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Day 6️⃣7️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
Florida talks about election integrity, then skips a chance to take action | Editorial…
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The surgeon general shouldn’t be leading an effort to defend against a foreign influence campaign— and that’s what we’re dealing with. Not only is he not qualified, even a modicum of *sustainable* progress will require NSA and/or CIA resources

Let’s all hit pause, and reevaluate
This isn’t a pack of cigarettes— you can’t slap an surgeon general’s advisory label on a (primarily) Russian misinformation campaign.

The surgeon general’s report is a naïve take on a complex issue; his advisory & proposal read like a hammer looking for a nail
There is public evidence that directly links online anti-vax propaganda *and* the broader topic of COVID-19 misinformation to Russian (and also Chinese) government foreign influence campaigns 👀⤵️

cc @jimsciutto @DanaBashCNN @MarkHertling
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PA state Senator Mastriano sent letters Wed. to “multiple counties seeking election-related equipment ‘needed 2 conduct a forensic investigation’ of the 2020 election & the 2021 primary election.”

(Mastriano has ties to violent insurrectionists) 7/7/21 1/…
“Mastriano sent the letters to Philadelphia, York, & Tioga Counties, he said Wednesday morning... ‘We’re looking at three counties, and if sufficient evidence comes up with shenanigans and corruption or fraud, then we’ll have a second round with additional counties…” 2/
Giuliani held a fundraiser for Mastriano and invited violent insurrectionist Sam Lazar, also of PA. These are the types of people who will be on standby during a PA #fraudit. 3/ ImageImageImage
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Mastriano is the guy trying to organize an Arizona-style #fraudit in PA. He has close ties to the Capitol attack. This would be more dangerous than Arizona. The Preates, who are close with “Blow everything up” Bannon, are prominent figures in the PA GOP. 1/
2/ Story about Mastriano’s #fraudit aspirations.…
3/ Liz Havey Preate.…
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Giuliani held a fundraiser for PA gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. One of the guests was a dangerous freak insurrectionist who shouted on Jan. 6, “F*CK the tyrants. We need to hang these motherf**s.”

Mastriano is currently organizing an Arizona style #fraudit in PA. 1/
2/ “Sen. Doug Mastriano, a rising force in Pennsylvania’s ultra-conservative circles who has talked of his desire to bring an Arizona-style audit to Pennsylvania, led a private briefing Wednesday for Republican senators on his plan.” - 7/2/21…
3/ Mastriano’s pal.
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1/ The coup continues. #Cheboygan Board of Commissioners will vote on requesting a #fraudit of 2020 election tomorrow. Board is unsure if Germany or Taiwan had unauthorized access to our election, which Trump won 64%. Seriously.

Why #Cheboygan?
Let's connect some dots.
2/ As reported by @washingtonpost, right-wing operatives targeted rural, pro-Trump counties starting in December. They look for friendly rubes who will agree to an audit.

Once the audit is approved, private companies create reports that deliberately play up suspicion.
3/ Those reports are used to create further doubt among a national audience, amplified by right-wing media. They give cover to @GOP state legislatures pushing voter suppression. And Trump base comes to believe that #BigLie has proof, and Dear Leader will be reinstated ( = coup)
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5/ I’m putting this here as a place holder. Mostly.
6/ I have reason to think it matters.
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This thread will be used to provide a history on @katiehobbs, and why it is imperative that the People of Arizona unite against her run for Governor. Arizona needs a leader who will put #ArizonaFirst, not use it as a proxy for the Biden-Culture War
@katiehobbs: A Political History

Hobbs is educated as a social worker. Her career in politics began after joining @EmergeAmerica. Emerge is an org that trains women on how to run for public office, many alums join school boards (imagine that), but Hobbs had grander ambitions.

@katiehobbs 1st move was to run for House. She immediately declared ardent support for unconditional abortion, described her pride over being endorsed by @PPFA, & expressed a desire to implement comprehensive sex education in our schools,
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This thread will be used for my musings on how to defeat @katiehobbs and assure she never becomes the governor of Arizona. She will have a sycophantic media on her side, and the support of her party's radicals, but together we, the people can send a message. Image
Who is @katiehobbs?
She is a social worker by education
A product of @EmergeAmerica
An org that trains women on how to run for public office, while many alums join school boards (imagine that),
Hobbs is there greatest achievement, & has held public office since 2010
@katiehobbs burst on to the political scene, immediately declaring her ardent support for unconditional abortion, described her pride over being endorsed by @PPFA, & a desire to implement comprehensive sex education in our schools,
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People of twitter to me: 📢📢📢 Stop calling this an audit! It's not an audit!

