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Thread: The Power and the Pain of Boycotts and Protests

I am confounded as to how in the hell is trump still president. No Fortune 500 company would tolerate his behavior from their CEO.
The reason is not morality, it’s the PURSE STRINGS.
Any corporation with share holders would ask for their CEO’s letter of resignation or simply fire a CEO who was so shrouded in controversies both social and legal. EVEN if the company was performing.
They would not risk the chance of the CEOs antics affecting sales.
Behold Uber. At the height of their growth, their CEO and founder clowned in the back seat of an Uber, it went viral, and people started deleting Uber from their phones.
Eventually the shareholders said #Enough, asked for his resignation and he is gone*
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Someone asked "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?"

Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England, wrote this magnificent response:
"A few things spring to mind.

Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.
For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility,
no honour and no grace - all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.

So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.

Plus, we like a laugh. And while Trump may be laughable,
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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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Here’s Trump using cun*t in public... also fu@k, motherfu@ckers, bit@h, a$$, bull$hit, $hit, pu$$y, and saying he has “sex” in common with daughter Ivanka.

Spare me your conservative “civility.” Hypocrites all. You worship this. You are complicit.

After invoking God, the fiend says, “There’s a really hot chick in the third row... I’ll take ya back stage to meet ‘Hank’ a little later...”

More Republican “civility.” Maybe hypocrite @seanhannity should stop harassing women & keep “Hank” in his pants.

They asked the fiend what he had most in common with daughter Ivanka. Trump answered emphatically, “SEX!”

They then told the fiend his daughter was a “piece of ass.” Trump answered, “yeah.”

#RepublicanCivility #TrumpResign @realDonaldTrump
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Here Are The Facts Of Trump's Government Shutdown… via @politicususa
On Thursday, Democrats intend to vote on a two-part package to end the shutdown. Its prospects in the Senate and with Trump were uncertain.
#TrumpShutdown #TrumpResign
The dept that oversees Customs and Border Protection, ICE, the Transportation Security Admin, the Coast Guard and the Secret Service is affected. 213K of 245K employees are deemed “essential,” so are working w/o pay until a funding bill is passed.#TrumpShutdown
Only about 340 of they 7,500 employees are working (and no one is getting paid).
“a protracted shutdown could see a decline in home sales, reversing the trend toward a strengthening market that we’ve been experiencing”
#TrumpShutdown #TrumpResign
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Over and over—ad nauseam—Trump promised a wall that Mexico would pay for. “100%” he said. “Mark my words;” he vowed. It was a campaign con, a rousing joke—like Trump himself. Now that the conman is president, it’s the ol’ bait & switch. Mexico who?? #ByeFelicia #TrumpResign
Trump shut down the govt over a racist campaign con. Mexico’s not paying for a wall. It’s not even a wall! John Kelly just now: “To be honest, it’s not a wall…We left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration.” What the experts said. (Not demagogues & propagandists)
So now they admit it. The “wall” is just a “metaphor,” says today’s Trump advisor @LindseyGrahamSC. The trouble is, it’s a metaphor for xenophobic racism, which is an irrational beast. So it’s never satisfied but keeps demanding more and more hate & fear
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I have been so moved by the response to this tweet.

The empathy, the sympathy, the support, and the love has been overwhelming. And hardly a troll to speak of, which is miraculous in and of itself.

Thank you all. To be reminded that the idea of Community lives? Priceless.

I am home tonight, and grateful to be well, and alive.

I will not mention the name of the facility that provided my care, because it's notorious reputation lived up to expectations.

But I will give a huge shout out to the men and women who provided such excellent medical care under conditions that would probably not look unfamiliar in some developing nations.

I watched as too many people were forced to seek care from a hospital w/ limited resources.

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YOU, #POTUS, have been taking advantage of the United States, by fraud, theft, deception, and dishonor SINCE YOU WERE A CHILD!

