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Power interruptions are more than a minor inconvenience in #factories. It takes conventional generators some time to power up when a blackout occurs. This short but critical ‘change-over-time’ impacts the production process and efficiency.
Our factories, therefore, provision for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) through established methods. However, the #HCCB factory in #Khordha, #Odisha, has recently deployed a UPS system that uses only 30% of the space versus the traditional power backup system.
#Lithium #Ion batteries require much less energy to keep them charged. They charge much quicker, too – almost 1/3rd of the time.

Moreover, these batteries have an extended life of 10-15 years compared to the 3-4 year life of the traditional batteries.
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Ford Flurry:

✅ Ford signs major deal with China’s CATL

✅ Locks in 60GWh of battery cells out to 2023 (variety of suppliers)

✅ Ford plan to establish 40GWh LFP capacity in North America (Canada?) - CATL Gigafactory?

✅ Mustang Mach E to use LFP

✅ EV CAGR 90% to 2026
Interesting to note: Ford says it has secured 70% of its lithium ion battery needs by 2026

To support 2m run rate of EV production.

Assuming this is full EVs this is 160GWh of cells a year by 2026.

This year the lithium ion battery industry will be ~600GWh total
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My Favorite #Lithium Stocks 🔋 🚗 With +10x Potential 🚀 💥

Lithium South Development Corp (TSX.V: $LIS, OTC: $LISMF) is one of my favorites. In this thread I'll tell you why!

Location 📍 🗺️

$LIS Hombre Muerto North (HMN) project is located in the famous Hombre Muerto salar in the #Lithium Triangle. About 40% of the world's lithium is produced in Atacama and Hombre Muerto. Hombre Muerto salar has a +25 year history of large scale #lithium production
Resource Quality ⛏️ ✅

$LIS brine shares the world-class characteristics of other brines in Hombre Muerto. Low impurities coupled with a high #lithium grade makes it one of the purest brines in the world, suitable for low cost production of battery grade lithium carbonate
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Why #Lithium is a great investment in a possible recession?

1. Automakers promises to shareholders

The promises to shareholders are EV-heavy to say the least. Global automakers plan to spend more than $500 billion to ramp up EV production through 2030…
2. The Lithium Supply Situation

The supply/demand gap will grow substantially in the years ahead when available expansion capacity from operating lithium projects has been used. New mining projects take ~8-10 years to come online from initial exploration to first production
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We’ve seen this before, we will see it again. Goldman Sachs: you can’t just add up all the #lithium mine level potential & make an oversupply call

The speciality chemicals world is more nuanced than iron ore

It’s why the world doesn’t rely investment banks for research any more
To make forecast calls especially for Nickel and Lithium at the moment should be regulated.

Much like our IOSCO price assessments.

There should be a min amount of expert work required to make such high profile calls that impact investors, esp the retail community.
Slapdash forecasts do a disservice to the all the work the professional publishing world conduct - including our competitors
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Africa should take full advantage of current elevated prices to cash in on mineral wealth: The African continent is home to substantial reserves of #copper and #cobalt (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—DRC—Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe), #diamonds (in Botswana and…
Angola), #platinum (in South Africa and Zimbabwe), #uranium (in Namibia, Niger and South Africa), #gold (in Ghana, South Africa and Sudan), #iron (in South Africa), #manganese (in South Africa, Gabon and Ghana), bauxite (in Guinea), #lithium (in Zimbabwe), #coal (in South Africa
and Mozambique), #naturalgas (in Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria) and #petroleum (in Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and Libya).
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Quick #lithium update from @Fastmarkets...
CIF #hydroxide slightly firmer on the week, #carbonate flat. Domestic #China market also sideways for both compounds but sentiment more bullish. Looking ominous for consumer restocking hopes if this is the extent of the spot 'pullback'.
A few key quotes from the market:
Intl consumer: “Demand for lithium hydroxide remains strong in the seaborne market, while spot supply is tight. Lithium consumers in Japan and South Korea are sending many inquiries to Chinese sellers.”
Chinese producer: “Chinese sellers are not lowering their offers for lithium hydroxide amid expectations of a price rise in the near term, when the Chinese market recovers from the most recent outbreaks of Covid-19.”
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Picked out a few industry participant quotes from the @Fastmarkets Editorial team's commentary this week to paint the picture of the #lithium spot market at the moment. Real mix of ↗️/➡️/↘️ sentiment, but domestic scene notably more downbeat than seaborne...
↘️ Chinese trader: “The markets are very transparent. Buyers know that domestic prices in China are lower and the Chinese yuan is getting weaker, and they expect seaborne lithium prices to drift lower.”
↘️ Chinese producer: “We are willing to lower our offers for battery-grade lithium hydroxide slightly. Amid the weaker Chinese yuan, our margins will not be influenced much if we lower our offers”
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Mining world dealing with capex and opex costs running out of control.

Explosives +300%
Steel +150%
Cement +200%
Power cost +170%.

