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Durante #cryptosummerweek de @cryptoplaza_es debatimos sobre las plataformas integradoras y los puentes de conexión CeFi<>DeFi 🌉

Gracia a @YerayJMS de @Onyze_official y a @YaelHOaknin de @token_city por participar!😁


Si quieres saber más sobre la conectividad CeFi<>DeFi, este hilo es para ti.

-La industria #crypto necesita madurar, y eso lo hará a partir de la entrada de #capital💸
-El capital, en este caso, tanto de retailer cómo de inversores institucionales 🏦

Para que el #capital institucional🏦llegue al mundo #crypto, requiere de:

-Más #seguridad regulatoria⚖️
-Facilidad tecnológica 👨‍🔬
-Garantias y buenas rentabilidades 📊
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For Part 2 into understanding roce/roic of a business - roce/roic although by general definition sounds very simple, I.e the returns a company is generating on its invested capital, sounds very simple prima facie and a bit similar to ebit/op margins. However - contd.
Remember this "capital employed" Is the money employed for buying the raw materials, for funding capex growth etc. So in a way this doesn't show much about the value addition that a company does to its raw materials (which operating/ebit margins does).
So roce is a measure of EFFICIENCY of a business and it gives idea about both the nature of product AND also how well is the company able to deploy its capital right to sell MORE OF IT. I know sounds a bit confusing but lets do the dupont (I.e breakdown of roce into simple parts
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#Financial #Literacy begins at home.
Teach your children to save coins, and small notes, inside a locker, or some other toy which imitates a treasure chest.
Once they do that, they will be careful with spending and saving for the rest of their lives.
Awareness matters!
When I was a kid, I remember banks visiting my school to open student #savings accounts.
They used to give students #passbooks, which operated as cheque books.
Parents were cosignatories.
That is how I developed a passion for saving money.
Most of the developing economies fail to grow well because they have a savings crisis!
They need to import #capital from overseas to fund development projects and fix the gap between investment resources.
SE- Asian Nations have done well because of a high domestic #savings rate.
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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
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[#THREAD] 𝗧𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘀𝗮𝘃𝗼𝗶𝗿 𝘀𝘂𝗿 𝗹𝗲𝘀 #stablecoins

Il s'agit d'un type de crypto qui tente d'apporter de la stabilité à ce marché très volatil.

Je vais volontairement simplifier et les classer en 4 grandes familles

Voyons leurs points forts et leurs points faibles🧵⬇
1. Les stablecoins centralisés:
Ce type de stablecoin est le standard. Le concept est simple, pour 1$ sur la blockchain, il est censé y avoir 1$ dans un compte en banque #Fiat #collateralized

Point fort: Robuste
Point faible: Centralisé Censurable⬇
2. Les algorithmiques: $UST $USDD $IRON $USDN
Ils ne reposent pas sur une réserve en fiat mais sur un mécanisme brûlant ou créant des jetons en fonction du besoin.

Point fort: Transparent / "Décentralisé"
Point faible: Instable / Fragile / Risqué / Repose sur la confiance ⬇
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A severe tightening of Chinese firms is taking shape in the U.S: is #Washington planning to catch two birds 🐦 🐦 with one stone ❓
More than 80 U.S.-listed Chinese #stocks, including and #Pinduoduo, have been included in a new list of pre-delisting (i.e., forced exit from the exchange), with a total of 105 #Chinese stocks on the list.
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A significant #bond #buying opportunity is approaching.
As bond yields surge, history and #techncial analysis suggest that we should look at bonds for both #capital appreciation and a #risk hedge.…
In Dec 2018, we wrote why Jeff Gundlach was likely incorrect about 6% yields.
“Rates are at levels that historically led to some sort of event either economic, financial, or both, When that occurs, rates will go to 1.5% and closer to Zero.“
We got to 0.5%…
The surge in 2-year #bond #yields is unprecedented. Historically, such a surge in short-term yields coincides with either #recessions or #market events. With yields now 4-std deviations above its 52-week moving average, such has denoted peaks previously.…
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Russian #Strikes Hit Outskirts of Ukrainian Capital and #Lviv | 4h ago
- Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, with new missile strikes and shelling on the edges of the capital Kyiv and the western city of Lviv, ~its mayor…
Russian #missiles hit military #aircraft #repairfacility in Ukraine's #Lviv | Mar 18
- three explosions in quick succession rocked the training facility around 6 am. A nearby resident described his building vibrating from the explosions…
Russian strikes hit Ukrainian #capital and outskirts of #Lviv | Mar 18
- The early morning barrage of missiles - was the closest strike yet to the center of the city, which has become a #crossroads for people #fleeing from other parts of Ukraine…
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"The erosion of meaningful culture, the domination of corporate & state media [] the loss of a knowledgable audience. And as one sees w/ the Russophobic response to Ukraine, the entire pandemic only served as a precursor to some complete mental collapse."…
"And perhaps the best place (or one of them) to start is with ideas of #autonomy, #AI, and #tech (#media). For #automation and the internet have both, in their own ways, contributed hugely to the layers of mystification surrounding everything in the #capitalist west today."
"#AI seeks to achieve the same control over mental processes that #scientific management sought to achieve over physical #labour [in 2nd industrial revolution] through a process of rationalization, fragmentation, mechanization and routinization."
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CROONICLE: What Can You Learn from Click Heatmap?… #heatmaps
CROONICLE: Hire a Reliable Website Management and Maintenance...… #websitemanagement
CROONICLE: A Novice Guide about Scalping Strategies on Forex… #scalping #forex
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🔎𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝘁𝗮𝘅 𝗱𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗽𝗮𝘆 𝗼𝗻 𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀?

