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I got your back .@TheMarkHenry ..

These mainstream people play politics with peoples lives. If the NFL were A smaller production, (no disrespect) like an INPACT wrestling, nothing like this would be of discussion but it’s not ..

It’s A #GIANT & many within that giant truly
Do not care About human life behind the scenes ..

Eventually the world will be given the truth about the NFL & all other major sports being Scripted.

If something like this happened in .@WWE, where A wrestler collapsed due to A collision,
decisions made would be made according to what’s best for the athlete & not based on what sponsors need to happen because of rating/many other corporate GIANT factors ..

The puppets will be puppets.
Those who are true will stay true & at the end of the day, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.
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1. Historians have put together our #history in only 200 years while they never told us there was a #king who had #women #commander in the army and who with the help of his #giant #boats #powerful #navy across the Southeast #Ash Capture on the Iya Had taken it
2. #Raja_Rajendra_Chol_Pratham (1012-1044) -- A great ruler of our history who was presented by the conspiracies of leftist historians
#Raja_Rajendra_Chol, was the greatest ruler of #Chol_Dynasty. He had expanded the Chol empire with his victories to make him the most powerful
3. empire of South India. Rajendra Chol was the only king who not only waved his victory flag at other places but also spread the amazing system of architecture and administration at the places where he ruled.
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Good Morning Adam!
TOMORROW Tbrough Wednesday, the bases will end up being LOADed. #WE Hit A #GIANT Grand #SLAM! It's going to be Bobby Roode Glorious!

Straight Away Center Field, 564 Feet. Image
Today, Parkman strikes out ..

First pitch is at 1445.
Second Pitch, 1600.
Third Pitch, the smoke will ##FLY## by at 105 MPH @ 2121 ..
A Week of Offense. Image
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Rough Riders

At this point, i'm just trying to do whatever it takes to get my 'Ride or Die' next to me so we cab start our family..

The people have made their own decisions ...
I choose to help fix the problems the MANY/"Anons" created for themselves by not being themseleves. Image
All those #Opinion '19 about me, mean nothing ...

Just know you are forgiven, it's forgiving yourselves that you will have an issue with ..

Peace be with you ... Image
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The #FallenAngel Watchers & Nephilim Hybrid #GIANTS

of the [END TIMES] of Revelation

#Monsters of the GREAT #DEEP of the #ABYSS

D.U.M.B.S of the [#Nazi][SS][#DeepState]

#SecretSpace [SS] Programs

CLAS 1-99



"Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for keeping us safe from #evil during these chaotic times & we #pray you & your army of Guardian #Angels will keep watching over us & the best @POTUS ever. Amen"


...when the sons of #God (Elohim / Watcher Fallen #Angels) came into the daughters of men and they bore children (Nephilim) to them. Those were mighty men who were old, men of renown."
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Bruce Lee was 5 feet 8 and about 130 pounds.
Andre the Giant was 7 feet tall and 525 pounds.
The latter could move cars bare handed. Indeed, he could flip cars with several men in side, and lift the front end of a car (the heaviest part of a car). Image
Andre would challenge people in an audience to real shoot wrestling matches. Surprisingly, he had people take him up on these challenges. Andre always won. He was the general of the lockeroom, and if you ticked him off, pity on you. Only a few wrestlers could potentially beat
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1} My Dear Friend Geri,

With all due respect to current #NonProfits serving Refugees & Immigrants - their Branding & Messaging are #Tragically #Weak.

#OurAmericanKids🇺🇸 are BEING #SCAPEGOATED & #WE, the Liberals of #OurCountry we call the United States of America...
2} ...get OUR #Truthful-#Propaganda #LUNCH handed to us - #EVERY #DAMNED #TIME there's a watershed political issue.

My opinion as a 25-year #Duke MBA-trained-#Strategist, is that "Dreamers" is a well-intentioned, but desperately INEFFECTIVE MONIKER for #OurAmericanKids. Scapegoats for American Fascists
3} My dog #Sadie is a very #Active #Dreamer. Hitler #Dreamed about ruling an #AryanPlanet.

Un-@realDonaldTrump dreams of building a wall "SO fucking HIGH," that planes can't #LAND in #Texas without traveling 100-miles North of our Southern Border - just to pull a #giant U-ey✈️ Hitler Dreamed of an Aryan Planet-Earth.U-Turn in the sky
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