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Remember when I told you that the #Impeachment Inquiry was really about Russia? The same show I told you about Rudy and #Trump taking bribes. That was at the end of October.@NarativLive #ThursdayThoughts…
@NarativLive Then I laid out how Vladimir Putin seemed to be calling the shots as Trump and Giuliani were scrambling to deal with Zelensky's surprise election win. /2 @NarativLive. #Impeach #UkraineScheme…
I revealed how profits from Liquid Natural Gas plays a big factor in the #UkraineScheme and that Republicans were set to make a mint off Ukrainian LNG tenders. /3 #TrumpImpeachment…
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TONIGHT! Part 1. Special Report on the #TrumpImpeachment. The case for the Senate to convict with special guest @profgarydarden. 5 things that could change how the Senate votes. Support Narativ:…
@ProfGaryDarden @NarativLive Liked this? support independent journalism at
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Please share this thread with those who want to continue to claim that #Ukraine Election Interference to help Hillary is a “conspiracy”.

Or just tag them below so they can read the facts and be informed:

1. Ukraine helped Clinton, Vogel Politico article:…
This @kenvogel piece is from Jan 11, 2017. The same day the Dossier was published.

It mentions the Black Ledger release by Leshchenko and work by DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa.

Some in Ukraine thought Trump wouldn’t support them against Russia.
2. Nellie Ohr who worked for Fusion GPS, wife of DOJ Dept Asst AG Bruce Ohr, admitted that Leschencko was a source for the Russian Dossier, that turned out to be a hoax.

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JORDAN: “There’s one witness they won’t bring in front of us..they won’t bring in front of the American people”

WELCH: “I’d be glad to have the person who started it all, come in & testify. Trump is welcome to take a seat right there”
Efforts to cover up show "consciousness of guilt" which is legal evidence establishing "corrupt intent."
That will snatch the news cycles tonight, am I right?? LUV it!!
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@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 #EricCiaramella’s attorney is referring only to #Ciaramella as “my client”
“that places my client, [and his other whistleblower client] the #IntelligenceCommunityWhistleblower, and their family”… #whistleblower #EugeneVindman #YevgenyVindman #AdamSchiff
@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 Read the attorney's letter:
"the President equated whistleblowers and my client — AS WELL AS MY OTHER WHISTLEBLOWER CLIENT”
“Let me be clear: Should any harm befall any suspected named whistleblower or their family, the blame will rest squarely with your client,”
@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 "While engaging in foreign affairs at the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York on September 26, 2019, the President equated whistleblowers and my client [#Ciaramella] — AS WELL AS MY OTHER #WHISTLEBLOWER CLIENT — with “spies”, stating:"…
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@charliekirk11 "The Inspector General shall not disclose the identity of the employee … unless he determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation ..."
He is the only official specifically prohibited from identifying the #whistleblower.…
@charliekirk11 #AlexanderVindman testified that the White House’s rough transcript was mostly accurate in describing the contents of the July 25 phone call between #tRump & #Zelensky aside from the edits he wanted to make.… #tRumpImpeachment #tRumpism #Penceism #Bidenism
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Did anyone ask #AlexanderVindman exactly what he heard, in #TrumpeseEnglish & #Zelensky Ukrainian during the three #ImpeachableEllipses?
Do #tRumpsTwitterDotDotDots mean anything but laughs for #StephenColbert?
Could his twin brother be the #WhistleBlower?…
Anyone who reads this exposé will get far closer to the truth than those spending days pondering whether or not the #ImpeachableEllipses mean any more than #tRumpsTwitterDotDotDots.… #Obama #Obamaism #Biden #Bidenism #Zelensky #Ukraine #Russia #Putin
Is the #whistleblower #EricCiaramella, or could it be #HyperPatriot #AlexanderVindman’s twin brother #EugeneVindman — or both?
Does anyone smell collusion with #AdamSchiff?
Ciaramella worked with former VP #JoeBiden & former CIA Director #JohnBrennan.…
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How a $1 million donor to Trump’s inauguration (with no other qualifications) seized control of US-Ukraine relations with the blessing of Trump himself.…
“Newly released texts exchanged by Sondland, Volker and other U.S. officials during this period read like a government-sanctioned shakedown.”
This article is a devastating account of what appears to be a “multipronged political conspiracy” by Trump and his allies to use official arms of the US govt to squeeze Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden. Devastating.…
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News Analysis 🔎 The dangers facing @SpeakerPelosi and her party are the multiple “what ifs” that could make efforts to #ImpeachTrump the worst thing that can happen for the Democrats.

