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🚗 Electric vehicles are set to be the future of green transport - and women are driving the revolution in India.

⚡️ Its employment gender gap worsened across many sectors during the pandemic - except #EV manufacturing.

Meet the leaders & workers at the wheel of the industry 🧵
♀️ This is Prabhjot Kaur, co-founder and CEO of Esmito Solutions.

🔋 The Indian start-up produces batteries as well as crucial battery-swapping stations for EVs.

As she's built her business, she's often had to patiently explain her job in meetings where she was the only woman. Image
⭕️ Prabhjot credits her father for her determination.

🥋 He persuaded her to go to karate classes where she was the only teenage girl.

🗣 "It translated into me being the best student... It also taught me not to fear my surroundings and so I never feared large groups of men." Image
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I went back and looked at last year. After the JPM conference in January, I probably used the word #bubble at least 200 times talking about the $XBI, #crypto and #EV. Today, I think biotech is at fire sales prices with an opportunity down 60%. The others still have a ways to go.
From the peak:
$XBI is down over 62%
$BTC is down over 57%
$TSLA is down almost 40%

I think biotech offers the best opportunity as #crypto has no real world applications. $TSLA is a very strong and profitable company, but still grossly overvalue by a good 20% or more.
Most biotechs are trading below cash levels. I haven't see valuations this cheap since the bottom of the 202 pandemic and the lows of the 2015 Hillary crash.
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Few graphs UT daily with the Bot Killer levels (my indicator replicating algos moves)

Red obliques being expensive resistances, green ones cheap supports.
Yellow horizontals expensive R & blue ones S.

Enjoy 👊

@AniceLajnef @markminervini @Qullamaggie @NCheron_bourse

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Now that #LIC IPO valuation is in public domain , lot of question would be asked what is #EmbeddedValue, her is some clarity
Definition: Embedded value is the sum of the net asset value and present value of future profits of a life insurance company.

Description: This measure considers future profits from existing business only, and ignores the possibility of introduction of new policies and hence profits from those are not taken into account.

Source :…

#LICIPO to open for subscription on May 4, priced at ₹902 - ₹949.
#IPO valued at 1.11x embedded value.

Below valuation comparison with global and domestic peers.

Originally the EV for LIC was ₹1.25 trillion , after changing the methodology it is ₹5.4 trillion

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#Thread about EV Bikes & why @ather is solid?

The biggest lesson that @OlaElectric taught to all aspirational startups is that if you wanna disrupt the market come with a solid foolproof product rather than dumping the garbage. ⬇️ (1/14)

It was in the year 2017 I read about a passionate product incubated in IIT Madras. A group of engineers trying to build a world-class eScooter naming the company Ather Energy. EVs are not new to South India. (2/14)
*Below image is the first newsletter I received from Ather
↗️Reva 1994 - a pioneer & first functional EV car started in #Bengaluru later sold to @MahindraRise
↗️@ampere_ev bikes started 2007 in #Coimbatore later invested by @RNTata2000 himself & now sold to Greaves.
They're way ahead of their time when India is not ready for EVs (3/14)
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THREAD: I’m going to try this thread to clearly state my perspective on electric vehicles, car dependency and better cities, to those who frequently ask me, including media, elected leaders and many others. Here goes. Please share if you think it helps. 🧵#EVS
To be clear, despite the complexities, problems & grey areas that make electric vehicles much more complicated than the “silver bullets” many claim them to be, I DO support the replacement of ICE vehicles with EVs. It will take longer and be more complicated than boosters think.
But it’s important to understand what #EVs WON’T do, that we STILL badly need solutions for.

We know FOR SURE that EV cars, trucks & SUVs still badly pollute from manufacturing, brakes & tires, creating serious health issues, even IF the energy source is renewable (many aren’t).
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Thanks to @FADA_India we have detailed sales of electric vehicles in India for FY22.

