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Right before the French Days of #Agriculture 2023, let’s dive in the One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week!

💚 Follow me for 2 days amongst the inspirational programme’s Laureates!

#OnePlanetFellowship #JNAgri #research #climate Image
🚀 First, a global overview of the #OPF programme - @FondationBNPP has been supporting for 5 years! - by François Pierrot, Acting Director & Ly Ann Kauv Project Officer, from @Agrofondation, Olivier Dangles (@ird_fr) & Michèle Mbo’o-Tchouawou, Deputy Director @AWARDFellowship ImageImageImageImage
🌟 Key notions, challenges and issues reminded:
- New generation of researchers
- Gender equality in science & agriculture
- EU 🔁 Africa
- From local to global
- Capacity building
- Network
- Collaboration (North-South, AND South-South!) Image
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Why do these people at #Holtec (BOD & Copr Leaders) think it is OKAY to Dump #Pilgrim NPP's nuclear waste into the #HudsonRiver? Who are they to threaten East Coast #Fisheries and people?… 🧵🌊🎏 #CapeCod ImageImageImageImage
more #Holtec leaders ImageImageImageImage
👆These people have no right to threaten an important economic driver in the USA. Image
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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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Today we're in Sri Lanka, almost ready for the launch of the assessment report on the implementation of #smallscalefisheries guidelines in the Asia&Pacific Region! REGISTER HERE TO JOIN US! Image
Jesu Rethinam, member of the Global Advisory Group, representing the IPC: "The SSF People Centred mechanism is a tool made by the communities and for the communities to assess the progress of the #SSFGuidelines implementation worldwide".
#StandWithSmallScaleFishers Image
"Many are the damages affecting Sri Lanka communities, it is important to join hands in event like this to safeguard interest of #smallscalefisheries", Mr. Douglas Devananda, Ministry of Fisheries in Sri-Lanka said.

#StandWithSmallScaleFishers Image
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🧵 "Transient dynamics: the key to ecological understanding"

Today's Colloquium by SFI External Professor Alan Hastings (@UCDavis, @theNASciences)

Streaming now on our YouTube channel:

#Ecology #ComplexSystems
@ucdavis @theNASciences "One might say that natural ecological #systems *don't exist anymore*..."

SFI External Prof Alan Hastings @eco_hastings (@UCDavis), criticizes classical approaches to deterministic/equilibrium ecological models, streaming now:

@ucdavis @theNASciences @eco_hastings "The long-term behavior of the #epidemic is not what you want to focus on. Let's focus instead on dynamics at shorter timescales."

SFI External Prof Alan Hastings @eco_hastings
(@UCDavis), criticizes conventional ecological models, streaming now:
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*How #SriLanka got ruined*

Lankans voted for #Rajapakshas knowing very well what they did in the past, including corruption, selling out national assets to #China, #dynastic politics and all.

They still voted for them because Rajapakshas promised things they could not refuse.
1. Their #GST, called VAT Tax, on all products was reduced to 8%, thus making everything cheaper in one stroke. (It also killed the govt revenue). People loved things getting cheaper.
2. The minimum #incometax threshold was changed from 5 Lakhs per annum to 30 Lakhs! Very few earned more than 30L!
A very large part of the population became #tax exempt. This was very popular among the salaried class.
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Our preprint presenting the #genome of the most #endangered #seabird in Europe #Balearic #shearwater is out in #biorxiv

Cristian Cuevas Caballé @VizuetaJoel @meritxellgeno @SeabirdEcology @RiutortLab @JRozasUB

See 🧵👇 1/7
The Balearic shearwater is a Critically Endangered #IUCNRedlist #seabird endemic of the Balearic Islands affected by #introduced mammals and #bycatch in longline #fisheries. Previous studies predict their extinction by 2070!…

Combining #Illumina & #Nanopore data, we present the first high-quality reference genome for the species.

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Much thanks to @PuntlandPirates work, notes & reflections
- Iranian Gillnetters (indiscriminate way of capturing marine animals-illegal) licensed by officials-Evidence
- Forced labor
- NEFCO tried to sell #Somalia fish privately, facilitates IUU fishing…
Global Fishing Watch & #Somalia Gov both reported more than 100 Iranian vessels in Somali waters in 2019-2020

#Puntland issued, lacks legal powers, 52 licenses in less than 60 days to trawlers, illegal in Puntland & Somalia, per doc obtained by @GI-TOC $10k-15k each license
Assuming continuity of the licence fees per year, #Puntland would get $3M-$5M per year.

This money is collected by agents, there are few of them, 5.

One of them is Saddam Ismail, an agent for 8/52 vessels.