Me: Hey professional auditors, is this an audit?

MOST (but not all!) auditors I spoke to said this should not be called an audit. Here's their main points.

1. For professional auditors, objectivity is 'basis for the credibility'

This audit is not objective. It is partisan.
2. The auditors have what they need for a full and proper investigation.

The county has refused to give the Senate's contractors with information they themselves have said was crucial to the investigation.
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Defeated in over 60 lawsuits across the country including SCOTUS, the former guy is now pushing Big Lie “audits” (shall we say “fraudits”) in select states with corrupt politicians, and conducted by his cult members with the goal of shoring up the Big Lie with these fraudits. 1/
Having been personally through scores of financial audits conducted by professional independent public accounting firms who are bound by professional auditing standards and engaged by the appropriate governing board of the entity being audited, I can categorically say

these fraudits are about as useful as used toilet paper, but the former guy will point to them and say “look see, there’s voter fraud”! And I have a Trump Tower in Moscow to sell to anyone who believes it.

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This is what I think about the Arizona #fraudit. It is propaganda. I oppose it. That said, most official audits in the US are theatre. Most experts would have said this before the Big Lie. We need laws requiring meaningful manual election audits for ALL federal races in 2022. 1/
2/ Otherwise, in 2022, we will just have #fraudits of Democratic wins and no meaningful manual audits of GOP wins, even if they defy the polls as occurred in 2020. This is a five alarm fire.
3/ This is what a friend of mine who studies audits wrote about Maricopa’s official audit. It was theatre. That does not excuse the GOP cherry picking Maricopa and Dominion. Again, most US election audits are theatre.
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The @AZGOP has lost control of #fraudit. At one time the @ArizonaAudit was the official acct 4 the #AZaudit in Maricopa county, but now Ken Bennet has informed the media he has lost control of this account & it locked out by someone from out of state. via @TerriJoNeff cc @jpanzer
From the start Ken Bennett claimed & it was stated in the bio that @ArizonaAudit was under his control or at least managed on his behalf. U can see that in these iterations. First using the email address he claims is his in court docs & then in the Bio. In early May this changed
Looking at the various associated websites and social media accounts and when they were created gives and interesting timeline and suggests who is really spearheading and running the #AZaudit #Fraudit
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The #fraudit gives me extreme cognitive dissonance bc Ds shld demanded to do what Rs are doing (minus the bamboo shreds, etc). It is inside out. It was Rs that blocked efforts to require meaningful manual audits for all federal races. It is Ds who suffered poll-defying losses. 1/
It’s almost too much to deal with. It is so infuriating. Why can’t there be a happy medium between complete abdication (Democrats) and insurrection (Republicans)? 2/…
Remember the blue wave that wasn’t? 3/
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The GOP got away with it for 15 years bc anyone who says they suspect cheating is called tin foil since they can’t prove it. Check mate. That said, a federal court held in 2018 that GA’s paperless voting machines were unconstitutional. It’s why GA had to move to paper. 1/
It didn’t help that some Democrats have gone along with the paperless voting machine scam. Georgia had a Democratic SOS when it became the first state to deploy touchscreen machines statewide. That year, the state lurched to the right. 2/
Some Ds in Congress voted against paper, including Steny Hoyer & Chris Dodd. The Rs who pushed paperless machines were Mitch McConnell and Bob Ney. 3/
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Rs obstructed legislation that would have required robust manual election audits across the board, not just in the race they want to look at, not just the vendor they want to cherry pick, but across the board. This gives them unclean hands. #Fraudit
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If you live in Maricopa County, your 2020 ballot is currently sitting at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, in the hands of a company called Cyber Ninjas, run by someone active in the "Stop the Steal" conspiracy.

A quick recap of where things stand:
The ballots are being counted by volunteers in a non-secure facility with minimal protocols in place.…
There is almost no transparency and reporters have been refused access.…
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