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#BlackFriday2021 still going strong. We are here to help you find what's worth your money and what isn't. Follow this thread for the best Black Friday deals: #BlackFriday
LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner for $339 ($40 off) It might be a strange time to buy an air conditioner in most parts of the US, but this is the lowest price ever on this #WIREDRecommends AC unit. #BlackFriday
📷: LG Image
★ Burrow Nomad Sofa from $1,345 (15 percent off)
Burrow's #BlackFriday sale offers up to 15 percent off, with additional savings based on how much you spend. The Arch Nomad Sectional includes a chaise lounge and therefore costs a bit more.
📷: Burrow Image
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We want to share some tips and reminders on how to deal with climate anxiety and grief. We also want to remind you that you're not alone. 🫂🌎❤️

#ClimateCrisis #Anxiety #MentalHealth #SelfCare

🧵 [1/7]
Whether you witness it from your window or from your computer, the #ClimateCrisis can feel overwhelming.

Although the most common phrase to describe this is ‘climate anxiety’, @Carolinehickma from @ClimatePsychol thinks we should be saying ‘climate empathy’ instead.

Being ‘climate empathetic’ is actually a good thing.

Being empathetic with the Earth means we understand the problem and want to help. It can drive us to take action. It's esp. useful when a critical mass of people is needed to have an impact, like in a campaign group.

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In the spirit of normalizing burnout and encouraging breaks in #academia and #parenting, I’m happy to share that my husband and I have taken 4 days off to escape all of our responsibilities. We’re doing a hotel staycation and it has been bliss. But reactions have been…mixed. 🧵
For the most part people have been cool, but there have also been a lot of passive-aggressive, guilt-inducing comments like, “How do you have the time for that”, “My kids would lose their shit if I left for that long”, “I wish I could do that but I have way too much work”.
These kinds of thoughts and comments are what has sustained a culture of performative overwork in both of these domains for way too long. Breaks and rest boost productivity over the long term, and you can’t do quality scholarship or parenting if you’re exhausted and checked out.
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Starting #AAP2021 #COCM #CNACH session w @LanreFalusi on overcoming communication barriers
1) Look within: admit/ID biases, raise awareness
- don’t just ask BIPOC friends “to teach you”
- reflect on your own experiences
- intentionally diversify network
- question everything!
2) Use inclusive language
- It’s not them, it’s us: focus on collective orientation rather than labeling (shoutout @DrOmolara!)
- Strength-based language: focus on assets (vs deficits) and recognize disparities eg underserved ➡️ under-resourced

Humanizing stories: provide emotional appeal, counter-narrative for neg stereotypes (shoutout @juliemlinton)
- ppl remember narratives, not stats/facts
- portray ppl in hopeful terms eg victim ➡️ survivor
- AVOID centering our perspective, blind spots, etc
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Here’s something I’d like to try. Below are a list of workshop ideas that I have ready to go but wonder about interest. These would be first Live on Instagram and Facebook but then published to my website for free viewing & my YouTube channel. Like or comment. Here they are:
Autistic bug out bag: how to prepare yourself for sensory inputs while enjoying the adventure of life

Like or comment to support this video creation by The unLibrarian.

#autism #neurodiverse #neurodiversity #ConstructiveAdaptation #EverydayMagic #SelfCare
The link between self advocacy and confidence: removing the aggressive narrative

Like or comment to support this video creation by The unLibrarian.

#advocacy #disability #SelfCare
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#mindfulmonday THREAD & we're all about gratitude! It starts with us as parents, carers, caregivers, grown ups. Show up for your little one's by helping them appreciate the small things in life. The things that make the 🌎 beautiful, sparkle, shine.
We know it's been a tough year. We've been #homeschooling, #parentinginapandemic and working. It's been rough, full stop. But remember the clapping, the rainbows, the neighbourly kindnesses. That's the human in us all shining through.
This week, try to focus on #gratitude. 🙏

Here's some ideas! 👇👇 What works for you?

🏺Make a gratitude jar together
👀 Spend some time appreciating your surroundings together
💬 Talk about what makes your little ones happy. Tell them.
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1/🧵 Giving & Receiving Advice:

My medical advice is not infallible. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe my patient knows it? Maybe that’s one reason she/he is non-compliant. Even if I am right, it might not be the time in that person‘s life to hear the message.