YOU avoided the draft by falsifying medical records, where other young men died so you could continue to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE U.S. FOR DECADES. COWARD
Why have we not come together as a people to DEMAND,
Donald J. #TrumpResign as #POTUS after definite proof he IS A DISGRACEFUL, DISHONEST COWARD?
He has publicly said, he is "smart"& American's are SUCKERS & FOOLS, for
Being drafted into military
Becoming a P.O.W.
Paying taxes
So if we are suckers and fools, for becoming a P.O.W., serving in the military, then it can be accurately implied that he feels the same about those who have SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES for AMERICA.

#TrumpResign, Your thievery has taken advantage of our country for DECADES. #gth #ppp
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Think about how many more of our military may have died without any allies in the middle east.#Trump is a RUSSIAN AGENT, knowing or unknowingly, our intelligence community is NOT defending us from ALL enemies, foreign or domestic.
If even one military member in Syria is killed trying to retreat from Syria, #POTUS should be charged for #Treason, #AbuseofPower, #Espionage, #Conspiracy with a foreign power

For his own personal interests, NOT national interests
By publicly announcing a military movement to the world, including the time frame, it could not be MORE treasonous and is BEYOND ignorance, it is TREASON.

Beware the Wolf Moon, like the "Ides of March", it will mark a new beginning for a government of, for, and by the people.
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Claim : #MichaelCohen's cell phone was in Praque in 2016 at time of suspected #Russia meeting.
Questions: Where was #MichaelCohen ? There should be flight records, hotel records, car rental and video evidence from the airports and hotels.

In 2001 #MichaelCohen was a #NewYork Art Dealer con man.
He swindled millions and millions of dollars before being sued by Sutheby's.

What did Michael Cohen then do? Skip the Country and headed to Brazil of course.
#Qanon #MuellerTime
Michael Cohen the Art Scam
Can anything #MichaelCohen
Says be believed?
#TrumpResign NEVER
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Twas the night before Christmas and at the @WhiteHouse
Not a creature was stirring, except for one louse.

His indictments were hung by the chimney with care,
It appears as Bob Mueller was already there.

@FLOTUS was nestled all snug in her bed
While visions of divorce papers soon danced in her head

And Ivanka in her 'kerchief, and Jared in his cap,
Had just marked their spot on the big Saudi map
When on the front lawn there arose such a clatter,
Trump turned on @FoxNews to see what's the matter.

Away to the TV he flew like The Flash®,
Knocked down his putter and tripped over some cash.
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WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Russia will invade Ukraine before January 3rd, 2019 to try to save Trump @realDonaldTrump from the #TrumpResign #ResignTrump movement, the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept
WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Trump @realDonaldTrump will try to declare a state of emergency before January 3rd, 2019 to try to save himself from the #TrumpResign #ResignTrump movement, the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept
WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Trump @realDonaldTrump will resign and plead as a result of the #TrumpResign #ResignTrump Movement, to try to save himself from the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept
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Batman world’s greatest detective here with a short thread about #MattisResignation.

Mattis exited stage left because Donald sold out our allies. Donald was too stupid to see how scathing the rebuke was at first. 1/3
Mattis, understanding how much work would need to be done prior to his retirement set his last day for the end of February...

making sure our armed service members and department of defense, combined almost 3MM people) had what they needed to continue to succeed. 2/3
But not to worry kids someone told Donald that Mattis was saying he’s a Russian puppet. And immediately we get a tweet about Pat who will take over 1/1/19.

No transition. No plan. Donald sells out our allies and our service members alike. #TrumpResign 3/3
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WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Russia will invade Ukraine before January 3rd, 2019 to try to save Trump @realDonaldTrump from the #ResignTrump movement, the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept.
WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Trump @realDonaldTrump will try to declare a state of emergency before January 3rd, 2019 to try to save himself from the #ResignTrump movement, the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept.
WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Trump @realDonaldTrump will resign and plea as a result of the #TrumpResign #ResignTrump Movement, to try to save himself from the new @HouseDemocrats congress, and from Mueller @FBI @TheJusticeDept.
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@NancyPelosi @SenSchumer do NOT want security for the "common" people.
They live in gated communities. They are just as bad as @Pontifex who calls for open boarders yet himself is protected behind a 200 foot wall.

