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#Russia Huge explosion at the military airport in Novofedorivka in #Crimea, Russia. About 200km (over 120 miles) from the frontline.

#Crimea #BreakingNews #Breaking #UkraineRussiaWar #Russians #Russian #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussia #Ukraina ImageImageImageImage
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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Yet another report from Kenneth Gregg #UkraineUnderAttack issued yesterday evening (1/6): "It has been a day when the Russians have NOT ADVANCED a single meter. However, we have countered all their attacks and caused the tourists stinging losses. ⬇️
2:"In the following places there is no more Russian domination, i.e. we have taken back ground: at #Vyskopillia (Kherson region) we have now cornered the Russians in an area 5 km long and 3 km wide, they are basically surrounded and they have up to 1000 men in this small area.⬇️
3:"At the Marinka-Oleksandrivka line we have also pushed them back and consolidated our hold on the road going to Donetsk. In other words, we have pushed them back in an area that has been occupied since 2014. It is a matter of a small piece of land but it is now the first time⬇️
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RUS propagandówka na temat Smiercza/Tornado.
Ale warto porównać kilka detali.
#wojna2022 #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineUnderAttack
2/n jedyne dwa precyzyjne rodzaje amunicji Smiercza to ów samocelujący z Motiw-E oraz naprowadzany via INS/GLONASS
A tutaj efekt: UA Buk vs GLONASS z Tornado/Smiercza.
Amunicji tej RUS mają bardzo mało.
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#KennethGregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Kl: 0515

Hoppingivande nyheter från öst fronten och sorgliga från terrorbombningarna i söder. Vi har ju ett par dagar sett att ryssarnas artilleribeskjutning avtagit i intensitet och blivit mera spritt, vilket i sin tur har gjort att/1
det ryska infanteriet inte kunnat avancera.
Under natten har nu de våra gjort framryckningar och kört bort ryssarna ca 3 km vid #Vidrodzhennia och brutit ryssarnas belägring av väg M-03. Detta betyder att ryssarna nu har bara en liten del av denna väg vid #Klynove,
vilken jag tror att vi kommer att ta under dagen. 3 km är väldigt mycket , låt vara att området är bara fält och öppna landskap men det visar att det inte bara är ryssarnas ammunitionsföråd som blivit utslagna utan också militära baser med soldater.
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Żeby nie było nieporozumień: Ukraiński Krab został stracony na skutek "backfire" czyli albo przedwczesnego zapłonu umieszczanego w lufie ładunku miotającego albo zassania do przedziału załogi niedopalonego ładunku miotającego. 1/n
2/n przyczyną było rażące przekroczenie przez załogę szybkostrzelności oraz trzymanie ładunków modularnych nie w pojemnikach. Nie wiadomo czy Deugra nie była wyłączona - to niestety częsta praktyka Ukraińców :/
3/n Backfire zapalił jeden z ładunków. Myślę że jednak w tym wozie Deugra była aktywna skoro załoga zdołała uciec i wynieść ciężko poparzonego ładowniczego. Tj Deugra chyba stłumiła na chwilę ogień.
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1. While our national debt stands at more than thirty trillion dollars, our country goes under, and Joe Biden maintains crooked investments, our government will now give $1,700,000,000.00 to the Ukraine.…
2. Meanwhile, Biden has deliberately created the gas shortage, by ending the pipeline, not granting new leases, and cutting us off from Russian oil, while he depletes our national reserve….…
3. No wonder his ratings are so low, but since his masters fixed the election with the modern equivalent of stuffed ballot boxes, crooked voting machines, I guess he figures he can do anything.…
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You're in the right place for all the news that matters, both the battlefield and the politics, as #Russia continues to attack #Ukraine

It's Daily🧵#142 of #PutinsWar

If you want to buy me a coffee, the link's in my profile. Thanks to all who have, I'll write personally ASAP.
Overnight #Russia complained of "an attack" by drones inside its borders. Obviously it blamed #Ukraine + published these photos.

Why Ukraine would choose to fire something tiny at a library in a non-descript town in #Belgorod they couldn't explain!

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
#Russia closing in on #Siversk in eastern #Ukraine's #Donbas region according to UK Intel.
However the daily update from London highlights more failings of Putin's war machine.

#StopPutinNOW #SaveUkraine
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1/3 “There were guys who ran inside wearing flip-flops and T-shirts. That is, people with their bare hands went to the real hell to save people they didn`t know, to rescue them from the debris”.

