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1. A thread analysis of #Argentina-#China relations through our previous reports, reports from our on-ground reporters, and SM influencers.

Argentina already has a base operated by the #Chinese military in the province of #Neuquén. Image
2. Now plans to add a port for #Beijing in the #RíoGrande, on the continent's southern tip.

The location of Rio Grande is of extreme strategic importance and crucial for the world in general. Image
3. Since 2018, #Chinese fishing vessels have spent 1 million hours fishing between #Argentina’s maritime border and the high seas, yet spent 600,000 hours ‘in the #dark,’ suspected of illegal fishing within #Argentine waters in the South Atlantic.
Report:… Image
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1. We have come out with our grand report titled :

"The BRI Status: A Grand Report" on Its Present and Future.

Here is a thread on the same.
#BRI #China


@ShawnG927 @jenny_kjacobs @tiffanymeier_ @NoCCPGenocide @UMM1776 The status of the Belt and ...
2. "The #BRI Status: A Grand Report on Its Present and Future" sheds light on numerous challenges faced by BRI like:
cost overruns,
environmental damage,
funding issues,
repeated delays,
lack of progress,
and poor quality of development.
@Santos4Congress Image
3. According to our investigation, 62.8% of the countries that have joined the #BRI are #developing countries, while around 17% are #developed countries.

This suggests that the BRI is primarily focused on developing countries.
@GundamNorthrop @Byron_Wan Image
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📈 Here are some key insights from Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd's unaudited quarterly group results:

1/6 @StanChartKE Limited has been experiencing consistent growth in loans and advances to customers, and total assets. Image
Loans & Advances to Customers
Loans and Advances to Customers have been volatile over the years, with fluctuations from Ksh117.56 billion in Q1:2019 to Ksh128.09 billion in Q1:2022.
However, the bank grew its Loans and Advance to Customers to Ksh137.11 billion in Q1 of 2023,…… Image
@StanChartKE Limited's assets have been on a growth trajectory, increasing from Ksh301.37 billion in Q1:2019 to Ksh388.64 billion in Q1 of 2023. Image
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Licha ya cha changamoto nyingi zilizozikumba uchumi wa Dunia Nchi nyingi za Africa zimeonyesha ustahimilivu katika ukuaji wake.E.g #Tanzania 4.6%, #Kenya 5.2% ,#DRC 8.6% n.k kwa 2022. Pongezi za Dhati kwa @mofURT @BankOfTanzania @mwigulunchemba1. Image
Uchumi wa Sub-Saharan Africa unatagemewa kushuka kufikia 3.1% in 2023 kutoka 3.6% in 2022 (IMF forecasts) kama ikishindwa kuwa 'resilient' kutokana na persistent sluggishness of the global economy na kutegemewa kupanda tena kufikia 3.7% ,3.9% kwa 2024,2025 respectively.
Kupanda huko kunategemewa kuletwa na ongezeko chanya katika uchumi wa Dunia baadaye mwaka huu huku #India na #China zikitarajiwa kuwa chanzo kikuu cha ukuaji wa nusu wa uchumi wa Dunia zikitarajiwa kukua kwa 5.4%( India) na 5.2% (China).
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Today is #WorldMalariaDay.

#Malaria is transmitted through the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes 🦟. Nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria.

Here are 4 things you need to know about malaria ⬇️
The most common #malaria symptoms are:

🦟 Fever,
🦟 Chills,
🦟 Weakness,
🦟 Other flu-like symptoms.

Contact a healthcare professional if you are living in a malaria-affected area & experience these symptoms🔗 #WorldMalariaDay Image
#Malaria is PREVENTABLE. Lower the risk of getting malaria by using

✅ Mosquito nets,
✅ Mosquito repellents,
✅ Antimalarial medicines.

And don't forget to wear protective clothing. More about other preventive measures 👉 #WorldMalariaDay Image
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Long Thread:

China's “Pearl of Strings" Vs Bharat's “Diamond Necklace"!