#selfcare #medtwitter
2/ A pt may seem to be listening & carefully taking it all in. But later that morning she/he may leave against medical advice (AMA). What are we to think when we give our best #advice and others don’t take it? Especially in the medical field?
#tipsfornewinterns #tipsfornewdocs
3/ First of all, of course, unsolicited advice is #criticism. Especially when I’m not with a patient, I try to resist all urges to give unsolicited advice.
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🆕 recommendations for screening and treatment to prevent #CervicalCancer will help countries take the next step towards elimination. Cervical #cancer is the 4th most common cancer among women worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

#CervicalCancer is almost entirely preventable and treatable with the HPV vaccine, screening and treatment - but in 2020, more than half a million women 👩‍🦰👵🧕 contracted the disease, and over 340 000 women died as a result.
This must change.

The 🆕 recommendations have 🔑 updates for countries working to meet the life-saving targets set out in the WHO Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of #CervicalCancer by 2030:
🎯70% of women are regularly screened
🎯90% of women with the disease receive treatment
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Quit porn today/Quit masturbating. Live a life your were destined to live.

#Lifegoeson #selfcare #Motivation
Before judging, these are tested and agreed upon by many people.
1. Testosterone levels increase at around day 7 of abstaining. This increases motivation and confidence.
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Boundaries and being #ActuallyAutistic, especially as a woman. 1/?
Being a woman doesn't mean being selfless. I need to be more discerning about how I give. Overgiving at the expense of myself not only helps no one but actively damages my relationships.
What makes me think I know what the other person needs to learn? I've worked really hard to find peace in my life, and when I see other people's chaos, me wanting to help them is actually about me wanting to sort them out so MY pain ends. NO! That's not a healthy boundary.
3/? It's easy to confuse compliance with compatibility in my romantic relationships. But here's what I learned! I have the right to feel what I feel, AND express that *if I choose to*.
I need to examine this idea that if I share my preferences, the other person won't like me!
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How do you show up for yourself? Inspire me! Tell us in the comments 👇
We've been talking about rest + how you look after yourself. How do you do that? Sometimes I struggle. As a self-employed entrepreneur, a parent, and a 'Doer', I find it hard to rest.
But being diagnosed with a life changing #chronicillness six years ago meant I had to find a way to rest. In part that fuelled my decision to start meditation practice. Then more recently, I've had another health diagnosis, and even my consultant mentioned last week...
...that I might want to think about paring back what I do everyday. It's tiring managing your health, looking after a child, cooking dinners, washings, working two jobs, keeping up with the school emails (is it dress down, or dress up day!!!?).....etc....etc.....etc!
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Comprehensive Guidelines for Management of #COVID19 patients has been released by Director-General for Health Services (#DGHS), @MoHFW_INDIA.

Depending upon the severity of symptoms, it guides how to treat, investigate & monitor patients.

The guideline categorises the possible symptoms of #COVID19 for patients with Asymptomatic, Mild, Moderate or Severe symptoms.

For Asymptomatic & Mildly ill- Home isolation for care recommended.

For Home Care Tips to manage COVID19 by @PrinSciAdvOff:
For patients with Mild Symptoms, the guideline details a #selfcare performa for Self-monitoring for fever, breathlessness, SpO2, BP or worsening of any symptoms.

If symptoms persist or worsen, further medical investigations may be required.

#COVID19 #IndiaFightsCorona
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Ok here's my attempt at a thread for incoming PGY2's. First off congrats for finishing intern year. It's an accomplishment in itself. Although you don't know it yet, much of the doctoring skills you've developed will be the corner stone for how you work with patients! 1/25
PGY2 Radonc IMO is one of the most challenging years. Unlike other specialties in medicine where you spend 4 years of medschool to build on your medical knowledge and skills in an integrated fashion, Radonc maybe a 15 minute discussion in a class, if lucky 2/25
Even with away rotations it's just the surface of what radiation oncology is.Why is PGY2 such a shell shock? It's because intern year is just a stepping stone to getting into radonc. It's not your future. As an intern you're not invested in it as your categorical colleagues. 3/25
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Before Enlightenment: Prepare Cat Food, Carry Water ✨

AFTER Enlightenment: Prepare Cat Food, Carry Water ✨

We believe in the interconnectedness of all things. ✨
Everything is deeply intertwingled. We are all connected. We are all ONE.✨
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📢 NEW RELEASE : The Helping Adolescents Thrive Toolkit, developed by WHO & @UNICEF, provides guidance for people working in the health, social services, education & justice sectors on how to promote & protect adolescent mental health.

