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This is a two part story (#RLR)

Each stands alone but their combination is multiplicative #Synergy #Interdependence

Today’s topic: “The sample is hemolyzed” - In vitro vs In vivo
The lab notifies you “the sample is hemolyzed.”

First step in reasoning, did the hemolysis occur in the patient (in vivo) or during collection of the specimen (in vitro “ex vivo”), eg., prolonged application of tourniquet
In vivo hemolysis -> need to determine cause of hemolysis

In vitro hemolysis -> usually consequence of collection technique
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This is a two-part story (#RLR)

Each stands alone but their combination is multiplicative #Synergy #Interdependence

Today’s topic: “The sample is hemolyzed” - In vitro vs In vivo
The lab notifies you “the sample is hemolyzed.”

First step in reasoning, did the hemolysis occur in the patient (in vivo) or during collection of the specimen (in vitro “ex vivo”), eg., prolonged application of the tourniquet
In vivo hemolysis -> need to determine the cause of hemolysis (part 2 by @rabihmgeha )

In vitro hemolysis -> usually consequence of collection technique
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What Is to Be Done, Now?

“With #Coronavirus bearing down on our economy, we must mobilize all our resources now to survive—so that one day we may thrive.”… #SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence #COVID19 Image
Protect the vulnerable, advance the democratic economy...

“By standing together, in our work and our values and our communities, we are not alone.

From isolation but in solidarity...” #COVID19
“...this crisis also underscores another truth that only the left is willing to acknowledge & confront: The coronavirus is a tragedy not because the intense suffering it will cause is so exceptional, but because it isn’t.” #COVID19 #Interdependence #SDoH
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THREAD on the stubborn persistence (tragic, good, or otherwise) of #Interdependence. 1/
Trump and his team came into power in 2017 telling us we needed to put America first, we had returned to an era of "great power" rivalry, the laws of the Hobbesian jungle were all that mattered, and international law, norms & institutions were for sissies. 2/
In this new (or return to the old) dog-eat-dog world, the United States was going to "win" because we had more power -- military, economic, and soft power -- than all other countries. (If the jungle had returned, then we were the lion (or, if a jungle, then the tiger) 3/
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The recognition of the political nature of health & appreciation of the political determinants of health are key to better understanding despair & health inequality, as well as our shared responsibility to ensure the conditions under which people can enjoy hope & health equity. Image
The decline in life expectancy is occurring in part due to deaths from despair. From 2007 - 2017, the mortality rate from drug overdoses increased 82% while suicide rates increased 24%.

Many problems associated with poor health stem from lower incomes.
“ is essential to rethink the hegemonic discourse of the right to health so that it becomes a first-class human right intrinsically coupled to the other social, political and economic rights.”

Benach, et al. 2019 #SDoH #HiAP…
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"Modi’s external balancing game is either shrewd and ambitious or naive and dangerous, depending on whom in Delhi you speak to."

Here's a long THREAD with annotated quotes from my recent strategic-geostrategy essay...…
Every few months or so, I get out of my "neighbourhood" shell and take a look at the big picture of India's foreign policy. This 5k words essay focuses on the big Delhi debate: how should India (re)align in an changing world order? I analyze a range of positions... highlights:
"The world order’s volatility has animated the eternal Indian #debate about the tactical terms of strategic diversification exactly should Delhi balance these — competing/conflicting—friends, partners, and allies into a bundle that enhances India’s strategic autonomy?"
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Disconnection from nature can be bad for our mental health.…
“What I am attempting to do now is develop a rich psychoterratic typology that provides a language and conceptual landscape to match the rich range of emotions and feelings people have about nature and place." @GlennAlb
To see that societies & natural environments continually ‘co-produce’ each other in the same spot is to understand our problem synthetically as one of ‘humanity-in-nature’ and ‘nature-in-humanity’ rather than merely additively as one of humanity & nature.

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Handing public assets and services over to the free market has been a boon for corporate America and a disaster for the working class.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence…
“We can decide what makes public ownership efficient. We can decide what makes public ownership successful and that doesn’t have to be a profit, unlike private corporations. That could be environmental sustainability and is in many cases.”…
The latent, unused power of citizens—and the production of public collateral.

“To grasp and deploy this financial power in the interests of society and the ecosystem, citizens need to understand that this was and is ultimately our power.”…
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In 2014, medical outlays lowered the median income for the poorest decile of US individuals by 47.6% vs 2.7% for the wealthiest decile.

“First do no harm” must extend to the financial impact of delivering health care.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
"In spite of all the efforts in the US to control health spending over the past 25 years, the story remains the same.”

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“Community wealth building models include social enterprises, community development corporations, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), municipally owned enterprises, community land trusts, and cooperatives.”

“That has major implications for national productivity and economic growth, not to mention politics. A country in which a handful of coastal cities represent the bulk of national wealth is not a stable one.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence…
“The number of land banks grew dramatically in the wake of the foreclosure crisis. So has our understanding of how to successfully fund them.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence…
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“Job growth is not sufficient by itself to create upward mobility... It’s almost as though racial disparities have been amplified by job growth.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence…
“...while nonparticipation of prime-age males has risen in every education group, the biggest rise is not in the lowest-skill or highest-skill groups, but rather in the middle.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence…
“Well-being metrics can serve as warning lights; they point to vulnerabilities in particular places or groups of people and to positive trends that could provide broader lessons.” #SDoH #HiAP #IRoS…
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The "I can do anything except..." framing in Disability/Deaf communities is ableist.
I know that very few want to admit or discuss this but it needs challenge, intense scrutiny & deep reflection and conversation. Not necessarily here but I hope folks are having these conversations cuz this is harmful.
It runs counter to Disability Rights, Disability Justice and Disability Solidarity precepts and praxis. It allows society to continue to believe that others who are unable to do some things are inherently lacking which contributes to systemic societal marginalization.
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A Balanced Investment Portfolio For Equitable Health And Well-Being Is An Imperative, And Within Reach

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Social Determinants As Public Goods.

@LenMNichols & @LaurenTaylorMPH demonstrate that the underprovision of interventions on #SDoH can be addressed through a novel but practical community financing mechanism.

#Commons #Interdependence…
“While the degree to which human beings pursue that which they think is good for them has not and will probably never change, what they believe is good for them can change and from time to time has, radically.”

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Housing And Health: An Overview Of The Literature

@LaurenTaylorMPH 2018 @Health_Affairs #SDoH

Housing stability, quality, safety, and affordability all affect health outcomes, as do physical and social characteristics of neighborhoods.…
Exploring the link between housing and health

#SDoH #HiAP #PEoH #IRoS @amyreports @Marketplace…
The @HousingACTION campaign has released a new fact sheet highlighting the role of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit in improving health outcomes for low-income families and communities. #SDoH #HiAP #PEoH…
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We are dying younger, in part, because of deliberate policy choices made over decades:
• Rejecting universal health care.
• Cutting taxes for the rich.
• Shunning income support.
• Abandoning universal child care.

Those choices increasingly set us apart in the world. #SDoH
“...any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
#SDoH #Interdependence #PEoH…
“We are the wealthiest nation on earth, but far from the healthiest, and things are getting worse, not better.” #SDoH #PEoH #HiAP #IRoS…
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