#Kremenchuk #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineUnderAttack
2/3 The tragedy in #Kremenchuk where a Russian missile struck a shopping mall on June 27 had one more dimension, apart from the horror of burned alive people and the Kremlin`s blatant cynical lie - heroic behavior of ordinary Ukrainians who were helping the rescuers.
3/3 The rocket strike killed 21 people and injured 66, 26 of whom needed hospital treatment.
29 fragments of bodies were found in the rubble - Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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Quelle des Fotos ist mir bekannt. Aus wohl nachvollziehbaren Gründen anonymisiere ich. Ein darauf abgebildeter Ehemann hat es seiner ukrainischen Frau geschickt. Die Frau ist schwanger und mit einem Kind geflohen. In Deutschland gebar sie Kind 2. Es ist wenige Tage alt. 1/x
Der Familie ging in der Ukraine gut. Der Ehemann ist gelernter Handwerker. Sie lebten in einer Großstadt mit eigenem Haus. Sie hat die stehen gebliebenen Trümmer davon schon in den Nachrichten gesehen. Das Foto zeigt eine Gruppe von Zivilisten in jetzt voller Kampfmontur. 2/x
Mehr Ausrüstung werden sie nicht bekommen. Montag beginnt für Sie ein einwöchiges Kampftraining. Dann werden Sie als Territorialverteidiger um #Cherson kämpfen. Die Ukrainerin wird morgen mit den beiden Kindern ins Trainingscamp fahren. Ihr Mann sagt, sie solle das lassen. 3/x
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1/4 Latvia reports more than 400 attempts to break the sanctions against #russia and #belarus. Most perpetrators are forging their documentation for their cargo to appear legal, as there are some categories of goods to which the sanctions don’t apply.
2/4 EU claims that control is centered around product codes, but the first list of sanctions contained only product descriptions, not codes. Together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs #Latvia, we have compiled a list of permissible and prohibited codes to optimize the process
3/4 The chain of culprits is very long - the customer, supplier, carrier, loader. There are always going to be people playing the russian roulette and trying to cash in on illegal activity. Thanks to brilliant work of Latvian partners, however, all their efforts will fall flat!
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Many people haven’t heard of Monroe's torn dress for 60yrs – just as many haven’t heard of Ukrainians for 60yrs.

No one died because of the dress.
U can talk about the dress.

Ukrainians are dying because of the war.
U can't talk about it - it's a violation of community rights.
You can talk about the scandalous trial of two rich white people.
You can talk about the bizarre name of a famous person’s baby.
You can talk about anything but not about the genocide – it's inappropriate.

So, where is the line between tolerance and suppression of tragedy?
A bitter pill to swallow.

Protecting some “piece of pop culture history” does not make sense as long as another culture is being destroyed and it is forbidden to talk about it on social media – the ENTIRE culture is being destroyed, not just its “pop pieces”.
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Chi vuole seguire in diretta la visita a #Kyiv di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz può farlo seguendo questo thread. Lo aggiornerò prontamente durante la giornata. Buon viaggio a tutti i lettori.
Notizia importante: alle 14 ora italiana è prevista una conferenza congiunta di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz con il presidente ucraino #Zelensky.
Video abbastanza impressionante. L'arrivo della delegazione guidata da Mario #Draghi in hotel a #Kyiv. Guardate il dispiegamento di soldati, imbracciano i fucili, si guardano intorno nervosamente.
Non è una passerella, è una visita in un teatro di guerra.

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1/4 "This year's food crisis is about lack of access. Next year's could be about lack of food" - @antonioguterres. As the war in #Ukraine progresses, so does the scale of the looming food catastrophe. Some countries are beginning to prepare for it.
2/4 The government of Egypt is asking the World bank for $500 million to finance the Emergency Food Security and Resilience Support Program. It is aimed to manage Egypt's needs for imported wheat as grain supplies from Ukraine cannot be made.
3/4 33-39% of calorie consumption in Egypt come from grain. 60% of grain in Egypt is imported, and the vast majority of that grain is usually from Ukraine and russia. The country is facing severe problems now.
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🇷🇺 The T-62 🧵

The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank that was first introduced in 1961. As a further development of the T-55 series #svagaiature #Tank #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #t62 #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineInvasion #tech #History #Thread #TankMuseum (1/13) Image
By the late 1950s, Soviet commanders realised that the T-55's 100 mm gun was incapable of penetrating the frontal armour of newer Western tanks, such as the Centurion and M48 Patton, with standard armour-piercing shells (2/13) Image
It was decided to up-gun the T-55 with a 115 mm smoothbore cannon, capable of firing APFSDS rounds. Experimental trials showed that the T-55 was inherently unsuited to mount the larger new cannon, and work therefore began on a new tank. (3/13)
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1/4 russia is responsible for the grain crisis and looming hunger on many levels. Together with blocking the sea ports so no exports are possible, they burned a lot of grain silos and millions of tons of wheat with them in Ukraine.
2/4 russia has also mined, poisoned and cluttered Ukrainian fields so no farming is possible on them in the near future. Also, when farms are ruined, more people are forced to flee their homes and become refugees.
3/4 russia is gaining a lot of profit from this as it sells its own grain at a much higher price and earns money from fertilizer and fuel exports.
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Testimony and video obtained by @nytimes show Russian paratroopers executing at least eight Ukrainians in #Bucha on March 4.

