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Part 1.
So let me tell you how my girlfriend and I traveled 2200km via public transport in Kenya this past week.
The route
Eldoret- Nairobi- Mombasa- Lamu- Garissa- Nairobi- Eldoret. Through/to 14 counties
We planned this trip for like only 3 days to departure after my uni lecturers decided to do that thing of striking. 

This was all via public transport, staying in budget places and eating street food/ local restaurants. 
Journey started on 6th Jan from Eld-Nairobi. Used
eldoret shuttle. This leg of the journey was just like any other 1,000 trips I've done between the two towns. Fare was hella expensive(1400) double the normal cost. I arrived in Nairobi at 6am.(Eldoret by hii time kila mtu bado ako bed..Nairobi weh was full I tell you )
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A Twitter space hosted last night by @M_Farmaajo trolls in Kenya illustrated the deep-rooted bot and propaganda syndicate in HoA, especially the ones claiming to be the academics and elites of the region. @ahmednasirlaw, whose daughter works at @TheVillaSomalia joins the campaign
With no discernible points to score and lack of knowledge on the political dynamics of Somalia, they now tend to direct smear campaigns against foreign diplomats in Somalia particularly the key partners, @UKinSomalia, @US2SOMALIA, and @EU_in_Somalia.
As can be seen below, @ahmednasirlaw is vehemently engaging with one of the anit-western troll accounts. It's enough evidence that Ahmed shares views with these fake accounts, sentiments which could flare armed insurgency in both neighboring countries, #Kenya and #Somalia.
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Here is how to become an Insurance agent in #Kenya
Instead of engaging in self pity and wondering where to start,how about you become an insurance agent ?
It takes time to build a portfolio but with time you will break ice .
Here is How to Become an Insurance Agent in Kenya
👇 Image
Who is an An insurance agent ? An agent is a person who represents an insurance firm and sells insurance policies on its behalf.
Insurance business is regulated under the Insurance Act, Cap 487 of the Laws of Kenya.
The Insurance Act defines an insurance agent as a person who in consideration of a commission solicits or procures insurance business for an insurer or broker. The agent must not be an employee of the insurer.
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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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Monday's #Covid19 thread starts here. Still holidays around the world for many, including #UK. But here all eyes on Boris Johnson - will he, or won't he make more restrictions or even lockdown? We should know today.

I've got more hospital data in the thread, updated real time..
So let me start with #UK. I've managed to get new health data, which will be critical to the decision on new restrictions in #England

As of y'day there were 7,536 #Covid19 patients in English hospitals; up 17.1% in a week.

But 2,425 of those are in London and that's up 45.5%
Strangely, South-East & South-West areas of #England have fewer #Covid19 patients in hospital.

Occupied hospital beds by region (weekly change):

#London 2,425 +46%
#Midlands 1,345 +17%
#East 681 +16%
#NorthWest 945 +8%
#Yorkshire/NE 847 +3%
#SouthEast 803 -2%
#SouthWest 490 -5%
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#Kenya's authorities should amend measures requiring everyone seeking government services to be fully vaccinated.

Only about 10% of adults in Kenya are vaccinated.…
Over 80% of the world’s vaccines have gone to G20 countries, whereas low-income nations have received just 0.6% of all vaccines.…
The #Kenyan government should not make the Kenyan people pay for the vicious, inhuman policies of the EU, UK & other rich governments that have been blocking wider production of vaccines during a global pandemic.

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A high resolution view over the #HornOfAfrica and Nile Basins from this morning from the @NASA Worldview satellite system. #GERD #Ethiopia #Somalia #Somaliland #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Uganda
A closeup of Ethiopia's #GERD and #Sudan's Rosieres dams.
And a close up of the upper reaches of the White Nile showing Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga which are downstream from the Lake Victoria outlet of the White Nile at Jinja.
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Mr. Kenyatta’s #SOTN2021 speech was an interesting exercise in obfuscation, given how the data he presented was framed. It can certainly make for interesting course material in future communication course.

