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Global Citizen #storytelling w/ #Greta™️

Youth populations, largely impervious to #COVID19, should avoid the experimental jab at all costs.

#Commonsense over influencers serving capital.

Sidenote: #JohnsonandJohnson is a #GlobalCitizen core partner.
Q: "What is this content piece?"

A: "Our journalism-based, reported stories keep Global Citizens all over the world informed on the important advancements of achieving the #GlobalGoals."

"Global Goals", also known as UN #SDGs must be recognized/understood as #emergingmarkets.
The #WorldEconomicForum officially partnered with the United Nations on June 11, 2019. It now serves at the helm of implementation of the "#GlobalGoals".

#3: "Good #Health & Well-being". Trillions are riding on the vaccine market & future of #biotech. This chart is from 2016.
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The ruling class "imperative" to save, rebrand & expand the capitalist system, is coming down like a sledgehammer over our collective heads. The "#reset" social engineering & behavioral change campaigns have just begun. Know your enemy. This is #classwar.

Revisiting The #BTeam. Image
B Team: Founded by billionaire Richard Branson (Virgin) & Zeitz former CEO of Puma, co-founder of eco-luxe lodge Segera Retreat & the Zeitz Foundation in #Kenya.

Managed by PR firm Purpose co-founded by Heimans (Avaaz, "New Power", Share Verified).… ImageImageImageImage
Benioff: Founder, CEO of #Salesforce. B Team Leader. World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees member. Inaugural Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the #4IR. Owner of TIME magazine. Co-founder of Breakthrough Energy w/ Gates et al. (nuclear, #CCS)


#IngkaGroup is #Ikea Image
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1/6 Interesting to talk to @BillGates for the launch of the #Goalkeepers report on the UN's #SDGs. His key message: development now in reverse and we need to unite to build up again. Also good on: Sweden, WHO, Vaccines, and the prospects for winter…
2/6 On the coming months: “I'm pessimistic about what the fall in the northern hemisphere is likely to look like. If we don't have interventions, the death rate in a number of countries including the US will go back up to the levels that we had in the spring."
3/6 On a vaccine: “By next summer, we'll be getting vaccines out to all the countries of the world... I'm optimistic that next year will be the year that we bring the numbers down very, very dramatically, and that this thing will be over by sometime in 2022.”
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‼️ The Modern Day Gk Challenge‼️

💥 Quick Spin Tee Up 💥

Can you stop the ball on the line?

This can be done anywhere ( grass / carpet)

The rules

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ (next tweet)
1️⃣ Gloves must be worn
2️⃣ Create a line with two cones (or anything you’ve got)
3️⃣ Take 6 steps back from the line
4️⃣ Stop the ball on the line using a backspin throw
5️⃣ Tag another GK to try the challenge
6️⃣ Tag us in your attempts!
💥 This technique is brilliant for playing quickly. Goalkicks, free kicks or if you want put the ball down and play

💥 If you get this technique perfected, it will allow you to play early as you won’t need to readjust your run up
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Hi everyone, here is the link to our private facebook support group “Inside The Box” if you’d like to join

✅ This is purely for the mental side of the game (no training videos / match footage will be posted)… Image
🙌 We’ve got a great community already of ex pros / pro goalkeeper coaches, young aspiring goalkeepers, parents, older goalkeepers all sharing their experiences of the mental side of the game

We lose far too many players because of the stress / anxiety the position places on us
The whole point of this group is to hopefully reduce the number of players we lose due to those reasons by having a safe place to seek support

With the right guidance and support, no player should feel like they need to walk away, no matter what the level they play.
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⚠️ This might be an unpopular opinion... but during GK training, why is there so much emphasis on:

2. Into the hands (head height)

At all levels of goalkeeping

✅ Sounds class
✅ Looks lovely and tidy
❌ Never happens in a game
‼️ Lee, had this type of training through his whole career. He felt he was never really being prepared for “match handling”

He relied on his natural technique and experience
Maybe it’s good for kids to teach them to catch a ball and offers some consistency of service for the reps it’s take them to learn.

A time we’d use them for is several reps at the start of a session to literally warm hands / hand eye coordination
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We talk about Marginal gains at the elite level but with @OKKULO1 we’re talking around 20%

The system allows you to play the same shot so you can see if the GK is better able to make the save once their visual system has adapted.

✅ Spin
✅ Height
✅ Fade
✅ Speed
✅ Location
Each clip involves the “early exposure” strike followed by the same strike during the “adjusted” phase.

What you will see is that the player has increased their visual system by almost 20%

This benefit transfers over to the typical light levels on a MATCH DAY.
Players have confirmed that they feel much sharper on a match day and “everything just feels easier” in normal playing conditions.

#themoderndaygk #goalkeepers #sports #sportsperformance #sportscience #vision #sportsvision
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Players / Coaches / Athletes... Make up for lost time with @OKKULO1

‼️ Watch the reactions of the GK in the first half of the video. They look almost fake!
❌ Deliberately slow
❌ Sluggish
❌ As if he’s not even trying to save the ball

#gktraining #goalkeepers #gk
⚠️ That’s what happens when first exposed to the system. It has the ability to make you look like you’ve never played the sport!

👁 🧠 The eyes / brain have not adapted to the environment... yet. Image
The second part of the video:

✅ He’s starting to react a little quicker
✅ Starts to drive into saves
✅ Starts to catch able to catch!

The athlete has had to speed their reactions up by around 20% to adapt to the environment
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