Modern day wars are not to conquer Land Parcels, but to control Trade & Economies!

#China was lucky to be given a Free Hand by #UPA govt of CONgress which literally slept over Strategic Issues.

#China increased it's presence in Indian Ocean rampantly till 2014 through its Debt Trap Diplomacy to suit it's #StringsOfPearls strategy to contain Bharat's hold in Indian Ocean.

It created a ring around Bharat through strategically placed Nations.

How was it being done?

Via debt-trap policy! China lured strategically located nations around #Bharat to borrow Infra Loans. Once indebted, #China pressurized them to support its Geostrategic interests. This way, China got Control over Chittagong
(Bangladesh),Karachi &Gwadar Port(Pakistan) and...

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Recent events suggest changing geopolitical environment.

America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. — Kissinger

This kissiger statement is not applicable to america only which can be seen in recent events.

#USA #America
1) 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia enters trade alliance with China, Russia, Pakistan, and four Central Asian nations to step further away from reliance on the US dollar.
2) Association of Southeast Asian Nations considers dropping the US dollar, euro, yen, and British pound for local #Dollar
3) 🇨🇳 China and France complete first LNG gas trade using Chinese Yuan.

4) 🇨🇳 China and Brazil to settle trades in their own currencies.

5) (BRICS) looking for new currency.

6) 🇰🇪 Kenya signs deal with Saudi Arabia and UAE to buy oil with own currency.
#Dollar #Fed
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Tra i partner #PontesulloStretto c'è il #CMC col 13%...una Coop Muratori e Cementisti Arl che nel 2012 ottiene un appalto col #Pentagono per 16+ milioni$ ma poi finisce in concordato preventivo nel 2019..ha un debito di 2 miliardi EUR di cui 1/3 legato a 2 bond con varie #badbank
#Kenya Le autorità chiesero mandati d arresto internazionale per #CMC, l'appaltatore in bancarotta assunto per costruire 2 dighe #Arror-#Kimwarer
Nulla era stato fatto nonostante avesse vinto l'appalto 5 anni prima e 19 miliardi scellini pagati dal Tesoro…
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Day 388 of the war. The day after the International Criminal Court indicted Putin with a war crime.

Welcome to Saturday's thread with all the news concerning #Ukraine's defence against #Russia's aggression & invasion.

Updated throughout the day so come back and check regularly!
Well Friday was an historic day as the current President of a permanent member of the UN Security Council was charged with a war crime. It will be the first of many.

To read more about that & all yesterday's news about #Russia's was on #Ukraine, click⬇️

#Russia attacked again last night, sending 16 attack drones to #Ukraine.

Air defence in Ukraine destroyed 11 of the Iranian made Shahid UAVs, which were launched simultaneously from the Sea of Azov and Bryansk.

But there was damage from the others.
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1. Disclosure: I am on record as having said Statecraft is very hard. So critique of #Eritrea prez is within context of “statecraft is hard, but he makes it harder.” Let’s discuss today’s show (not interview) whose topics covered role of investment, including FDI, in economy.
2. Of the many levers used for economic development and which ones to prioritize, choosing is hard because everything is a priority in subsistence economies. Economics not being a hard science (and even its social science status being questionable) it’s a lot of trial and error.
3. In #Eritrea, it’s all trial and all error because this not-really-a-science field (economics) is at the mercy of another not-really-a-science field (politics) which, being authoritarian cronyism, is less capable of auto-correcting. For example:
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Just IN: Somali-Dane Indicted for Forcibly Circumcising And Selling His 12-Year-Old Daughter As Sex Slave In #Kenya And #Somalia!

