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1. Tomorrow on radio I will share the letters exchanged between me and the prime minister of Pakistan. In the hour of desperate need I reached out in the hopes that some sort of leadership could be found to help us do the impossible. @ImranKhanPTI Con’t
2. We reached out and asked numerous leaders in political and civil society around the world for help. The silence was shocking as was the outpouring help on a humanitarian basis. Some calls and requests received a simple yes or no, some went unanswered but …. CON’T
3. we received an immediate response to our requests from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan who then acted on his willingness to assist.Collectively, we transcended religious differences, political divides, national boundaries and local dynamics - it was about a humanitarian
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#tvasahi #サッカー #soccer(2021/09/02/18:45~) NA枠スポンサー提供クレジット
UQ mobileまで読み上げあり
#tvasahi #サッカー #soccer(2021/09/02/18:45~) NB枠スポンサー提供クレジット
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⚽️You've probably heard "#ItsComingHome!" being thrown around recently by English football fans in the lead up to Monday's @EURO2020 Grand Final between England and Italy.

Our experts discuss the #grandfinal, #sportsscience and #soccer's role in culture and society. A thread.
“The grand final will reinforce the idea that Aus is being left behind. The game will provide us with a glimpse of what the #postpandemic world sport will look like: vaccinated populations going back to life as usual." Dr Steve Georgakis. @Bizani
“Soccer is a very popular sport in Australia, with over 1 million adults and just under 700,000 kids under 14 in Australia playing it. Women and girls comprise 30% of soccer players in Australia." Dr Lindsey Reece. @LindseyReece28 #WomensSport
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(1/5) Can a #soccer friend (player, coach, parent) explain why the word “#unlucky” is used in the game, especially with young impressionable minds?

I have a couple of issues with it...
(2/5) “Unlucky” is the false sense that something other than the player had something to do with the undesired outcome. There could be a whole list of reasons for the outcome, none of which have to do with #luck.
(3/5) Saying “unlucky” when something doesn’t go your way implies that when things do, you’re “LUCKY.” Luck means it had nothing to do with #hardwork & #preparation. I don’t say “unlucky” when it doesn’t go your way.
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Es diciembre y siempre es bueno recordar los Campeonatos que ganaron nuestras @Chivas . Un like y armo un hilo de cómo se vivió esa final en #Guadalajara y en #Toluca . @Historia_Chivas #chivas #volverteaver
Pues a darle que ya hace frio. Como antecedente @Chivas llegaba en el lugar 3 del grupo 1 y lugar 8 de la tabla con 26 puntos, 26 goles a favor y 18 goles en contra para dar a una diferencia de mas +8.
Su primer rival era el @ClubTiburones , que llegaba al encuentro con la misma cantidad de puntos (26) pero con diferencia de -5. Esto hizo que la ida fuera en #Veracruz y el regreso en #Guadalajara.
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From #Parler. Birds of a feather. One gang of thugs admires another. And yet US sports teams wear the the thug logo. Or have they stopped?
Okay, New Zealand. But what about the USA, besides the women’s soccer team?…
I see. Supporting thugs who support thugs is “not political.” It’s “human decency.” A not-so-rare glimpse into the minds of “woke Progressives.”
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(1/9) This #COVID__19 crisis is accompanied by surprising lack of #commonsense & knowledge with statements making no sense at all. Detrimental for confidence of the public in #scientific #research. Put in a few simple words in this thread. #coronavirus #Corona Image
(2/9) Number 1: Contradicting statement: many experts doubt role of #aerosols in #covid_19 mass infection but advise to apply good #ventilation. Contradictio in terminis. Ventilation ONLY affects the #aerosol route, nothing else...
#COVID19 #coronavirus #Corona #nonsense
(3/9) Number 2: Wrong statement: "#Contact #sports #outside are ok but not #inside". Inside vs outside in terms of contact makes no difference, this only affects #aerosols. Simple: if you #spit in face of other person you can infect him/her equally in/outside. #football #soccer Image
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Positive #transformations are always great to see as an end product. The journey to a transformation however is almost always hidden. On the first day of #phd #gradschool in @umasschemengg, I introduced myself by saying....contd.

