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Michael Flynn is trending on Twitter this morning after explosive allegations from Everett Stern, a former HSBC Bank whistleblower & GOP candidate for PA Senate. He is accusing Flynn & operatives of trying 2 recruit him 2 find dirt & blackmail area politicians @davetroy Image
Everett Stern, in a press conference in Philadelphia on Saturday claimed a group called the "Patriot Caucus" led by General Flynn was also potentially plotting upcoming malign operations in places like Virginia. Virginia has a critical election for Governor on Tuesday #VAGOV
He later provided this photo via his twitter account @EverettStern1 where he is pictured with Andrew Meehan on the left and an unidentified Flynn supporter on the right. Andrew Meehan ran against and lost to @RepBrianFitz who is currently the Rep. for PA's 1st district. #PAGOP ImageImage
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New reporting by @adamgoldmanNYT on the very odd internet traffic between a Trump registered domain, Alfa Bank in Moscow, Spectrum Health and Heartland Payment processing back in mid 2016. It continues to baffle researchers and the Intel community ... 1/14
A previously non-public intel report by Daniel J Jones has now been unredacted & publicly available as a court doc in an ongoing lawsuit. @briankrebs reported on this last week and has a link to the full document in his article ... 2/14 #infosec #infoOps…
Oddly this mysterious 2016 traffic before the election was between a Trump registered domain, Russian Alfa-Bank, Spectrum Health & Heartland Payments & was the focus of the Durham investigation touted by Trump & his supporters. Durham's findings resulted in more questions 3/14
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Decided 2 display a snapshot of the discussions pro-Kremlin #hamilton68 v1.0 trolls had over the first 23 days of Sept in 2018-2021. We highlight the top 4 relevant words / hashtags used in decreasing shades of blue & 4 relevant words highlighted in red for comparison. #infoOps ImageImageImageImage
Quick refresher on Hamilton68 & the accounts we reverse engineered from the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 dashboard first run by @SecureDemocracy in 2017. We have collected hundreds of troll / bot accounts since 2018 & categorized them in 8 subsets. #infoOps
This wikipedia entry is a pretty good overview of the genesis of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) @SecureDemocracy first formed in July 2017. The ASD is housed at the German Marshall Fund @gmfus of the United States #infosec #infoOps…
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Is there foreign interference happening in #Elxn44? Yes.

But added difficulty lies in how much crossover there is between foreign & domestic malign influence operations.

Not only are there foreign operations, but the RW propaganda ecosystem generates similar disinformation.
The most notable areas of foreign & domestic malign influence crossover, is in #COVID19 disinformation. #Elxn44 #CdnNatSec #InfoOps #cdnpoli
Other areas include fanning flames of extremism, violent rhetoric & division.

Full CSIS 2020 report here:…

#Elxn44 #cdnpoli #InfoOps
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Beware of ops targeting the left, posing as progressive causes. This Twitter account is an anti-Trudeau front.
A fake account troll showed up in a post of mine. It followed 0 accounts, w/ only 2 followers. An account I’d already blocked & this “Equal Power” one. #elxn2021 #elxn44
Why would a Twitter account supposedly about proportional representation know of & follow an anonymous account with 0 followers?

It’s important to remember that malign influence operations target the left just as much as the right, using issues important to the left. #elxn44
*Following zero accounts, I meant.
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Dear #cdnpoli: there are active #InfoOps interfering in #Elxn44. These CIB hashtags (coordinated inauthentic behaviour), represent an increase in sophistication of malign influence operations. For the past year these hashtags would launch to trend usually Friday nights. Now daily
The number of tweets to trend these inauthentic hashtags are consistently around the 3,000 mark. 3,000 tweets launched from coordinated troll networks domestically across 🇨🇦 + foreign operations, can evade @TwitterSupport’s efforts to curb.
#cdnpoli #exln44 #InfoOps
Part of what’s new(er) about these CIBs, is they artificially amplify actual users in addition to troll network accounts. This is a different tactic than relying solely on coordinated activity of tweets from fake manned troll farm accounts. These tactics evolve each cycle #Elxn44
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Given everything that’s been happening in the world, I think it’s time to revisit the subject of #ActiveMeasures.

Not just for Soviets anymore.

A 🧵.

#USpoli #cdnpoli #UKPolitics #EUpolitics #nzpol #auspoI #Brexit
When the Kremlin launched its weaponization of social media prior to 🇺🇸 2016 election, there was great concern that other malignant actors would quickly adopt these techniques.

