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What’s the huge advantage of driving a car? 🤔

Having the freedom of going anywhere and stopping wherever you want on the way 😊…

I didn’t buy a @Tesla for city driving. I bought it exclusively for #RoadTripping, because it’s an #EV.

For 10 years I have not owned any car.

I am getting around the city of @Bordeaux by bicycle as this is the most convenient and quick way to move in a European urban environment 🚲😊

For #RoadTrips outside the town I used #CarSharing (up to a few weeks).

However, I have been bothered by the #ClimateCrisis since 2005 and it’s been more and more difficult to cope with nasty petrol or diesel fill-ups and the CO2 and pollutant emissions associated with them 😖



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Draadje, want wederom overtrokken ophef over de materialen voor accu's en #EV's.

0. Zeker belangrijk om op de hele keten te focussen. Goed dat deze analyse gedaan is @SybrenBosch, @pvanexter en @SprechlerB.

Helaas kiest een krant dan een schreeuwkop.…
1. Er zijn daadwerkelijk knelpunten in de productie van accu's. Er zijn daarnaast grove schandalen op vlak van milieu en arbeidsomstandigheden. Die moeten opgelost worden. Dat kan. Dat moet. Dat zal.…
2a. Wees voorzichtig met conclusies over schaarste. Zoals terecht aangegeven, de materialen zijn niet schaars; de productiecapaciteit is schaars.

Nu de vraag naar accu's stijgt, heeft de markt alle reden de productiecapaciteit uit te breiden.…
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Cameco $CCO $CCJ Conference Call is now over. Here are a few tidbits:
Purchases have increased to 21-23M lbs #uranium for 2019 calendar year. 12.7M lbs committed purchases so far. Will also begin purchasing for 2020 needs later this year. 70% of buying will be in Spot market...
Increase of 2M lbs in contracts was due to clients wishing to add some lbs to existing deliveries. Off-market discussions increasing with utilities on term contracting. Definite rise in #nuclear utility interest since 232 removed border trade issue...
Cameco says still lot of undisciplined producers/sellers in both Spot and Term markets keeping prices from recovering, but volumes of material dropping. Also took a shot at developers who are promising to bring on supply even tho unrealistic at current prices, not helping...
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#EV (1/n) What fraction will be India's contribution to the global electric vehicle market. Any guesses?
We are a part of the top dark grey region consisting of 150 countries. Yes we are the largest in that perhaps.
#EV (2/n) In the US EVs cost more & will continue to do so for over half a decade than ICE. The battery cost when it drops as a % to car cost to 20% does EV make acquisition sense for a consumer(not including TCO).
How will this play out in India? How will v control r costs?
#EV (3/n) Incentives from a regulatory perspective will drive the initial thrust of EV adoption followed by economic sense in ownership. In India are we treading on the same path?
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Herhangi bir insan #ev dediğinde; başını sokabileceği, kendisini kötülüklerden koruyan, ailesi ile birlikte, en özel anılarını yaşadığı, içinde huzurla bulunduğu, bahçeli, müstakil, tavuk, kedi ya da köpek besleyebildiği yerdir.
Herhangi bir insan #ev dediğinde bahçesinde domates, biber, elma, armut ya da bilimum sebze ve meyve yetiştirebildiği, misafir ağırlayabildiği, sevdiği diğer insanların yaşadıkları evlere, okula, çarşıya, camiye, sağlık birimine yakın mesafede olan yerdir
Evlerimiz güvenli mahallelerde, etrafı onun evinin güneşini, manzarasını, rüzgarını, yolunu kesmeyen evlerden oluşan, bulunduğu coğrafyanın doğal malzemesinden yapılmış, geleneksel teknikle kolayca inşa edilebilen yapılardır.
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Negative responses to our open-source $TSLA model focus on changes we made to PP&E and R&D while maintaining our price targets. Those responses highlight the short term time horizon of analysts in the public markets and their unwillingness/inability to model exponential growth.
Based on #Tesla’s stunning results year-over-year in the first quarter relative to the $GM Bolt - the Model 3 sales up 6-fold from a base more than 50% higher than the Bolt’s, while the Bolt’s sales were flat - $TSLA should go full throttle in EV production.
The shift in our model from spending from R&D to PP&E during the next five years is based on the demand metrics for #Tesla’s EVs that are surfacing around the world Check out not only the US but also Norway which the bears wrote off after subsidies lapsed last year.
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Next Wednesday @CityofVancouver staff report back to #Council on ramping up our #ClimateAction, in line with the #IPCC science and in response to the #ClimateEmergency. Here’s my breakdown of the recommendations 👇
This #ClimateEmergency report outlines 6 Big Moves for Council to direct staff to pursue & come back w. comprehensive/costed plans. Plus 53 Accelerated Actions to move on now. The targets are strong & won’t be easy. This is what governing in line with the science looks like.
Big Move 1: By 2030, 90% of people will live within an easy walk/roll of their daily needs (we’re at 45%). Focused on land-use & complete n'hoods, it would ⬇️ 153,000 tonnes carbon/year, while creating ⬆️ housing choices, ⬆️ social interaction, and supporting local businesses.
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Plummeting #EV prices to render gas vehicles as “obsolete as flip phones.” (PS please don’t tell @SenSchumer flip phones are obsolete. He still thinks his is cool.)…
If you want the long form, here’s an interesting talk on how transitions in electric vehicles, automated driving, and renewable power could combine to reshape transportation sector.
Notable prediction: your gas-powered vehicle may become worth less than zero — you’ll have to pay someone to take it away and dispose of it.
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Today @SynapseEnergy released a new report commissed by @NRDC on the opportunities and challenges for decarbonizing heating in #California buildings. Here is a quick summary thread.
CA's buildings are responsible for 25% of the state's #GHG #emissions and more than half of those already come from combusion furnaces and water heaters.
Switching to efficient electric heat & hot water will have a significant impact on reducing gas use in California buildings. As CA’s electric grid shifts toward clean, #renewable energy sources, #emissions from electric heat will continue to drop.
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1/ The #Tesla Model 3 is one of the most efficient #EV on a range/kWh basis, followed closely by the Bolt. Meanwhile the “Tesla Killers” lag significantly.
2/ “But they’re different types of cars so they aren’t comparable!” That’s why we put them into our physics based model that simulates EPA range to separate out form factor from battery/drivetrain efficiency.
3/ Even accounting for the fact that the Jaguar iPace is an SUV, it’s far less efficient than the Model 3.
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#Dieselgate saved the German car industry and forced it to go electric. New Audi e-tron SUV for US market arrives shortly.…
Clearly, German auto brands need success in the US #EV market to achieve scale to bring down costs for their domestic sales goals. (Unless trumptariffs…)
Here’s Audi e-tron ad from the #Emmys sorta trolls Elon a tad
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A look at battery cost declines and why so many people thought there would never be an affordable #EV
When $TSLA launched the Model S this is what the cost decline for lithium-ion batteries looked like.

Analysts and forecasting agencies figured batteries were a mature technology and had reached a price floor.
But, for manufactured goods, cost decline forecasts shouldn't be time based or made by dragging forward historic declines. Wright's Law is relatively robust and states that for every cumulative doubling in production, there's a fixed percent cost decline
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Final presentation. Dan Hollingworth @eatechnology delves into electricity networks and the barriers and opportunities for EVs
Key areas to help the networks facilitate the #EV uptake.

1. Smart solutions.
2. Forecasting arrangements
3. Enabling investment in infrastructure
Dan finishes with the key takeaways for energy networks to consider to respond to EV growth.
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