He is linked to arms smuggling: delivering arms & picking up fish
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Models project that #ocean #phytoplankton will become increasingly starved of #nitrogen as #climatechange progresses.

If realised, this has implications for #fisheries.

But how can we monitor this change in the real ocean?

Nitrogen isotopes!
What are nitrogen (N) isotopes?

There is a heavy isotope (15-N) and a light isotope (14-N).

Some processes prefer to use 14-N more than 15-N. When phytoplankton use nitrogen, they prefer 14-N.

This increases the ratio of 15-N to 14-N in seawater.
But when N is scarce, phytoplankton have less preference.

Like if there was only one kind of pizza at a party, you don't have the option of being picky (you have to have the pineapple).

In this case, phytoplankton no longer increase the ratio of 15-N to 14-N in seawater.
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Our new @BlueFoodFutures paper is now out in @nature. We compare the environmental performance of #bluefoods to prioritize sustainable blue food production and consumption 🧵(1/10)
@AmericanU @AUResearch @sthlmresilience @oceansolutions @eatforum @DalhousieU A market counter with a range of prepared fish and shellfish
Did you know food systems emit 1/3 of all greenhouse gases, occupy 1/2 of ice-free land & are responsible for 3/4 of freshwater use and eutrophication?

Yet, many studies aiming to reduce these pressures largely overlooked blue foods, so we dove into them here (2/10)
We used data from studies covering >2,500 #fisheries & #aquaculture farms to estimate the #greenhousegas, nitrogen & phosphorus emissions, and freshwater & land use to produce standardized estimates for 23 species groups, representing >70% of blue food production 🐟🦐🦪 (3/10)
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(1) The 4th stage of the Program by the Min of #Fisheries to build #ArtificialReefs and #FishSpawning habitats with old busses and concrete structures is been successfully conducted in the seas off the #Jaffna peninsula. Earlier stages were conducted in Trinco, Galle and Matara.
(2) The protest by the #TamilNadu #Fishermen against the program stating it as an irresponsible move has been rejected by the #GOSL and will be continued. Similar programs are conducted globally, it has been recommended by the #MarineResearch Institute in SL, #NARA as well.
(3) While it will boost Fish Spawning, #Marine Habitats and #environment damaged over the years by human factors and #illegal fishing methods such as #BottomLineTrawling, it will also act as an shield against bottom line trawling conducted illegally by the #Indian Fishermen.
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(1/7) On this #WorldTurtleDay discover the story of Thunderbird, the loggerhead turtle 🐢 that travelled 6000km. Her epic journey illustrates 2 of the major threats that many #marine #species face 🦈🐋 – entanglement in #ghost fishing gear and #bycatch in industrial #fisheries 🆘
(2/7) Thunderbird was found entangled in ghost fishing gear by #SaveTheMedFoundation in July 2020, and taken to the @PalmaAquarium rescue centre in Mallorca 🐢

📷Save The Med
(3/7) We attached a #satellite tag 🛰️ before she was released as part of the “Oceanographic turtles”, a joint programme by @socib_icts, @alnitakmission, @PalmaAquarium and @ExeterMarine, with the support of @NOAA NMFS 📉🐢
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/31/2021…
Declining biodiversity in wild Amazon fisheries threatens human diet…

#biodiversity #amazon #fisheries #diet #consequences
The Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Is a Tale of Weaponized Uncertainty…

#COVID19 #origin #wuhan #LabLeak #weaponization #uncertainty
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The blackmailing #Morocco uses against the #EU& #Spain,and the use of two sensitive topics (#migration & #terrorism) has not started with what happened in #Ceuta. It has been the case along the #EU-#Morocco relations’ history. A quick flashback:
1:used to push #EU to accept #Morocco’s claims to join the #EU in the 90s after being lonely/unwanted in its natural continent,the #AU(b/c of its illegal military #occupation of the neighbouring #WesternSahara)->the #EU submitted but proposed an association agreement instead
2:migration used as key element during negotiations of the 2000 #Association_Agreement to maximise the funds provided to #Morocco by the #EU under the agreement and to get what the #EU calls “Advanced status” under the #ENP (European Neighbouring Policy) with related advantages
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Primary land for #agriculture #forestry and #fisheries is front page news and may be at the cusp of a generational bull run. Yet, the market hasn’t really factored this in. 🤷

What are some ways we can play this trend?

Let’s take a deep dive. 👇
2. Classical economists like Adam Smith and David Ricardo modelled the economy with four factors of production: Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship (or ‘technology’).. and land.

Tech and capital used to be the most scarce, but do you think that's the case now?
3. Recently megatrend analysts have been pointing at increasing food and fiber needs, increasing population, increasing wealth, and decreasing land availability all contributing to relative scarcity of good quality primary land.

