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On #WorldContraceptionDay, find out your contraceptive options

Do I need a medical examination before starting a contraceptive method?


Today is #WorldContraceptionDay

Do I need to wait for a specific time of the month before starting with my contraception of choice?

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Ich wuchs in einem #sexpositiv​en Elternhaus auf, d. h. „#Sex“ wurde thematisiert, aber nur als heterosexueller Koitus, nie und nimmer #Selbstbefriedigung. Dennoch hatte ich als junge Frau Glück, dass meine Mutter eine Ausgabe des #HiteReport besaß, der mich die Basics lehrte. 1️⃣
Anfang Zwanzig, mit ein paar Jahren Beziehungserfahrung, fragte ich mich, warum #Sex für meinen Freund so viel erfüllender schien als für mich. Ich merkte, dass er mich nicht befriedigen konnte, weil ich selbst nicht wusste, wie frau „es sich macht“. 2️⃣
#Selbstbefriedigung, geschweige denn #SelfCare oder #Selbstliebe, war nicht Gegenstand des schulischen #Aufklärungsunterricht​s. Und in meinem kleinstädtischen, katholisch geprägten Freundeskreis wurde niemals darüber gesprochen. 3️⃣
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Eyala's third season kicks off today! I'm so excited to share this interview with Kenyan human rights lawyer Kavinya Makau aka @kaviemakau, a #feminist who preaches the Lorde's word and practices it too! Don't miss this great conversation. #EyalaTalk
"I’ve always been clear that my view as a #feminist and a human rights defender is that there is no hierarchy of rights." @kaviemakau defines #feminism for herself and explains how she goes about embodying her values in her daily life. #EyalaTalk
I met @kaviemakau 10 years ago as a young professional with a huge task to handle. She gave me great advice then about #selfcare and #feminism. Here, she shares more useful tips, incl. around what I call #feminist impostor's syndrome. Read it! #Eyalatalk
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#K12Leaders sharing #BacktoSchoolPlanning to collaborate and work together! @Robert_Avossa is with us! Follow this thread and our hashtags #TeVE & #TeVirtualEvents (and the replay at the end!)💥
Today is PART 1 - This is a 2 part series. (Part 2 - Sept 10th!! - @TahiraDChase will be with us!) #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #Leadership
We are now #crowdsourcing the most important and relevant topics from our attendees to make the most of our time together. Sharing, starring, and discovering deep insights in under 4 minutes! #TeVirtualEvents
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I guess I want to write something here about #selfcare for the #HigherEd and #AcademicChatter and #FacultySuccess crews and whoever else is reading.
1- I feel like my #1 priority in my work right now is to encourage people to take care of themselves, and then to take care of each other. If you want to call that self-care, that's cool, but I know that term is hard for many of us.
2- Our culture/system takes concepts like self-care and turns them into profit, and in order to do that, they have to sell us on the fact that we're doing something wrong or missing something that others have, which makes us feel bad, which is not self-care, right?
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Sunday statement you can read in full here:…
2/5 Our efforts have worked to ↓ the #COVID19 infection rate and ↑ capacity to keep spread under manageable control, but limiting the overall impact of COVID-19 means taking care of our broader health and wellbeing.
3/5 As we think about getting prepared for fall, lets turn our #SundayThoughts to getting our physical and #MentalHealth in the best shape possible. #SelfCare and #FamilyCare is #TakeThatStep #HealthCare #DentalCare
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Long post alert: Inspired by @SkyyhookRadio sharing her cancer diagnosis & journey allow me to share what's been going on with me. Back in July I came down w/ some symptoms I thought might be #covid19 but weren't, thank God. Around the same time
I took on some more responsibilities at work & started feeling weird adrenaline rushes in my body. It got so bad I thought I was having a heart attack one night. The paramedics who showed up checked me out fully & gently suggested I may be having a panic attack.
I had NEVER had issues with anxiety before so I was surprised. But at the time I was still awaiting my #coronavirus test results so figured, sure, I'm anxious. Makes sense. I was being startled awake at night after vivid dreams, heart racing and freaked out.
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Hi mama, what thing are you doing for yourself differently today? I know you care about the world, you carry the earth on your head,

You're a mother to all, a mother hen whose wings spread far and broad to accommodate the world, but I hope you never forget to take care of you,
I hope you remember to take a deep breath and spend on yourself,
I hope you know you can't solve everyone's problems

I hope you open your arms wide to RECEIVE HELP.
I hope when people come to you, you don't drive them away with "I'm okay" when deep down you're drifting.
It's funny how humans can forget about you all in 1second... Boom! You're gone from their minds. Your effort might even be counted as dung.

