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BREAKING: Young asylum seeker on roof of @CrownePlaza threatening to kill himself - fire brigade there. neglect of asylum seekers in these hotels & extreme isolation of places like Crowne Plaza make deaths inevitable #RefugeesWelcome #EndDetention #EndDeportations (thread 1/8)
Almost 400 asylum seekers in this one hotel, inc families & children, inc severely disabled children - we’ve known people left without a GP for 4-6 months despite serious health conditions #RefugeesWelcome #EndDetention (2/8)
This is hand of one mother @CrownePlaza whose been begging for a GP apt for months, this painful condition covers a lot of her body & she has no treatment plan - her young daughters have had tooth pain for a month & no dentist apt (3/8)
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#Jamaica50 Voices - Listen to the videos in this thread as D speaks out from Colnbrook about the conditions he's endured as someone who entered detention COVID free & is now gasping for breath & struggling with his mental health in isolation. Time to #StopThePlane (Thread 1/8)
D isolated & not given phone charger or belongings "I feel physically weak at the moment, like Im going to collapse any time" "last time I felt like this was when homeless & starving on streets" "things like this trigger traumatic memories for me" #Jamaica50 #StopThePlane (2/8)
"I'm still here waiting and trying my best to deal with what's happening to me right now" "I wish they would send me to the NHS and let be quarantine there" #Jamaica50 #StopThePlane Here he described how system is designed to be slow, not provided what he needs to cope. (3/8)
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Who are #Jamaica50 ? It’s important to get truth out fast about people @ukhomeoffice have swept up in racist dragnet of Jamaican community ahead of Aug mass deportation charter flight. This thread tells some of their stories #StopThePlane #StopCharterFlights #EndDetention (1/16)
1. MM came UK age 11 to join father, indefinite leave to remain (ILR), 19 yrs UK. 7 British kids, 5 w/wife inc newborn. Convicted possession/intent, original trial judge gave suspended sentence noting good character & deserved second chance. CPS appealed, revised to 3yrs (2/16)
That was 1st & only offence, out of prison since 2019. Wife is carer & he took care of kids as she worked through pandemic. Constituent of @AlexNorrisNN who is making reps on his behalf. This govt doesn’t believe in ‘second chances’ for the black community. #yesItsRacist (3/16)
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Wakulla County, FL terminated its contract w/ ICE after profiting off of immigration detention for the past 30 yrs. Similar to Wakulla, the Glades County Detention Center is $28 million in debt to its bondholders & recently faced allegations of contract & civil rights violations.
Immigrant detention is inhumane, unnecessary & costly. Local governments have no business supporting this system. We call on Glades County & other County-run facilities in FL to immediately end their contracts with ICE & stop endangering lives. #AbolishDetention #ShutDownGlades
Last month, DWN joined 8 other groups in filing a federal civil rights complaint against the Glades County Detention Center. Through 25 testimonies, the complaint details human rights violations happening inside the facility.… #ShutDownGlades #EndDetention
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Biden has yet to address ICE’s detention system.

2020 was the deadliest fiscal yr in ICE custody since 2005. W/ detention #'s currently at their lowest in 20 yrs, #FirstTen to #CommunitiesNotCages underscores the urgent need to close detention centers & release people now
#FirstTen to #CommunitiesNotCages is demanding the shut down of 10 detention centers in Biden's 1st year. #FirstTen is the next phase of @detentionwatch’s #CommunitiesNotCages campaign to shut down ICE facilities, stop the expansion/construction of new ones and #EndDetention
The #FirstTen detention centers are emblematic of how the immigration detention system as a whole is inherently abusive, unjust and fatally flawed beyond repair. #CommunitiesNotCages
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Today we released a new policy brief updating our research on @ICEgov’s immigrant detention contracting and inspection system and calling on the Biden administration to #CutTheContracts as a critical step to #EndDetention

Read it at…
The policy brief highlights the #FirstTen detention centers @DetentionWatch is calling on the Biden admin to shut down as part of the #CommunitiesNotCages campaign:
The South Texas Family Residential Center (Dilley), Karnes County Residential Center & Hutto Detention Center, all in TX; the Berks Family Detention Center in PA; Etowah in AL; Irwin in GA; Otero in NM; ICA-Farmville in VA; and Adelanto and Mesa Verde in CA
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There's a lot of talk & uncertainty around "Emergency Reception Centers" for children like Carrizo Springs & Homestead opening up again under the Biden Administration.

So let's walk through what all of this actually means for immigrant children at our border.

A thread 🧵⤵️
This move represents a chilling continuity of Trump's attitudes towards immigrants & reinforces the notion that immigrants—including unaccompanied children—are less than human & should be warehoused away from the general population instead of being reunited w/relatives in the US.
FACT: The facilities run by @HHSGov & the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) ARE better than those run by ICE or CBP.

CAVEAT: The Trump Admin showed us that the HHS/ORR system could be weaponized against immigrants.

Think family separation under the Zero Tolerance policy.
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1/On #InaugurationDay  we are here to demand profound changes to the racist, xenophobic, evil immigration system.

We will except nothing less.