Most commodity prices will not have to double again, just to make projects work.
Resource stocks need to ramp up big time and get access to funding for development or there will be more shortages of everything in time. @elonmusk can bitch all he wants about the #lithium price…
And how fucking abundant it is with in the earth’s surface. But you still got to pay miners, engineers and geo’s to build and operate mines. And there’s labour shortages in all categories. Plus you need materials like steel, copper, cement, and power to build the mine and..
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Hey! Producer @DanielWoldorff here. So I knew that prices of #lithium, copper, nickel, etc. have been going up.

Major headlines have covered this. But I had no idea how wild some of these swings were. 🧵 #EnergyTwitter…
Looking at you, #lithium. The price of one form of lithium skyrocketed by over 400% in 2021.

On @CatalystPod we talked to @kurtzhouse about what's behind a market that's going bonkers and what it means for the energy transition.…
Kurt works at @KoBold_Metals, one the companies that stands to benefit from this growing demand.

KoBold uses AI to characterize and discover sources of metals.
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Costs of making #EV batteries have skyrocketed due to rising prices of metals, fossil fuels & electricity. Mining & processing of #BatteryMetals is incredibly toxic & dominated by China. Reducing costs & producing materials in the US will be extremely challenging. Here’s why. 1/ ImageImage
EV’s are a lithium ion battery with a cathode made of #lithium, cobalt, #nickel & manganese & a graphite anode. Energy is produced when metal oxide in the cathode pulls + charged lithium ions from lithium carbon in the anode through a separator (a highly efficient process). 2/ ImageImage
Li ion batteries are ground breaking due to ability to reverse this process & pull lithium ions back into the anode to recharge the battery. Traditional batteries can’t do this. Li ion batteries can also handle ⬆️ amperage so they can be charged faster than other batteries. 3/
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De elektrische wagen is niet zo schoon als de #autobouwers beweren. Olie is geschrapt en zeldzame metalen zijn in de plaats gekomen. Zeldzame metalen zijn minder aanwezig op deze aarde. Het gaat om goud, zilver, tin, platina, europium, samarium, gadolinium, neodymium, koper. 1/25 Image
Deze heb je nodig om een elektrische #wagen te laten rijden. Zonder #neodynium zou een elektrische wagen gewoonweg niet rijden. Het wordt gebruikt om #magneten te maken voor elektrische motoren. Ze zetten elek. energie om in mechanische energie, zodat de wagen vooruit gaat. 2/25 Image
De #batterij is het hart van de wagen. Ze weegt half zoveel als de #wagen en zou niet werken zonder die zeldzame metalen. Om een zo groot mogelijke autonomie te krijgen, bevat zo'n elektrische #batterij o.a. #kobalt of #grafiet. Er zijn nog meer stoffen nodig zoals #lithium. 3/25
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When #EV OEMs need to become miners has been the Benchmark story of 2022. @benchmarkmin

What we mean by this is outlined in this thread:
Future EV demand is surging beyond the ability of the lithium ion battery supply chain to respond in full.
As we approach the end of the decade, the number of EVs that’s OEMs want to produce become impossible to make considering the critical battery raw material volumes in the pipeline … if all existing expansions and new mines make it, in most cases there still wont be enough
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$GWSO 🔥 Dr. Elena Shembel has been working with startup MaxAh to enhance #Lithium-ion batteries with novel graphene that THEY source and synthesize. DYK #Graphene also happens to be the most promising electrode material for superior performance in #Sodium-ion batteries. 😁
👀 Presented at ABAF, partnered with Delfast and published with ECS… Dr. Shembel is drawing attention from the industry’s scientific community as she has in the past. I see a preview of catalysts to come for $GWSO…
The PR timeline is interesting here as well… all sorts of validation 😏…
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One result of the @LME_news #nickel madness has been people questioning the wisdom of hedging in nascent derivative markets like #cobalt & #lithium if the risks of wipeout margin calls could undermine any risk mitigation. It's a fair concern, but one that's broadly unfounded...🧵
2/ The key distinction is between physically-settled & cash-settled futures. The meme move on Ni was the result of a short squeeze on a contract requiring physical delivery of expiring positions - "he who sells what is'n his'n must pay the price or go to prisn" as they say
3/ Co & Li on @LME_news, @CMEGroup & soon @SGX are cash-settled basis @Fastmarkets prices, & it's infinitely more difficult to squeeze & move an open spot market assessed by a PRA than it is an exchange delivery point based system (see also Apr 2020 WTI example)
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The #Lithium space includes about 100+ companies

Unpicking the sector takes time, 7yrs & I’ve really only just begun

CEO, analysts, broker research, geologists, chemists, metallurgy, grades, logistics, drilling, financiers, media, marketing & stock promotion
Then there’s working out what Quality, Quantity & Qualification really mean let alone the #Lithium & #Battery supply chain or
Offtake, ESG, ESIA, JV, M&A, supply & demand disconnect.