I hope you learn to do things for God and not humans, because only God truly rewards.
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🧡🌱I follow a few Twitter accounts who advocate for the importance of staff wellbeing in schools, but has anyone got any other suggestions for who to follow pls? #teacher5aday #nurture #staffwellbeing #selfcare
Thankyou everyone for suggestions, I am always keen to learn more about ensuring the wellbeing of my staff, and myself as their manager, are kept at the forefront of our thinking, particularly with September return in mind too 🧡🌱🙏 #wellbeing #notice #nurture
Thank you so much to everyone who has made suggestions on this thread about #staffwellbeing - I will put them all into a list 🧡💡#wellbeing #kindness
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🧵A Mega-thread of #ADHD mega-threads

Includes resources from the best content creators on Twitter for:

📌Learning about ADHD
📌Practical Tips & Strategies by ADHD people for ADHD people
📌Finding the right ADHD specialist for you
📌Much, much more
#ADHD support mega-🧵

💪Finding the right professional support
👯What is Body Doubling?
⚡️Practical tips by ADHD people for ADHD people
✅Some of the best ADHD books, blogs, podcasts, & other resources to learn more about your ADHD & how to manage it
🧵Who are the best accounts to follow on #adhdtwitter for learning more about your ADHD, and just all around great ADHD content & community experience?

Check out this thread of #ADHD accounts to follow!
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Scenes from the hammock.

#August2020 ImageImageImageImage
Toes flirting with the trees and the sky.


Part of my #neurodivergent #selfcare is at least a half hour of swinging in my #hammock each day.

It regulates me.

It makes me happy.
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Anyone close to me who doesn’t already know about why I stopped public speaking in 2018 will find this thread hard to read. Please know that I am safe, and strong, and do not worry about me. Additional content warning for others: Kidnapping, stalking
We live in a world that is complex. Our perceptions are incomplete. Did you know that inputs from different senses reach your brain at different times?
For even something as simple as drinking from a cup, the input from your hand and from your eyes reach the brain at different times.
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More pieces of the #Ohio #FirstEnergy scandal.... #RINO #GovMikeDewine has denied that he knew anything about this.... #DarkMoney Biggest scandal in Ohio history...… ImageImage
#Ohio #RINO #MikeDewine appoints Kristy Wilkin, the wife of #HB6 co-sponsor Shane Wilkin, to the Fourth District Court of Appeals.“The sponsors of HB6, Wilkin and Callender, received from #FirstEnergy $10,000 and $18,700, for their respective campaigns. Image
2019 Former #Battelle Energy Alliance employee suing the government contractor & nuclear reactor design co. owned by #BillGates saId he was forced out when he complained Gates’ company #TerraPower broke agreement w/ the U.S. government
#Ohio #GovMikeDewine
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Going through my old journals looking for drawings to send my tattoo artist for inspiration, what was on my mind of June two years ago....

I was returning to work after over a month off due to mental health and burn out.

💁‍♂️ Don't get addicted to busy. Evan 2028  - back to work  - pride month  - mindful of what
Started to connect the dots in this journal as a way to relax, and calm down anxiety attacks.

The early drawings were angry scribbles - then I started to focus on slowing down my breath and trying to draw straight lines.
I've tried bullet journals and other task systems to try and keep up with things and routine chores, after a few tweaks and trying out different things found this started to work for me.

It's good for base level self care, chores, cleaning reminders, etc.
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Take risks.

Be creative.

If you are not being criticized you may not be pushing enough boundaries or really challenging the status quo.

The world needs those who maintain and stay neatly within boxes too.

As well as those who draw new boxes or erase the lines entirely. Image
At this time when everyone is focused on social justice and racial equity, however, it is important to commit to speak certain truths

not be deterred by the labels that get applied to those who say out loud the uncomfortable things others may quietly observe
Some truths, when spoken, come with significant sacrifices and consequences

It’s why we need more people expressing their truths and speaking up - yes, it gets loud, messy, chaotic, uncontrolled

But staying silent and “within bounds” is dangerous…
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I've lost track of how many #anxiety attacks I've had since March.

Some massive spikes that scared me - some a subtle slow build.

I've had days I didn't leave my bedroom.

I've been scared, angry, depressed and hurt.

I also love my friends and family.
Even when I've been silent and withdrawn not talking to people for weeks, I knew that had support.
I've also meditated more, getting into a good body wight workout routine, finding new ways to regulate my mood and rebuilding my #ADHD #anxiety #selfcare tool box
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It's the 1st Sunday of the 2nd half of the mess of a year that is 2020! Not something I would've ever thought to celebrate but in 2020 we to snatch joy wherever we can.

