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On Tuesday, the @EUparliament passed a groundbreaking policy framework that will make electric vehicle batteries sold in 🇪🇺 more sustainable – and can serve as a blueprint for battery policies worldwide.🔋⚡️

Here are 4 key aspects of this policy in a short 🧵.👇

#EVs #batteries Image
1⃣Responsible and sustainable #mining.

The regulation mandates due diligence obligations for companies selling batteries in 🇪🇺.

Companies are required to identify and mitigate social and environmental risks in the supply chain of cobalt, lithium, nickel, and natural graphite.
2⃣Lower emissions in battery production.

The regulation mandates that companies assess and declare the #lifecycle carbon footprint of their batteries.

From 2028, only #EVbatteries produced below a maximum carbon footprint threshold value can be sold in the 🇪🇺.
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My entire adult life I've worked on #decarbonization technologies guided by the question, "what can I contribute to humanity to help evolve us into a more advanced alien species?" #Lithium for batteries was a good place to start.
So I spent half a decade developing technologies and natural resources for a new world that emits less CO2 and requires less mining than the old world. However lithium will always have a tiny footprint even at full scale. That's actually the point. ImageImageImageImage
Meanwhile, we produce almost as much structural metal today as we produce coal. And because metal makes advanced alien species possible, it will be produced forever. Even "as time goes to infinity", primary metal will be needed because nothing is "infinitely recyclable". Image
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Lithium reserves traced in Rajasthan's Nagaur, capacity higher than J&K reserves.
Lithium is a highly reactive metal that has a number of uses and applications. Here are some of the most common: (1/n)

#lithium #lithiumindia #batteries #evindia #lithiumelement
1. Batteries: Lithium is most commonly used in batteries, particularly rechargeable batteries. These batteries are used in a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to electric cars and power tools.
2. Pharmaceuticals: Lithium has been used for decades as a treatment for bipolar disorder. It helps to stabilize mood and reduce symptoms of mania and depression.
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5 key charts to watch in global commodity markets this week
1. OIL… Image
2. Saudi Aramco likely made net income of just over $32 billion, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of analysts. That would mark a slowdown from a year earlier — similar to other oil firms that have already reported Image
3. Energy stocks- a look at the technicals adds to the bearish sentiment: The gauge’s 50-day moving average fell below its 200-day average last week in a so-called death cross, the first time since late 2018. That often signals that further selling pressure is in store. Image
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Die deutsche Auto-Industrie war jahrzehntelang das Aushängeschild der deutschen Industrie. Das ändert sich jetzt. Wie es dazu kam, und was #China damit zu tun hat. Image
1⃣ Nach dem Ende der Pandemie hatte #China plötzlich bis auf Japan alle Konkurrenten als Auto-Exporteur überholt. Der Grund: Der Absatz von Elektro-Fahrzeugen stieg sprunghaft an. Dahinter steckte eine Jahrzehnte lange Strategie Image
2⃣ Seit den 80ern versuchte #China, eine eigenständige Autoindustrie aufzubauen. Dafür zwang man zunächst westliche Autobauer in sogenannte Joint-Ventures. So sollten chinesische Staatsunternehmen an westliche Technologie kommen. Trotz vieler Subventionen funktionierte das nicht Image
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Exchanges have distinct rules on disclosure, w/some being more strict than others. The #TSX #TSXv & #ASX are recognized as leaders, while other exchanges such as the #AIM #LSE #OTC #NASDAQ have poor disclosure requirements, & companies may choose not to release information 🧵
The #TSX requires companies to produce an independent technical report that is available in full to investors, while the #ASX only requires companies to publish highlights from these reports. For producers, the ASX has more rigorous quarterly reporting requirements.
Various US-listed #lithium companies do not disclose prod. or cost figures. #ASX equities must only use Measured & Indicated resources to calculate mine life in their PFS & FS, Inferred resources are not allowed. This can affect bottom-up stock modelling.
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Benchmark interview with Wang Xiaoshen, president @GanfengOfficial - one for the very few true pioneers in #lithium.

On how low #lithium prices can go:

“It’s hard to say. These days people are looking at 150,000 RMB ($21,807 a tonne), that has a bigger chance to be achieved,……
On 2022 v 2023:

“Last year was booming … Lots of battery companies and OEMs were very aggressive about expansion so they gave big numbers for requirements for upstream resources like lithium, encouraging everyone to expand, especially lepidolite and DSO [Direct Shipping Ore]……
On lepidolite in China:

“Below 100,000 RMB only a few and smaller volume [mines] can be justified. But we believe the big volume that everyone was expecting would probably be in trouble.”
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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#Lithium is falling off the cliff like we said it would 6 months ago > 80% cash margins always do. Beware of those stating outperformance, at this point, review the previous cycle bottom for an indication of what's in store.
Down 48%, will it stop at -75%

Those in #commodities for a few cycles know that > 80% cash margins never last as they either kill demand and/or stimulate supply (particularly with an incoming recession that kills durable good demand)

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Thought of the day: Recency bias from #commodity peak when everything in the rear vision mirror looks "solid" is an optical illusion, around the bend a cliff is coming into sight a "recession", often stockprices drop 75% plus. Demand can get slaughtered at the margin.
#lithium & #coal are great case studies for those of our followers who don't understand nothing is rare at 80% cash margins and 20% cost.