....I came to the US for the ‘#science’ and ‘#fitness’ industry that is known to be the best in the world. Everyone got a good laugh 😂 out of it. However, I wasn’t kidding at all 😈! I always had this vision of a scientist 👨🏾‍🔬who is also ripped to the core physically 💪🏾.
In that pursuit, I reached my best physique towards the end of year 2 of my #PhD when I also got #married 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 to @priyankaitkar9. I was still not quite there with the #science. Today, 4 years later, I am successfully @PhDone2020 and getting close to the best shape of my life!
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THREAD: I used data to find #Spurs a capable backup to Harry #Kane
Constraints: Under 27 (enabling 3+ years of playing + potential re-selling), under £25m (Daniel Levy) & minimum of 900 minutes in his last season.

Two options:
1. A well-built strong forward to lead the line alone
2. An agile forward to press & play multiple roles as required.
Playstyle: I looked for strikers who brought a capable mix of pitching in with goals both when starting & off the bench and ability to feed others to score goals. This is important given Spurs' recent playstyle and reliance on wingers to score (Son, Lucas, Bergwijn).
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How governments and conglomerates coerce populations by creating a crisis and perpetuating it
You may like to read… I have also pinned the post @JillGore8 @inmydumpster @MariusMihu32 @xpressanny @Intuitive1966 feel free to share and use any of the links etc.
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Hi everyone, here is the link to our private facebook support group “Inside The Box” if you’d like to join

✅ This is purely for the mental side of the game (no training videos / match footage will be posted)… Image
🙌 We’ve got a great community already of ex pros / pro goalkeeper coaches, young aspiring goalkeepers, parents, older goalkeepers all sharing their experiences of the mental side of the game

We lose far too many players because of the stress / anxiety the position places on us
The whole point of this group is to hopefully reduce the number of players we lose due to those reasons by having a safe place to seek support

With the right guidance and support, no player should feel like they need to walk away, no matter what the level they play.
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Os dejo una explicación del cuadro de mando y la info que hay y que cosas se pueden analizar. Está en un servidor gratuito por lo que a veces se cae pero no desespereis, a caballo regalado...

#bigdata #soccer #Analytics #Futbol

Os cuento:
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#Covid_19 #Soccer #Corruption #MoneyLaundering
Stir in the soccer world (another sports hub with dirty business)!
Considered best soccer player, Brazilian Ronaldinho (ex-FC Barcelona), arrested in Paraguay, money-laundering, fake passport:…
Real Madrid (renowned Spanish soccer-club) dead from Covid-19!…
@Marcela51102751 who is Dalia Lopez? You read Spanish and know of "the games" that area (South America).
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(1/4) Have you published recent #research relating to #soccer/#football (e.g. exercise physiology, training, nutrition, psychology, bio-mechanics, etc.). Interested in translating your work to the 🇨🇦 ⚽️community?
(2/4) Each quarter I produce and #disseminate Touchline: the quarterly #research newsletter for the @CanadaSoccerEN containing soccer related abstracts and an invited commentary. Image
(3/4) Snip-it of a previous invited commentary (instructions for authors: up to 1,000 words, 15 references). Thanks @MattMontesano5 ! Image
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🙋🏻‍♀️Good morning from #Miami City Commish taking up the billion-$ #soccer & #commerce complex at Mel Reese.
On the table:
* no-bid lease agreement
* stopping all talks & putting it all out for bids
* Mayor’s request to delay
* any unexpected twist
@WPLGLocal10 stay tuned!⚽️ ImageImage
Gist of public comments so far:
Pro: “voters approved negotiations”, “...good revenue source”, “world-class #MLS soccer & park space”
Con: voters were “bamboozled”, “save the green space”, “no-bid sell-out to special interests”
@WPLGLocal10 #MiamiFreedomPark
#Miami Freedom Park people came to make presentation.
Commish Manolo Reyes (a “no” vote):“We don’t need a presentation...we’ve heard it all...”
Reyes says he is not vs soccer or project; but is opposed to circumvented process & vote swayed by deep-pocket campaign
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Thank you #USA for standing in solidarity with #HongKong 🇺🇸🇭🇰

#FreedomOfSpeech is an universal value, encompassing morality, dignity & human endeavour.

#FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong
#antitotalitarianism #antichinazi #nba #standwithmorey
“Your #beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your #values become your destiny.”

#Freedom is not free.
#HongKong will keep fighting for it! ImageImageImage
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🇺🇸 #FIFAWWC/ El #FutbolFemenino estadounidense se le planta a #Trump de la mano de @mPinoe, quien dice: "No voy a ir a la maldita Casa Blanca. No, no voy a ir a la Casa Blanca. No vamos a ser invitadas, lo dudo"

#EEUU #Rapinoe #soccer #WorldCup
#Trump no se calló y hoy le respondió: "Megan debe ganar primero antes de hablar. Aún no hemos invitado a Megan o al equipo, pero estoy invitándolas ahora. Megan nunca debe faltar al respeto a nuestro país, la Casa Blanca o nuestra bandera
La pelea viene de antes, cuando #Trump le dijo que no era apropiado que no cantase el himno, quien no lo hacía como protesta contra la brutalidad y el racismo policial. Primero se arrodillaba, como Colin Kaepernick, pero frente a una regla que lo prohibió, cambio al silencio. Image
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🇲🇽🦊Abrimos hilo sobre el Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, el club de la frontera que derriba muros y que lucha por cambiar la imagen de una ciudad estigmatizada.

#JauríaXSiempre #Tijuana #futbolmexicano #Mexico #frontera #EEUU Image
#Tijuana es una ciudad de Baja California que se ubica justamente al sur de la frontera con Estados Unidos, donde se encuentra la ciudad de San Diego. 🏟️Su estadio, el Estadio Caliente, se ubica muy cerca de la frontera que divide a los dos paises. Image
En esa zona los países están divididos por vallas de seguridad creadas en 1994 por Bill Clinton, bajo el programa de lucha contra la inmigración ilegal conocido como Operación Guardián. Ahora #Trump va por más y buscar cerrar completamente las fronteras con Mexico. ImageImageImageImage
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♻️Forest Green Rovers: Abrimos hilo de "El club de fútbol más verde del mundo" a raiz del #diadelmedioambiente que fue este 5 de junio.

#Fútbol #soccer #sustentabilidad #verde #medioambiente #ForestFriday Image
El @FGR_FC es un equipo de la quinta división inglesa que nace en octubre de 1889 en un pueblito de Inglaterra llamado Nailsworth. Sin embargo, recien en 2010 toman la decisión de virar hacia la idea de un fútbol sustentable. ImageImageImageImage
Como dijimos, el club queda en un pueblito del suroeste de Inglaterra, en uno de los valles de Stroud en las Cotswolds. Tiene apenas 6000 habitantes y en el pasado era reconocido por la cantidad de molinos que poseia. ImageImageImageImage
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.@realsportshbo revealed another ugly aspect to @NFL concussion story: Under existing terms of settlement with @NFLPA, board administering funds has denied most claims & major diagnoses such as behavioral issues & depression are not even covered. #labor #publichealth #oligarchy
.@nfl claims that many applications r fraudulent. Of course, people should defer to the league, since it's an expert in fraud. It misled its labor force for years about dangers of the sport & it has misled municipal governments into subsidizing its stadiums #GameRecognizesGame
This story represents almost everything wrong in #USA. #Oligarchy begrudges slimmest slices of pie to #labor, & we the #Idiocracy buy billionaires' merchandise made by more oppressed workers elsewhere & use $ from public treasuries to replace functioning stadiums for those with
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