2/Save Pro Se.
3/Right to council.
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Spoken to 10 #Jamaica50 detainees & confirmed dets for 8 - this is who @ukhomeoffice planning 2 shackle & put on charter flight b4 Xmas at height of #COVID19 Fathers to 31 Brit children. Men who’ve been in UK most of their lives #StopCharterFlights #EndDeportations (thread 1/8)
To carry out flight, up to 20 people will be shackled with waist, hand & feet restraints w/ guard either side of them as they are forced on a plane. Because of Coronavirus restrictions they will not have been able to say goodbye to their children and families in person. (2/8)
In many families the father looked after children while partner worked; many mothers (inc several key workers) are now facing additional costs of childcare & may have to stop working. Several fathers not felt able to tell their kids about the flight cause afraid of impact (3/6)
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THREAD: Today the House @OversightDems published shocking findings of its investigation into ICE jails run by private contractors. @RepRaskin: "An epidemic of medical neglect & mistreatment at detention centers has caused undue suffering & even death.” 1/…
This report is hard to read. It gives example on example of abuses committed by ICE, CoreCivic & GEO w/ intentional cruelty, and reminds us how many previous reports uncovering the same abuses have gone completely unaddressed by ICE and its contractors. 2/…
The Committee investigated Mr. Huy Chi Tran's death at the Eloy detention center. Mr. Tran never got the medication he needed for mental illness and was put in solitary. After Mr. Tran died, a guard falsified records to cover up his failure to monitor Mr. Tran before he died. 3/
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🚨 #DontLookAway: A 3rd ICE detainee at the Stewart Detention Center in Georgia has died from #COVID19

This (preventable) death comes only a week after a whistleblower reported inadequate protections for the virus at another GA immigrant detention center.…
If you missed the news here's a recap:
Dawn Wooten, a former nurse at ICE’s Irwin County Detention Center (also in GA), revealed that ICE:

➡️ Performed hysterectomies on women against their will
➡️ Refused to test people in detention for #COVID19
➡️ Shredded medical records
While these events have both taken place in Georgia (be that at 2 different detention centers), do NOT think for one minute that this isn't going on elsewhere across the country.

We've seen medical neglect of ICE detainees in GA, TX, CA, FL...the list goes on.
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There's a lot of talk around the forced hysterectomies at Irwin County ICE Detention Center.

This is what we know:
➡️ There are 13 confirmed cases (# may grow)
➡️ We need to #ShutDownIrwin AND #EndDetention
➡️ To get to the root of the problem = #AbolishICE

But there's more 👇🏾
This isn't a one-time thing. The conditions for something like this to occur have been brewing in ICE detention centers for years.

Black immigrant women have been protesting this all along.…
The whistleblower? Also a Black woman.

Dawn Wooten was a nurse at the facility in Ocilla, Georgia where the hysterectomies took place.

Her bravery to speak up should be uplifted & now that her name is public, she should be protected. #ProtectBlackWomen
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Spent 2day following up w/ cross channel refugees detained in #Yarlswood - picture emerging of vulnerable people denied right to legal reps & contact with outside world in drive to deport as quickly as possible. Here are some of things we’ve learned... (thread 1/9) #EndDetention
Detainees being told that detention in hotels after #yarlswood will b for 14day “quarantine” - even those w/ families & addresses told they must go to hotel (we know it’s because it is easier to raid a hotel & pick everyone up at once for a charter flight) (2/9)
One detainee had asylum screening today & only after that was given list of solicitors but told he was not allowed to call them till AFTER his 14 day quarantine period #EndDetention #RefugeesWelcome #StopCharterFlights (3/9)
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Starting on March 13, visitor volunteers began reporting they have been denied visits to ICE prisons as a response to #COVID19

