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Since this unintelligent debate about #Mawlana´s origin goes on, I feel forced to weigh in and start a #Thread about #Rumi´s origin, the nature of the Persianate #civilization, what labels he used to describe himself and by extension other classical figures of our shared heritage
We must start by pointing out how people in the Persianspeakers in general identify themselves. As you may already know, the Persianate world transcended tribalism a millennia ago and became a highly urban civilization. Therefore Persianspeakers primarily identify with the...
the regions or cities they live in. This is why Mawlana is called "Balkhi" and "Rumi" (Roman), because we Persianspeakers consider that regionalism in general beats ethnicity. Just look at other great figures: Rudaki, Hafiz Shirazi, Jami, Khwarezmi,.. all of them are named...
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1-Through the #Grace of the #Godeess ,we have been on a cosmic #Joyride since quite some time now!

Let’s continue with the same with the discussions on some more #Shakti #Mantras! (1/21)

2-Let’s begin today with #Klim

Klim – pronounced as #Kleem is about the wonderful, seductive #God - #Krishna

#Klim is blissful and full of #Ananda – because Krishna is #Bliss (pure #Ananda!) (2/21)

3-#Klim also relates to #Sundari the #Goddess of #Love, #Beauty and #Transcendence

#Klim activates #Desire, #Love and #Attraction

In #VedicAstrology #Klim is used to invoke #Venus and sometimes #moon. (3/21)

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Dear @realDonaldTrump @DHSgov @VP @attorneygeneral & @PortlandPolice:

Legal Scholars confirm #1stAmendment right to the commons grants citizens UNLIMITED USE of public areas for #freespeech using REMOVABLE SIGNS! (thread!) Image
Apparently, since 1789 #USCitizens have had the constitutional right to use public property nationwide to post REMOVABLE political (non-commercial) speech!
And thanks to the precedent set by flags on overpasses after 9/11 & #BrownvCalTrans, this extends to freeways! (cont.) Image
The ramifications of this are HUGE! For Portland & Federal Govt. No messy, time-consuming clean-up! Say Goodbye! to strenuous clubbing, stinky #teargas, crowd-control & endless litigation! Say #Hello! to #Art, more interesting commutes & good old Civic Participation! (cont.) Image
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1. News: President Trump: We want to get stimulus money to the people, Democrats view it as a political issue - Thread 8.1.20 @realDonaldTrump #Relief #Democrats #Stimulus
2. Dr #Fauci faces criticism for #COVID outbreak response: Daughter's a Twitter software engineer.

This comes as Silicon Valley increasingly cracks down on so-called misinformation about virus from people who don't automatically accept what experts say…
3. News: Dr. Fauci reluctant to specifically criticize protests/ riots in relationship to spread of #COVID-19 (coronavirus disease):

“I didn’t say protests do anything,” #Fauci said.

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1. News: UNSEALED: Bill Clinton stayed on Jeffrey Epstein's orgy island w/ Ghislaine Maxwell & 2 young girls b/c he owed the pedo 'a favor', says Virginia Roberts: She saw Al Gore, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum on Epstein jet Lolita Express - Thread 7.31.20…
2. News: Finally, a peaceful night of protests in Portland: Local cops take over guarding courthouse from federal agents ahead of their planned withdrawal as hundreds of demonstrators gather for a 64th night…
3.News: Tucker Carlson Rips Obama for ‘Desecrating’ John Lewis Funeral with Campaign Slogans —

‘Political Power Is Their Religion’
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A good point was made to me last night:

The ruling class believes they are helping. They sincerely believe they are helping. Gavin Newsom sincerely believes telling us when and where to eat and how and when to get a haircut is helping us.
So when in some of my rhetoric I cast him as an evil character that is not helping people, that can come across as confusing because he seems like a nice guy and they hear me saying he is leading some secret conference call every morning w/ the motive of fucking up peoples lives.
And what sucks is that we've all been burned by both crowds:

We've been burned by the overly "helpful nice guy" politicians

We've been burned by the "they are messing it up, just give us power" side too
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The KAG Thread

1. @realDonaldTrump is all about making sure America will work again.

The only man in the swamp that does not collects a paycheck. We must give him 4 more years and the Congress do he can finish the job.

