC, a powerful solution 💪 streamlining the Veriscope server deployment process. 🚀

More details here 👉 Image
2/ It integrates with popular platforms & tools like #AWS, #Terraform, and #Ansible, & is flexible enough to work with other cloud platforms too! ☁️🔧

 VASPs, get ready to experience smooth deployment, from setup to usage! 🌟
3/ Follow our comprehensive guide 📖 and your Veriscope Server will be up & running in no time! ⏱️ 

Dive into the "infra" folder 📂 in the Veriscope repo to find the IaC magic. ✨

Veriscope IaC makes managing multiple environments (test, dev, staging, prod) a breeze! 🍃💻
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Kubernetes Tutorials For Beginners📚

1️⃣What Is Kubernetes Architecture?…

2️⃣Kubernetes Basic Concepts & Examples…

#devops #kubernetes #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #Azure #infrastructureascode #serverless #terraform #ansible
3️⃣ How to Manage Secrets in Kubernetes – A Complete Guide…

4️⃣ Kubernetes Security: 5 Best Practices for 4C Security Model…
5️⃣ Kubernetes Ingress with NGINX Ingress Controller Example…

6️⃣ 15 Kubernetes Best Practices Every Developer Should Know…
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For some good reasons I haven't been posting my DevOps journey here.

My Azure DevOps AZ 400 exam, also putting some crafts on Cloud native using AWS and KodeKloud has been taking my time.
Meanwhile, I have covered few DevOps tools in the past few weeks.
#K8s components (deployment, Services, Ingress, Secret, volume and much more...)
#Docker deep dive
#Bash scripting
#Selenium (looking for alternative)
#Helm Charts
And more...
@PearsonVUE decided to disrupt my exam without consideration, I'm hoping that @MicrosoftLearn will resolve this asap.

The journey has been awesome tho.

I'll share my experience very soon.

#DevOps Engineer
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Ansible Tutorials For Beginners📚 🧵

1️⃣Ansible Roles: How to Combine Them With Playbooks…

2️⃣Working with Ansible Playbooks…

#devops #kubernetes #cicd #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #automation #ansible #serverless #terraform #yaml
3️⃣Ansible Tutorial for Beginners: Ultimate Playbook & Examples…

4️⃣How to Use Different Types of Ansible Variables (Examples)…
5️⃣Ansible Modules – How To Use Them Efficiently (Examples)…

6️⃣44 Ansible Best Practices to Follow [Tips & Tricks]…
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Here's a list of free #PenetrationTesting and #RedTeam Labs you may set up in your own home to enhance your #hacking abilities :
1) Red Team Attack Lab
A simulated setting where red teams can practice exploiting #vulnerabilities in various operating systems.
2) Capsulecorp Pentest
#Capsulecorp is a lightweight virtual infrastructure operated using Vagrant and Ansible. One #Linux attacking system running #Xubuntu is included, along with four #Windows 2019 servers hosting a variety of #exploitable services.
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Most CS undergrads go through four years without learning how to prepare for jobs in #Cloud Dev firms.

They learn OS, DBs, languages like #Javascript, #C++, #python, etc. but little on Cloud-related topics.

Colleges/Universities should consider incorporating these 10 topics.👇
1.History and evolution of Distributed Computing to Cloud computing
-#Grid computing
-#Parallel computing
-#Cluster computing
-Utility computing
-Service orientation
while talking about performance, robustness, high availability, delivering SLAs
2. Why Cloud Apps?
- Types of Cloud (Public, Private, VPC, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud)
- Types of offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
- Service level objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Regulatory issues, Sovereign Clouds, Cloud Security
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Microservices are tough to learn.
Not only do you have to learn deep and complicated tools. You must also learn to build a distributed application. This requires new design patterns, protocols and methods of communication. That’s a lot to learn!
The learning curve we must endure can seem insurmountable if you tackle it by yourself, but instead, we’ll take on this development adventure together.
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🧵 If you run @apachekafka in production, creating clusters, topics, connectors etc. by hand is tedious and error-prone. Better rely on declarative configuration which you put into revision control and apply in an automated way, #GitOps-style. Some tools which help with that:
1⃣ JulieOps ( by @purbon, which helps you to "automate the management of your things within Apache Kafka, from Topics, Configuration to Metadata but as well Access Control, Schemas". A nice intro in this post by Bruno Costa:…
2⃣ topicctl (…) by @segment: "Easy, declarative management of Kafka topics. Includes the ability to 'apply' topic changes from YAML as well as a repl for interactive exploration of brokers, topics, consumer groups, messages, and more"
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We making it as easy as possible to join @cheqd_io as a validator or developer and start using the identity functionality of the network….