1. India sold 231,338 two wheeler EVs in FY22 up 464% from FY21 with 41,046 sales

2. India sold 177,874 three wheeler EVs in FY22 up 101% from FY21 with 88,391 sales

#EV ImageImage
3. India sold 17,802 electric cars (PV) in FY22 up 257% from FY21 with 4,984 sales

4. India sold 2,203 electric commercial vehicles in FY22 up 451% from FY21 with 400 sales.

#EV ImageImage
To understand this better, let us look at share of EVs as part of total sales in each category.

1. Electric share of two wheelers sales was ~2% in FY22 vs 0.36% in FY21

2. Electric share of three wheelers sales was 46% in FY22 vs 34% in FY21

#EV ImageImage
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Costs of making #EV batteries have skyrocketed due to rising prices of metals, fossil fuels & electricity. Mining & processing of #BatteryMetals is incredibly toxic & dominated by China. Reducing costs & producing materials in the US will be extremely challenging. Here’s why. 1/ ImageImage
EV’s are a lithium ion battery with a cathode made of #lithium, cobalt, #nickel & manganese & a graphite anode. Energy is produced when metal oxide in the cathode pulls + charged lithium ions from lithium carbon in the anode through a separator (a highly efficient process). 2/ ImageImage
Li ion batteries are ground breaking due to ability to reverse this process & pull lithium ions back into the anode to recharge the battery. Traditional batteries can’t do this. Li ion batteries can also handle ⬆️ amperage so they can be charged faster than other batteries. 3/
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Em 30/03/2022 a #Alemanha emitiu o primeiro alerta à população e á #indústria: reduzam o consumo de #gásnatural. O racionamento será inevitável caso o país não pague em #rublos pelo combustível importado da #Rússia.
Ainda que #Putin ofereça um prazo para aditamento dos contratos e ajustes financeiros e monetários para pagamentos de #commodities em #rublos, a Rússia não voltará atrás nessa exigência.
A #Europa precisa preparar-se urgentemente para pagar aos russos também em rublos pelo trigo, fertilizantes, madeira, alumínio, aço e titânio.
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When #EV OEMs need to become miners has been the Benchmark story of 2022. @benchmarkmin

What we mean by this is outlined in this thread:
Future EV demand is surging beyond the ability of the lithium ion battery supply chain to respond in full.
As we approach the end of the decade, the number of EVs that’s OEMs want to produce become impossible to make considering the critical battery raw material volumes in the pipeline … if all existing expansions and new mines make it, in most cases there still wont be enough
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WTI still went from 0-100 faster than Nikola’s electric truck..

Trevor Milton charged with securities fraud. $NKLA

via: @ABC
$NKLA @nikolamotor 📉 Image
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Interesting thread. I will try to post in order. See thread/pictures below #EV #ElonMusk #ElectricVehicles #ElectricCars #energy @elonmusk @thevivafrei
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#BASF freezes new business in #Russia but commits to existing business which includes developing a ‘zero carbon’ nickel pipeline into Germany via Finland for lithium ion batteries and #EV…
European battery and EV makers need the more localised Nornickel - BASF nickel unless they want to rely more on Indonesia and China sources for the bulk of nickel needs.

And comes with its own ESG issues to deal with: tailings disposal, deforestation, carbon footprint.
More high quality battery ready nickel sources means more batteries and more electric vehicles.

It also means less ICE vehicles and less oil.

Note: Russia supplies 25% of Europe’s oil and 40% of Europe’s diesel.
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#lithium carbonate breaks $510k yuan/ton which is $80k USD - almost a $10k increase in the last fortnight. A small thread on why this matters below for #electricvehicles and #lithium #mining stocks. Happy punting all.
#Spot #lithium traded as above is usually representative of tiny volumes at different districts in China. Could probably spend a whole thread describing lithium prices in different areas but that'd be a waste of time. Take away point is the volume is tiny but it's a trend.
The head price you see here is representative of what traders/chemical producers are getting for product sold typically to #cathode #producers who use the chemicals to create lithium batteries.
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#Russia’s nickel & Germany’s #cathode and auto #EV industry.