So let's celebrate by doing our #EyalaReads thing, shall we? Reads about #WomensRights #Africa #Feminism 👇🏾
"I have probably been thinking about dead black people more than the police and politicians whose decisions kill them."

This essay by @Okwonga in @BylineTimes did things to my heart I don't have words to explain. Read it.

#EyalaReads #SundayReads
Historians' erasure of women's contributions to African independence struggles is beyond infuriating.

Grateful for @AnnetteJosephG's wonderful tribute to anti-colonial activist Andrée Blouin who fought for Congolese independence:
#EyalaReads @AJEnglish
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The past 6 months have felt like 6 long, heavy years. I hope the rest of the year is brighter, but I'm grateful for the 6 lessons I've learned in the first 6 months of 2020. (Issa thread 👇🏾)

(Channelling @Aliben86's list energy)
#ThursdayThoughts #2020lessons Image
1. Hiding (from) trauma is not enough to heal it.

I thought I'd performed my way out of the pain #Racism had inflicted on me while I was living in France, but the way I've been triggered in the past months...

#ThursdayThoughts #2020lessons
2. Sisterhood is everything. Nurture it and understand that it is about giving as much as it is about receiving.

3. It was never about finding my voice. It's all about having the courage to use it.

#2020lessons #ThursdayThoughts #sisterhood
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WHO’s dedicating a month to #SelfCare and it starts now!

We want to make sure quality Self-care interventions are 1⃣ available, 2⃣ affordable, 3⃣ acceptable and 4⃣ accessible to all those who need them.
#SelfCare is particularly useful during #COVID19 when many people find it hard to access their normal health care services and medications, including for sexual and reproductive health.

More details in our Q&A 👉 Image
Some #SelfCare actions you can take to protect & improve your sexual and reproductive health, include:

🔶contraception and condom use
🔶HIV self-testing
🔶HPV self-sampling

Having access to these services is as important as ever during #COVID19 👉 ImageImageImage
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: today I’m highlighting #TakeThatStep @CdnTogether mental wellness initiative where people of ALL AGES can find mental wellness resources wherever you are in 🇨🇦, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2/6 The ups & downs of living with #COVID19 can put our emotions on their own trajectory, from concern & cautious awareness to frustration & fatigue but also a sense of achievement #CrushtheCurve & hope. #COVIDCoping #WednesdayWellness
3/6 Given the level of uncertainty and changes in our lives over these past months, this range of emotions is to be expected. There have been losses that have caused grief and things we’ve prevailed against that give us hope. #TakeThatStep #MentalHealth
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It's been a long, exhausting week, with more painful conversations than most of us had the bandwith to deal with. But we made it to another Sunday, so it's time for #EyalaReads! I'm recommending some articles I read this week about #WomensRights #Feminism & #Africa.
I'm fascinated by blindspots, so I've been wondering: who are we (not) talking about when we chant #BlackLivesMatter? Iconic transgender activist @immissmajor told @blkwomenradical why we need to be inclusive of the Black trans community. #EyalaReads
The impact of the #COVID19 pandemic is getting more worrying every day. This @TheAtlantic report shows that the supplies of sexual health products are running low and my brain hurts as I imagine the consequences for #WomensRights... #EyalaReads
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Difficult things that get easier with practice:

Public speaking
Saying NO
Regular exercise
Cutting out sugar
Waking up earlier
Seeing patterns in data
Customer development
Making things people want
Personal finance

But don’t try to improve it all at once. Pick one or two, work on it until it’s a habit, then pick the next one. This worked for me.
Proof. 2 months ago I had never juggled in my life :). #lockdownskills
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1/ Talking to White Allies is exhausting me. I've spent my life understanding, managing, & processing whiteness & systemic bias. To succeed with my blackness, I had to do that. But, many Whites have just started thinking about these concepts in depth a few weeks ago.
2/ These conversations with the newly “woke” white folks feel like translating a PhD level dissertation to a kindergarten lesson plan. Necessary to meet folks (that want to learn) where they are, but, a mismatch just the same.
3/ As we move from outrage to action, partnership with white and other non-black allies is essential. I want to participate in that without draining myself to nothing or dumbing my message down to make it digestible. Not sure how to do that... yet...
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#Selfcare is particularly useful during #COVID19 when many people find it hard to access their normal health care services and medications, including for sexual and reproductive health Image
10 #SelfCare actions you can take to protect and improve your sexual and reproductive health, including:
- contraception and condom use
- HIV self-testing
- HPV self-sampling
Having access to these services are as important as ever in #COVID19 ImageImageImage
WHO and @HRPresearch consolidated guideline on #SelfCare interventions for health: sexual and reproductive health and rights Image
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