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"If you then discovered that the majority of the committee members had financial interests in the drug being developed, how would you feel?" 1/n
@zoeharcombe @RosemaryFreiTO @simondolan @Francis_Hoar @BreesAnna @toadmeister @NeilClark66 @allisonpearson…
"The advice was stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, protect the vulnerable, most people will have a mild illness, wearing face masks is “usually quite a bad idea“, & “big gatherings don’t have a big effect so we don’t want to disrupt people’s lives.” 2/n
"1) Organisations invested in vaccines make money from vaccines. If people acquire natural immunity, they have reduced or no need for a vaccine and thus the potential gain for the vaccine company is reduced." 3/n
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Heart-breaking harsh reality.
Not only did we prevent kids from proper education, denied them to play in the park or swim in the sea, asked them to wear masks, not touch or play with their friends,... 1/n…
and caused them scaring psychological harm from safetyism, we are also physically injuring them.
How can we not see the plight of the children? 2/n
“number of children under one presenting with fractures & head trauma since September has more than doubled compared to the same period the previous year. It's normal for parents to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But serious injuries can happen in just a few sec. of frustration.”3/n
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Since there is no excess mortality (green ONS line)compared to previous years, we can conclude that many of the PCR (+) deaths (red line) are misattribution from other causes of mortality. In total, a similar # of people is likely to die this year as on average the last few years
Only many of the deaths are being called covid deaths instead of something else.
This is possibly due to:
1) high PCR Ct values leading to false positives (when we detect part of the viral material but not an active infection)
People who are not showing symptoms of #COVID19 infection, can not be said to die from an infection they don’t have.
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Just had some junk mail post though our door with the message:
Live Without Fear
I'm going back to normal...
by Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Dr Sunetra Gupta, Dr Martin Kulldorff.
How is @BorisJohnson allowing this. They are advocating rule-breaking just with that heading. WTF?
This is a scan of the junk mail: ImageImage
Let's go through some of the obvious problems with the messaging:
1. We are not living in Fear.
2. Going back to normal is not possible until the pandemic is over.
3. Saving lives is what the NHS is trying to do & a deadly highly infectious contagion is going to take a priority.
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Operation Moonshot, by far the stupidest idea!

Are they telling people that after they test (-), they are safe and they can’t catch the virus right after they get tested or even while they are getting tested from nosocomial infection in the clinic?
“The plan then states that there would be “full rollout” in early 2021 to 10 million tests a day, to “enable people to return to and maintain normal life.”
“At this stage, weekly testing would be made available progressively to the whole population to allow people to go to high risk events by using a “digital passport” to show they have tested negative for the virus.”
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1. It's already been decided that #COVID_19 #lockdown and restrictions will continue on till at least 2030 as it has been accepted to be apart of #TheGreatReset initiative by the #WorldEconomicForum.
2. It's clear to see that the #UKGovernment have corrupted the science by involving themselves far too much into independent scientific boards such as SAGE, who advise the government. It’s a conflict of interest. The government are advising themselves and this is not working.
3. The government contracting their friends for pandemic contracts with no competition, especially those connected to the #VOTELEAVE campaign. Which in my opinion was total corruption taking place on a major scale in regards to the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal. The government are
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If you think that throwing away every single sacrifice that everyone has made over the last 10 months is worth it in order to celebrate the birth of a prophet that most of you don’t even believe in, then you need to give your heads a wobble.
Once again, this weak and pathetic Prime Minister is being bounced into the wrong decision by the very vocal minority who simply need to grow the fuck up.
And - before you #KBF fuckers start - it’s not just because I’m some sociopathic misanthrope that I’m saying this. I haven’t seen my mum and dad since last Xmas, and I would walk across hot coals to spend Xmas with them again. But none of us are that stupid to risk it.
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I agree with you @jeffreyatucker that this correlation “of those who tested positive, it was found that 18.3 per cent had visited a supermarket” should not be interpreted as a causal relationship. However, I look at this from another perspective.
I mention this in an article I wrote in May.
« The two-meters social distancing rule is very utopian. It is certainly impossible to implement in #supermarkets- the main source of contagion even under the strictest lockdown conditions.»
My point is even if we #lockdown people, not allow them to work or do ‘unnecessary’ shopping or ‘unnecessary’ physical exercise, we still need to let them eat; unless, the plan of course is blatant mass genocide.
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#KBF is to the pandemic what the British Union of Fascists & Quisling were to WW2 & should be treated the same. Led by the quisling @simondolan, who deserted this country to avoid taxes, they're a security risk.
In WW2 #KBF would be the house in your street during the Blitz who refuse to put off the lights and close the curtains. It only takes one to have the whole street blown up. @simondolan uses patriot symbolism despite being a foreign-based agitator.
@simondolan is dangerous and manipulative, taking money from others to mask his lack of status in this country so he can pursue his far-right agenda. If you doubt his extremist views, consider he works with anti-semite #DavidIcke to produce his films. He wants to end the NHS.
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There are white lies, black lies and multi-coloured lies…
Small lies, big lies and global lies…
Lies that come in different shades of deception... Lies that harm and lies that kill.
As part of my work for the @PanData19 doctor initiative, I am researching different doctor groups that have been speaking out against the predominant narrative. I realised that there is another common narrative among all of them. It is the 'Truth' narrative.
The truth is ONE, across borders, across languages and across humanity.
At @PanData19 we seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us add numbers to the 'Truth' narrative if you can.
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Despite attempts to deplatform Simon Dolan, we will not be moved.

