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The Bucher Papers - A 🧵

#India has long been accused of attempting to stop the declassification of documents from 1947 pertaining to #Kashmir out of concern that the "sensitive" letters might have an impact on international relations.

The letters, also known as the Bucher papers, are thought to include political and military grounds for Jawaharlal Nehru, #India's first prime minister, to request a cease-fire with #Pakistan and grant the state of Jammu & Kashmir special status.

For the current nationalist government in Delhi, which has derided Nehru's decision to reach a compromise on status of disputed Kashmir as an ignorant "blunder," the correspondence from the then-commander-in-chief, Gen. Roy Bucher, will have major political implications.

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Jailed #Kashmiri activist Khurram Parvez, 45, is one of 3 “outstanding activists” who will receive the @martinennals award for 2023, it was announced today in Geneva
The other 2 are Feliciano Reyna of Venezuela & Delphine Kemneloum Djiraibé of Chad
The Martin Ennals Award is an annual prize for human rights defenders, selected by a jury of 10 of the world’s leading human rights NGOs. The Award provides protection & support to human rights defenders at risk…
Jailed without trial for 423 days now & currently in a Delhi prison, Parvez faces 8 criminal charges, including of aiding terrorism & “waging war”. Punishment, if convicted, can stretch to life imprisonment.
@AuqibJaveed's story from Nov 2021…
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5 years ago, on this day, 8-year-old #Kashmiri Muslim girl was raped and murdered by Hindu extremists. A long thread:

On 17th January, in 2018, Muhammad Yusuf was at his home in Kathua, sitting perturbed and restless, when one of his neighbors came running towards him.
He broke a news that'd traumatize any uncle in the world: they had found dead body of his eight-year-old niece, Asifa, laying in bushes in forest, a few hundred meters away. Muhammad Yusuf was not just her uncle, he had raised Asifa and adopted her when she was a toddler.

Asifa had gone missing on 10th January. On that afternoon, Asifa had gone out to forest to bring home the horses. The horses did eventually return home but Asifa did not. According to a report by the BBC, two days later, on 12 January, the family filed a police complaint.

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#Kashmiri refugees in Azad Kashmir have been pushed to the ghettos since 1990, when they were forced to leave their homes and hearths in Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Now their third generation is being born in these slums, and this is where they grow up.
For them there is no chance of living a decent life, getting a good education or finding a proper job to help them live like a respectable human being. For all practical purposes, they have become the so-called ‘untouchables’ of Azad Kashmir.
You must have heard many politicians repeat the mantra that they support the Kashmir cause. After all these decades, the word ‘cause’ seems to have come to mean ‘ghettos
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1/n Quick thread on #Afghanistan's indigenous Hindus & the present state of the Pakhtuns. Based on speaking with a Hindu lady who lived and worked there, speaks Dari and Pashto, did several field projects there, & was invited to speak at US State Dept. on security-related issues.
2/n Most Afghan Hindus are indigenous to Afghanistan, in the sense that they are the oldest inhabitants there at this point. There are some who went there from India only a few centuries ago, and are no less "Afghan", but most have been there prior to all others known today.
3/n Some indigenous Afghan Hindus are classified as Tajik & even Uzbek. More educated in today's times, & follow Persianate culture, i.e., they are basically Persian & Turkic Hindus.

But majority of native Afghan Hindus are Pakhta (#Sanskrit Pakta), or Pakhtun/Pashtun...
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The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (#OIC) expresses it deep concern over the pronouncement of life sentence for one of the most prominent #Kashmiri leaders, Mr. #YasinMalik, who has been leading a peaceful freedom struggle for many decades.
Reiterating its solidarity with the people of #Jammu and #Kashmir, the #OIC General Secretariat urges the international community to ensure that the legitimate struggle of the #Kashmiris for the realization of their rights must not be equated with #terrorism.
The General Secretariat calls on the Government of #India to release all #Kashmiri leaders unfairly incarcerated, halt forthwith the gross and systematic persecution of Kashmiris in the #Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and #Kashmir (IIOJK);…
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What has changed after abrogation of #Article370?
A thread brought by a #Kashmiri to readers of the world

