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Upachaya houses are 3,6 and 11th bhavas. These bhavas fuel growth. The specific path chosen for growth depend on the planets placed in the Upachaya houses. #Growth #Astrology #Jyotish #VedicAstrology #JyotishKatti
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Rahu exalts in the natural 3rd, has Moolatrikona in the natural 6th and co-lords the natural 11th. Rahu being a bhoga graha powers growth at all cost. Growth fueled by "I, me and Myself". End Justifies means. #ASTRO #astrology #VedicAstrology #Jyotish #JyotishKatti
Rahu in the 3rd. Exalted (Happy Rahu) aspects the 9th of Dharma!!!! Such a happy Rahu has a 9th house (Dharma) on your Labha (Profits). The 5th of Mantra I will probably explain later. Rahu, the dark deamon in the 3rd has a influence on your Dharma and Profits. This is BAD! +
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The mind/mana is denoted by the Moon. The inherent nature of the Mind is to desire and needs an anchor for guidance for fulfillment. The planets that give Gati or direction to the mana are the ones in 2/12 and/or/ planet(s) conjoining and/or Kendras to it (Moon). #JyotishKatti Image
The absence of ALL the above can denote a mind that has no fixed desire. Is this good? For spirituality, this can be a plus. However, for mundane matters, this can be a -ve. This is called Kemadruma Yoga. Is there any remedy for this?
Before I get to the remedy we need to take a deep dive. What is this all about? It is for a very important reason, that the maharishis have given importance to Chandra Lagna. The chart viewed from Moon as Lagna shows our emotional makeup. The quality of various responses.
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PanchaKa is a powerful tool to find out if an activity initiated on a particular day and time would be successful or end in failure. The steps involved are very easy.
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Add the numbers.. Example.
1.  Tithi - Sukla Pratipad = 1
2.  Vara - Sunday =1
3.  Nakshatra - Ashwini = 1
4.  Lagna - Mesha = 1
Expunge multiples of 9
cc - @mmpandit
If the balance is 1,2,4,6 or 8, then bad results would follow.
1 indicates Mrithyu Panchaka (Danger)
2 indicates Agni Panchaka (Fire, fight)
4 indicates Raja Panchaka (Danger due to loss of position
6 indicates Chora panchaka (Theft,loss)
8 Roga panchaka (Disease)
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#Navamsa is a world of knowledge in itself. Navamsa is also called Baghya-Amsa and Dharma-Asma. The dharma bhava is the 9th and the fruits of dharma is the 11th from it. This is the 7th. No wonder elders have taught that blessing of the spouse accelerates #Spirituality.
The troubles in marriage life is one of the harshest experiences in owns life, The trouble pointers are the 6th, 8th, and 12th FROM the 7th house (In navamsa). #jyotishkatti #marriage #love
The 6th house from D9 lagna will be the 12th from the 7th. This shows the spouse rejections ans losses. This indicates what the spouse is rejecting.

Malefics here can play havoc in married life. More afflictions can point to celibacy. #jyotishkatti #marriage #love #divorce
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Ayana mapping to fingers. #Slow #Thread on #gemstones .
Moksha - Index finger. For people in the path of #Spirituality, no #gemstones are advised. #Spiritual path can get blocked. #anger comes into play.
cc - @mmpandit
Do RT for a wider reach.
Artha - Middle finger - Artha is all about #work, #money, and the accumulation of wealth. Be careful, as certain #Gemstones can disturb your focus while others can make your emotions high. The choice of gemstone must be aligned with #professional work.
Artha - Middle finger. Say one is in a profession that demands high focus/concentration. would a #Pearl (Moon) that heightens @emotions help? Contrary, if the profession is related to compassion, social work may be #Pearl would be fine.
cc - @HinduMediaWiki
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If the 9th lord has a connection with the Lagna lord and is also well placed in the Navamsa, the person will be well known for charities. #jyotishkatti
Start with the rasi chart and then see the navamsa. #jyotishkatti
Why is 9th lord involved? Because the 9th lord is/are the dharmic actions. #jyotishkatti
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