A round-up of key moments from Day 1 of our Court Appeal.

#KBF Image
Philip Havers QC calls out the 'irrational' nature of the Government's illegal lockdown. Image
The damage this Government has inflicted is laid bare in court. Image
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This letter by @NickHudsonCT represents activism at its finest. @Pandata19 is a multidisciplinary group of people who cares deeply about saving lives. They challenged the unrealistic government models that were based in wrong assumptions. 1/n…
Here are two pieces of incriminating evidence that can take the modelers and those who accepted their models to court:
The #DiamondPrincess was a perfect experiment to observe and learn from about the lethality of #COVID19 and the extent of susceptibility in the population. 2/n
Turning a blind eye to the #DiamondPrincess data is a crime. This can be used in the court of law to bring justice to the people whose lives have been ruined as a result of the unjustified draconian measures.3/n
@shaynekrige @stacey_rudin @Francis_Hoar @APRaimondo @roccogalatilaw
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Some protests put safety at risk more than others? 🤔
In reality it's the opposite: large events like the #KBF #TrafalgarSquare protest accelerate herd immunity which is precisely what brings safety to.#London. Especially before Winter.
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What do protestors want?
Mystery... 🤔
#TrafalgarSquare #KBF
via @Charlotte3003G
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I do not believe face masks have or will save a single life from dying of #Covid19

What saves many lives is Vitamin D & early treatment according to the #ZelenkoProtocol

What saves lives is transmission btw healthy young people b4 winter, or #herdimmunity

In fact, common colds are much more prevalent than SARSCoV2. You want to be exposed to them:
On the off chance you had SARSCoV2, a mask will not help
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We'll fight them on the graphs, on the pie charts, and on the bar graphs.

We'll fight them along the X-axis, the Y-axis, and if need be along the Z-axis.

We will fight their made up numbers.

We shall never surrender (to another lockdown).

#KBF #SackWhitty #SackVallance
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Right now the Tory Gov is pushing through 2 changes in UK law

1 put them above Judiciary review and thus immune from the courts and the laws of the UK

2 making it easy to charged with treason by just speaking ill of the Gov, right now you'd have to try do a Guy Fawkes
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Giving them selves immunity from the courts and the law

3 of 4

Making being charged with treason for just speaking ill against the Gov made easy

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🦠 Starting a new thread on COVID conspiracy theories and denialism.🦠

The virus has created an opportunity for far right groups to get purchase in the mainstream...
An anti-mask rally in Ireland this week was organised by an anti-vaxx group Health Freedom Ireland, the hard right UKIP-style Irish Freedom Party, & Yellow Vests Ireland. It was attended by several neo-Nazi activists, many armed.……
The rally was organised with support from the German fascist group Querdenken-711, which has links to the AfD and Holocaust denial. See @TheBeaconIrl:…
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This is the latest bollocks being spread by the #KBF idiots - they think that tests are a generaly test for “coronavirus” and that positive cases include e.g. coronaviruses that cause colds. (They are of course specifically testing for Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) Image
Of course, things like these spread start with a simple misunderstanding. There's a chance that an antibody test can produce a false positive if you've had another coronavirus. These are not the same as tests for a current infection (antigen testing).…
The #KBF idiots are going one step further though, they are now spreading the conspiracy that "COVID-19 is gone, they are just testing for the common cold coronavirus, we're all being lied to" bollocks.

As I said last week, #KBF = conspiracy theorists, nothing more. Image
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