Prior to 2019, 3 Medical Colleges, 20 district hospitals
Today, 2 new AIIMS, 7 new Medical Colleges, Cancer Institutions and Nursing schools.
#NayaKashmir @AartiTikoo
Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme provides free universal health coverage up to ₹5 lakh per household per year for all residents of UT of J&K & Ladakh.
New ₹28,400Crore scheme for industrialisation of J&K in 2021. Creation of 4.50Lakh new jobs
Qazigund-Banihal tunnel section of the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway completed which reduce traveling time by 6.5 hours.
Completion of 4 national highway projects & agreements for 10 new road/tunnel projects.
@Imam_A_Siddique @GeneralBakshi @Tiny_Dhillon @AskSheikhAadil
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JOIN US as we mark 31 days of continuous People’s Protest, at Kohuwela junction on Thurs March 31st!💪🏾

It’s heartening to see so many people’s protests not affiliated to political parties over the weekend! It’s time the people realised their power!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImage
Some captures from the Kandy People’s Protest yesterday (Wed)!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
Kollupitiya Peoples Protest continues - some captures from yesterday💪🏾

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
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1. Surprised it took so long to make #KashmirFiles. A propaganda film on #KashmiriPandit should have come out long ago. D only post-Independence event to justify victim syndrome among d #knickerwallahs has been d genuine & terrible plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Worse, no one is...
2. Interested is helping the poor among them, both living in and outside the Valley. Their utility is only as symbols of misery. After all, it's common sense that without peace in the Valley, no Pandit would risk life & limb by living in govt designated colonies, irrespective...
3. Of d security assurances. And the only possibility of real peace is through resolution of #Kashmir dispute. The current road-roller approach is worsening the situation. You can't subjugate people forever. And certainly not people who have sympathisers outside. So, if you...
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#KashmirFiles: Let's talk about what happened in January 1990.
Governor Jagmohan’s first address that was broadcasted on TV & radio on Jan-20-1990 shocked everyone. In his address: "if anybody creates a law and order problem, meray haathon say aman ka patta khisak jaye ga."
Jagmohan threw away the cards of peace. Jan 20, 21 CRPF troops conducted widespread & warrantless house-to-house searches. Authorities claimed that the presence of several armed militants prompted the search operation. #KashmirFiles
However, none of over 400 persons who were dragged out of their homes into the biting cold of the night and arrested turned out to be a militant, neither was any weapon seized. #KashmirFiles
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Despite conflict, #Kashmiri Girls are actively taking to sports - Power lifting National Gold Medalist Arifa Bilal is an Inspiration for Girls of #Kashmir

Kashmiri girls, in particular, have stood out, bringing attention to the region for their various sporting accomplishments
It is now quite a common sight in the valley to see girls practicing vigorously in the early mornings and evenings.

The years long conflict due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir always advocated the restrictions for Kashmiri Girls due to which the talent of the women
folk of Kashmir remained behind the curtains for decades. Pakistan is still trying to intervene in Kashmir with their nefarious designs but the abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir and a stern action against the separatist camps in Kashmir somehow
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"The Symbiotic Relationship : Over Ground Workers & Conflict Economy in Jammu & #Kashmir"

The Seminar will be Streamed LIVE on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on

Join us on 28-29 Dec 2021 from 10 AM onwards.

Highlights of 𝐀𝐌𝐒𝐁 Seminar, Dec 2021

“OGWs enjoy all facilities of democratic rights in our country. They are well placed and enjoy good livelihood. But they drive vulnerable and disgruntled youth towards violence” ~ Lt Gen DP Pandey, #ChinarCorps Cdr

“OGWs IDENTIFY young gullible vulnerable youth, INSTIGATE their minds through select narratives, INITIATE them into acts after which they can't return into society” ~ Lt Gen DP Pandey, #ChinarCorps Cdr

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#RSS is least of our concern when #India's #secularists are exploiting B'desh #riot to bestow legitimacy on a #fascist #colonial administration - by #Hasina.

Unlike #Kashmir, B'desh doesn't have a discourse - largely due to not having access/fluency in #English..


