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1/10 Time for some fun facts in this series.
A college kid (hid his twitter id) doing a Ph.D. pinned a tweet that you see below. So he talks about encouraging merit-based immigration and complains that people in the backlogged community are fakers..#YESS386
2/10 ..But even if he had spent a few mins of his trolling time in googling, he would have quickly unpinned his tweet. 😂
I always put forth any of my facts with real data points unlike throwing random racial stones at the affected 😡.
#EqualityCantWait #YESS386
In terms of permanent migration of skilled workers, the top source countries were as follows:[33]

General Skilled Migration: (1) India, (2) United Kingdom, (3) China, (4) Sri Lanka, (5) Malaysia.
#EqualityCantWait #YESS386
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📺NEWS Thread📰
#ncga #ncpol #ERA

NC may just become the 38th state to ratify the #ERA this year!

NC State Senator @EricaforUSSen20 made NC history Thursday filing a discharge petition to free ERA bill S184 from committee to force a floor vote this session! 1/

@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg @EricaforUSSen20 employed the same Discharge Petition process first used by US Rep. Martha Griffiths in 1970 to force Congress to vote on the #ERA. Introduced in 1923, the #ERA bill was ignored for 47 years! That is 'til Rep. Griffith got fed up! 2/
@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg US Rep. Griffiths initiated a Discharge Petition, a method lawmakers use to free a bill intentionally buried in committee. By gathering enough petition signatures, Griffiths' #ERA DP forced a floor vote and accountability on her colleagues. in 1972, Congress passed #ERA and..3/
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So, wonder what it's all about at the Supreme Court and #GayRights today?
Here's a primer & photos (pulled off interweb w/ credit) of some of the thousands of activists who turned up in front of #SCOTUS to fight for #EqualityForAll
#RiseUpOct8 #RiseUpOctober8 #RiseUpOctober8th
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/1 #S386 #EqualityCantWait #GreenCardEquality

Rubbish argument: "Country cap is for diversity"

Racial/Nat-origin quotas are unconstitutional

SC in UCal v Bakke ('78) & Grutter v Bollinger('03) ruled quotas violative of Title VI of CRA '64, 14th Amendment, 42U.S.C.§1981
/2 Affirmative action is to enfranchise historically disadvantaged people.

The GC Backlog has people who are historically disadvantaged and suffer 'Disparate Impact'.

If there is to be Affirmative Action, that should support people in the backlog, not the other way around!
/3 Affirmative Action 'encouraged' with targeted goals NOT mandatory quotas.

Country caps in Employment-based cat was NEVER Affirmative Action, in Hart-Celler '65 / INS '90.

Separate "Diversity Visa" for under-represented pops exists, therefore implicitly EXCLUDED in EB cat.
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#S386 #EqualityCantWait #greencardequality

Mental onanism by #S386 opponents about how magic future CIR/ merit-based legislation as "right" solution to solve backlog

US Constitution Art 1 Sec 9 Clause 3- ex Post Facto prohibits retroactive effects of law.
In other words, new systems can only affect future I-140 applicants.

Only #Equality #S386 can solve backlog,

No new law can mitigate promissory estoppel claims of existing I-140 backlog. All claims to the contrary are spurious.

Also, don't buy life vests made of lead.
People not in line i.e. those who do not yet have an I-140 have no locus standi i.e. they do not have a legal standing recognized by law. Therefore their opinion does NOT count.
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#S386 #EqualityCantWait
Dumb argument: "All countries get 7% GC, so it is not discrimination"

(1) Individuals aren't countries. Conflating the two is absurd and unjust.
/2 Law, rules, policies are evaluated on intent & impact.
Something appearing "neutral" superficially can impact one portion of the population adversely.

This is legal doctrine of 'disparate impact'.Discrimination by intent or by impact are both unlawful.
/3 Disparate impact is established grounds for Title VI claims. Supreme Court has ruled on this multiple times, multiple case laws.
Other e.g.: Poll taxes, literacy tests, property ownership were all ways racists used to disenfranchise black Americans from voting.
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#EqualityCantWait: 99 years after American women won the right to vote, the average full-time working woman still spends over 21 hours a week on housework
In 2019 we have:

✅Magical dishwashers
✅High-efficiency washing machines
✅Refrigerators that tell you when you’re running out of almond milk

How is it possible that women are spending the same amount of time on housework as they did in the 1900s?
Using data drawn from thousands of time diaries, one economist calculated how much time women spent on cooking, cleaning and childcare.

⌛️ In 1900, a married employed woman put in about 27 hours a week, and in 2005 she did … about 27 hours
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