This is unacceptable #THREAD:
"Immigrants in detention are always vulnerable to abuse and medical neglect; however, during a health pandemic, the likelihood of abuse occurring with no accountability is at an all time high. Community presence at immigrant prisons is essential." -@ChristinaFialho
Read the full statement from @MigrantFreedom: Image
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Today @NIJC @TransLatina_C & 80+ human rights orgs are demanding that @ICEgov release all transgender immigrants from its jails. Our letter follows one sent last week by @RepMikeQuigley and 40+ reps. This demand is urgent. This THREAD explains why. 1/…
@NIJC @TransLatina_C @ICEgov @RepMikeQuigley First: Release is required by congressional directive. The report accompanying the 2020 spending bill tells ICE it can only detain trans immigrants if it complies w/ its own 2015 directive. ICE is not in compliance (willfully indifferent to the safety of those it detains). 2/
@NIJC @TransLatina_C @ICEgov @RepMikeQuigley Second: Release is urgent because every day that ICE continues to jail transgender immigrants is a day when their lives and safety and wellbeing are compromised. 3/…
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OMG. ICE just announced another death in custody: Anthony Akinyemi, 56, from Nigeria was pronounced dead @ 5:23 a.m. on Dec 21 "after he was found unresponsive in his cell" in Dorchester county jail. Preliminary cause of death: self-inflicted strangulation…
Conditions in ICE custody are so awful and unbearable that ppl are often suicidal after spending just few weeks. Combine that with the utter lack of mental health services, it is a miracle the death toll is not 10 fold higher.
People unfamiliar w the brutal immigration system in effect do not understand that we are detaining people who know that they cannot return back to their country of origins regardless of what IJ has ruled. Faced w imminent deportation to face torture they feel at end of the road
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New ICE data: >15,000 of the ~50,000 people in ICE jails are people the gov't already found to have a credible claim or persecution or torture. That's 15,000 people ICE should be releasing to be w/ loved ones during their cases, per ICE's own guidance. 1/…
My @NIJC colleagues are blogging about the human cost of ICE's abandonment of discretion over who it jails and for how long. Read here about Margaret, only 18 and stuck in jail for months despite a family longing for her and a winning asylum claim. 2/…
@NIJC And read here about Sebastien, who fled paramilitary groups in Nicaragua to find safety in the United States, but was greeted by a jail cell he could not escape simply because his family couldn’t afford the exorbitant bail set by the judge. 3/…
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#SeaWatch #EndDetention
So many statements on border defence, criminality, parents‘ fault, sea law and enough time to reach Dutch harbours, yet what only comes through is “SEND THESE COMPLETE HUMAN BEINGS BACK TO DIE AND BE TORTURED: MY COUNTRY’S RULING CLASS IS KILLING ME TOO.” Image
To reframe the debate we need to think as a person who directly experienced the crushing of all witnessed solidarity attempts, by the constant terrors and obstacles to self-determination, and even bare bones survival in a working poor class.
They will of course kick and scream.
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TODAY a gov't watchdog agency @DHSOIG released a NEW REPORT showing - again - that @ICEgov violates human rights of the 50,000+ people in immigration jails. This thread pulls out that report's most appalling findings.… 1/
Context: @DHSOIG & NGOs have REPEATEDLY raised red flags about unsafe conditions & impunity in @ICEgov jails. There’s no doubt @DHSgov leadership is aware of and intentionally furthering abuses in immigration jails. Round up of recent reports here:… 2/
In today’s report, the @DHSOIG Inspector General (IG) reports out on inspections of 4 jails in California, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Colorado. In all 4 the IG found immigrants face “unsafe and unhealthy conditions” in violation of ICE's standards.… 3/
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Hey Congress, yesterday you passed a bill giving @ICEgov more money for immigration detention. Today @DHSOIG (DHS’s own watchdog) issued this horrifying report on a New Jersey ICE jail. Please read it. It explains where the money is going. 1/… Image
The money is going to needlessly incarcerate immigrants in jails that, according to @DHSOIG, violate ICE’s own standards and “represent significant threats to detainee health and safety.” Here’s what the OIG found at the Essex County Jail in NJ, which jails about 800 people: 2/
The food is appalling. Inspectors found packages of raw chicken leaking blood on refrigeration units. Meat served is raw, spoiled, or expired. People said the food caused vomiting and diarrhea. One person said the food “literally looks like it came from the garbage dumpster.” 3/ Image
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ICE prisons are structures of racism and hate. We see walls & wire, cops turning over brown and black folks to ICE; detention is hidden so you don’t know how much they make, how ppl are mistreated. But hey, no more excuses. There’s a bounty of info about how this system runs: 1/
We know and they know, that these prisons are completely unnecessary. But for the fact that detained immigrants line the pockets of local govmts and the private prison industry. 2/…
Over the last decade there have been countless reports by @ACLU, @NIJC, @DetentionWatch, @hrw, @splcenter, many others about brutal, abusive conditions, and even deaths, in these prisons. Some dating back to at least 2008: 3/…
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NEW: Today DHS’s Inspector General released an alert on a CA immigration jail, finding conditions pose “threats to the safety, rights, and health of detainees.” > 40,000 immigrants suffer daily in jails like this. I'll break the report down here (THREAD) 1/…
Keep in mind as you read: ICE inspected this facility in October 2017 AND IT PASSED INSPECTION. This despite numerous deaths at the facility, persistent suicide attempts, and credible reports of dangerously unsafe conditions. 2/…
ICE jails a lot of people in Adelanto – up to 1,940 men and women on any given day – and keeps them in jail for an average of 70 days. The jail is run by for-profit private prison giant GEO. 3/…
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Happening now - Senate Dirksen Office Building: Advocates and community members arriving to protest hearings on admin efforts to jail more migrant families and undermine the Flores settlement. #EndFamilyDetention #EndDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether… Image
Advocates are bearing witness to 12,800 - the # of children in gov't custody, skyrocketing not because more children are coming but because of dragnet immigration enforcement causing fear that coming forward to care for a child will lead to deportation.…
That fear is compounded by a new info-sharing policy between HHS and ICE that undermines HHS's child welfare mission and turns it into an enforcement agent for ICE. In a just world, today's hearing would be all about calling for its rescission. Read more:…
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If you own an IRA or 401k with a REIT or real estate component, chances are you’re profiting from human misery in the form of unnecessary, abusive, and all-too-often deadly warehousing of men, women, and children. Pensions too. #freeourfuture #EndDetention…
Among the helpful resources in this @MarketWatch piece are an amazing @UrbanJustice site:
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