With no B'deshis around to resist their hegemony, the #colonizers have a free stadium to kick the ball - protraying B'deshi #Muslims as '#extremists', '#violent', '#WarCriminal' and so on.

#Riot is a football match, again producing consent for #Hasina's... 2/n.

...government in #Delhi.

A lot of '#Kashmiri scholars' (who doesn't have to face the wrath of the state) & their silence around this #Hindu-#Secularist 'saviors' axis are equally complicit.

The #colonizers are sealing our fates. 3/n.

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Our researchers found a 2 year old hate literature, circulated as "academic discourse" from Huma Dar, a promoter of the recent #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference. Daughter of a Pakistani Army officer, she masquerades as a Kashmiri activist spewing anti-India & anti-Hindu hate.
Note the use of divine Hindu imagery, while conveying blatant #Hinduphobic messaging and vicious anti-India propaganda. This graphics was used by Huma Dar for an event that was hosted at @UCSanDiego on October 30, 2019.
It is this kind of hate propaganda against Hindu communities, by propagandist like Huma Dar, that triggered the #Pakistani invasion of #JammuAndKashmir on October 22, 1947, that resulted in the murder of 11,000 #Kashmiris, and the rape of thousands of #Kashmiri #Hindu women. 3/4
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Thread: selected footage everyone should see of #India’s Military and their #HumanRights violations in #IIOJK against #Kashmiris shared by #Pakistan in dossier today by FM, NSA and Minister Mazari. First clip, grave digger testifies to mass graves #KashmiriLivesMatter
In the second clip, we can see testimony of a young #Kashmiri whose fingers and legs were brutally chopped off by #India’s occupation forces 14 Dogra Regiment in #IIOJK this is one of hundreds of cases documented in the dossier #KashmiriLivesMatter
Warning: graphic images. Shows possible use of chemical agents/weapons by #India in #Kashmir. Mutilated body is shown in the video footage. #KashmiriLivesMatter
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"Aarif Khan was the nom de guerre of a local militant"

“We had to implement the #Shariah, the #Taliban & #AlQaeda way.”

This is the article for which #AasifSultan was taken to jail. Far from a #journalistic circus - it was highlight of a freedom struggle in #Kashmir.....

..which might be categorized as a '#TerrorSpeech' issue.

It is certainly not the #Western '#FreedomOfExpression'. The #Kashmiri expressions was not constructed that way, with Western norms.

The website is already down, so I wanted to take some snaps.
Is there a chance for this article not to attract state's wrath? By that word, I mean the #IndianState.

To all #Indians out there participating in the #FreeAasifSultan hashtag, do you respect our existence?

If you don't, what does your #solidarity, or mockery - stand for?

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Historically #Kashmiri women have enjoyed freedom like none of their counterparts in the other regions of our country. The intrusion of regressive ideologies, targeted at women, in the 90’s, might have pushed them behind but they are rapidly changing the gender norms.

The spirit of women in #Kashmir, supported aptly by various #government initiatives, have grown wings that enable them to soar the skies and break the glass ceiling.
#WomenEmpowerment #Kashmir

@FatimaDar_jk @MirYanaSY @AsimKhanTweets @IAmErAijaz
With the #abrogation, women of #Kashmir now have a stake in their ancestral properties regardless of their choice is spouse. This have liberated women who are not bound, shackled with patriarchal laws.

@NamrataWakhloo @AartiTikoo @IAmErAijaz
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The sighting of crescent in #India marks the end of auspicious month of holy #Ramzan across the nation. I wish all the people of India a happy & prosperous #EidAlFitr. I as a #Kashmiri Indian Muslim will be celebrating #Eid with my family across the country 🇮🇳. 1/4
There is a cloud of #COVID19 over the country as we mourn our losses. I hope we offer #Eid prayers at home today & celebrate this Eid with austerity. Let's pledge to help those who are underprivileged & stand together whenever our nation demand our attention. 2/4
This is the high time to synchronise sighting of crescent in Kashmir wth India & celebrate our Eid wth the people of our own country.Last but not least let's pray fr the nation that's going through second wave of COVID19 & remember those who lost their lives to this pandemic. 3/4
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Faces behind #Kashmir Intel #Thread