While balance sheets are materially improved on 2020 levels, so few 95% corrections, but 50-65% are still reality with 75% spot falls from peaks.
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Where is the alignment of interest? Avoid the asset collectors, focus in on the performance collectors.
Watch out for the specialists who want their 5 minutes of fame to extend for 40 minutes.

Follow the multi cycle generalists who have seen it all, they are not anchored in peak cycles whereas specialists are.

What specialists never say?

It's time to sell as valuations are above to collapse by 75%

What seasoned generalists, always do?

Scaled out prior to the peak and have moved on to fresh asymmetric themes.

Who should you be following....who has your back ...

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#cyclicals we have sent 35 years refining our technique, buy when on low price to book ranges, with low spot price near cost curve outcomes.
Spent 35yrs ...
Sell when on high price to book ranges and 60-80% cash margins above cost curves.

Hence #lithium and #coal peaks were easy....

Remember the rule, there is no rarity at 80% margins.

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#Thread 🇨🇱🔋 J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir toucher plus que des yeux le futur de la transition énergétique 🌎 et 🇪🇺

👀 Rendez-vous dans le désert de l’Atacama 🏜 au Chili 🇨🇱, zone particulièrement propice à l’exploitation du #lithium 🔋(📷 Plans)
Ce liquide visqueux ? C’est de la saumure de #lithium (solution aqueuse avec sel fondu + lithium, etc…) à son dernier stade d’évaporation de l’eau 💧 et avant purification pour transformation en carbonate de lithium.
(📷 Paul Messad)
Ce carbonate de lithium, qui se présente, une fois raffiné, sous la forme d’une poudre blanche, permet les transferts d’énergies dans les batteries 🚗 📱…
En l’état de la maturité technologique en matière de batterie 🔋, il est indispensable.
(📷 Paul Messad)
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जम्मू काश्मीरमध्ये लिथियमचे मोठे साठे सापडल्याच्या बातमीमुळे भारतीयांमध्ये चैतन्याचे वातावरण निर्माण झाले आहे. पण या साठ्यांमधून प्रत्यक्षात #Lithium प्रॉडक्शन सुरू होण्यासाठी किती काळ लागू शकेल? हे लिथियमचे मायनिंग धोकादायक असू शकते का?याबाबत थोडीशी माहिती #Thread #म #मराठी
कुठल्याही मायनिंग प्रक्रियेमुळे सामाजिक,भौगोलिक, नैसर्गिक आणि परिसरातील नागरिकांवर शारिरीक परिणाम होतात. लिथियमच्या या मायनिंगमुळे सॉईल डिग्रेडेशन, पाण्याचे शॉर्टेज, परिसरातील बायोडायव्हर्सिटीवर आणि सबंध इकोसिस्टीमवर विपरीत परिणाम होण्याची शक्यता आहे. #LithiumInIndia #मराठी
याशिवाय लिथियमच्या प्रॉडक्शनसाठी मोठ्या प्रमाणात पाणी आणि वीज लागते. उदाहरण द्यायचे झाले तर एक टन लिथियम बनवण्यासाठी जवळपास 22 लाख लिटर पाणी आणि 300 किलोवॉट अवर विजेची गरज असते. ही वीज पारंपारिक स्त्रोतांपासूनच बनवलेली असल्यामुळे डाय-ऑक्साइड उत्सर्जित होते. #Thread #मराठी
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'जिओलॉजिकल सर्वे ऑफ इंडिया(GSI)'ने जम्मू काश्मीरच्या रेसाई जिल्ह्यात ५९ लाख टन इतके लिथियमचे स्रोत असल्याची शक्यता वर्तवली आहे. माईन्स सेक्रेटरी विवेक भारद्वाज यांनी 'सेंट्रल जिऑलॉजिकल प्रोग्रामिंग बोर्ड(CGPB )'च्या ६२व्या सभेमध्ये याची घोषणा केली.#म #मराठी #LithiumInIndia
1/n Image
युनायटेड नेशन्सच्या क्लासिफिकेशन ऑफ रिसोर्सेस या फ्रेमवर्कनुसार कोणताही खनिज साठा शोधण्याचे ४ टप्पे असतात - प्राथमिक तपास, प्राथमिक संशोधन, सामान्य संशोधन आणि तपशीलवार संशोधन. यापैकी हा लिथियम साठा दुसऱ्या म्हणजे प्राथमिक संशोधन या टप्प्यावर आहे. #म #मराठी #LithiumInIndia
इलेक्ट्रिक वाहनांच्या बॅटऱ्या बनवण्यासाठी लागणार लिथिअम हा एक मुख्य घटक आहे. परंतु वर्ल्ड इकॉनॉमिक फोरम (WEF)च्या मते, “इव्हीच्या वाढत्या मागणीमुळे जागतिक पुरवठा तणावाखाली आहे”. इंटरनॅशनल एनर्जी एजन्सी (IEA)नुसार, 2025पर्यंत जगाला लिथियम टंचाईचा सामना करावा लागू शकतो.#Lithium
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I came across lithium in 1991 during pharmacology semester 2nd MBBS.