Here’s the EU projecting declining land..
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New @ForeignPolicy article + slide deck:

7 #China #MaritimeMilitia ships ID'ed @ #WhitsunReef/ #UnionBanks in #SouthChinaSea!

Great to publish w/ @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime colleague @rdmartinson88. And always a pleasure to work w/ @BeijingPalmer!…

***At the very least, 7 People's #ArmedForces #MaritimeMilitia (#PAFMM) vessels have been operating at the #Spratly Islands’ #UnionBanks, including #WhitsunReef—both during the past month & multiple times over the past year.…

Thanks to research w/ @rdmartinson88, building on @GregPoling's

Spotlight's now on #Taishan #PAFMM vessels #Yuetaiyu 18000, 18111, 18222, 18333, 18555, 18666, 18777, 18888 & 18999—“The Fancheng Nine”—from a #FarSeas Militia #Squadron (#远海民兵大队) that doesn’t actually fish...
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Fish Farming Is Feeding the Globe. What’s the Cost for Locals? | The New Yorker…

#farming #fisheries
Researchers report new approach to cultured meat…

#meat #artificial
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Covid-sceptics in Peterhead, Scotland.
#Brexit #fisheries
Looks like I was the last man of Peterhead today.
House in Peterhead, Broad St, where in 1941 a Nazi bomb killed several children who had just held a concert, raising 10£ for charity.
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In the last year, we profiled 12 #waterwarriors who are fighting for a water-secure #India.

1. S.Vishwanath (@zenrainman)

A water activist and urban planner who has developed over 100,000 recharge wells across #Bangalore as part of his #AMillionWells Project.

2. Veena Srinivasan (@veenas_water)

The Director of @csei_org at @atree_org, her research has given us perspective on how human activities have a profound impact on water stress and has highlighted the methodological issues with our groundwater analysis.

3.Aabid Surti

The octogenarian is a national-award-winning author, artist & environmentalist. Through his Drop Dead Foundation, Surti visits housing colonies in #Mumbai with a plumber in tow to fix leaking taps – a service he has been doing for free for 15 years.

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[1] Reports indicate that the #Venezuelan Floating Storage/Production Vessel, FSO #nabarima, currently located in the #gulfofparia, has approximately 1.2 million barrels of crude oil onboard & the vessel is in distress.

Why is this of concern to #TrinidadandTobago?
[2] The #gulfofparia is a semi-enclosed body of water located between #Trinidad and #Venezuela. The #marine #environment is a very dynamic system. Any oil that is spilled in the #gulfofparia will likely be transported by the currents and reach the shores of both countries.
[3] Presently, the #gulfofparia supports important #fisheries 🐟🦐 Many #fisherfolk in #Trinidad harvest #fish and #shellfish from the #gulfofparia🛥️ The livelihood of these #fisherfolk are dependent on a healthy marine environment.
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Yesterday we released a NEW report #WhatWouldNoDealMean.

And, you've guessed it, this report is the subject of today's #ThursdayThread. 🧵…
.@BorisJohnson has said that no deal with the EU would be a “good outcome” for the UK.

This report highlights what it would mean in terms of trade, fisheries, connectivity, the impact on citizens, Northern Ireland, economics, security, foreign policy, politics and more.
On #trade, the two sides would revert to #WTO rules.

We’re talking tariffs, customs checks, and regulatory checks. In other words, increased hassle, increased time and increased costs for businesses trading with the EU.

@CSBarnard24 explains.
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Just when you though life could get no better, YET ANOTHER @UKandEU No Deal report comes out and proves you wrong. You can find it here (THREAD) 1/19…
Strap in. There’s a lot to say. And I’ve learnt about gifs 2/19
This report was truly a team effort – and it was quite a team! I have to thank @CSBarnard24, @dgbailey, @ProfTimBale, @matt_bevington, @MeredithCrowle1, @drsarah_hall, @hayward_katy, @MartinHeneghan, Carmen Hubbard, @james_lisak, @HusseinHKassim, @McEwen_Nicola… 3/19
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"A farmer is a dispenser of the mysteries of God." written by a correspondent to Liberty Hyde Bailey

Let us show you a glimpse of the world of our guest tomorrow at 2pm WAT on #TheAfricanFarmersStories. Please join us.
“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.“ - Charles Waterman

We have a passionate #fisherman as our guest today on #TheAfricanFarmersStories

Fish value chain entrepreneurs calling!!! Join us at 2pm WAT. @FarmersStories Image
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July board meeting for Friends of the Lower #Wisconsin Riverway #conservation #rivers #driftless
Joined by #fisheries guru John Lyons on behalf of the science team!
And our treasurer is with us!
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