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Zum #Infektionsschutzgesetz (-Entwurf): Nach "Geimpften" und
"Geboosterten" kommen jetzt "frisch Geimpfte" (3 Monate) und ab Okt. wieder Masken.
#Masken(Mandate), sog. #Impfungen u. #Lockdowns wirken, aber evtl. nicht gut genug? 1/9
Why do mask mandates fail?

Haben Masken #Nebenwirkungen?…
"Bacterial and fungal
isolation from face masks
under the #COVID‑19 pandemic"…
Umwelt(schutz)aspekte: ZDF: "Jede Minute machen wir drei Millionen Masken zu Müll."…
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Nach "Geimpften" und "Geboosterten" kommen jetzt "frisch Geimpfte" (3 Monate) und ab Okt. wieder Masken.
#Masken(Mandate), sog. #Impfungen u. #Lockdowns wirken, aber evtl. nicht gut genug? 1/9
Siehe @johndefeo (Why do mask mandates fail?)

Haben Masken #Nebenwirkungen?…
"Bacterial and fungal
isolation from face masks
under the #COVID‑19 pandemic"…
Umwelt(schutz)aspekte: ZDF: "Jede Minute machen wir drei Millionen Masken zu Müll."…
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There's a reason behind the rise in #COVID19 #hospitalizations.

Transmission, based on the officially reported #cases, continues to increase in many places.

Hard to tell on the current @CDCgov map how pronounced #transmission is becoming.

Up to 34% of the US population live in a county with 3 times the "high" threshold for the officially reported case rate - and we know what a pronounced underascertainment we have...

2/ These are bar graphs show the growing % of the US population
Here's that animated map of county-level transmission.

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#BrightFutureNY by @nuclearny @CEJCoalitionNY @Campaign_GND foreword by @GoldsteinJoshua & @DrJamesEHansen outline how investing in #nuclear for NY’s carbon-free future would ensure reliable & sustainable decarbonization w/ great community & jobs. #CLCPA
Nuclear provides well-paying generational jobs for skilled tradesfolk to enable vibrant and healthy host communities enriched by steady tax revenues. For a clean energy transition to be successful, it must be advantageous for the workers who delivering it.…
A Made-In-America nuclear program offers a strong solution to the energy security challenges facing the state and country, including our reliance on foreign supply chains and intermittent energy technologies.…
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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THREAD: Watching today's @FERC monthly open meeting. Among the highlights: a potential final decision to pursue a $20M enforcement case against Energy Transfer over the Rover #pipeline, and action on #transmission line ratings.
And we're underway.
@RichGlickFERC said public will be able to attend next month's open meeting, provided COVID numbers are encouraging.
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In the midst of this historic May heat wave, the @PUCTX meets this morning. Should be some interesting discussions of ongoing market design changes, transmission, etc. Tweet thread with a few updates below.
Agenda and livestream here:…
#txlege #txenergy
Staff filed a memo to implement #SB1281 on #transmission in #ERCOT. Commissioner Cobos says its important to alleviate congestion "Today's economic problem is tomorrow's reliability problem." We need to get these projects going.

Staff memo here:…
Commissioners and staff having a discussion about how resiliency fits into reliability metrics.

Cmsr Glotfelty said "transmission is hard to build, takes a long time." He knows of what he speaks.
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1. New county-level #risk indicators released by @CDCgov last night.

Here's your look at weekly #transmission levels since Feb 24.

After looking much better in March, we're continuing to see rates of newly reported cases increasing in most US regions.
2. But, as has been the case for a while, when basing risk level on #hospitalization rates and hospital capacity, at least visually, the story is very different.
3. This shows CHANGE in each metric yesterday compared to 1 week prior. Many more places worsening than improving.

14% of the population worsened on the hospital-based measure; only 1% improved.

23% of the population worsened on the transmission-based measure; only 6% improved.
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…And the Transmission just blew on the only vehicle had to do all that needs to be don for the babies on A daily basis, AWESOME !!!