When analysts are paid to promote they should disclose their links.
Not all do. Why is that?
My first investment in the battery space was a disaster in 2014

Since then I’ve done a lot better based on my extensive research & by learning from & alongside several private investors who have a real depth of knowledge.

Be wary of ulterior motives.
Ask 👉Why R they vocal?
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#lithium carbonate breaks $510k yuan/ton which is $80k USD - almost a $10k increase in the last fortnight. A small thread on why this matters below for #electricvehicles and #lithium #mining stocks. Happy punting all.
#Spot #lithium traded as above is usually representative of tiny volumes at different districts in China. Could probably spend a whole thread describing lithium prices in different areas but that'd be a waste of time. Take away point is the volume is tiny but it's a trend.
The head price you see here is representative of what traders/chemical producers are getting for product sold typically to #cathode #producers who use the chemicals to create lithium batteries.
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It wasn’t a liberal who announced the Iraq war and New World Order led by a credible United Nations or Emergency Use Authorization or incentivized lockdowns. That was #Conservative #Republican #GOP @GOP #Bush was in #Dallas at #JFK assassination. #Cuba Father of the #CIA
#building7 #WTC23 collapsing without being hit gave Bush JR what he needed a war on terror. It was JR who made Emergency Use Authorization and facial recognition law realID. Everyone knows “Homeland” connection to Hitler. Nazis introduced the term “homeland” at their first rally.
That rally was at Nuremberg where doctors scientists & media would be executed for manipulating and forcing #Jews into medical experimentation. This is where #InformedConsent comes from. All #COVID19 #vaccines are experimental.
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#RussiaUkraineConflict - we are getting a lot of inquiries about Russia and critical minerals, esp for #ElectricVehicles & #batteries

A few @benchmarkmin facts:

#Nickel is on red alert.

Norilsk is the world’s largest class 1 nickel producer accounting for 20% of global supply
Norilsk overall accounts for 7% of all in nickel supply. But EV makers, auto OEMs and battery cell producers will terrified of losing 20% of a market with prices already at decade long highs.
China will not place real any sanctions on Russia and as a result ensure all #nickel continues to flow into its mainland and into Chinese made battery cells and EVs

Follow @GregMiller_BMI @CDMRawles for more
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#Automobile : la #réindustrialisation en France doit-elle passer par l'électrique ?…
#Électronique : Vers une #relocalisation de la production d'écrans en France ? La start-up française #Aledia veut changer la donne grâce à la création d'un nouveau site de production.…
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1/n Beijing is trying to go green. ♻️🇨🇳

The push for #ElectricVehicles is paying off as sales increased by 160% in 2021


This has created fears of shortages in key metals such as nickel, cobalt and lithium.

#China #GeoNews #Economics
2/n The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers reported that plug-in hybrid sales more than doubled to 600,000 units in 2021.

That compares to the 480,000 which were sold in the #USA in the same year.

#GreenPlanet #ElectricVehicles
3/n China's auto sector grew at a lukewarm rate of 3.8% last year.

And Beijing has been proactive in promoting electric vehicles and has extended subsidies that were due to expire in 2020.

The push for #ElectricVehicles in #China has led to a shortage of important metals.
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Predictability of #commodity cycles:

Undersupply stimulates rising prices as inventories are depleted

Oversupply stimulates falling prices as inventories build

Demand growth depleted inventories and stimulates rising prices

Demand reduction builds inventories and prices fall
Great #commodity investors focus on returns, overweight commodities near cycle bottoms (recently that was 2nd and 3rd quarter 2020), now in 1st half 2022 there are may signs (use cycle prices and sector margins as a guide) of a maturing cycle (65%+ cash margins above cost curves)
Maturing = 4th quartile of the cycle

#oil recently moved into that club with the likes of #coal, #lithium and several other commodities.

What does this mean? Elevated risks vs returns, death of asymmetric trades, scaling down positions, harvesting early entry 5-15x gains.
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Infos #lithium décembre

👉les prix continuent de battre des records
👉le deficit entre offre et demande continue de croître
👉élections au Chili🇨🇱

Tous les détails dans ce thread 🧵
Le prix du lithium carbon Chine a été multiplié par 5.4x en 2021
La demande en 2030 devrait être 10x celle de 2020 (source UBS)
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“With subsidies and a protected home market, CATL became extremely profitable… The effort has also made #China a giant in electric car #batteries. China has 14 times the #EV battery-making capacity of the U.S… CATL holds one-third of the global EV battery market.”🤔
“CATL’s biggest rival globally is LG, with a one-quarter share. At one time, CATL also faced a tough rival at home. BYD, based in the city of Shenzhen, boasted a big-name backer, the investor Warren E. Buffett.“ #China #competition #EV #batteries
“Unlike CATL, which has invested heavily in #lithium-#cobalt #batteries, BYD bet on traditional lithium batteries… BYD is now exploring production of its own lithium-cobalt batteries. But CATL is also manufacturing more batteries now w/o cobalt…”🤔 #EV #ESG #compliance #Congo
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