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Did the #COVID19 lockdown relief measures help refigure the livelihoods of informal workers?

In this conversation #thread, professor @JeemolUnni
examines the impact of the lockdown on workers.

Join the discussion and send us your questions in the comments.
We are currently in the midst of the second wave of #COVID19 in India. People and the government are struggling with the public and private health system caving in.

The question before us for the second time in a year is to save lives and/or save livelihoods? | @JeemolUnni
The lockdown measure acted as a macroeconomic shock in 2020.

According to CMIE, an estimated 122 million people lost their jobs in April 2020 alone and three-quarters of these were small traders and wage labourers, mainly in the informal sector. | @JeemolUnni
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Our #RepublicDay #TwitterTakeover with @glorious_gluten has begun!

For the next hour, she will be discussing the relationship between the #police, #State and the #law.

Join the conversation and send us your questions in the comments section.
On #26January, 2021, the Indian republic completes 71 years since its formation; against the background of a global pandemic that has starkly exposed its fault lines. | @glorious_gluten
The 299 member #ConstituentAssembly was unique for there were 15 women (including a #Dalit woman Dakshini Velayudhan) who were voted to be a part of the
Committee and make their contribution to the building of the republic. #RepublicDay | @glorious_gluten
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#EPWConversations: We are live with @vabhis, and we invite you to send your questions about public transportation in India in this thread. He will be tweeting through EPW's account for the next hour.
Our cities happen to be the places where distortions of development are amplified and more visible. Transport and urban equity is one major indicator to assess this distortion. One class of cities (particularly, metropolitan cities) gets priority over the smaller cities and towns
Similarly, within the city and towns, the more affluent class gets priority over the poor and underprivileged ones. | @vabhis
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#EPWConversations: We are live with @DrArpitaC, and we invite you to send your questions about international relations and postcolonial feminism. Image
What does the discipline of international relations (IR) look like from the personal perspective of a postcolonial subject living in a first-world nation? IR must distance itself from its Eurocentric & masculine moorings if it is to become “international.”…
There are several pedagogical issues with IR despite decades of critiques from feminist and postcolonial feminist scholars like @swatipash. Most courses on IR continue to have feminism as one class and postcolonial feminism as a footnote in it rather than as a critical lens.
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#EPWConversations: Today, @AnupamSaraph and @sanjana_krishn will be talking about their work on PAN and Aadhaar linkage from epw_in’s handle. We invite you to join the conversation and ask questions. They will present their paper in this #thread.
Also, you can view their responses to questions and comments in this thread:
Why is it curious that Ministry of Finances insists to link #Aadhaar with #PAN? The ministry has not made public any information leading to the decision to introduce #139AA that mandates quoting #Aadhaar to obtain a #PAN or to file return of income…
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#EPWConversations: We are live with @AnupamSaraph and @sanjana_krishn, and we invite you to send your questions about PAN and Aadhaar linkage in this #thread.
@abhicheesecake asks you correctly identify that the percentage of PAN holders paying tax has dropped since 2013. However, India's direct tax collection has increased every year since 2019. Can this improvement be attributed to PAN-Aadhaar linkage?…
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#EPWConversations: Today, Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman (@mirzalibra10) will be talking about his article "Infrastructuring Floods in the Brahmaputra River Basin
Hydrocracies, Hubris, Hazardscapes" from epw_in's handle. We invite you to join the conversation and ask questions.
The lived experiences of riverine communities are unique to particular river basins, of its ebbs and flows, geomorphology, social, economic and ecological histories! It is through such community imaginations and experiences that we can have a long duree understanding of the river
Run-of-the-River:A term used by dam-builders, engineers and hydrocracies, describing a hydropower dam project, which does not hold back water in a storage reservoir for long duration, and the water is returned to the same river without altering the existing flows and water levels
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#EPWConversations: Today, @RStweet18 will be talking about the recent spike in domestic violence because of #lockdowns following the #COVID19 pandemic from the @epw_in handle!We invite you to join the conversation and ask questions.
Stay Home, Stay (un)Safe seems to be what the spike in domestic violence during the pandemic suggests. The first reporting on 3 April said that between 23 March and 1 April, the number of complaints that the National Commission for Women (NCW) received was 257. | @RStweet18
Among these figures, 69 cases of domestic violence (DV) had increased from 30 cases between 2-8 March—a two-fold increase. | @RStweet18
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#EPWConversations: Today, @digitaldutta, one of our panellists for #DataSocieties, will be talking about data and elections from @epw_in's handle. We invite you to join the conversation and ask questions.
Data is being used to influence us, and our society everywhere. Data is being weaponised during elections now, to spread misinformation using micro-targeting. This essentially involves influencing every individual, uniquely based on their personal data. | @digitaldutta
Politicians have always influenced voters based on their caste, religion and class, and this identity politics has been important for communities to claim their rights as well. This is changing, with new networks to influence voters using their personal data. | @digitaldutta
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