#TrumpResign NEVER.
Excellent job. I support #TrumpShutdown
@BarackObama on #boardersecurity

Why should #TrumpResign
because of #TrumpShutdown
Reality is #DemocratShutdown
because they want *NEED* a weak boarder

@SenSchumer in 2009 VS @realDonaldTrump

In 2009 2 faced Chuck + DemocRATS wanted strong boarders.
Now they do NOT.

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Let's take a quick look at two recent Twitter phenomena related to removing Trump from office: the hashtag #TrumpResign and a petition created by @NeedToImpeach (example tweets for each shown below).

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up, #TrumpResign. This hashtag calling for Trump's resignation has been trending for a little over 24 hours. It has resulted in over a million tweets (including RTs) and shows quite a bit of variety.
The @NeedToImpeach petition trend is rather different. The tweets are largely identical, due to being generated by clicking a button on the petition website. There are also fewer of them (374 original tweets from 372 unique accounts at the time we checked).
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Ok, this is about to get super personal. How does the #TrumpShutdown affect me, one of those federal employees living paycheck to paycheck? Let's break it down. *all numbers have been rounded for the sake of this exercise
long thread ahead 👇👇👇 sorry folks, America's closed. moose out front shoulda told ya
I get paid biweekly and the shutdown *shouldn't* impact my next paycheck, except that it won't include pay for today. Not knowing when I'll get paid after that makes life extremely difficult. 💸
I currently have $300 in the bank and live in a pretty remote village of about a dozen people. My closest grocery store is 2 hrs away by snowmobile, while my doctor is 2 hrs by snowmobile plus 2 hrs by car.
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This can't be retweeted enough.
#TrumpShutdown #TrumpResign
No wall now when Republicans control the House, no wall ever. No wall, no Trump second term. No Trump knows this, the Democrats know this.

There will never be a wall. #TrumpResign #TrumpShutdown
"He has never been a dealmaker. That wasn't his expertise before he went into politics. And it's obviously not his expertise now. But you have to get the people in the room, and you have to get a deal that's good for everybody and good for the country."
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Ever since the Cambridge Analytica cataclysm, the Mercers have gone silent, cut funding, and hope to be forgotten. Good luck with that. #TrumpResign…
Thought Experiment: Imagine if Robert Mercer had not invested in Brexit and Trump but had simply enjoyed the tranquil solitude of his train set and poker hobby instead. Now visualize the UK and US not teetering on a precipice over the abyss.
“He's out,” said a former associate of Mercer. “He’s not going to play any major role going forward. They’re tired of the attacks from the Democrats and the media constantly ganging up on them.”

So be docile Democrats so oligarchs can own everything because
individual liberty.
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1/ Rachel Maddow at 6:55 pm PDT on 10/31/18 is reading on air the findings of the grand jury that investigated Watergate and Richard Nixon's role in it. These documents have been sealed for 44 years. They provide a "roadmap" for how information about the criminal acts
2/ of a sitting president should be handled. Because the grand jury was concerned that a sitting president could not be indicted, the "roadmap" provides for the sealed findings of the grand jury to be delivered to the judiciary committee of the House of Representatives.
3/ This allows the House of Representatives to serve as the "court" that judges the criminal acts of a sitting president which the House does in the context of impeachment proceedings. According to Rachel, the Watergate "roadmap" has been unsealed to serve as the "roadmap" for
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I want to give an update about the story referenced in my 8/17 tweet. I regret I can't reveal more yet due to its hyper-sensitive nature. Tho I've been working primarily w/ one national media outlet, several are excited at prospect of reporting on it. 1/3
There are a lot of moving parts & we're not quite at the finish line, but this story will be ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING to @realDonaldTrump. I truly hate being a tease, but it's generated so much interest that I felt I needed to provide some sort of an update, albeit w/o details. 2/3
Please rest assured that a lot of folks are working very hard to put the final touches on this. I hope this story will break soon, at which point you'll all understand the reason for the delay. Trust me when I say it will be worth the wait! 3/3
#Resist #ImpeachTrump #TrumpResign
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