#Denmark: A 44-year-old Somali-Dane has been indicted by a Danish court for selling his 12-year-old daughter into sexual slavery in Kenya and Somalia ImageImage
and forcibly circumcising her.
The trial against the 44-year-old, who was arrested in January of 2022, began this week on Tuesday at a Danish court and is related to allegations that the man abused his daughter and his son in Africa between June 2017 and December 2021.
indictment claims that the 44-year-old took his two children, aged nine and 12, from their home in the Odense district of Vollsmose to Africa where both were subjected to Muslim “re-education” with the aid of family members.
The girl was forcibly subjected to #FGM by her own
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1. I decided today to find out about the #BBCDocumentary about #NarendraModiG and what would have transpired to come up with such a documentary before 2024 elections. Read this thread on my findings and usual villain behind it.
2. The series producer of the #BBCdocumentary was @richardhcookson

He has previously worked on various projects like "#China : A new World Order" on how China is shaping the world order.

Credit : @IMDb
3. #RichardCookson has locked his Twitter profile before release of series, for the reasons best known to him!!
@anikghosh @BanCheneProduct @periwinkle_67
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#Wikileaks has published online hitherto secret files, including a number that touch on #Kenya’s historical events and leading political leaders. 👇🏽
“Kenya Imanyara Threat” -…
“Kenya Renditions and Raila Odinga MoU 2007” -…
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🇮🇱⚡️An Israeli company named "Team Jorge" has been accused by international investigative journalists, including Spiegel, Zeit, and ZDF, of manipulating elections worldwide for payment.
#elections #fraud #hacking #fakenews #kenya #nigeria #israel #usa
The company, which is made up of former military personnel & agents, allegedly employs hacking methods & fake news to achieve its clients' objectives in both politics and business.

Secretly recorded conversations, totaling 6 hours, were used as the basis for these claims.
According to reports, the team has interfered in 33 national elections and votes, with 27 successful outcomes, including in Kenya and Nigeria. The company denies interference in U.S. politics and avoids any actions against Russia or Israel.
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WHOA: Team of Israeli ex-spies boast of manipulating 33 elections w/ #hacking & #bots.

Tricked into demoing #telegram hacking & bot army to undercover investigators.

By @skirchy @manisha_bot @davidtpegg @carolecadwalla & @burke_jason… ImageImageImageImage
2/ “After you’ve created credibility, what do you do? Then you can manipulate"

Good to see @Meta take action on these accounts.

Honestly though we are at the absolute tip of the iceberg. ImageImage
3/ Here he is demoing access to the #Gmail of a purported key political insider in #Kenya just days before the election.

This tech & tactics is kerosene on the flames of democracy. Image
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Le 9 février 2023, une réunion des chefs d’Etat-Major des États de @jumuiya, y compris ceux du #Rwanda et #Ouganda, s’est tenu à #Nairobi.

Les 3résolutions de cette réunion révèlent à quel point @fatshi13_ est incapable de se ressaisir et poser des actions attendues de lui. 1/9
1. Alors que les FARDC repoussent le M23 et gagnent du terrain en territoire de Masisi, les autorités Congolaises acceptent l’imposition d’un nouveau cessez-le-feu immédiat.

Cela décourage les militaires engagés au front et donne du temps précieux de réorganisation au M23. 2/9
2. Les autorités Congolaises ont accordé que les armées du #Kenya 🇰🇪 , #Ouganda🇺🇬 , #Burundi 🇧🇮 et #SudSoudan 🇸🇸 se partagent le contrôle des entités Congolaises en territoires de #Rutshuru, #Masisi et #Nyiragongo dans la perspective du retrait du M23. 3/9
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How ISLAMIZATION occurs when
there are sufficient MUSLIMS in a country.... #Thread

When culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable'
Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under
the table. Here's how it works...👇🏻👇🏻 Image
📍 As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will
be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.

(#UnitedStates --1.0%; #Australia --1.5%; #Canada --1.9%; #China --1%-2%; #Italy --1.5%;
#Norway --1.8%)
📍 At 2% and 3% Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

(#Denmark --2%;
#Germany --3.7%; #UnitedKingdom --2.7%; #Spain --4%; #Thailand --4.6%)
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Today is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

FGM is an extreme form of discrimination against women, violates #HumanRights, and causes serious health harms.