We decided to examine many of those "what ifs." (Thread 👇)…
@SpeakerPelosi What if 🔎 @SpeakerPelosi’s Democrats are mistaken in gambling that, after they #ImpeachTrump, the majority Americans will reward them with full control of both chambers of Congress and the White House in the #2020Election?
The problem for everybody involved in a #TrumpImpeachment is nobody can know with assurance what effect it will have electorally because there are so many more “what ifs” that could, to a greater or lesser degree, shape the final outcome in 2020.
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Recent speech pattern issues, cognitive anomalies seen with #RobertMueller #NancyPelosi, and others, are raising the difficult topic of mental competence and cognitive decline. This may become key aspect considered in discussion of #TermLimitsforCongress…
#MuellerInvestigation namesake #RobertMueller, invisible until disastrous final #MuellerReport review, likely covering for real head, partisan #AndrewWeissmann with history of alleged corrupt prosecutorial misconduct. Cognitive decline evident to all:
Speaker #NancyPelosi, 79, difficulty communicating clearly, is 2nd in the Line of Succession after VP #MikePence. At a critical time in US history are #TermLimitsforCongress a national security issue? Few clips "altered", a claim made to hide the issue:
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When you read the whistleblower complaint, it becomes clear what Trump’s endgame was.
He and Putin wanted to plant a false narrative that would benefit them both.
Cherry picking existing facts to prop up the fake narrative, they were concocting a story that would have high rewards for both men: Trump’s re-election and the turning of US/global opinion against Ukraine.
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Rick: Go ahead, tell us you told us so.
Sarah Kendzior: Yeah, yeah. We still keep sinking deeper into this hellhole so apparently I'm not effective enough.
@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation #TrumpImpeachment
@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation Sarah Kendzior: If nothing was done in 2016, they're going to do it again. You could have a calendar-a-day of impeachable offenses & still have leftovers. Caging children, emoluments violations, & sooo many more.
@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation
@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation Sarah Kendzior: The purpose of impeachment is to educate the American people about Trump's crimes. The problem is, Trump will still be in office. I'm not even sure he'd leave if he loses the 2020 election.
@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation
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This pc talks about some details of the Whistleblower complaint-the complainant's allegations. Very interesting stuff. #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineTranscript #WednesdayWidsom…
2-"The intelligence officer who filed a whistle-blower complaint about President Trump’s interactions with the leader of Ukraine raised alarms not only about what the two men said in a phone call, but also about how the White House handled records of the conversation, according
3-"to two people briefed on the complaint. The whistle-blower, moreover, identified multiple White House officials as witnesses to potential presidential misconduct who could corroborate the complaint, the people said — adding that the inspector general for the intelligence
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Re: The reaction of the GOP Congress to the Whistleblower Complaint and Trump's #UkraineTranscript Article excerpts threaded here for ppl w paywall issues:
#TrumpImpeachment #WednesdayWisdom…
2-"Several Senate Republicans were privately stunned Wednesday and questioned the White House’s judgment after it released a rough transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukraine president that showed Trump offering the help of the U.S. attorney general to investigate
3-"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. One Senate Republican, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly, said the transcript’s release was a “huge mistake” that the GOP now has to confront and defend — while the party argues at the same time that House
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Joe Biden at the Globalist CFR:

"So I said to Poroshenko (Ukrainian President) & Yatsenuk (Ukr PM):

If you don't fire the prosecutor investigating my son, we're going to withhold the $1bn in aid."

#Ukraine corruption
The Sociopathic Business Model

Burisma Holdings (Ukraine's largest fracking company) and Joe and Hunter Biden Corruption…

Joe Biden needs to be prosecuted & thrown into jail

The Azov Battalion, Nazis, Kolomoyski, Burisma Holdings, the Bidens & Neocons in Ukraine…

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🔥I would like 4 you to call AG to get to bottom of it
🔥Mueller had a very poor performance
🔥Pg 2 Ukraine wants to drain the swamp
🔥EU not helping like should
#ImpeachmentParty #TrumpImpeachment…
🔥#UkraineTranscript Pg 4 Rudy knows whats going on, like 4 you to talk to him
Former Amb woman was bad news-worked w bad ppl-she was w Obama
Ukraine-if you have any + Info-Plz provide it
Alot of talk about Biden/son-stopped prosecution
pg 1/5
#ImpeachmentParty #TrumpImpeachment
China was granted Access to Hillary's emails via Crowd strike
Clowns revealed in China/other (Ukraine?)
[Missing emails]
Only the tip
Will be made public [soon]

Ukraine has the Crowd strike Server
Mueller poor performance-A lot of it started w Ukraine
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Here's all you need to know about this summary:

Trump told Zelensky he would give Ukraine Javelins (weapons) if Ukraine helped him politically.

That's impeachable. Period.

#trumpimpeachment #impeachmentparty #rudycolludy #ukrainetranscript
Here's the memo in full.
It implicates Barr and Giuliani as well.

Don't let anyone tell you this is a nothingburger.
This is 100% impeachable.

And we haven't even seen the whistleblower report yet.
#trumpimpeachment #impeachmentparty #ukrainetranscript…
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#Giuliani's 20 years ties with Russian and Ukrainian organized crime, top officials and secret services (all three are a conglomerate in Putin's mafia state). It didn't start now. See more in this thread. #impeachment #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineScandal
#Trump's 30 years of ties with Russian organized crime, top officials and secret services (same, see above). #impeachment #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrumpNow ☝️👇
#Kavanaugh's appointment and 30 years of back to Russia and Ukraine (USSR, ahem) with the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad involvement
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👉Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion Bank of China Deal
👉Joe & Hunter Biden fly on Air Force 2 to Beijing,China
👉10 Days later
👉Hunter Biden’s gets a $1.5B deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporation, With the Gov…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn What drives Adam Schiff’s never ending hysteria?
Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers
#QAnon #FridayFeeling #Ukraine #WhistleblowerComplaint
@POTUS @GenFlynn Gangster Joe Biden Ukrainian Threats
👉Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees if #Ukraine's leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor” #Biden
👉Panic in DC
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #LivePDNation #SaturdayVibes
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