Let us know, what's the motive and who are/were some of the people running handles like Kashmir Intel (@Kashmirosint), which claim themselves to be voice or source of information of #Kashmir.
NIA in Sep 2020 filed a charge sheet against 5 operatives of #IslamicState Khorasan Province, including the #Kashmiri couple who were running Kashmir Intel for allegedly conspiring to utilize the anti #CAA protests to instigate #Muslims against #Indian government & provoke riots
Here is how the couple, Jahanzaib Sami Wani & Hina Bashir planned to exploit gullible Muslim youth
They were conspiring to create unrest during anti #CAA protest by coining seditious slogans & making graffiti at public places, highlighting the same on social & international media
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A fascinating discussion with Mushaal Hussein Mullick, human rights activist, and wife of jailed Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik. She lived in Srinagar with her husband, before India jailed him.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
Speakers included Dr. Samina Karim, Program Director and Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bradford; and Ms. Abida Rafique, Advisor to OIC, Jeddah, who covers Southeast Asia from Bangkok.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
.@MushaalMullick narrated her story, her life in Kashmir, her impressions of Kashmiri women, and stories of Pakistani wives of Kashmiri men who denied travel documents by Indian authorities.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
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Deradicalisation of #Kashmir Youth, need of the hour. #Thread.

The valley has been bearing the brunt of radicalisation that has the potential to destroy the future generation of #Kashmir. Its a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
The gradual erosion of #Sufism is an indicator of the growing radicalisation in #Kashmir. Sufism faces a stiff competition from the Wahhabi brand of Islam as preached in Saudi Arabia & other parts of the world.
Sufi shrines are being burnt and there has hardly been any public outcry regarding the same, indicating the waning influence of the Hanafis. With the abundance of Saudi money, Wahhabi followers are gradually taking over Hanafi masjids in the valley.
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The assassinations of #MirwaizFarooq & #AbdulGhaniLone that reveals the ugly face of #Pakistan’s proxy war in #Kashmir. A #Thread

Pakistan is a festered wound in the lives of #Kashmiris that has been eating away the soul of Kashmir for decades now.
Some sane leaders in #Kashmir who saw through the devilish design of #Pakistan & tried to save its people from this snake in the grass were either sidelined or worse killed in cold blood.
This includes the two most influential leaders of Kashmir #MirwaizFarooq & #AbdulGhaniLone.
What happened with them?
At 7:15 p.m. on 13 Feb 1990, #terrorists shot Lassa Kaul, 45, director of the government-run #television station as he stepped from a vehicle in front of his home.
It shook Mirwaiz Farooq, Lassa Kaul was his dear friend.
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02 #terrorists trapped in #Tujjer village #Sopore, North #Kashmir surrendered after appeal by family members

Misguided #Kashmiri youth are now realising the futility of violence.

#IndianArmy goes beyond the call of duty to save Kashmiri lives.
Abid(20) & Mehraj(22), the two misguided youth from #Wadoora #Sopore, north #Kashmir fell into the trap of the radical propaganda run by terror outfit Al-Badr in Sept 2020.
Both went missing from their home and joined Al-Badr on 24 Sept 2020. #IndianArmy went all out to get these misguided youth to renounce the path of violence & return home peacefully.
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22 Oct, a Black Day in #Kashmir’s History.

On 22 Oct 5,000 Kabaili tribesmen backed by #Pakistan army stormed Muzaffarabad and scattered 500-strong #Kashmir state army who had already suffered defections by its soldiers.
Flushed with victory, the #Pakistan's tribesmen got down to wanton looting and arson.
They plundered the state armoury, set entire markets on fire and looted their goods.
#Kashmir #22octoberBlackDay
@CestMoiz @neeraj_rajput
They indiscriminately shot poor #Kashmiris at will who couldn't recite the Kalma. Many women were enslaved, while many others jumped in the river to escape capture.
#Kashmir #22octoberBlackDay #PakistanCivilWar #PakistanTerroristState
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