It must be prevented: #EndFGM!

👉 Three hands are raised in front of a red background.
At least 2⃣0⃣0⃣ MILLION women & girls alive today have experienced female genital mutilation (FGM).

Immediate complications of FGM include:
♦️ excessive bleeding
♦️ severe pain
♦️ problems urinating
♦️ infections
♦️ death


#EndFGM Illustrations highlighting the immediate risks of FGM: -Exce
Women & girls living with female genital mutilation can face serious & lifelong threats to their health & well-being, including:
♦️ psychological trauma
♦️ sexual problems
♦️ recurrent infections
♦️ complications during childbirth
♦️ other chronic health issues

Let's #EndFGM A woman is seen from the back. She is sitting on a bed. Anot
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👉 NEW -- Imran Khan: ‘West gains from corruption’

by @pmillerinfo

Western nations are benefiting from corruption across Asia, the ousted prime minister of #Pakistan has said in a brave new documentary: Behind Closed Doors…
👉 @ImranKhanPTI says of the UK authorities in the new film:

“They are benefiting from billions of dollars which flow into their properties and their businesses stolen from this country.”

He opens up about trying to stop “this plunder of the poor countries” by corrupt elites.
👉 The film also features a possible coup by BP in #Azerbaijan.

Emin Huseynov, a journalist who fled fearing for his life, says -- “The political opposition has always said BP was responsible for the [1993] coup, they brought Heydar Aliyev to power.”…
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Dear Kenyans. 876,416 kids took the #KCSE2022. Only 173,345 of them attained the passing grade of C+ and above. Do we realize that this is a 19.8% pass rate? Do we further realize that the KCSE is actually a basic exam testing the most basic of concepts a child... 1/n
should understand in order to be a productive member of our society? Do we realize that the pass rate has not been higher than 30% in decades? Do we see that this means that we have been undereducating 70-80% of our population for decades? 2/n
Do we see the problem here or understand that our pass rate should be 60+% because the only real resource we have in this country is people and every person who is not adequately equipped to understand the working of life or innovate is a person we have probably...3/n
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1. #China has been involved in illegal fishing in #EEZ of over 80 countries with over 10 million hrs of fishing.

This is a mega report and tweet thread on #Chinese illegal fishing in world's oceans and its impacts.

Read/download the complete report:…
2. The #Chinese fleet is often found guilty of #overfishing,
killing protected species,
falsifying licenses and docs,
seizing territories &
producing tons of sea #waste.

Read/download the complete report:…

3. IUU: #China has been consistently ranked num. 1 on various parameters of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) rankings.

According to the IUU rankings report 2021, over 60% of its vessels are involved in IUU fishing worldwide.

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Top 20 Largest Economies (GDP) in Africa, 2022 🌍📈
1. Nigeria 🇳🇬 - $555.346 billion (27th Globally)🇳🇬👌💪
2. Egypt 🇪🇬 - $438.348 billion (33rd Globally)
3. South Africa 🇿🇦 - $435.212 billion (34th Globally)
🌐Source: CEOWORLD Magazine 2022
4. Algeria 🇩🇿 - $168.195 billion (58th Globally)

5. Morocco 🇲🇦 - $132.645 billion (60th Globally)

6. Kenya 🇰🇪 - $116.641 billion (62nd Globally)

7. Ethiopia 🇪🇹 - $93.970 billion (66th Globally)

🌐Source: CEOWORLD Magazine 2022

#nigeria #africa #kenya #southafrica #egypt
8. Ghana 🇬🇭 - $82.018 billion (71st Globally)

9. Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 - $75.075 billion (72nd Globally)

10. Angola 🇦🇴 - $74.953 billion (73rd Globally)

11. Tanzania 🇹🇿 - $74.536 billion (74th Globally)

🌐Source: CEOWORLD Magazine 2022

#nigeria #africa #kenya #southafrica #egypt
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