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THREAD: Amid all the fascination with Russia’s inroads in Africa, why are we overlooking the case of South Africa? It’s a fascinating story of Kremlin overreach, predatory behavior & Cold War ties that we dug into for Carnegie’s #GlobalRussia project:… 1/
During Jacob Zuma’s ill-starred presidency (2009–2018), the Kremlin sought to wrest a geopolitically significant state out of the West’s orbit and to create a partnership that could serve as a springboard for expanded influence elsewhere in Africa. 2/
Moscow’s strategy was multifaceted, capitalizing on well-established close ties with Zuma, a former ANC senior intelligence official with extensive Soviet bloc connections. The Soviets were key allies during the anti-apartheid struggle and active throughout southern Africa. 3/
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The privatization of Russian foreign policy continues.
Then: Venezuela and Igor Sechin.
Now: Central African Republic and Yevgeny Prigozhin
“Prigozhin’s subordinates [have] considerable latitude to act, even when their moves might not be completely in accord with the stated policies of the government or the niceties of international law.”
Source: “Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa” by @pstronski… #GlobalRussia
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THREAD: Trump’s clumsy decision to pull out of Syria has given rise to innumerable assessments Russia is now replacing the US as the Mideast’s main power broker. But, setting aside all misgivings about a spectacular act of national security malpractice, is that actually true? 1/
My Carnegie colleague Eugene Rumer is not so sure. Check out his in-depth survey of the interplay between US disengagement from the region and Russia’s more assertive approach: “Russia in the Middle East: Jack of All Trades, Master of None” 2/
We often lose sight of the fact that Russian ties to Middle East go back centuries. Moscow’s post-1991 withdrawal from the region was more of an aberration than the norm. This video walks you through a couple hundred years of history. 3/
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THREAD: Emboldened by a series of tactical gains in the Mideast, the Kremlin is turning its sights on Africa. How serious a challenge is this new effort? /1
Later this week Putin is hosting 50+ African leaders for the first-ever Russia-Africa Summit. I took an in-depth look at Russian inroads in a new study, “Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa.” #GlobalRussia /2
The USSR provided economic aid and security ties to African states & liberation movements during the Cold War. But that legacy provides only limited springboard for Russia today. /3
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If Russian support for Venezuela is more symbolic than substantial, as this article rightly suggests, why did the Trump administration make it sound like the Kremlin effectively blocked Maduro’s ouster? @AKurmanaev…
Here's Pompeo on May 1 talking about how Maduro "had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning as we understand it and the Russians indicated he should stay. He was headed for Havana."…
Trump later walked that story about the plane on the tarmac back and called it a "rumor."
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THREAD Why is Putin intervening in #Venezuela in such a flamboyant and provocative fashion? The Kremlin’s game in Latin America is mainly about geopolitics, payback, and cold hard cash. #GlobalRussia 1/
As explained in this very fine paper by Julia Gurganus, fmr National Intelligence Officer for Russia/Eurasia, “Capitalizing on opportunities to gain a foothold in Latin America is a familiar strategy for Russia”… 2/
Here’s how General John Kelly, then-commander of US Southern Command, described the Russian approach in March 2015 3/
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How much of Russia's return to the global stage is a fundamentally new phenomenon? Eugene Rumer and Julia Gurganus explain the broad continuity with centuries-old vectors of Russian foreign policy in a new paper for Carnegie's #GlobalRussia project… 1/
As Rumer and Gurganus explain, “Russian foreign policy has been building up to its present expansive phase for over two decades.” 2/
“Continuity with the Soviet era and even earlier periods of Russian history is a hallmark of the Kremlin’s current foreign policy and the toolkit it relies on to advance its goals.” 3/
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Rattling nerves in US govt circles is often a key part of the Kremlin’s gameplan. Here’s the original NezGaz account of Russian-Venezuelan pol-mil dialogue on this issue. #GlobalRussia…
Carnegie’s Julia Gurganus (fmr NIO for Russia/Eurasia) explained Russia’s geopolitical game in Latin America as part of our #GlobalRussia project 2/…
Moscow may view its gains in Central and South America as payback for what it has viewed as U.S. interference in Russia’s backyard 3/
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“Our longstanding rival Russia is exploiting a new playbook to divide us from within and to separate us from our allies” @MarkWarner #GlobalRussia
“Mr. Putin has at his disposal a wide array of nonconventional tools...these are designed to help Russia undermine its enemies in the West....many are deployed by non-state surrogates” @MarkWarner #GlobalRussia
“We are now engaged in a war in the shadows. I am not convinced we are winning” @MarkWarner #GlobalRussia
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