They did.
Now, not only state-actor operations, but for-hire malign influence operations are reaching epidemic proportions as well, in countries around the world. (…) #disinformation #propaganda #ActiveMeasures
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This is concerning when seemingly random Kremlin-aligned troll accounts like "Best Health 4 You" start to converge on a new propaganda narrative aligned with recent troop movements.
Well-know Putin apologists seem to be laying the groundwork that it was actually Ukraine that was the aggressor and Russia merely invaded Crimea to protect them from the crazed Ukrainians.
Oh Nathalie 48919727, who just found Twitter in November .... you have a very interesting reading list. As for George ... we all know George's story. He apparently is picking up where Ron Johnson and Giuliani left off.
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I have seen plenty of sextorsion emails over the past couple of years .... but never a VOTEtorsion email. I guess this is one very unique use of a pilfered voter registration database. h/t @MajikaZulJin #Election2020
Here is an example of a typical sextorsion spam email. None of it is true of course & the same with the VOTEtorsion spam email above. They can not know who you vote for since all voting is anonymous so you can ignore these. #infosec #phishing #infoOps #osint
Actually please contact us if you receive any VOTEtorsion email threatening you to vote a certain way or change party affliation. And try to save the original email for us if possible. Here is more good information from @Donie at @CNN #election2020
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This thread by @yashar & one by @file411 that I will link to next is a good head's up that there are still a number of fake #resistance accnts just waiting to flip into pro-Trump #MAGA accounts. Much like the astroturfed #Walkaway campaign of a few yrs ago
The @VenusSylbrine account, which has since been deleted, unexpectedly turned from a #resistance account to a pro-Trump #MAGA account on October 16th, a few days back. @file411 has a good thread here #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
Looking back in July this @VenusSylbrine account was posing as a #resistance #blacklivesmatter account #BLM and had built up a moderate following and was quite active at retweeting out resistance related content. #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
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So apparently DNI Ratcliff has already forgotten what they said about Derkach
So now we have the FBI, which sources say is examing the "Hunter Biden laptop" as part of an investigation into Foreign interference with our election contradicting Trump loyalist and head of DNI, John Ratcliffe. #Election2020 #infoOps #osint
So here's a great example of something that is suppose 2 prove something but actually doesnt. This email has been widely used as proof its Hunter Biden's laptop & that his Lawyer now wants it back. However, it proves only one thing. That Hunter possibly has a lawyer named George
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The full report by the Stanford Internet Observatory on the take down of the Rally Forge / Turning Point USA domestic troll farm operation is very illuminating and clearly domestic actors are now copying Russian IRA style tactics #infoOps #disinfo #osint
One jaw-dropping section was the discovery that a fake political persona was created & running in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. The operation wasn't fully formed and didn't realize much traction. Stanford suggested a number of possible motives. #infoOps #disinfo #osint
Given the political connections Rally Forge has, this was not done as some kind of Borat style joke. It was likely a dry-run test. Keep in mind political candidates, no matter how small have a possible path to blue checkmarked verification status on Twitter for example.
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It would appear that #LatinosForTrump is as much astroturf as it is wishful thinking. Maybe less "astroturf" than the very fake "#AmishForTrump" that got skewered on Twitter. Russian media defended the lady with designer sunglasses, an iPhone & Gucci handbag as being Amish
And no doubt Russia will come to the aid of the #LatinosForTrump campaign as well. We looked at this recent tweet by the Trump campaign sanctioned account @\EquipoTrump promoting the hashtag #LatinosForTrump with a campaign video. We reviewed the first 210 most immediate retweets
Not surprisingly there were alot of relatively new accounts and a seeming paucity of authentic Hispanic accounts.
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This O'keefe / Project Veritas news is a step up from a Jacob Wohl op & managed 2 get a journalist 2 publish an opinion piece in the NYPost. Its a hodge podge of cut & paste interviews that will likely be found to be taken out of context & targets Rep Ilhan Omar #ballotharvesting Image
It includes clips of Omar Jamal who leads a Somali watchdog & is associated with the Ramsey Cty Sheriff's depart. Ramsey Cty is St Paul & is separate from Minneapolis where O'keefe's investigation took place. Its likely Jamal was interviewed under the guise of something separate. Image
Its also not clear what the actual provable misdeeds are here. Alot of charges r made by anonymous people against Rep Ilhan Omar, but other than a Somali campaign worker maybe having some blank ballots in his car, its not clear what law was broken & is provable #election2020 Image
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Fascinating, we have started our analysis of our #Hamilton68 archive of Kremlin aligned trolls and their Twitter conversations around trying to de-legitimize the 2020 elections. Alot of retweeting of President Trump, actually & boosting content like this. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
The article was originally put out by the Kremlin aligned blogging site fort-russ(.)com on July 30th and the account preceded to push out the article again & again using a link shortener until it gave up on August 1st. Notice the other hashtags included. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
Very much related to this previous FBI PSA
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Chris has already done a good thread & analysis on the Twitter reactions after the indictment in #Louisville was handed down yesterday. We have a couple of things to add namely some additional analysis on the phrase "burn Louisville" #BLM #BreonnaTaylor
First alot of the analysis @TAPSTRIMEDIA did shows a high level of astroturfing activity around the hashtags he looked at. Levels of 25% & higher & much of the initial activity stemmed from videos related to this Uhaul dropping off what appears 2b #Antifa related protest signs ImageImageImage
Here is the hoaxy analysis for the phrase "burn Louisville" that was also briefly trending on Twitter yesterday late afternoon. The cyborg / astroturfing activity was just over 31%. Normal more organic levels tend to be close to roughly 4% or less. #Louisville #BreonnaTaylor Image
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Everyone but the DSA, far-right & Russian trolls knew RBG ALWAYS wanted to be a SC during the 1st woman president & would have likely retired then. Of course almost no one predicted what would happen next. This is purposeful divisive sh$t meant 2 cause anger and chaos. #infoOps Image
We are collecting the tweets for analysis so I can't say for sure where this divisive line of attack started ... but its clear there are alot of fake accounts, trolls and sh$tposters pushing the "should have retired" or "by not retiring" content. Don't get sucked in. #infoOps Image
Lots of accounts like this one. 2 yrs old but just started tweeting this month and half its tweets are about RBG and how she should have retired. Not clue if this is a real person, paid troll or what but this is certainly odd behavior for an account. #infoOps ImageImage
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A few interesting take-aways from FBI director Wray's testimony yesterday before the House committee on Homeland Security. First Russia continues to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections to benefit Trump and harm Joe Biden's chances. #infosec #osint #infoOps Image
Second, #Antifa is not a terrorist organization ... or even an organization at all. But rather, he said it is more an ideology or movement and that criminal and anarchist elements are likely co-opting it. #infoOps #osint Image
Third, FBI director Wray reiterated the strategy of attacking #disinfo early and often. Completely agree. The "head in the sand" approach or "don't feed the trolls" approach is useless and even dangerous. And deplatforming works. Twitter efforts against Q anon clearly shows this Image
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In the recent past over #Bakistan SM and Media you will see numerous bytes on civilian injuries and death on #LOC .

