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happy Thursday, all. this here is my first-ever twitter-thread-conference-presentation: “Giving Voice to the Public Domain in a Crowdsourced Creation/Curation Community.” I'll be sharing some history and thoughts on the awesome global community that is @librivox. #HCTwitterConf19
@librivox I joined @librivox partly because I love reading aloud + so I could study the instructional and community-building writing happening among volunteers there. I'm interested in digitization, circulation, the commons, and how we negotiate rules for these things. #HCTwitterConf19 2/
LibriVox (LV for short) is an all-volunteer project that helps people record free audiobooks. LVers build and support their project collaboratively by adopting/adapting digital tools like podcasting, wikis, forums, blogs, databases--and recently, even Twitch! #HCTwitterConf19 3/
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1. Hi all, and thanks #HCTwitterConf19 for having me and to all who presented before me! I'm Daniella Gáti, a PhD candidate at Brandeis. I work on contemporary American literature and culture. My thread today is entitled “#LitCrit: Literature and Critique in the Age of Twitter.”
2 #HCTwitterConf19 Obs 1: culture is much more textual today than ever before. Hanging out with friends, business interactions and dating lives all take place primarily in text! That is: we read more than ever before. LitCrit hasn't really tried to account for this phenomenon.
3 #HCTwitterConf19 Obs 2: But the form of reading has changed dramatically. Social media posts, clickbaits, dating apps (+TwitterConf!) make reading much more fragmented/SEGmented into little bits/chunks/snippets. LitCrit has no terms for these texts and this new way of reading.
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(01/42) Glad to be a part of #HCTwitterConf19 today! Hi, I'm Sherri Helwig - @CanadianAAAE President, faculty at the University of Toronto Scarborough @UTSC @UofT and Queen's University @queensu - here to expound a bit about better connecting academia and practice in my field.
(02/42) My field is arts management (aka arts admin, cultural mgt, etc.), a relatively young area of study about work that was "professionalized" only in the last 3/4 century or so - though I suspect and hope the ideas here are relevant and applicable in many areas of #HigherEd.
(03/42) In other professional disciplines (#law, #medicine) there is a rich tradition of sharing innovations across the divide. In #business there are academic journals, practice-based materials, & important resources that span them like The Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz.
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[01] Good afternoon. My name is Philip R. Burns, better known as Pib. I am a developer in Research Computing Services at Northwestern University. I’ve been here since 1974. Today I am going to speak about the Earlyprint Library project. #HCTwitterConf19
[02] EarlyPrint Library aims to create a free public deduplicated digital library of English books published before 1700. Each entry aims to be a digital “combo” with a good transcription, quality page images, and consistent bibliographic and word-level metadata. #HCTwitterConf19
[03] The current texts are enriched and partially corrected versions of works transcribed by the Text Creation Partnership (TCP) and released into the public domain. We created custom Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) versions from the SGML originals. #HCTwitterConf19
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Thank you, @annetiquate & @caitduffy49 for the opportunity to speak today and to all of you who are participating. I'll be talking about the role of Twitter and social media in humanities knowledge production and how they've influenced my work. #HCTwitterConf19
I often say I owe my entire career to Twitter. And that's true - though I'm super conscious of my reliance on a third-party platform with a dubious track record on social justice. #HCTwitterConf19
Twitter has been a space of connection and intellectual community that I've never been able to find consistently anywhere else - ever. #HCTwitterConf19
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Hi, everyone! I'm DeeDee Baldwin, the History Research Librarian at @msu_libraries. Feel free to get in touch at or follow me here on Twitter. #HCTwitterConf19
@msu_libraries My presentation today is about an ongoing research project and website called "Against All Odds: Mississippi's First Black Legislators." The site is available at: #HCTwitterConf19
@msu_libraries The roots of this project go back to 2015 when I was photographing a nearby African American cemetery in Macon, Mississippi. It's a hobby of mine, taking photos for @FindaGrave and @BillionGraves. #HCTwitterConf19
