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A lot of Trump supporters are talking about civil war after the #ImpeachmentVote. It's easy to laugh at the keyboard warriors in the mix, but there are definitely extremists using this opportunity to try to bring about social & political upheaval by issuing calls for violence.
Keep in mind, too, that multiple Republican lawmakers have threatened that going forward with #impeachment would lead to civil war. This type of rhetoric absolutely emboldens extremists and other violent individuals.…
Per an Oct 2018 DOJ indictment, Russia's Internet Research Agency directed its operatives to use impeachment to call for civil war:

"Any attempt to remove Trump is a direct path to a civil war in the United States. Name those who oppose the president..."…
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Step 1 and 2 are complete, now comes the hard part: step 3.

1. Congress investigates.
2. House of reps files articles of impeachment.
3. Senate tries Trump, conviction requires a 2/3 supermajority vote, conviction = removal from office.
#TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachmentDay
We'll join the celebration after the Senate trial concludes; while it is a pleasant surprise to see Trump impeached we'd like to remind everyone to please stay vigilant. This is by far the most dangerous part.

#TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachmentDay
Armed Militias Are Taking Trump’s Civil War Tweets Seriously (October 2019) #TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentVote…
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President Trump "I never stopped you, BUT NOW..."😎
Hillary & DNC paid for a fake dossier using foreign spies The FBI used the #FakeDossier to get a FISA WARRANT to spy on Trumps Campaign #FISAGate
#FISACourt IS A BIG DEAL #PainComing #FakeNewsMedia
#ImpeachmentDay #Impeached
The deed is done. Goodbye [Traitors]
EO Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse/Corruption
Arrests R Coming
This is not a game
MI will never allow another traitor to become President
#ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentVote
An Impeachment Role for the Supreme Court?
Securing the SENATE meant EVERYTHING
Securing the SC meant EVERYTHING
Military Law v Criminal Law
[Placeholder-SC rulings re:challenges re:Civ Non_Civ]
[Placeholder-SC rulings re:USA v Def appeals]…
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Watch – Ukrainian General reveals Zionist control of Ukraine.

#ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentDayConfessions
Watch – True story of Ukraine Civil War (from the people of Donbass)

This is what #ImpeachmentDay is really all about: Trump (supposedly) "weakening" a Zionist-controlled coup d'etat regime, responsible for 5.5 years of brutal slaughter of Christians.
Please note well the language used by Ukraine's 'Nazis' to describe the ethnic Russian, Christian citizens of Donbass.

Animals. Beasts. Insects. "Carpet bomb them", et cetera.

Compare... #Judaism #Talmud
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To see Kevin McCarthy still covering for Trump's treason is sickening.

Read every word on the image below


Kevin McCarthy was caught on audio talking about Russia funding populist politicians to destabilize Europe & how Putin could be using Trump & paying him

Why didn't @GOPLeader report this to the FBI?

Now he covers as Trump does it again ... staggering

Full transcript of Republican leadership acknowledging Trump was involved w Russian corruption & Republicans planned to keep it a secret.


Now Trump uses the WH to leverage a foreign country to get an election advantage

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Let's start this thread with Post 3677... see the word "knowingly" pay attention...Q is pointing out crimes with intent. In this case, media... Duty of Care specifically. We've talked about this many times... at what point do you think such crimes would amount to an act of war?😎
Here's a prime example where everyone knew what was really happening in Ukraine. EVERYONE!!! Lives destroyed, children missing, families left in total disparity... and our own State Dept under Obama's watchful eye orchestrated it! This series on @OANN is must watch TV! #JustDoIT
@OANN In three very telling parts, you will be walked through the extent of the corruption, who's involved and the extremes taken to prevent the truth from coming out... when I say extreme, I mean extreme... spoiler alert, [They] attempted but did not succeed in killing Shokin.🙏GOD
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Today we need to ask how anyone could defend Trump after all he's done! Clearly, Republicans would impeach a Democrat who did far less(see Bill Clinton)

#ResignTrump #ImpeachmentDay #impeachment
He's extorted Ukraine with taxpayer money!
#impeach #ImpeachTheMF #impeachTrump
#AdamSchiff is a national treasure! He lays out the case for the Constitution perfectly!
#ImpeachAndRemove Trump because he will do it again! Call the Senate every day! 202-224-3121 or Please Call Congress @ 202-224-3121 or text resist to 50409 to fax them.
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Georgia Congressman John Lewis just gave a stirring #ImpeachmentDay speech on the House floor that echoes the moral righteousness of the Civil Rights battles in which he fought:

"Madame Speaker, I rise with a heavy heart to support this resolution. ..." 1/5👇🏻
Rep. John Lewis cont.: "When we came to Washington in 1961 to go on the Freedom Rides, we chose that day. When we came here on Aug. 28, 1963 for the March on Washington, it was joyful. We met with a young president—President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. ..." 2/5👇🏻
Rep. John Lewis: "When we came here on Aug. 6, 1965 for the signing of the Voting Rights Act, we were excited, hopeful. We met with President Lyndon Johnson. But today, this day, we didn’t ask for this. This is a sad day. It’s not a day of joy. ..." #impeachmentvote 3/5👇🏻
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Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson speaks on the House in favor of impeachment: "The question that will be answered today: Is will members honor their oath to uphold the Constitution? Democrats are not supporting impeachment based on a policy disagreement or (2016)..."
Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) cont.: "No one is above the law. The president must be held accountable. A const process is not a hoax or a witch hunt. President Trump just opposes this. No one is about the law. Not even Donald J. Trump. ..." 2/ #ImpeachmentDay 👇🏻
Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS): "The president abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to help his re-election campaign. Impeachment is a constitutional remedy for his actions. Trump betrayed his oath, betrayed the const, & undermine the integrity of our elections." 3/#ImpeachmentDay
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1/ BREAKING: Last night at the @WillardHotel there was a wedding with #DNC people soon as they found out #WomenForAmericaFirst were having an event to support the @POTUS they immediately started to taunt women in the bathroom calling them "MAGA Sluts"...
2/ "MAGA trash", "C*unts"...they kept trying to infilitrate the private event multiple times doing fake bids on auction items and harassing people at the event including a 16-year-old mior. when it became clear, ti wasn't going to stop...
3/ hotel security was called by the WFAF event to de-escelate the situation and for our safety. @JGilliam_SEAL & other men from teh event began escorting women away from the event safely - because men and women from teh wedding were taunting MAGA Women...
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Recently, some whose views I greatly respect like @DavidJollyFL are calling for @SpeakerPelosi to postpone an #impeachment vote due to statements by @SenateMajLdr and @LindseyGrahamSC indicating the United States Senate will NOT conduct a fair and impartial trial...

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#WeThePeople MUST demand @HouseDemocrats AND @HouseGOP proceed with the #ImpeachmentVote of President Trump on a bi-partisan basis. Subsequently, the Senate, MUST hold a fair and impartial trial in which the rules and witnesses are agreed to on a bi-partisan...

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...basis by the @SenateJudiciary @JudiciaryDems Committee. OUR House, the White House is on fire. The arsonist, Pres. Trump, was in the House setting it ablaze w/a blow torch. He’s exchanged the blow torch for a rocket launcher and taken aim at the #2020Elections.

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@realDonaldTrump @USNaval_Academy @US_Army_Academy @USCoastal_Academy @USAirForceAcademy #moralmentalphysical #duty #honor #code #ImpeachmentVote @washingtonpost THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FOR SERVING OUR NATION AND FOR LIVING UNDER THE HONOR CODE. I AM SORRY THE POTUS
"A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." Cadets accused of violating the Honor Code face a standardized investigative and hearing process.” As a cadet you submit to the highest ethical standards while the POTUS deems himself above the law.
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@realDonaldTrump @NBCNews @chrislhayes #ImpeachmentVote HONOR CODE: The Army Navy game carries on a great tradition including having the President in attendance. Both schools also have the great tradition of an Honor Code...
where a student is expelled for lying or cheating on academic work or their conduct is an embarrassment to their great traditions. I feel humiliated seeing PRESIDENT TRUMP’s presence degrading the dignity of those great institutions & the referee having you in his presences
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(Pls read and RT)

Facts behind Trump’s main defense he was withholding aid to Ukraine to address “corruption:”

1.Trump approved same aid in ’17 and ‘18
2.In spring of 2019, Zelensky won on
3.In May, Defense certified Ukraine met all conditions for aid & Congress appropriated it.
4.There is no record of Trump mentioning “corruption” or demanding anything other than looking at Crowdstrike, a discredited conspiracy theory, and the Bidens.
5. Literally NO ONE is arguing Hunter Biden’s joining the Burisma board was good “ethically” but the “corrupt” practices at Burisma under investigation in Ukraine were alleged to have taken place 2 YEARS BEFORE Hunter signed up:
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Taylor Swift slammed music-Claims Soros & Carlyle Group Funded Underhanded Deal To Buy Her Music Rights
They made many current/former enslaved children famous
Hollywood is filled w/ them
What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?
#ImpeachmentSham #FridayThoughts
Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush and the Bin Laden Families
Carlyle Group (Bush), Cheney-Halliburton Getting Rich Off Iraq War
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Carlyle Group has reaped billions from U.S. government contracts
#FridayThoughts #ImpeachmentVote
They Lied
President Trump attacks George Bush on 9/11-Iraq
"The War in Iraqi was a BIG FAT MISTAKE..."
👉Why didn't Pelosi impeach Bush for lying about the Iraqi?
U.S. Spent TWO TRILLIONS of dollars
Carlyle Group-Bush-Bin Laden, Halliburton
#SaturdayMotivation #SandyHookPromise
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House impeachment results:
YEA 23 <-----PAIN Coming
NAY 17

Reminder re: impeachment.
2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach @POTUS.
Logical thinking.
#EnjoyTheShow #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentBackfire #ImpeachmentVote #WWG1WGA
BS impeach vote was 23-17. Let's check out post Q 2317.

Save America! Vote Republican.

Seems fitting!
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🔸Corruption Thread 🔸
@SpeakerPelosi continues her #Impeachment, is she afraid the next revelations made will be her and her mob connected family?
Her father "Big Tommy" was mayor of Baltimore and close allies with the mob and hitmen.…
Is it any surprise that Nancy traveled with her son Paul Pelosi Jr. to #Ukraine in 2017

He is a Board Member the Ukraine oil company Viscoil, and an Executive for NRG Lab.
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𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 | 𝗧𝗵𝗲🍑𝗜𝗺𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗗𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗱 𝗝. 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗽
Nancy Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

🔗 #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
Here’s a timeline of Trump’s Ukraine scandal. It’s damning.

🔗… #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
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