But they won't tell before and after part of that frame and the sinister design of #Bakistan & it's Fauj .
It starts from here.

A New Beginning AKA  Azm-e-Nau .

Wherever their govt may say and their fauj may say, they know they can never dream of winning a Open war against India and #IndianArmy , due to obvious reasons.

So with the bloom of internet they focused on #InfoOps .
That's the past and you will find tons of articles on it.
Since 2015 , the border skrimish on #LOC continues and so is #Disinfomation plan of #Bakistan.
They have not left a chance to fool own population and that of #Kashmir .
Be it Surgical strike , #Balakot or any elections in India.
And ofcourse fooling citizens about its fauj.
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So the #Antifa boogeyman is now being blamed 4 wild fires across the country. Apparently George Soros is sending out Antifa to start forest fires. Of course this is completely not true & has been debunked by law enforcement & local officials. Here are two recent #disinfo examples ImageImage
Quick shout out to @ContextFall & @dragnetizen for sending these examples. On Facebook its even worse & an absolute sea of dumb. Also its good to know that the fake @ScarsdaleAntifa account, inciting violence & falsely claiming #AntifaFires is responsible is now suspended Image
#Antifa is the top trending hashtag in Colorado Springs at it was due to this tweet from a local pastor. Its interesting because it appears to be boosted by one of the #Mighty200 accounts @LeahR77. This is also an account that I believe President Trump has retweeted on occasion. Image
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Oh the poor Q folks ..... seeing the layers of the onion they would rather not see from their fellow Q 'ers 😅😅
For some context the big Qanon website Qmap was found to be run by a grifter in New Jersey before it was taken down. This was the family-friendly version for the cultists. #wwg1wga
Okay this is very interesting. QAppAnon was a platform that allowed users to share content via posting. Wonder if that means it could connect to Facebook and Twitter in some way? Great way to coordinate and boost certain talking pts. Image
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Extremely difficult negotiations. For the simple reason that the Taliban want to alter the current Afghan state to a Sunni Afghan version of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Whereas the other side wants to preserve as much of the current setup as possible.…
The Taliban know that they can't go back to their old emirate and will need to compromise. But their desire to dominate a post-American Afghanistan is only getting stronger, especially given battlespace dynamics and the US desire to get the hell outta dodge
Meanwhile, the other sides represents a divided state + an array of regional factions, which have come to the table from a position of relative weakness. Their desire is to concede as little as possible but lack military leverage to drive a hard bargain.
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This redirecting of Antifa(.)com to the Joe Biden campaign website seems more & more well thought out & planned. Using a headerless 302 redirect was not accidental. Using @Namecheap as ur registrar also makes getting any response from them near impossible.
But the one thing they may not have accounted for is to have the Antifa(.)com domain get flagged as malicious by Google. And given this domain is likely worth 10's of thousands of dollars on the open market. Having all its value erased by Google isn't insignificant @Namecheap Image
Hopefully the Biden campaign can just block the incoming IP address given the headerless 302 redirect is proving more problematic than we thought. Which begs the question ... why is this even allowed anymore? Is there ever a legitimate use for allowing headerless 302 redirects?
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