Nornickel + #BASF: An long term term partnership descends into an unholy alliance

As Russia attacks Ukraine, our industry’s eyes are fixed on @BASF and what it does next

And here’s why…

Russia’s Nornickel (Norilsk) supplies 20% of world’s class 1 nickel - the suitable supply for lithium ion batteries and #ElectricVehicles (and 7% of global nickel)

Most of this goes to China.

Germany was relying on expanded future supply of Russian #nickel as a key pillar in its battery and #EV expansion

This is via the partnership between Nornickel and German chemical / cathode maker, #BASF

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#RussiaUkraineConflict - we are getting a lot of inquiries about Russia and critical minerals, esp for #ElectricVehicles & #batteries

A few @benchmarkmin facts:

#Nickel is on red alert.

Norilsk is the world’s largest class 1 nickel producer accounting for 20% of global supply
Norilsk overall accounts for 7% of all in nickel supply. But EV makers, auto OEMs and battery cell producers will terrified of losing 20% of a market with prices already at decade long highs.
China will not place real any sanctions on Russia and as a result ensure all #nickel continues to flow into its mainland and into Chinese made battery cells and EVs

Follow @GregMiller_BMI @CDMRawles for more
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Outside @USDOT, @ginamccarthy46 declares "once you go EV you are never going back."
"The future is electric and this administration is moving toward it with lightning speed," says @SecGranholm, noting the need to build more EV charging stations to rid drivers of "range anxiety."
"The benefits are enormous. EVs are not just cheaper to fuel, they are cheaper to own, " says @SecretaryPete, predicting costs of electric vehicles will continue to decline.
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🔥 Recognition of #atom as #ESG investment can increase capitalization of $KAP by 6 times, RDV sources calculated.

#Uranium producers can follow path of raw material suppliers for GreenTech: World has begun to recognize #nuclear as green.

Thread 🧵👇
After start of development of global environmental agenda, not only GreenTech companies, but also suppliers of raw materials for them, have risen in price. Development of #EV, #solarpanels, windmills and batteries required a large amount of raw materials.
Atom will be perceived on a par with other green technologies. This means that world will need more fuel for #nuclearpower plants - #uranium. Market can value its miners on par with lithium miners.
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Het knetterde weer op #energie-twitter over de vaststelling dat zon en wind zich netjes uitbalanceren* doorheen het jaar. Tijd voor een ⚡️🧵!
* voor Europa en berekend per maand. Je voelt zo de pet peeves komen...🤔 Maar hoe zit het met de data? 1/n
Voor België zien we dezelfde trend, weliswaar met iets meer maandelijkse variatie. Uiteraard is er in maart tot september veel meer zon, maar dan is er ook merkelijk minder wind, en dat compenseert eigenlijk behoorlijk. Voldoende interconnecties kunnen dit verder milderen. 2/n
"Ja maar, deze data is gemiddeld per maand!", hoor je sommigen al roepen. Klopt, dus wat geeft het uitgemiddeld over één dag? Je moet ergens uitmiddelen en bvb. met alle #EV en andere batterijen komt er wel wat opslagcapaciteit om dag/nacht uit te vlakken. Hier voor juni '21: 3/n
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#EV_கார்ல இருக்க பேட்டரியோட லைப் டைம் என்ன? அதோட சார்ஜிங் டைம் என்ன? சார்ஜிங் கட்டணம் என்ன? நம்ம #EV பேட்டரிய என்ன மாதிரி பராமரிப் செய்யனும்னு #EV_கார் கம்பெனிக சொல்றாங்க அதில் அதில் பொதுவாக இருக்கர்த பற்றி இந்த #திரட்ல பாப்போம்..🙏