Here’s a look at what the various taxes are:

A thread(🧵)... (1/4)
𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗰𝗸𝘀📈

#Securities transaction tax (STT)


#Delivery: 0.1% (buyer and seller pay)

#Intraday: 0.025% (seller pay)

➡️ Tax on dividend: Slab rate

➡️ Short-term capital gains: 15.6%

➡️ Long-term capital gains: 0.025%

𝗘𝗾𝘂𝗶𝘁𝘆- 𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗺𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹 𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗱𝘀🪴

➡️ STT: 0.001%

➡️ #Tax on dividend: Slab rate

➡️ Short-term capital gains tax:15.6%

➡️ Long-term capital gains tax: 10.4%

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Why "Return on equity" can be misleading?

One #Ratio that is loved by all investors is the Return on equity ratio, and something that holds so much importance for investors, companies sometimes tend to amplify those ratios. Let's see how they do it!

- Ek Dhaaga 🧵 1/15
What is ROE, though?

It measures the profitability of a company. It tells how much money a company generates on the shareholder's funds.

It can be calculated with a simple formula:

Return on Equity (ROE) = Net Income/Shareholder’s equity.

#Ratio #sharemarket 2/15
Easy to calculate, right? All you have to do is find the net income on the income P&L and divide it by the shareholder's equity on the balance sheet. However, this simple metric has several flaws that keep it from being useful.

#sharemarket #StockMarket
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10 Proven Trading Strategies every trader must know

A thread(🧵) (1/15)
1. Always keep your trading plan ready: #Trading without a plan is sureshot way of exposing yourself to danger.

Set a Trading plan based on the Market trend👇 (2/15)
2. Approach Trading like a business: As a #trader, your job is to maximize your business potential.

Your job should always be to cut expenses(losses) and enhance #profits👇 (3/15)
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How does the #Kremlin and the #Putin inner circle launder money? Short answer: just like the rest of us. #Russia uses the Western financial world as an element of its own power. But it's worth reviewing why this is before we cheer on the #sanctions brigade in the US and UK. A 🧵
Deep and internationalized #capital #markets are an element of Western power. By drawing global finance to #NewYork or #London, we make ourselves indispensable to global trade and investment. Use our #Dollar anywhere if you abide by its rules. This is why the yuan cannot compete.
The same market liberalization that has led to global prosperity with the US and the West at its center. But the same rules that make it easy to open your family business apply to anyone opening a "family business." You selling cookies and the Russians sell state assets.
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips to Create a Successful Online Local...… #listingsite
CROONICLE: Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings… #sugarcravings #sweettooth
CROONICLE: Step-by-Step Guide When Looking for a Wedding Phot...… #weddingphotography
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An 8 Step Checklist Before Entering Any Trade:

A thread(🧵)... (1/18) Image
1. If the market is in a trading range or trending: Traders must know that if this happens, there's a higher probability of right #trades. Always remember, the trend is your best friend (2/18) Image
#Traders must also ask if the prices are in a strong trend and if they want to continue to move along with this trend. (3/18) Image
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Elearnmarkets presents Learn2Invest✨

An Exclusive Series by @vivbajaj where everyone can learn the art of investing!

Summary of Episode 4: Impact of Income Tax on your Investments💵

A thread(🧵)... Image
In one sense, when you're #investing, you're giving back to #Society, because you're giving them money.

The fact that you're giving to someone else means that Economic activity grows👇
Even in a #Bank, when you're #investing in a Savings Account, the bank will give you a little interest.