Mr. Kenyatta would point to spending plans his administration made and/or implemented, but he conveniently ignored the lethal debt mountain he’s built up since 2013. This, IMO, is the key recurring theme in #SOTN2021
The word ‘debt’ comes up twice in his #SOTN2021 speech - and only one of those actually refers to financial debt.
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The Commission in collaboration with the Ombudsman Committee Members for Kangemi and with the support of @giz_gmbh #Kenya today conducted a public forum at the Kangemi Social Hall under the Third Phase of the Ombudsman Mashinani (service at the grassroots) @bodo_immink ImageImageImageImage
Ombudsman Mashinani is an initiative of the Commission which was adopted in July 2014 to facilitate outreach in informal settlements through existing structures. ImageImageImageImage
Ombudsman Mashinani inspired by the need to reach populations who cannot afford legal representation and whose only hope of getting redress is the Ombudsman because of free services.
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Now that #COP26 is over, what lies ahead for resource-constrained, climate battered economies in #Africa? The view from @gyude_moore
“Over 60% of the continent is dependent on some form of agriculture”, he points out. Most of that is rain-fed, with minimal irrigation.

“Any climate disruption has a significant impact on livelihoods. We’re seeing a climate induced famine in Madagascar.”
Heavy spending on R&D on drought resistant seed is vital, @gyude_moore argues, and governments need to own that IP.

“If someone else has the intellectual property, it puts us at a disadvantage.”

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My fourth paper for @GI_TOC has just gone live.

It describes how guns (specifically, Type 56-1 rifles) supplied by #Iran to the #Houthis are turning up all over #Somalia.

Some highlights 👇 (thread)…
@GI_TOC field researchers documented over 400 weapons in illicit markets across #Somalia. Almost 10% of these consisted of Type 56-1 rifles believed to have originated in arms transfers from Iran to the Houthis.
The Type 56-1 rifle is a Chinese-manufactured copy of the Soviet AKMS assault rifle, first produced in 1956.

Since August 2018, thousands of Type 56-1 rifles have been seized during maritime interdictions of arms-trafficking dhows believed to have been supplying the Houthis.
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Bryden says due process of law not observed,

- Banaadir court is not federal, accused of federal crime.

- The government publicly said Sahan lied, the court said Sahan spied: indecisive
- No evidence & witnesses presented

- My lawyer not allowed to represent me #Somalia
Sahan co-founded by Bryden, was third-party monitor of donor funded police.

Flagging police brutality led to de-funding Baidoa Police.

Fahad constructed parallel security under Farmajo command: Haramcad ( Police) & Gorgor ( army) 7k recruits to Eritrea ( Duufaan from this)
My comment:
It appears #Ethiopia government, consistent with tripartite agreement, to establish centralized powers in Horn, helped arrest Robow in Baidoa & attempted to arrest Madoobe in Kismayo, the latter failed, risking confrontation between #Kenya & Ethiopia in #Somalia
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2/Thorsten Klose-Zuber , head of #climatepolicy, economy and society at ZUG, on behalf of International Climate Initiative @iki_bmu, live from the German Delegation at #COP26, highlighting that we face multiple crises, and we cannot tackle them without #nature and #ecosystems
3/ Thorsten Klose-Zuber points out the need to upscale activities in #agriculture and #landuse, and the increasing importance of #NatureBasedSolutions. Within the @iki_bmu #Ecosystem-based #Adaptation is a priority. learn more in their new factsheets…
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Thread 🪡

Yesterday, @CIJ_ICJ handed down its judgment on the #maritimeboundary between #Somalia and #Kenya. This was the first judgment since the Court’s renewal in February 2021 and Judge Donoghue’s election as President (source of all images: @CIJ_ICJ). 👩🏻‍⚖️
Kenya did not appear at the oral proceedings before the ICJ after appearing at the preliminary objections phase (link to preliminary objections judgment below). However, the ICJ could rely on its written submissions, filed before deciding not to appear.…
Somalia and Kenya had very different views on their maritime boundary. Somalia argued that there was no agreed boundary, so that the ICJ had to delimit a boundary by the 3-stage approach in use since the 2009 #BlackSea case (link below, [115]-[122]). 👩🏽‍💼…
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#BREAKING UN court gives Somalia most of sea zone claimed by Kenya: judge ImageImage
#UPDATE The UN's top court awarded #Somalia control of most of a potentially oil and gas-rich chunk of the Indian Ocean on Tuesday after a bitter legal battle with neighbouring #Kenya over their sea border Image
#BREAKING Somalia asks Kenya 'to respect international rule of law' after border verdict
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#ICJ begins delivering judgment on #Kenya-#Somalia maritime border spat.

