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#FF #CyberSecurity #infosec This FF list is going to be for people you need to follow based on their content. These are people I look up to and follow because the stuff they do helps me be a better CyberSecurity specialist.
@Djax_Alpha is an awesome dude who's Podcast, #InfosecUnplugged brings people all over the industry to talk about how they got started and its just super solid content. Go give this dude a subscribe and check out the videos.…
@PhillipWylie and @kim_crawley have co-authored an amazing book (I bought it myself because I knew it was going to be amazing!) called @pentesterblue. You can find that here (…) Also, check out @SchoolPwn!!
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Work in #Infosec / #CyberSecurity?

Here are some tools I have been using recently that I think will make your life easier!

Got any you would like to share? Put them in the comments. 😀

Sooty (All in one CLI tool) -…
Intel Owl (Threat intel data about a specific file IOC from a single API at scale) -…

Cyber Chef (Web app for carrying out all manner of "cyber" operations within a web browser.) -
TheHive (Scalable Incident Response Platform designed to make life easier for SOCs, CSIRTs, and CERTs, featuring integration with MISP.) -

CertSpotter (Alerts you when a SSL/TLS certificate is issued for one of your domains.) -…
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#InfoSec people will immediately know why #Cloudflare's Project Athenian — provided suspiciously free-of-charge for “election security” — is alarming.

Cloudflare terminates #TLS when your request reaches its edge servers, then makes its own TLS request to the destination server.
@NSAGov @CISAgov never warned us #Cloudflare was routing election data over its CDN — certainly subject to inspection/retention — ostensibly to prevent #DDoS attacks.

Sure, nobody got DDoS'd. But it's not beyond the realm of possibility they MITM'd/reverse proxied votes …
… in fact, the diabolically brilliant thing about using #Cloudflare is that the state election systems wouldn't have retained user IPs, so if they or their buddies wanted to do anything tricky, the evidence in the possession of the state would've be minimal…
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The configuration of many state network infrastructures is a national security risk... Some states have over 4,000 servers sitting on the internet. If you understand networking, computers, 1s & 0s you'll know that this complex spider web allows for nefarious actors. #infosec
And states are already trying to scrub information off of the internet... #dominion -- They are going to be missing servers, applications, staging vs production, email address, social media, Personal vs business privacy, passwords, files, etc
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It’s our birthday! #CISAgov was established on November 16, 2018. From elections to COVID-19 to natural disasters and more, year two has been action-packed. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…
Informed by #cyber intelligence and real-world events, we issued several insight products, providing background on #cyber threats, #vulnerabilities, and mitigation activities: #InfoSec
One key insight was in in January when we warned partners about potential Iranian retaliation against U.S. organizations—and advised them on how to assess and strengthen their physical & cyber security. This is the kind of rapid information-sharing we aim for! #InfoSecurity
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This are the 10 most sort after IT Certifications of 2020

10. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

9. VCP-DCV: VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization

8. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
#tech #CyberSecurity #infosec #CiscoCert

7. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

6. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

5. Project Management Professional (PMP)

4. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

3. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
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Agreed @SidneyPowell1 based on open source info collected, it seems like a crowdsource assessment would do wonders for @dominionvoting #DominionVotingSystem
Many cities are using dominion and dates back to 2014 with California and their risk assessment underneath that are some reason public 😱
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How much you want to bet FTP is open on Dominion Voting external network.. Do you think they put that host behind their cloudflare config 🤔
17 LMFAO -- oh what's that Serbia IP..? Image
It's not rocket science... #DominionVotingSystems Image
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BREAKING: Zoom settles with FTC, gets consent order prohibiting misrepresentations, agreeing to mandated information security program, 3rd party audits... Quick THREAD…
2. Earlier this year researchers found serious problems with Zoom security & encryption. Including my colleague @billmarczak et al. at @citizenlab…
3. Most troubling: @zoom_us had been telling customers their calls were protected with end-to-end encryption... the
@FTC took a look concluded...nope. Zoom was keeping the keys to encrypted calls.
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ok #hackerfam and #infosec crew! who want's the see some of the RDP honepot data? (it's only initial so it will change, plus i'm deploying more nodes) #cyber #security #RDP #fuckransomware #ransomware @LisaForteUK @Cv19Cyber
so let's start out with a quick technical config! Here we have out honeypot (a real server in an isolated environment) in the @pwnDefend lab!
We've hardened the config so there is 0 chance of successfull brute forcing the creds and there's no known vulns on the box! let's see who is poking us?
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I have seen plenty of sextorsion emails over the past couple of years .... but never a VOTEtorsion email. I guess this is one very unique use of a pilfered voter registration database. h/t @MajikaZulJin #Election2020
Here is an example of a typical sextorsion spam email. None of it is true of course & the same with the VOTEtorsion spam email above. They can not know who you vote for since all voting is anonymous so you can ignore these. #infosec #phishing #infoOps #osint
Actually please contact us if you receive any VOTEtorsion email threatening you to vote a certain way or change party affliation. And try to save the original email for us if possible. Here is more good information from @Donie at @CNN #election2020
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This thread by @yashar & one by @file411 that I will link to next is a good head's up that there are still a number of fake #resistance accnts just waiting to flip into pro-Trump #MAGA accounts. Much like the astroturfed #Walkaway campaign of a few yrs ago
The @VenusSylbrine account, which has since been deleted, unexpectedly turned from a #resistance account to a pro-Trump #MAGA account on October 16th, a few days back. @file411 has a good thread here #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
Looking back in July this @VenusSylbrine account was posing as a #resistance #blacklivesmatter account #BLM and had built up a moderate following and was quite active at retweeting out resistance related content. #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
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📢#infosec AMA #13

Our next guest is :-

❤️ Ai Ho aka @j3ssiejjj ❤️

Passionate security engineer, Creator of Osmedeus and Jaeles, CTO & Co-founder of @HunterSuite

RT & ask questions for those #bugbountytips and chance to win a voucher sponsored by @PentesterLab

Till 18th Image
Could you please tell us about @HunterSuite ?
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Students of #infosec: @Mandiant and @FireEye folks have put out tons of blogs over the years. Careful reading of these can help you build familiarity with threat actors, intrusion TTPs, and threat data. And sometimes they're just fun. Here's a thread with some of my favorites:
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(1/14) Den 3. desember gjennomfører @DSB_no m.fl. øvelse #Digital2020, en nasjonal tverrsektoriell digital sikkerhetsøvelse.