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Hello. I’m Patrick McEvoy-Halston. I’m a scholar, a helper, in a community of scholars, friends, helpers. My topic, academia’s lost sheep, and HC. #HCTwitterConf19
Some, tenure, others, scramble—but, still, professional: all that work, still for their cause. Others? Are they lost sheep? Meant to know they count, only in way which doesn’t reckon them? Ease minds, help sleep, by showing age not selfish; also has shows of loss?#HCTwitterConf19
Sensing stigma, do they create false self? Pretend that they weren’t on path of passion—or were, but young!—but towards career, applying skills, that found ample remedy on alt. path—more lucrative, btw. #HCTwitterConf19…
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“Humanities Commons as the Map of an (Evolving) Academic Career” by @adlewis, Instructor for @MCPHS_HCB @MCPHS #HCTwitterConf19

Thanks to @annetiquate @caitduffy49 & @humcommons for this opportunity! Title image
@MCPHS_HCB @MCPHS @annetiquate @caitduffy49 @humcommons Hello! My name is A. David Lewis, and I’m an instructor at @mcphs in Boston, MA. On @humcommons, I am @religioncomics – and that’s part of the problem…… #HCTwitterConf19 My page on HC
@MCPHS_HCB @MCPHS @annetiquate @caitduffy49 @humcommons @religioncomics That is, I do work in religion and comics (aka #GraphicReligion), and the group of scholars that I co-founded,, has its own Twitter account…which is @religioncomics. Same as my HC name. #HCTwitterConf19
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Hi - thanks to @caitduffy49 & @annetiquate for organizing #HCTwitterConf19 & for including me. I'm a Prof @EGLStonyBrook, affiliated w/ @sbuhistory. This morning I'm going to show off the HC sites for 2 books, 1 just published and 1 just started. 1/13
Thru this self-promotional exhibition, I'll highlight 2 WordPress plugins, Zotpress & @TimelineJS. I hope to demo how an HC site can not only complement but also amplify a book-project, in this case through interactive bibliographies and displays. 2/13
#HCTwitterConf19 Screenshots from the wordpress plugin pages.
Allegories of Encounter: Colonial Literacy and Indian Captivities, published Jan '19 by @uncpressblog and @oieahc, is about literacy practices in colonial captivity narratives, & about "reception allegories": the story you're reading is also about you. 3/13 #HCTwitterConf19 Cover of Allegories of Encounter: Colonial Literacy and Indian Captivities, depicting a detail from the New England Primer woodcut alphabet, and a detail an illustration from a history of King Phillips War featuring Mary Rowlandson in a canoe with her captors.
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1. Hi! I'm a doctoral candidate in English at EmoryU. I'm currently writing my thesis on the object-memory interactions in #Partition Literature of India. I'll be talking about how to use @humcommons to Teach. #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 2. Using DH to teach: My students maintained a blog where they wrote in multiple genres & worked on multimodal projects. See: & #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 3. There was an excitement in class since there were no traditional research papers that most dreaded in this required course. They could experiment with their voice when writing for a more diverse audience. #HCTwitterConf19
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Hello, Twitterverse. I am a doctoral student at Stony Brook University by day, (trying to be) a digital illustrator by night, and today I am presenting in the #HCTwitterConf19! This is my first attempt to present something via tweets, so erm, you know—forgive the lack of (1)
structure. I have been told by the organizers that there’s no wrong way to do a Twitter Conference, so unlike what I tend to do in traditional modes, this one will be more about discussing the possibilities of a digital portfolio than a straight-up analysis or argument. (2)
In this presentation, I wanted to touch upon how, for the past year, I have been using my Humanities Commons Blog to gradually build a digital footprint. When I initially started my HCommons blog, it was supposed to be the home for my resume (3)
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1. Welcome to the 1st presentation of today’s #HCTwitterConf19 #NoPressure I'm @louoboyle & I'm asking WHY SHOULD I BOTHER? Provoking & reflecting on why #MakingConnections is increasingly crucial to all facets of our practices, thinking & futures within & beyond HE @HumCommons
@humcommons 2. #SetTheScene #WorkLife
To-do lists can seem to get ever longer & the timescales to complete even shorter. Mindful that #Wellbeing #SelfCare are always priority, why spend time engaging with communities like @HumCommons online?
@humcommons 2a. (further reading)
Doing More with Less? Work and Wellbeing in Academics…
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