The @UN's top court begins delivering in a bitter border dispute between Somalia & Kenya, delivering a verdict with potentially far-reaching consequences for bilateral ties & energy extraction
The International Court of Justice @CIJ_ICJ rules MOST of the disputed maritime territory in favour #Somalia

ICJ rejects #Kenya’s main argument of border parallel to latitude line after upholding Somalia argument of equidistant method of delineating maritime boundary
International Court of Justice - @CIJ_ICJ: Somalia border claim will not result in a 'serious' cut-off effect to Kenya's resources
#Kenya #Somalia #Verdict #BreakingNews
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💰 More than a dozen heads of state and government have amassed millions in secret offshore assets, a new investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reveals.

FRANCE 24's Marios Sofos has more on the so-called #PandoraPapers ⤵️
#PandoraPapers: 🇰🇪 #Kenya's President Uhuru #Kenyatta and his family have for decades shielded wealth from public scrutiny through a network of offshore companies and foundations.

@NRushworth has the details ⤵️
@NRushworth Some 35 current and former leaders are featured in the #PandoraPapers, including 🇺🇦 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Our correspondent @gullivercragg explains ⤵️

Read more here ➡️
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The Commission Set to Train Journalists to Commemorate Universal Access to Information Day
The Commission will join the world in commemorating the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) on Tuesday 28th September 2021. The theme for IDUAI 2021, is ‘The Right to Know – Building Back Better with Access to Information’.
The Day will highlight the importance of expanding access to information laws, and their implementation worldwide to build back strong institutions for sustainable development and to uphold the vision of information as a public good,
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Sources tell @GaroweOnline that Prime Minister @MohamedHRoble will soon depart the country heading to #Egypt on a state visit. The PM has recently returned to the county after a three-day official visit to #Kenya. #Somalia Image
Given the fact that the dispute over Somaliland electoral committee remains unsolved, and Prime Minister @MohamedHRoble's continued overseas trips, do you think he's a potential presidential candidate on a campaign? #Somalia
BREAKING: Prime Minister @MohamedHRoble is leaving for Egypt today. Prime Minister Roble has received an official invitation from the President of Egypt @AlsisiOfficial #Somalia
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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Thread on How #China is luring Nations into #DebtTrap.
Belt and Road Initiative - dubbed the "project of the century" by President Xi Jinping is nothing but China's ambitions plan of using "predatory loans" and "debt traps" to bring nations' under their sphere of influence
#Montenegro: 270-mile state of the art highway in Serbian capital Belgrade stands incomplete even after 6 six years. Govt can't afford to repay the first installment of China's $1 bn loan and its feared China could seize land in Montenegro to cash in its debts.
#Kenya : The Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya was halted in 2019 after China withheld funding. Kenya is now said to owe a whopping $9 billion to Beijing in infrastructure loans - and authorities have downplayed suggestions that the Communists could seize the port of Mombasa.
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1/X - So #Pakistan is under review for "downgrade" to Frontier index. Personally I think it would be a good move. At 2bps of MSCI EM it will continue to be ignored. A few observations on MSCI Frontier Index and its use:
#EmergingMarkets #FrontierMarkets
2/X - There is a structural flaw in the algorithm deciding country weights. As opposed to MSCI EM where 50% free float is required, in FM index a mere 7,5% free-float is required. Not a brilliant idea as it gives a higher weight to "zombie markets" with zero liquidity.
3/X - It is ridiculous that #Bangladesh with >150 musd a day has 1/3 of the weight of #Kenya with 6 musd.
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Beyond thrilled to have been awarded a *renewal* for my @NIH_LRP award!!!!!! Story time (on #privilege and #perseverance)

#medtwitter #academictwitter #blackinSTEM 1/
As a first-generation #Kenyan American, raised in #Kenya and very much an #African child (if you know you know), a #doctor is very much what I was going to be from the time I was born. 😋 (thankfully, also a marrying of my love of science and taking care of people!) 2/
So it was to my parents’ incredible delight when I got accepted to #medicalschool, never having... basically... known someone who had done so, in the US anyway. #firstgen #firstgeneration (yes, this story has a comical peak, wait for it...) 3/
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