I saw its use during my psychiatry postings. Its most common use was in mania & in bipolar disorder.

Lithium regulates certain neurotransmitters in the brain stabilizing the mood of the patient completely.
It prevents further episodes of mania/depression when patient is compliant & actually improves the patient's performance in all walks of life.

It is very well tolerated by most patients. However, regular monitoring of blood levels & follow up with the doctor is most important.
#Lithium is a very valuable tool in #psychiatry

It has saved more patients than all the help lines across the world have done.

We should thank Dr John Cade an Australian doctor who found the use of lithium & published it in 1949.

He used it on himself to check if it was safe.
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While many are sharing the great news about India's #LithiumInIndia discovery, a very important element has been overlooked.

In this short thread I discuss what this means for India in terms of #Dedollarization, how this will affect Indian currency & also the upcoming politics.
Firstly ranked below are the details of top 5 countries #Lithium reserves 2023 in Million metric tons
1. Chile - 9.3
2. India - 5.9 (just discovered)
3. Australia - 3.8
4. Argentina - 2.7
5. China - 2

With De-dollarisation, the currency will reflect the value of our resources
which means that this and any other discovery would result in dramatically appreciating our currency.

However, just because we have reserves doesn't mean we'll become producers. Mining, #Lithium extraction industry etc will have to set up and guess what this will result in?
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☀️Pricing the new Gold - #Lithium
1. Lithium is not a new discovery, but its applications are. Scientists first discovered lithium as an element in 1817, but it was not until the 1970s that studies into lithium-ion batteries began.
3. Lithium Demand and Supply
#USA #EU #CHINA #INDIA #ASIA #LithiumInIndia
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☀️Dominance of #China in Battery Manufacturing
#China continues to dominate Bloomberg NEF’s global #lithium-ion battery supply chain ranking, for the third time in a row, for both 2022 and its projection for 2027, thanks to continued support for the electric vehicle demand
1. Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) is a strategic research provider covering global commodity markets and the disruptive technologies driving the transition to a low-carbon economy.…
#China #Lithium #USA #India #EU
2. With nearly 900 gigawatt-hours of manufacturing capacity or 77% of the global total, #China is home to six of the world’s 10 biggest battery makers.
#China #Lithium #USA #India #EU
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Thread | In a significant development, 5.9 million Tonnes of Lithium deposits were found in India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

Now, why is this big for India?

Everything is Explained in this #Thread!
There have been constant demands to transition from the Fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy for years. Electric vehicles are becoming highly popular as they emit lesser emissions.
Lithium is one of the key products in the manufacturing of batteries used in Electric vehicles! One can also say that Lithium is the new petroleum as stated by @elonmusk, the owner of Tesla.
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All psychiatric medications need to be carefully monitored by a prescriber when their patient is moving to a ketogenic diet as a treatment for mental illness or neurological disorder. (1/6)
Two important psychiatric medications to pay attention to when using a ketogenic diet are anticonvulsants and lithium. Their blood levels can change early on in treatment. (2/6)
You can learn more about medications and ketogenic diets by listening to @GeorgiaEdeMD on this video by @metabolic_mind (3/6)

#psychiatricmeds #anticonvulsants #lithium #mentalhealth
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US Govt & US companies are demonising China for dominating global #lithium ion battery supply chain & blaming it for everything; while copying exactly what China did from 2008 to 2022 to achieve its global dominance: Investing a lot in lithium production & processing capacity.
US Govt & US companies are demonising China for dominating global #lithium ion battery supply chain & blaming it for everything; while copying exactly what China did from 2008 to 2022 to achieve its global dominance.…
Basically, USA and EU were too big. Too rich. Too complacent. Too lazy. Too clever. Too sophisticated. Too fat. Too arrogant. Too shortsighted. Too happy to exploit globalisation. Too happy to outsource and off-shore everything to cheap labour countries. And now they regret it‼️…
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