It will give that money in the form of a loan to some company or even give you back the same in the form of some EMI. 👇
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What's going on yall! Today will be my first thread on a 20x potential gem called #AlienWorlds, $TLM. 👽💎🤑

This project has HUGE upside potential and is offering many things to the NFT space and the gaming #metaverse scene📈🎮. So lets get started!
First off lets look at the numbers📊:
- Current MC: $253,060,487💰
- Fully Diluted MC: $2,336,808,082
- Current Price: $0.2769🪙
- Volume: +127,844,887🔊
- Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
- Circulating Supply: 914,030,370
- Total supply: 5,189,345,239
- Current Holders: 2567
$TLM Currently sitting at a MC of $253,060,487 this mid cap coin still has MAJOR upside and in my opinion should be billions in terms of market cap. This is my personal opinion so make sure to DYOR before buying in📚.Now, what is Alien Worlds you might be wondering. Check below:
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It's not breaking at all. It's business.

#HealthCanada is funded (90% or more) by the pharmaceutical industry.

#Children are not experimental subjects for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is no emergency to justify #EUA.

This is #criminal.

Nov 12, 2021 update.

Emergency use of unapproved experimental injections into arms of healthy children still cannot be justified.


Massive push for experimental #vaccines is not about protecting children. This is about protecting/expanding #capital markets & profits. Children & youth - experimental subjects for #biotech - a foundational bedrock of #4IR architecture going forward. 👇

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#InvArch is an intellectual property & decentralized development network for #web3. InvArch is not just new to the @Polkadot ecosystem, but also a novel project throughout the entire #blockchain community.

This thread serves as a brief introduction to the project.

First, it is important to understand the three (3) key focuses of the network:

1.) Allow users to tokenize their ideas (intellectual property #IP).

2.) Provide a secure environment where ideas can be shared.

3.) Foster a network for collaboration and partnership forming.

#InvArch views #ideas as sets of non-fungible components. Specifically, InvArch introduces Intellectual Property Sets (#IPSets), which are collections of #NFTs called Intellectual Property Tokens (#IPT). These files are what help to describe and detail an idea.

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Tweet rapide sur l'aspect sécurité ULTRA important

Cela s'adresse aux personnes qui particient à un maximum de projet, dont les mint des #NFTs.

Quand vous testez des sites exotiques dans la #Defi, pour mint un #NFT ou que sais-je, vous devez faire ça sur un trash wallet. Image
Pourquoi utiliser un #trash wallet ?

La trash wallet est un #wallet avec le minimum de fonds nécessaire pour réaliser une transaction.

Son but est que même en cas de signature d'une #transaction qui siphonne vos fonds, vous ne serez pas/peu impacté. Image
Un exemple dans le cas des #NFTs

Si vous voulez #mint un #NFT gratuitement sur un site louche, mettez le minimum dessus, juste pour mint et/ou payer les frais

Vous allez signer une transaction sur le site dont vous ne connaissez pas les effets, méfiance ! Image
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4. Is this regulation something new? It is officially codifying existing facts on the ground. The rumor is after the Edu regulation debacle/Edu Minister fired, this is govt trying to set it officially, so private capital doesn’t come in, then got banned, raising another uproar.
5. Will @caixin_intel /@Caijing be banned now? Likely not. They are state owned media, as Twitter labelled them thus, even though in China, they are considered somewhat opposition media and got article censored left and right.
6. What about Weibo/Tencent? First order effect are small because they were only in news distribution business, never in having actual journalists and news creation business. But there are some secondary effects.
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What is XDC Network and why is it going to be a successful regulated trading network used by banks and SMEs globally? Let's start off with Xinfin company that created the XDC network partnering with the ITFA. What is the ITFA? See pics below $XDC #fintech #education #blockchain ImageImageImage
So we see XDC network is partnered with an association that deals with major banks. XDC has a .00001 XDC transfer fee which settles in less than 4 seconds, it can run EVM smart contracts, so anyone thats getting robbed from ETH fees can swap their Dapp over to XDC to save on fees ImageImage
XDC has @AndreCasterman on their team as an Advisor. From his resume, he's a legend for what he's done in the banking industry. 25 Years working with swift, @wto board member, and works with the @iccwbo #networksofnetworks #beauty #innovation #genius ImageImageImageImage
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"#Imperialism is driven by the pressure of #capital for external fields of investment. The recurrent crises of overproduction & subsequent diminution of profits & stagnation of capital leads to ever-increasing pressure to expand markets & territories."

#Biotech #EmergingMarkets
January 28, 2019, Imperial College, World Economic Forum partner, Davos.

The question to "global leaders": "How can we lead a #vaccine revolution?" (Twitter, March 16, 2019)

#4IR #Biotech #WEF
January 2021, TIME, double issue. "The #Vaccine #Revolution" has arrived.

TIME - owned by Marc Benioff, CEO/founder of #Salesforce. World Economic Forum Board of Trustees. Inaugural Chair, Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco.

#WEF #4IR #Biotech
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