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A friend of mine asked me if I liked my electric car ⚡️ and what were the advantages of driving electric ☺️

I told her this was the best purchase I ever made and began listing why ⬇️ Image
The most obvious and the reason I got interested in #EV back in 2006 is fighting #ClimateCrisis, the biggest issue Humanity has ever faced. #EV emit way less greenhouse gases than #FossiCars, even taking into account slightly higher emissions during production 😊
This is true even with the dirtiest electricity ⚡️ grids like Poland’s 🇵🇱 which is mainly powered by coal 💨

Also the same #EV becomes cleaner over time when the grid incorporates less carbon intensive electricity ☺️
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This is a #Gigafactory, #nuclear style. It is a factory that makes modular 600MWt high temp nuclear reactors and high-temp steam electrolysers. First 36 of them (22GWt) will populate the clean hydrogen plant built next to it, producing ~85 TWh (~2.4 Mton) of clean H2 / year.
After the first 36 reactors are built, the factory has likely been amortised, the processes fine-tuned to excellence and production costs for further units are low. They can be shipped to populate other power / hydrogen plants.
We could build one of these in #Finland, next to the envisioned #hydrogen-pipeline to Germany. Such a pipeline needs to be big to make sense. 10 GW is decent size, enough to take most of the H2 produced at Gigafactory 1. We can build pipeline bigger and export #wind H2 as well.
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When #EV OEMs need to become miners has been the Benchmark story of 2022. @benchmarkmin

What we mean by this is outlined in this thread:
Future EV demand is surging beyond the ability of the lithium ion battery supply chain to respond in full.
As we approach the end of the decade, the number of EVs that’s OEMs want to produce become impossible to make considering the critical battery raw material volumes in the pipeline … if all existing expansions and new mines make it, in most cases there still wont be enough
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To add some context: we think Tesla will *not* get into mining, especially lithium. When @elonmusk mentions high nickel, he will be referring to the precursor to the cathode step not digging it out of the ground. Watch for more news on lithium of a similar ilk.
Investors in nickel and lithium have been short sighted. The 2025 wall of demand has just got bigger. This is the warning shot but it will still require new mines and operators that won’t be Tesla.
@elonmusk will also know that it’s an order of magnitude harder to scale battery ready lithium than to build a super sized battery cell plant. #Gigafactory #Terafactory
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The Tesla “Biscuit Tin” has arrived. So this is a new cell, produced at Fremont and is central to the battery day announcements and new production process on Battery Day.

18650 > 2170 > #TeslabiscuitTin…
The jump is much bigger than from 18650 to 2170 which was a huge innovation and key to Model 3 success.

This will key crucial to future Model 3, Model Y and Cybertruck
The #TeslaBiscuitTin is a major component of dropping the cost of cell production to properly below $100/kWh.

The other bits will be anode focus and scale and Maxwell. @Tesla @elonmusk
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UK #Gigafactory / Battery Megafactory:

Last year we presented to @POST_UK & House of Lords reps about the need to build a lithium ion economy in the UK.

Below were the initial lithium ion battery capacity requirements =

⭕️1 Gigafactory by 2030
⭕️ 3 Gigafactories by 2035. ImageImage
We will be speaking with Chief Economist of @FaradayInst, Stephen Gifford at #EVfest about this potential next week!

#EV #Gigafactory #UKGigafactory…
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hi @elonmusk GF1 employee here. Your employees are suffering. Please help. This isn’t a joke. #Tesla #Gigafactory
@elonmusk Better have PTO to cover those factory shutdowns and snow days. Because those are obviously the fault of the #Tesla employees. So of course they should have to use their PTO
@elonmusk what’s your opinion on Payday Loans?
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