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Discussion in class linked to #InternationalWomensDay2020 left some in the class frustrated.

“I just don’t get why women think they’re hard done by” stuck out.

So today, I gave a mini presentation to the class after lunch. I began by asking: What do you see here?
Not one person realised the King was above the queen. When pointed out, nearly all had an ‘ooooh’ moment.

Then asked what the reaction would be if Megan Rapinoe celebrated like this:
Why do some feel the need to ask a father for permission to marry a daughter?

Whose permission is the one that should matter?
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We have had so MANY important women throughout our history: Martha Washington, the steadfast Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, the college educated Lucy Hayes, our champion thru adversity Mary Lincoln, the beautiful Jacque Kennedy, powerhouse Nancy Reagan, & now a #FLOTUS who
2/ speaks FIVE languages and is ALWAYS elegant, gracious and smiling despite watching the man she adores being used as political fodder by the uneducated & biased liberal masses. What USED to be known as The Fourth Estate provides nothing even-handed or remotely resembling
3/ journalism. To throw out Eleanor Roosevelt is trite, tired, & largely fictitious. “Now I’ll have no identity,” she wept when FDR was elected. Letters between them seemed to show a nominal friendship; yet there was often a “simmering anger,” & she, in truth, often LEFT The
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While I believe that we should celebrate women everyday, it’s always special to have one whole day dedicated to recognize their profound impact on our lives.

Before #InternationalWomensDay2020 ends, I’d like to pay my respects to 4 remarkable women. #SheInspiresUs Thread:
Ahilyabai Holkar (1725-1775)

Maratha Queen. Mother of Hindu Renaissance. Fearless Warrior. Skilled Administrator. Profound Dharmic.

She single-handedly led armies into battle, regained lost territory, rebuilt temples plundered, desecrated, & destroyed by Islamic invaders (1/n)
And laid the foundation for a prosperous kingdom. She lived her life based on an important Hindu belief- to never give up, to continue rebuilding that which is destroyed, & to continue going eternally.

Her contribution gave new energy to the revival of the of this land. (2/n)
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Buckle up and get your barf bags ready, because it's time for another episode of #RealStoriesFromTheRabbinicCourt, #InternationalWomensDay2020 & #AgunahDay edition. This morning, the State Rabbinic Court published a new decision (by the Petach Tikvah Rabbinic Court, 4.3.20):
Case details: A young woman married 3 years ago. Shortly after the wedding, she discovered that her husband was schizophrenic and had actively hidden that fact from her—as well as from their matchmaker and rabbis—before the wedding.
She describes his troubling and violent behavior to the court, corroborated by professional psychiatric reports (which also note his refusal to take his prescribed medication following the wedding).
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On this #InternationalWomensDay
A list! For the more impressionable women and girls (we get it, we've all had to work through stuff) amongst us:

If a man wants to be like you, this does not redefine you. You do not have to reconceptualize yourself because he wants you to.
If a man wants to be like you, you owe him nothing. No Thing. You don't owe him your words, your notion of your own demographic and you definitely don't owe him your rights.

You are not a feeling. You are not an identity.
You do not become formless and nebulous because a man wants to be like you.
You do not lose your material reality because a man is upset that he does not have it.
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THREAD: 8th March.

My sister Sarah Jane would have been 50 years old today.

I speak about her and tell her story in the talk I do about #DomesticAbuse but that doesn’t tell HER story.

Here’s a bit more about her and our family.

We were both adopted from Guernsey. Me in 1966/7 Sarah in 1970.

I’m told (by my birth mother - that’s another story) that Guernsey in the late 60s was more like the 1900s from a morals and development perspective. So being born ‘out of wedlock’ was especially problematic.

Consequently there were a lot of babies adopted off the Channel Islands to the mainland - due in some part to the transient nature of employment in the holiday and travel industries. (I was the result of a holiday romance and we found out that Sarah was also a teen-pregnancy).
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I bow my head to the daughters of Devahuti on #InternationalWomensDay2020 . Deavhuti was the daughter of Manu whose verses became part of Rigveda, the first book of human history. She, was among 27 women poets who had her hymns in it. Unprinted for centuries, sages chanted them.
They could’ve decided not to, but in a society celebrated for mind and heard, not muscles, women had an elated position. Sanatana was always a Women’s world in which Shiva surrenders at the feet of Kali, make Gaur an equal part and becomes Ardh-Narishwar. #InternationalWomensDay
Long before folk songs and other such songs of longing became a part of human history, and when the world was in awe of Sage Agastya who’d walk down south to create Tamil grammar, his wife Lopamudra would tease him about wasting life for big things losing out on love #Rigveda
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Here Is The List


"Permanent Commission should be granted to women in the army regardless of their service"…
'Husband Is Not The Master Of Wife', SC Strikes Down 158 Year Old Adultery Law Under Section 497 IPC [Read Judgment]…

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Let's fix this. Jordan doesn't get enough credit for its promotion of one particular female, #SbarroBomber and @FBIMostWanted terrorist #AhlamTamimi. Her TV career and pan-Arab celebrity are all thanks to @JordanGov. (All three of the American lives she ended were female too.)
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.@INBreakthrough I am so happy that you are initiating a conversation with #IgnoreNoMore to make public spaces safer for women.
I too have a campaign #Cabs4Her which urges .@Uber_India to hire more female drivers.
I have been rigorously campaigning for this petition for the past year and half. The petition now has more than 1 lakh supporters who believe in this cause.
I wish .@Uber_India to respond to my petition and truly drive the change.
More women in the public spaces is without a doubt going to make other women feel safer to travel alone. A female cabbie is sure to allay every women passenger's fear.
Moreover, making the cab driving profession more accessible to women is a big boost towards women empowerment.
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I grew up listening to my Nan’s tales of what her childhood & youth was like. She was born in 1911.
She cut her head open & almost died when she was 4 yrs old whilst scavenging for coal on a slag heap.
Watched her older sister slowly die from TB on 1/
the parlor floor when she was 10 & her sister Mary was 15.
Lost her best friend to measles at 11.
Was sent into ‘service’ in London at 11. She was put on a charabanc in Cardiff & sent away from home, alone.
She worked as a scullery maid.
She shared a room in the attic with 3/
the chamber maid & they’d shove a heavy chair against the door each night before they went to sleep. The cook told them to do it.
She lived through WW1, in which she lost uncles & cousins.
She later became a Nanny in London to a rich family. A real life Mary Poppins! At 19 4/
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New from Buckingham Palace (and a few confirmations):

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s Spring transition period will take effect on March 31. “The Royal Family and Sussexes have agreed to an initial 12-month review to ensure the arrangement works for all parties,” says source.
From April 1, the Sussexes will no longer have an office at Buckingham Palace but will continue to repped in the UK through their foundation team. It’s confirmed that the couple will retain their other titles of The Earl & Countess of Dumbarton and The Baron & Baroness Kilkeel.
Regarding military:

Prince Harry will retain ranks of Major, Lieutenant Commander, and Squadron Leader, however, during this 12-month period his honorary military positions will not be used. No new appointments will be made to fill these roles before the review is completed.
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