@realDonaldTrump and Jobs #JobsNotMobs
@realDonaldTrump making sure women are working #KAG
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Take a look around. Look how much has been destroyed in just 4 months. Is it scary how much was taken that quick? Time to think for yourself, stand up to the #Tyrant Governors. #NoMoreFear. Watch & R/T. #TheMoreYouKnow #Part1
It’s time for people to #WakeUp. It’s time to leave #TheMatrix. It’s time to #RiseUp. Your safety and your health was never their concern. It was all about your #Compliance. Look how fast everyone gave it up. #TheGreatAwakening
If you haven't seen it yet, #OutOfShadows is a must see. It explains #HumanTrafficking and #ChildTrafficking in a short documentary. #TheMoreYouKnow about what's currently happening in the world, the more we can do to stop it.
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macro ONE complete puzzle #GOD - micro infinite # of pcs (all of his creations DUALITY) - LoveLight good/evil LightLove - God is everything - everything is God -
cause & effect #Justice - we all go back to SOURCE
The Egg…
all the worlds a stage - we are merely players -
performers & portrayers - each others audience -
GODs Dream to experience EVERYTHING
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Who do you think #prayed for you all those years? Just who do you think prayed for you every day while you carried #Gemini? Who do you think #prays for you every day now? Now #daughters of #Atlanta are dying. How far will you go? When will you #wake up & come #home? 1/
If you think that #stupid white picket fence is going to keep anyone away... If you think all your #cameras, all the #privatesecurity, all the #BLM signs in your front yard, are going to keep one #badperson from doing you #harm, you're a bigger #fool than I ever suspected. 2/
Because you don't read The #Word & literally #Hate #God, abhorring His leadership, because you delight in #sexualimmorality, #deceit, & #wickedness, God will repay you for the work you have done. I wont delight in your overturning. I'm not #cruel like you.…
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Catastrophic crisis brewing in China. The three gorges dam on verge of collapse. Rain expected for another 7-10 days.

400 million at risk.…
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Coronavirus Jumps the Border, Overwhelming Hospitals in California

Hospitals are airlifting patients to facilities hundreds of miles away to handle an influx of Americans and U.S. green card holders sickened in Mexico.

[camouflaged by protests_riots]
COVID-19[2] positive patients in MEXICO were quietly transferred [routed] to CA.
"The swelling numbers of COVID-19 patients entering the United States from Mexico comes as many parts of California have pushed down their infection rates, enables many counties to lift stay-at-home restrictions and reopen businesses."
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1. During the Christian persecution of Decius were found in Ephesus seven Christian men, that is to wit, Maximian, Malchus, Marcianus, Denis, John, Serapion, and Constantine, practising fastings and prayers,
#Siebenschlaefer #SevenSleepers
2. who refused to sacrifice to the pagan idols. Because they were told they must die, they gave nearly everything away to the poor and went to hide in a cave near the mount of Celion.

Malchus went into the city to fetch food for all.He overheard the market people talking about
3. the emperor's great fury over the disappearance of those Christians. And Malchus set before them the loaves of bread that he had brought, so that they were comforted and were more strong for to suffer torments. After their meal, they sat in #prayer and weeping and wailings
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1% in order to distract from their controlling role, they have manipulated existing wounds in society along the lines of gender, race, class, politics, & religion— & thru that kept the masses in constant turmoil, generally targeting each other, thus missing out on seeing them ...
They have played us like a fiddle creating artificial battlefields & battle lines for generations as they hide in the shadows. They have created & exploited an economic system where they, the handful, own 90% of the wealth, & where the 7 billion plus share the remaining 10% ...
Strategically, they have implemented systems & advanced sophisticated lies designed to keep the majority desperate, dependent, & in survival-mode. Their big play has been news / media manipulation.… #FREEDOM #GodWins
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The Beautiful Transfer of Loyal Energy⭐
I was watching this video by SantaSurfing. I felt the fire within My Being fill with Love, Joy and Happiness. I received her intention in the images chosen. Santa is showing US How Loyal @POTUS Is To #God To #Country & To #ThePeople. Image
#Remember #Patriots to search within self and feel what those images do to your heart and Soul; Your Spirit Within. I love that feeling inside. Warm like fireflies/fluttery like butterflies🦋 💚🔥💫Energy is The Spark To Our Very Beings, its just if (You) spark it🌱💖 Image
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The easier it is for the transition of the Earth.