Er du interessert i #infosec eller #cybersecurity eller #risk bør du scanne fort gjennom denne tråden.…
(2/14) I den forbindelse avholder @DSB_no i dag et gratis webinar som i følge arrangøren per nå har over 900 påmeldte, men det er fremdeles mulig å melde seg på og se det her:…
(3/14) Det er et ganske interessant program, og noen må jo ta den tunge jobben med å trekke ned snittet, så kl. 13:30 er det min tur.
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At times it may seem unclear, but this platform is a place to share snippets, point to more in depth resources, or blow off steam (shitposting!). To be successful in #infosec or any other field doesn't mean you have to be some sort of big name rockstar 1/4
and more often than not you're probably best observing the frequent tempests in teapots that make up "community controversies" - and just walking away. The downside to platforms such as this is that spectacle and volume rapidly get conflated with experience and authority - 2/4
Yet the two seldom seem to overlap. To make a difference in this field, you need not be aware of personal grudges, old and irrelevant "hacker groups", or keep track of the "cool kids". Find what you value, pursue doing good and doing well, and tune out the noise. 3/4
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It would appear the Russians have hacked and are dumping Hillary Clinton's emails again .... oh wait ... I am getting something in my earpiece ... "its not the Russians this time?"
When are we going to get to see what is in Hillary Clinton’s pantry. I really really doubt she prefers crunchy peanut butter over creamy.
So just in time for Hurricane #Delta? Image
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Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) attacks -…

#security #websecurity #sec #infosec
what is Cross-Site Request Forgery?

it is a type of attack performed on web apps in order to carry out a malicious action without user's explicit consent.
these 'malicious actions' could be anything. for example: changing email address, personal information etc

how it is performed?

* attacker leads the user to perform an action(through email, website etc)

* attacker makes a request on behalf of the user(by using a hidden form, for example)

* vulnerable website sees it as a genuine action(by verifying session cookie)

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Throughout the day today for #FollowFriday, I will be sharing information about people looking for #InfoSec jobs.

Please see if you can help them out, even with just a RT. Let's get people hired!


2/x #FollowFriday

@sogonsec: "I'm looking for a network and webapp pentester position that is remote, have OSCP, and resume is at…

I'm a sysadmin and programmer looking to pivot into the role. Take a chance on me; I can do it!"
3/x #FollowFriday

@invertedgeek: "Entry level SOC/analyst/GRC/Threat Intel

Chicago area/remote

Me: Student finishing BS in Cybersecurity w/focus on Project Management transitioning to InfoSec from 10yr in healthcare. Hands on w/school labs, CTFs, &passion for learning"
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Hey for all you #infosec friends stuck with #ibm #qradar just like me, just remember it’s still better than having no #siem at all. Here is my contribution to the community, a mega thread of qradar tips to improve your life


Qradar Tip #1

equals is case sensitive
username equals 'neonprimetime'
will not find 'Neonprimetime'
(notice the capital N)
from the GUI use contains to be case insensitive!

#qradartips 1/N
Qradar Tip #2

avoid using the GUI for filtering
instead teach yourself AQL
use the "Advanced Search" drop down
it's a powerful SQL-like language
that will allow you to performance tune queries
use complex boolean logic
and much more!…

#qradartips 2/N
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A thread on bad analysis. When #ThreatIntel analysts want to show off their Foreign Policy and Economist subscription status after reading the Russian foreign policy Wikipedia page /n #threatintelligence #cybersecurity #infosec Image
Most analysts who are "doing attribution" aren't doing good cyber threat intelligence, they're doing poor foreign policy analysis
They neither have neither the data nor the expertise to make even a moderately confident statement on attribution
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I know it's easy to hop on the bandwagon of shaming #infosec in Healthcare given the ransomware news over the last two days. But please before you decide to blast your theory on how healthcare is lazy, uncommitted, etc. to security, take a few moments to consider their risk 1/
models and the unprecedented level of complexity they have to deal with in terms of technology and threats. We know the challenges of ICS systems that are built once and typically can't be easily upgraded as vulnerabilities are discovered. This is 10x worse when it comes to 2/
medical devices. Now add in the complexities of EMR systems which are managing vast amounts of disparate forms of data. Far more complex than even what we see in financial services. But the complexity doesn't end there. Consider the crazy networking infrastructures needed to 3/
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Canadians in general aren’t being vigilant enough about what is being read & shared online.

A thread.

Far too many of us are falsely equating legitimate news outlets with dedicated propaganda/disinformation sites. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#RebelNews #ThePostMillennial #TheBuffaloTribune #BuffaloChronicle & other similar sites that have cropped up in recent years, are not the equivalent of legitimate news organizations that care about fact checking, evidence & sources. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
These so-called “news” sites are, instead, self-serving propaganda outlets dedicated to advancing a political agenda.

They disguise who funds & backs them. Often claiming they run on “small individual donations”, yet refuse to disclose any verifiable proof. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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