We're also eager to give back to @cosmos and beyond so we’ve #OpenSourced our approach to #infrastructure

Our #infrastructure uses a blend of #Terraform #Terragrunt and @ansible to improve performance, speed up node setup and more

We’ll cover the benefits of each in our latest #OpenSourcing thread - Day 4 of documenting our OpenSource-athon
We've used #terraform to automate our #infrastructure - essentially to complete a series of tasks in a defined order required for things like setting up a node

#Terraform open source, free to use and widely adopted, supporting @awscloud @Hetzner_Online @digitalocean and more...
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There are many good free #terraform #resources for clouds available.

Thread 🧵
🤠 GCP(Google cloud platform)

1️⃣ Terraform with Google Cloud:

2️⃣ Terraformer: A CLI tool that generates tf/json and tfstate files based on existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform). Very good and useful:
3️⃣ FREE course at to build a FULLY automated infrastructure in the AWS Cloud using GitHub, Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible. Link to the Course is =>

This is advanced program, and you should know the basics of Terraform and Ansible.
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✨A thread on joining lending/borrowing protocol on @BastionProtocol

For example, #NEAR has an LTV of 60%, $USDC 85%, $USDT 80%, $ETH 70%. Other assets are also the same but they will have a different LTV (Loan-to-value).

#BMEanalytics $NEAR $BSTN #auroraisnear #DeFi $USN #BMEanalytics #Stableswap #NEAR #USN $BSTN #Aurora
Keep in mind that LTV is not the profit that you can earn but it is the percentage that you can borrow based on the assets that you have deposited in the Lending platform.

#BMEanalytics $NEAR $BSTN @auroraisnear #DeFi $USN @BastionProtocol
First, you need to buy $NEAR on any exchanges and withdraw them into your #NEAR Wallet. Since #Aurora EVM uses $ETH as transaction fees so connect your wallet to @finance_ref and swap a few Near to ETH.

#BMEanalytics $BSTN @auroraisnear #DeFi $USN @BastionProtocol
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What is CI/CD?

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are two approaches to software development that are designed to improve code quality and enable rapid delivery and deployment of code.

#DevOps #CICD #Cloud #Agile #Testing #Cloud #Linux #Security #ITjobs Image
A modern CI/CD pipeline in DevOps has build, test, and deploy stages-and aims to automate as many of the processes within these stages as possible.

1. Source Code: Changes to source code can trigger CI/CD tools to initiate the pipeline, or the CI/CD pipeline may be triggered Image
by automated scheduled work sessions or user-initiated workflows.
2. Build: The new code changes to applications are created and compiled to be prepared for the testing phase.

3. Testing: Testing automation via CI can save developers tremendous time and effort.

#Testing Image
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OK: Ich werde in den nächsten 365 Tagen min. 100 positive Tweets zu #Digitalisierung in der #Verwaltung posten.

Viele kleine Fortschritte und hoffentlich ein paar größere.

Es geht um #eGov #OZG #Automatisierung #Standardisierung #DigitaleSouveränität #Datenaustausch #Sicherheit
Wir vom #BAS haben uns mit @OeffentlicheIT getroffen und intensiv zu #Cloud, #DigitaleSouveränität, #Security, #Automatisierung uvm. ausgetauscht.

Entstanden ist im Anschluss dieser Blog-Artikel.

#Container Plattformen wären wichtig!

#eGov #OZG…
Im 2.Teil des Artikels wird auch die von uns eingesetzte Alternative zu #Kubernetes beleuchtet, nämlich @HashiCorp #Consul, #Nomad, #Vault und #Terraform, um nicht nur Containerisierte Anwendungen in einer gemeinsamen Umgebung betreiben zu können.

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Yesterday I posted some of the amazing graphics that @ManningBooks have done for my book Bootstrapping Microservices!

Today I show you some examples of how awesome the code listings are with annotations rendered in their final form...

@ManningBooks A simple Node.js microservice:

#nodejs #microservice Image
@ManningBooks Adding a microservice to your Docker-Compose file:

#microservice #docker Image
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Navigating the cloud and #DevOps horizon is hard, things are moving quickly.