No time to waste on what demons are saying on TV who aren’t real. What is real though, these children & they are way more important …
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Before journalists give time to #Murdoch #LNP #transmission hikes, ask who is driver of price hikes? @AngusTaylorMP has gazetted ‘if Industry Research and Development (Supporting Critical Transmission Infrastructure Program) Instrument 2021.’ It’s billions$$ cash splash #auspol
This scare campaign is #murdoch #LNP own goal. If they are serious then commit to #Disallow such expenditure now @renew_economy #auspol
This instrument can still be disallowed post election. So acid now on #Murdoch and #LNP #Lab to commit to disallow if they are serious about not driving up power bills by driving unnecessary transmission and forcing community to pay for their stupidity #auspol #Disallow
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It’s #ALMOST like I knew what he was going to do …


Cheesy but True.✍️
Losing myself in the Beat ..

Rise Against

It’s Time To Shine, ⭐️ ..
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For all of the #transmission advocates on twitter dot com, I just wanted to flag a recent DC Circuit case that sheds more light on the ever-contentious issue of how to allocate costs for high-voltage transmission. 1/13
The case is Long Island Power Authority v. FERC, decided last week:… 2/13
I think the most helpful part of the discussion begins at p10.

Some context: the 7th Circuit has twice remanded "postage-stamp" cost allocation, where all participants in a regional grid pay equally (or pro rata).

These are the Illinois Commerce Commission cases. 3/13
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ZBF release finally draws closer ( We have been working to get the data/report out & understandable. Here is a short thread with some interesting observations that we made. First, here is a cheat sheet for our scenarios (a wide spread of possibilities)
First, we find that scenarios have huge amounts of #wind & #solar. We also find that deployment rates for these (& #storage) must dramatically increase to reach our goals (with and without novel generation).
This becomes increasingly important for limited technology cases & huge for #storage in terms of energy capacity.
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Hi Everyone, the Stars are Aligned perfectly & from the Ashes Sh(W)e Rose ..
“Angel Has Fallen”
Angel Has Risen

The doc said if she wouldn’t have gotten in when she did, we would have lost her … The infection had spread to her kidneys at A rapid pace,it was the reason why ImageImage
She had to stay the night to be monitored. She was not able to receive any pain medication after surgery because of the state her kidneys were in. Blood tests this morning showed her levels were back to normal, she received fluids to help clean out everything & is now
Recovering in her bed comfortably (as comfortable as possible with the cone) all hopped up on doggy pain meds …

Thank you to ALL for the LOVE, Prayers & support given!-

…AND #NOW, WE Start #Transmission

#Satellite UP, LINK .. 33: .@DanScavino ImageImage
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The Abecedarians, the first band alphabetically in my collection. I’m not sure I have listened to this since I bought it. Fac 117, is a 12” 45, just two tracks, electronic with nods to other Factory bands. No idea what happened to them.
#abecedarians #factory #factoryrecords ImageImage
Backstory: In an effort to listen to a wider variety of the music I own for the first half of this year I’m dedicating a week to each letter. I thought I’d start with the disc that has sat leftmost on the shelves since some time in the eighties!
A Certain Ratio. A couple from them today, between the two marking a huge change from fucked to funky.

#factory #factoryrecords #acr #acertainratio
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Long🧵on the provisions of #BuildBackBetter on all things #electricity & #grid. The act starts w/ ~3bn in loans for electric co-ops @NRECANews, incl. projects w/ #batteries. Co-ops have been very involved in @ENERGY-funded R&D & are now enabled to bring results to practice! 1/
It is funny that in my postdoc work @CMU_ECE & @NRECANews w/ @eeregov funding, we actually studied the added value of #battery to #photovoltaics for residential customers' energy cost savings:… & [1],[3], [4] here… 2/
Another ~10bn to co-ops for loans until 2031 to improve #resilience & #reliability w/ investments in #renewables & #transmission . Co-ops 'own' transmission lines & this money can motivate adjacent upgrades. Also critical that #renewables & #transmission appear together here! 3/
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happy friday night, I'm going to tweet about #electricity #transmission for a while. Facts, opinions, and ideas, motivated by BIB, BBB and SITE b/c Congress has THREE opportunities to get transmission development kickstarted. Here we go.
As a reminder, and for anyone new to the transmission black hole,