#EV_கார் பயன்பாடு வருச வருசம் அதிகமாகிட்டே வருதாலும் பலருக்கு #WV பேட்டரியோட லைப் மற்றும் பேட்டரி மாற்றத்துடன் தொடர்புடைய செலவுகள் குறித்து சந்தேகங்கள பதிவு செய்யறாங்கனு #காக்ஸ்_ஆட்டோமோட்டிவ் நடத்திய கணக்கெடுப்பின்படி சொல்றாங்க..⚡️
கடந்த பத்து வருசத்துல #லித்தியம்_அயன் பேட்டரிகளில் ஏற்பட்டுள்ள முன்னேற்றம் குறிப்பிடத்தக்கதாக உள்ளது. பேட்டரியோட லைப் டைம், பாதுகாப்பை அதிகரித்தது, பேட்டரியோட வெயிட், விலையை குறைத்ததுனு.⚡️
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பெட்ரோல்,டீசல் எஞ்சின் கார் வச்சிருக்கவுங்க, #EV_கார் வாங்கன என்ன மாதிரியான சில முக்கியமான நன்மைகள் இருக்கும்னு பாக்கலாம் வாங்க..😎

பெட்ரோல்,டீசல் எஞ்சின்க பொதுவாக 1.5L கிமீலயிருந்து 2L கிமீ வரை புல் எபிசென்சில ஓடும், அதுக்கு அப்புறமா மேஜரா என்ஜின் வேலை,மற்ற ஸ்பேர்ஸ் சேஞ்சுனு வேலை வந்துட்டே இருக்கும்..👇
அதே #EV_கார்ல ஹார்ட்னுனா #BLDC_Motor தான் அதோட லைப்னு எடுத்துக்கிட்டா (சரியான முறைல மெயிண்டேன் பண்ணா)
10L கீமி எந்த பிரச்சனையும் இல்லாது இயங்கும்னு சொல்றாங்க..👇
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“With subsidies and a protected home market, CATL became extremely profitable… The effort has also made #China a giant in electric car #batteries. China has 14 times the #EV battery-making capacity of the U.S… CATL holds one-third of the global EV battery market.”🤔
“CATL’s biggest rival globally is LG, with a one-quarter share. At one time, CATL also faced a tough rival at home. BYD, based in the city of Shenzhen, boasted a big-name backer, the investor Warren E. Buffett.“ #China #competition #EV #batteries
“Unlike CATL, which has invested heavily in #lithium-#cobalt #batteries, BYD bet on traditional lithium batteries… BYD is now exploring production of its own lithium-cobalt batteries. But CATL is also manufacturing more batteries now w/o cobalt…”🤔 #EV #ESG #compliance #Congo
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FACTCHECK opinie #kernuitstap @Bart_DeWever in @destandaard…
Hier gaan we. Niet zeker of zinvol. Feiten lijken er niet altijd toe te doen. Tegelijk zoeken velen opheldering, en mss is het daarom toch nuttig. Lang draadje. 1/n
(Ik spring even over uitspraken over paars/groene regeringen - ben geen politicoloog) 2/n
CO2. Fossiel gas stoot per MWh idd veel meer CO2 uit dan nucleair (of zon/wind). Het klopt dat ETS extra uitstoot niet volledig neutraliseert. Grotendeels wel, maar door complexe werking MSR resteert moeilijk exact te schatten netto extra uitstoot.… 3/n
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Is there no one in this government who can forecast trade deficit & CAD correctly even for the next 3 months?

I mean how can forecasting be so out that it leads to these kind of alarming surprises & doesn’t help MoF & SBP take pre-emptive measures before time? @MuzzammilAslam3
Spending $ billions a year on imported CBU’s & CKD’s for fossil fuel cars for a country that is heavily dependent on imported energy is a highly unintelligent strategy.

Those who were pushing for reducing duties on imported vehicles must be asked as to what they were thinking.
Secondly, for a net energy importer that should look to reduce its dependence on oil, an auto policy propagating the import of legacy vehicles instead of electric vehicles is completely flawed. The auto & auto parts lobby had sold the idea of auto sector exports to @PTIofficial.
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