ThoughtWorks recommends HOLD on handwritten AWS CloudFormation in #TechRadar 2019 edition. Building a complex infrastructure in essentially huge YAML text file is doomed to fail…
You could thought that Templating in YAML is a solution here, but it's also on HOLD in #TechRadar 2019 by @thoughtworks…

The same about templating in JSON, because YAML is JSON actually. Better to use real programming language instead. The dev in #DevOps
So Terraform is the ADOPT in #TechRadar 2019 and "sensible default" that addresses the shortfalls of AWS CloudFormation as stated here:…

There are other options listed, including troposphere, sceptre, Stack Deployment Tool and Pulumi. Not sure if endorsed.
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Hoy me gustaría compartir algunas reflexiones fruto de las últimas novedades aparecidas y mis experiencias en cliente con #infrastructureascode en #AWS. Vamos al lío 👇
Siempre me he sentido más atraido hacia el enfoque declarativo por su falsa sensación de control y orden, pero con configuraciones grandes, poder refactorizar el código hacia abstracciones propias y modificar su definición/parametrización con código ha sido determinante
En ese sentido, #cloudformation como tal siempre me ha parecido muy locura y un formato más de bajo nivel que otra cosa. En general siempre trabajo con herramientas que lo generan como #serverlessframework o #amplify
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✊An opinionated thread about designing your #OCI @OracleCloud #datacentre — Describe the purpose and context of items with Tags 👇

Follow me for more 😍
Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Please comment, share via RT 👍 #oci_design_tweet_by_tweet #oci_tagging
On the Tagging options for #OCI

Tagging is the act of putting labels on objects. There is 1:n relation, meaning one object can have many labels applied to it.
Traditional systems that implement tags are usually backed with a “set” data structure: an unordered/unindexed collection. The key is the value. E.g: `Prod, Dev, CC127638, Finance`
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So I actually want to talk about this. Let's talk about what we (@HashiCorp and @GCPcloud) accomplished in 2019 with the Terraform provider for Google Cloud Platform.
As a reminder, all of these accomplishments are thanks to the hard work of a number of people, working across HashiCorp and Google Cloud Platform, to bring our users the best experience we can. They deserve all the credit here. I'm just the guy running his mouth.
I'm also not going to be covering the personal life stuff that happened in 2019, not because it didn't impact our work--it did, significantly--but because it is personal.
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Trunk-based development for #terraform infra makes a lot more sense, my observations after moving from a branch based model, being. Half applied/stale infra changes will not be the case anymore as compared to when multiple branches being are in active development (1/n)
As for when trying to avoid conflicts for locking states and avoiding multiple people trying to modify the same state, putting #terraform plans and applies on CI would immediately take away the need of a tool like #atlantis. (2/n)
Maintaining #terraform modules for repeated infra objects can be used as plug and play should ideally be versioned, and specific versions be used by teams. Having all of this on CI takes away the burden from ops folks of manually applying it, which reduces margin of error(3/3)
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And we are fashionably late here in Israel. #zman #bnei #akiva #AWSSummit
Here we start - #snark #on #AWSSummit
Only 10000+ customers using #sagemaker - I would have expected a minimum of 10,001+ #AWSSummit
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Where is this #Terraform module stored locally?

jq -r '.Modules[] | (.Source + ": " + .Dir)' .terraform/modules/modules.json
Or if you want shorter names/refs:

jq -r '.Modules[] | ((.Source | split("/") | last | split("?") | first) + ": " + (.Dir | split("/") | last))' .terraform/modules/modules.json
You can also use .Key instead of .Source if you want the name of the module.
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There are just over two weeks left to submit a talk for #GR8Conf EU 2019 at

If you need ideas, here's a thread.

#groovylang #grailsfw #gradle #spockfw #gebish #griffon #springboot #micronautfw #ratpackweb #sdkman #android #devops #ci #cd #cfp #jenkins
Feel free to like/❤ a topic you’d attend and @ people you think should submit a talk on this topic. I have A LOT of ideas so I’ll spread this out over a few days maybe a week depending on how this goes.
1/ an intro to @spockframework

- using #spockfw in a polyglot organization including any tips/tricks for integrating with other languages like #Java and #Kotlin
- the top things you wish you knew when you started using spock
- good testing practices in general
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A common pattern that emerges when using @HashiCorp #Terraform is to have many types of policies inlined using a heredoc. This is frustrating as it means you can't use standard tools to validate and/or format these JSON policies.… is my attempt at a solution to this problem. All of your policies get defined as standalone JSON files within a templates/ directory. This makes it easy to copy from other tools (or even web consoles) and validate/format the contents.
A template_file is used to facilitate the use of variables, which are a great way to avoid ending up with magic numbers or hardcoded values in your policies. And a list of filenames is used to avoid having to declare multiple template_files and duplicate the list of variables.
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