Transmission is enabling infrastructure for fast and fair decarbonization. Necessary but not sufficient.…
A Macrogrid -- nation spanning, interconnected infrastructure -- is the dream/ideal.…

Not every decarb study concludes with a Macrogrid, but every macrogrid study concludes with a macrogrid, so that's something.
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I'm excited to share with you our recent @biorxivpreprint where we demonstrate that @vaxart mucosal Ad5 #SARSCoV2 vaccines not only protected against disease but also reduced transmission after post-#vaccination #SARSCoV2 infection in a hamster model.… A🧵/
If you follow me, you are well aware of my obsession w/ #mucosalimmunity.😂Protection generated at mucosal surfaces is at the crux of one of the biggest questions we need to answer during this unique phase of the #pandemic - How do we decrease #SARSCoV2 #transmission to others.
Considering most of the world is unimmunized (including most kids <12), the possibility that a vaccinated individual with a post-vaccination infection (aka #breakthrough) can spread #SARSCoV2 is a public health risk. We need #transmissionblocking strategies.
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The #COVID19 #vaccines are designed to prevent disease—they are also incredibly effective at preventing #transmission! Here we discuss the immunological mechs that cause vaccines to tangibly and effectively reduce transmission! 🧵 1/n… @TheLancetInfDis
Humbled to have put together a review on the COVID19 vaccines’ ability to reduce transmission with my fellow med skool classmates from @SpikeSupport- @CarolineNValdez, @Larson_HaleighT, @ChaneyKalinich, and mentored by the amazing @VirusesImmunity 2/n
We note four stages by which vaccine-induced immunity can ⬇️ transmission: 1️⃣ infection, 2️⃣ viral replication, 3️⃣ threshold for host-to-host spread, and 4️⃣ degree of symptomaticity 3/n
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NEW REPORT w/ @cleanaircatf: To manage climate change, the U.S. must double or triple the size of its electric transmission system - and the current piecemeal approach isn’t going to cut it.

We’ve got 2 proposals to scale transmission rapidly:…
To make progress, the U.S. must address the tension between private and public interest. It will also need to find inclusive ways to plan and develop transmission in the national interest that gets buy-in by ensuring broad enough benefits as well as compensation for burdens.
#Transmission building today is a fragmented “3 P” system:


This is scattered over dozens of federal / state / local authorities. The result? A lengthy process subject to multiple vetoes.
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Why it is important to equip day-care centres and #schools with mobile #air #filters: #Aerosol researchers launch position paper!

The scandal about the still insufficient equipment of day-care centres and #schools with #mobile #air #filters suggests that…
decision-makers in the ministries and administrations have still not understood how infections with the #coronavirus occur. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (#DFG, German Research Foundation) is now countering this
with an information paper that explains the correlations in simple terms.
It clearly states that it is ⚠️#negligent to rely solely on window ventilation in educational institutions.⚠️
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How well are the current #Covid vaccines performing?

In all fairness, we can say they are offering high protection against severe disease & deaths; considerable protection against the symptomatic disease; but only modest protection ag. infections/transmission of the disease 1/
To put it another way, the vaccines are contributing little to our fight against the frequent surges of the #SARSCoV2 virus.

This leads to one pertinent question:

What ought to be the prime objective of the vaccination particularly amid an intense pandemic? 2/
To resist the ongoing outbreak or avoid hospitalizations and deaths?

A four-fold reduction in the hospitalisation & death rates is not much use if we just allow infections to reach four-fold the previous peak. 3/
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1/5 Which #TravelRestrictions were most effective to contain the spread of #COVID19?🌍New systematic review out now in the Journal of Infection (pre-proof):


@rki_de @CBcheraoui @Elie__Akl @SPARK_AUB @biainfection

2/5 In 2020, most countries switched from total to targeted #border closures followed by mandatory #quarantine and #screening of #travelers.
3/5 Evidence suggests: border closures may reduce the number of #COVID19 cases, disrupt disease spread across countries/between regions & slow #outbreak progression.

Early implementation, in combination with measures to reduce #transmission rates, likely enhances these effects.
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