#Christ #God #Jeshua #Jesus #GreatAwakening #HeavenOnEarth Image
We would suggest that, because there is no separation, the more that souls choose to awaken and to heal, the less the need for shocking circumstances to get their attention.
The more mankind awakens, the easier it is for the transition of the Earth.
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Everyone Has An #ENDGAME Right ..?
-Buy A House ..?
-Start A Family ..?
-Do Their Part To Ensuring The future For Our Children and Children Children .
WE All Know By Now That The REAL Enemy Is The MSM And The Propaganda FUELING Some Very Unhealthy People ..
MKUltra Is REAL,
...And MANY Have Been Affected , Now I Am NOT Saying EVERYONE In The Streets Or Protesting Are Victims Of MKULTRA ..
BY The Grace of #GOD Be HEARD, Your voice Matters, As Long As The #ENDGAME Is PEACE .

EVERYONE Knows The Consequences To EVIL (ACTS) Upon Your Fellow Man.
...Remember When I Said That EVERYONE Would NEED The HELP Of An OFFICEr With OR Without A Badge On ..
It Is Time To RISE Above The MSM, The STArs (THEY LIE TO YOU), And EVERYTHING You KNOW About [THEM] Get Out of your MINDS..
Like NONE Of [THEM] Exist, Start Focusing On How To
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We #Live #eviL in #WorldwideTheatreShow & we are the #participating #audience in the #SatanicSystem
What is #Satanism?
Is it full of #Devil #worshiping #maniacs who #sacrifice #children?
Lets have a look⬇️
10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World…
10. #thesatanictemple

#SatanicWorld #SantanicSystem #WakeUp
'The Satanic Temple is an organization that probably wouldn’t fit most people’s idea of what a Satanist is'

The Satanic Temple
9. #Luciferianism #

'#Luciferians are rather similar to #LaVeyan #Satanists. Most of them are nonreligious and simply treat #Lucifer as a #symbol'

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How Many Times Does It Say The Word Forgiveness In The Bible ..?

Why Is There Racism If EVERYONE Believes On #GOD ..

Start Asking Yourself Some SERIOUS Questions WITHIN ..
The Questions Ones REFUSE To Ask Or Hear The Answer Too ..

Want Some Light🌞 On The Situation?

Or ...
3 Days Night ..?
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#MKULTRA #MindControl #Victim #BritneySpears… <This was 9yrs ago & the #Satanic #Music #Videos have just got worse over the years, it’s so in your face, you must be dead not to see it, hear it or feel it ; (
#MusicBusinessIsSatanic #Illuminati #Symbolism
Then there’s this !
#BritneySpears #JeffreyEpstein #TheJailBaitProject #BabyProstitutionRing #BabyOneMoreTime #SchoolGirlLook for #Pedos

The Jail Bait Project: Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time is contemporary to Jeffrey Epstein’s Baby Prostitution Ring.…
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#JohnnyEnlow Everyone, you know what to do. See in the Spirit what is going on. #Pray as you know how. The light of #God will shine. #Truth & #justice will be served. Angels be released against the demonic pile-on.
#JohnnyEnlow #Pray Angels be released against the demonic pile-on. Pentecost weekend is not interrupted but rather validated. When the kingdom comes in it is disruptive. Power of God suppress the mayhem. I see brave peacemakers and I say blessed are you.
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I Knew You had it In You To See The TRUTH For What It Was Then For NOW ..

Many Have Looked Through The glass To Save Lives.
Some Can Just See A Bit More Clear Than Others.
This Is Where Love Comes Into Play, Balance Between BOTH Worlds ..
Even If Those Two Worlds Never Could Co
- #Exist ...
If You TRUST In Yourself You Are TRUSTING In #GOD, The Reason Why Jesus I Bet Had So Many followers/Friends Is, He Was A #GREAT Communicator..
Always Knew What Ones Liked, And How To Get Through To Them, Speaking To Each other With Words Yes, But That INNER voice
...That Is WiTHIN That voice Is What TRULY Matters,
I Believe That This World HAs LOST The ART Of LOVE But HAs NOT Forgot HOW To Love ..

Like Giving A ROSE To Someone You Care About, Or Just telling Someone You Don't Know Or Will NEVER Meet You Care.
You Care Because The Ones
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You Are Witnessing The "Elite" Crying Out For Money To Pay [Their] Bonds,[They] Know The Kuffs Are coming ..
Little Do [They] The Celeb 'Elite" realize Is, EVERY Piece Of Dirt Is Known And In The Hands Of Good #God Fearing Men And Women Have It All ,.
So That Means There IS Escape , If You Have Done The crime ..
You Do The Time ..
Order Will Be restored, And [They] All Know This And Have NO POWER, NO CONTROL ..

So Where To Go From Here, I Can Tell You, As I Have Been ..
Stay In Your Homes And Allow The National Guard/ Armed forces To ARREST
...These 'ELITE' Pedophiles...


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