Download 👉
#MentalHealth conditions are among the leading causes of illness & disability among adolescents 👦👧, with suicide the 4⃣th most common cause of death in people aged 15-19 years.

More info 👉
#MentalHealth promotion among young people is vitally needed, especially during the #COVID19 pandemic, to

😇 improve mental well-being
💪 help adolescents cope with difficulties
💚 reduce the risk of mental health conditions

Here's how 👉
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Powered exclusively by #VOLUNTEER efforts, @iamwillproject locally engages in promoting a #ContinuumOfCare spectrum, while advocating for #CommunityHEALTH.

@iawpfoundation #IAWP Image
Helping to #bridge the gaps between progressive #healthcare providers and those individuals seeking primary #medical services & professional #supportive healthcare #resource referrals, @iamwillproject creates #Testing & #LinkAge to #Care connection opportunities. #Outreach! #IAWP
A spark ignited in the #spring of 1972 & #trails have been ablaze ever since. #IAWP effectively expands consumer #HealthLiteracy by freely disseminating plain language #healthcare information & facilitating #complimentary skill building. #SelfCare #CommunityHEALTH @iawpfoundation
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I’ve noticed #burnout is coming up as a topic more in newsrooms. If we don’t solve this as an industry, we will continue to lose incredible people we can’t afford to lose. However, my view has changed on solutions...
I’m a big advocate of self-care, but this @HarvardBiz article by @JenLeighMoss changes some of my thinking. “…burnout is more than just an employee problem; it’s an organizational problem that requires an organizational solution.”
The research showed six reasons for burnout #culture:
1. Unsustainable workload
2. Perceived lack of control
3. Insufficient rewards for effort
4. Lack of a supportive community
5. Lack of fairness
6. Mismatched values and skills.
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For #selfcare do you prefer doing

For #selfcare do you prefer doing

For #selfcare do you prefer doing

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As part of my #selfcare routine I've started going to #therapy ❤️

It’s important to be vocal about #mentalhealth & normalise treatment 💬

If you’re considering starting, go for it—you deserve care.

Here are 4 things I’ve learned about myself from doing therapy 👇
I’m more anxious than I realise 😓

I only realise once I speak my thoughts out loud and get them out of my head 🤯

I’m always surprised by what I’ve actually been holding on to!

It feels good to acknowledge this....
I’m not as “fine” as I first thought!

Small things I pass off as ‘minor’ every day clearly build up to have an impact on my mental health 🧠

Making them more ‘known’ to myself has been helpful & enlightening 💡

Almost there...👇
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If you need a mental / #SelfCare break, tune in to something uplifting ... We're staaaaarting! First up, @USChamber Pres. Suzanne Clark is interviewing @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC & Annette Bening. #StarringRole…
LOVE @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC comment about how the arts unite us. It's true!! ♥️ #StarringRole
By definition, they require imagination and expanding one's mind. For example, when you see an actor, you're picturing them as the person they're depicting — not solely thinking: "Hey, that's ____!" #StarringRole
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{THREAD} I always find it interesting when folks see nice pics of a married couple and use #GOALS

As I sit here in the still of the night and I reflect on the past year, I am reflecting on what real marriage goals are! /1
This past year, my wife and I weathered one of our toughest seasons yet. And our love never wavered but we had to remain committed to weather the storm that was 2020 /2
From navigating a sick parent, a furloughed job, a pandemic, an unexplained injury (during the pandemic), 2 kids out of school, closing a lifelong fam biz in another country and a bunch of other emotional & financial stresses... we remained committed to help each other thru /3
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Dealing with dying patients.


A 🧵
I was prepping for a panel discussion with medical students on death and dying. Had to get some thoughts together based on my experience as a military intensivist so I thought I would share.
I’ve experienced my share of death. Of course the typical “taking terminal patients through the dying process” kind of stuff that every internist and intensivist deals with…
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@rcbregman @ZeroDean “Post-traumatic growth: People derive long-term benefits from painful experiences, including more appreciation for life, richer relationships, greater resilience, and deeper spirituality.” @arthurbrooks

@rcbregman @ZeroDean @arthurbrooks Four fav proverbs:

As long as you live, keep learning how to live.

A thing is bigger for being shared.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

64/ Image
Light candles when you can.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases from being shared.”…

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