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Just an *exceptional* night for Democrats at the ballot box across the board. THREAD:

The biggest news is in Jacksonville, where Ds won the mayor's race in Florida's biggest city for just the 2nd time in 30 years. Huge shot in the arm after rough midterms
Second, Dems have held a critical PA state House seat in a special election, preserving the *one*-seat majority they unexpectedly won last year
Dems also vastly outperformed district baselines in defending an NH House seat in a special election. That's rough news for Republicans, since an upcoming special in a GOP-held seat could result in a 200-200 *tie* in the chamber if Dems flip it
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Looking at the consistent Democratic overperformances via persuasion with swing voters (even when base turnout lags) makes me think that if the general election were today, Andy Beshear would hang on in #KYGov. Underlying signals suggest a decently pro-Dem environment.
We still have the race at a tossup over @SplitTicket_ — there's a lot of time for things to develop and change and it's a pretty red state, but it's hard to unseat a popular incumbent governor who's got great marks on his disaster response
@SplitTicket_ Would also be stunned, given the Jacksonville result today, if Dems actually lost the Biden +25 seat in the PA special today to replace Mike Zabel. These things often indicate *something* common about the national environment. But internals have it close so...*shrug*
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Hello from Frankfort! It is Day 28 of #KYGA23.

We have about 15 hours until the veto period.

All eyes are on the Senate, which tried to and failed to debate and vote on HB 470 last night.…
HB 551, the sports betting bill, just got a second reading in the Senate. This means it could get a full Senate vote March 29 or 30. #KYGA23
The Senate is going to do introductions and concurrence of bills, then break for committee meetings.

HB 470 can't come up until after those meetings. #KYGA23
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#kygov candidate Kelly Craft wants to "dismantle" / "revamp" the @KyDeptofEd.

New w/ @joesonka:…
She also wants her appointees to the Kentucky Board of Education to be Senate confirmed.

Great news for her: that is already a requirement.…
Craft also said: “We all deserve to know who the governor is appointing to make decisions based upon the curriculum for our children and the future of our children.”

You're never gonna guess who doesn't pick the curriculum.…
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A🧵 on why the #KYed ruling last week against #schoolvouchers tax credit scheme matters @NPEaction @Network4pubEd @PV4PS @BadassTeachersA @edvoters

First: a win’s a win. It’s good to see #schoolvouchers stopped anywhere. The push to privatize is so relentless, so well-funded by such a narrow swath of backers, it can feel like swinging in the dark against it.

But more concretely: the KY Court found that #schoolvouchers tax credit shell game was a budget commitment even though it’s not a direct appropriation. Reducing revenue by $10 is the same as spending $10.

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Matt Bevin says he lost #KYGov because the left was "able to go into urban communities" & "public housing projects."…

1st: OK?

2nd: He isn't saying the words, but we know what he means.

3rd: Within days of taking office, Bevin disenfranchised 140K ppl.
I fear that no response can capture the repulsiveness of Bevin's remarks, and so I don't want to try, but this much had to be said.
Where is this coming from?

After he lost in 2017, Roy Moore framed the mere fact of black turnout into evidence of fraud, in a racist ploy.

Those are the words Bevin is not quite saying, but obviously it's more than subtext. And sets up 2020.
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This would be a massive violation of free & fair elections & the rule of law. There is zero evidence of any voter fraud & nearly every other Kentucky Republican on the ballot won a landslide while GOP Gov. Matt Bevin is currently losing by several thousand votes #KYgov
This. Kentucky Republicans don't get to just retcon the Libertarian's votes because they think a different electoral system would have given them a win. Changing the existing legal rules AFTER everyone has voted is banana republic territory
This is what's at stake with Democrat Andy Beshear winning Kentucky's governor election: He's vowed to restore voting rights to 140,000 citizens Matt Bevin disenfranchised, & he's vowed to reverse Bevin's efforts to gut Medicaid expansion #KYgov…
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If Andy Beshear wins in KY tonight it'll be a point of departure for McConnell. He'll perhaps begin to rethink his statement today @ Trump not being convicted in a Senate Imp hearing..
The massive Dem voter turnout today should be enough to shake him to his core.
GO Kentucky!
The Kentucky Gov race is within 1 percentage point right now. I'm wondering what election law has to say about how many points the spread has to be so that an election can NOT be challenged. Anyone? #KYGov #TuesdayThoughts
Kornacki just said that in Kentucky there's no automatic # that demands a recount, but that if Bevin falls short & decides to challenge he can. He ALSO said that even if Bevin cleans up in the counties still to report, he can't overtake Beshear's lead. WOW! #KYGov
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THREAD on races to watch & how to roughly interpret tonight's results:

1. Dems are having a bad/terrible night if they: lose #KYGOV, #MSGOV, fail to take over the VA House of Dels. and only muster a 20-20 tie in VA Senate by picking up #SD13

2. Dems having a weaker-than-expected night if they:


Win VA Senate 21-19 by adding: #SD10 (Sturtevant)

Win VA House of Dels. 51-49 by flipping #HD91 OPEN (Helsel), #HD94 (Yancey) but nothing else
3. Dems having a good (but not terrific) night if they:

Lose #KYGOV & #MSGov

Win VA Senate 23-17 by adding: #SD07 OPEN (Wagner), #SD12 (Dunnavant)

Win VA House of Dels. 53-47 by adding: #HD42 (Hugo), #HD76 (Jones)
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Bernie Sanders visiting Louisville today to strike with AT&T workers and host rally outside Ali Center:… via @courierjournal
.@ladd_sarah is with the striking workers now, I’ll be there when Bernie arrives and when he gives speech at 4pm event.
Around 100 CWA workers and allies in downtown Louisville striking against AT&T. Bernie Sanders set to arrive in 15 minutes to talk to them.
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If Democrats win the Kentucky governor's race, Andy Beshear has promised to restore voting rights to more than 100,000 citizens whom GOP Gov. Matt Bevin has kept disenfranchised #KYgov…
Kentucky bans 1 in 11 adults from voting, including 1 in 4 black adults, the highest rate of any state in the country. This is the context in which this election is taking place, & it's profoundly undemocratic…
The Democratic poll has Dems easily winning the #KYsos election. There's been very little polling of Kentucky's governor election, let alone for secretary of state, so it's hard to get a read on how competitive this race is in such a conservative state
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JUST IN: Here’s what the candidates for #kygov have raised and spent this year…
Adam Edelen's campaign led the way this year by raising $2.35 million, though $1.48 million of that came from a loan by his running mate Gill Holland.… #kygov
Kentuckians for a Better Future, the PAC supporting Edelen, raised $641k -- $500,000 on which came from Christy Brown, Holland's mother-in-law.… #kygov
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Let's not talk about 2020 yet. Let's talk about 2019.

There are some important elections coming up next year: #KYGov, #LAGov, #MSGov, and the state legislatures of VA and NJ.
#MSGov is almost certainly going to favor Republicans, but don't count Democrats out.

The seat is open, and we have a potential candidate, AG Jim Hood, who has already won statewide office there.
#LAGov will be a challenge. We won that seat in 2015 because Republicans nominated basically the most unpopular politician in the state.

They won't make that mistake again. Bel Edwards is in for a fight.
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