#RussianWarCrimes #UkraineUnderAttack m…
A photograph taken on April 3 showed the scene where Russian forces executed eight men at 144 Yablunska Street, #Bucha

Vadim Ghirda/Associated Press
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1/4Yesterday 🇷🇺 announced that #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant would be rerouted to supply energy to russia, and Ukraine could buy energy from it if we wanted.
2/4 This power plant is largest in Europe, and supplies 20% of Ukrainian electricity. Russia's statements are a continuation of energy war.
3/4 Ukrenergo, regulating body in this area, replied that:

- The plant is in 🇺🇦 network and under control of 🇺🇦 specialists.

- UA energy system doesn't have physical connection with RU energy system, so no electricity supplies over there are physically possible at the moment
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Some thoughts from an article "Why russia Will Lose the War" by Oleksander Shcherba @olex_scherba, Chief Advisor to Naftogaz CEO, diplomat.
1. putin has been preparing for this war for years. He wanted to make conquering Ukraine his main triumph. He amassed capital, raised hatred and chauvinism in russians and built up beliefs that Ukraine is waiting to be conquered.
2. When russians saw that Ukraine didn't want to be "liberated" and would put up a fight, they became disappointed and furious. This is why Bucha massacre happened, among many others.
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"Self-organized projects like this are also a way to show presence and not to leave the field to the fascists." - War diary from #Ukraine [Part 1]: Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ->… #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineWar #Lviv #Kyiv #UkraineRussiaWar #antireport
"Selbstorganisierte Projekte dieser Art, [sind] auch ein Mittel um Präsenz zu zeigen und den Faschos das Feld nicht zu überlassen." - Kriegstagebuch aus der #Ukraine [Part 1]: Bäng! Bäng! Bäng! Bäng! ->… #UkraineKrieg #antireport
"Sie war dann auch froh dass kurz darauf ein Markenbüro erfolgreich ausgeraubt werden konnte, damit für die Jud*innen, die versteckt wurden, wieder genug zu essen organisiert werden konnte. Und nun war ich also selbst auf dem Schwarzmarkt unterwegs." ->… Image
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#Ukraine #UkraineUnderAttack
Attention❗Preparation of the special operation of the Russian Federation in #Mariupol. We received data from 4 insider sources about the preparation of a large-scale #Russian provocation. Details on our channel in telegram:…
Attention! #Russia is probably preparing a special operation in #Mariupol.…
В российских СМИ начинают разгонять фейк, якобы "первая группа украинских военнослужащих вышла из "#Азовсталь" с белым флагом".
Напомним, что вчера мы предупреждали о возможной провокации… и подготовке рашистами психологической операции в #Мариуполь.
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Lo stato della guerra in #Ucraina, il futuro politico di Kiev, si regge su un filo sottilissimo, la cui tenuta dipende dalla velocità con cui l'Occidente fornirà sostegno militare alle truppe 🇺🇦, e allo stesso tempo dalla capacità della 🇷🇺 di riconoscere che è (quasi) finita
Ne sono convinti gli esperti dell'ISW, secondo cui il fattore tempo risulterà cruciale per stabilire "dov'è la vittoria". E chi la farà sua.
Nelle settimane a venire, #Putin potrebbe proclamare l'annessione di diversi territori dell'#Ucraina sud-orientale.
Il Cremlino è in grado di riconoscere l'incapacità di avanzare oltre sul terreno di battaglia? Una risposta affermativa attesterebbe che Vladimir #Putin è ancora lucido, perfettamente consapevole degli equilibri di forza sul terreno, padrone del proprio destino.
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1/4 #Kharkiv is my native city. It hurt a lot to see what was happening to it. Now we can already say that Kharkiv withstood and we have had some success in the battle for it.

#UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussiaWar
2/4 What exactly tipped the scales in our favor? Motivation of Defenders is one of the main factors. Russian-speaking Kharkiv formed a powerful territorial guards unit together with volunteer movement.
3/4 Instead of flowers russians got harsh resistance and bloody battles. Everyone wants to arm themselves and fight when our homes, schools and parks are being bombed.
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#offenerBrief Wenn die Briefunterzeichnerinnen sich nur halb soviele Gedanken über ihre Argumentation gemacht hätten wie Kommentatoren und Zeitungsleser:innen, sähe die Debatte ja auch komplett anders aus.
Bundeskanzler Olaf #Scholz und seine Darstellung der Sachlage
Die Auslassungen sind das Entscheidende. In seiner Fernsehansprache zum #8mai1945 spricht der Bundeskanzler das Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs an, richtet seinen Blick dann auf den Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine. Ein großer
zeitlicher Sprung. 'Nie wieder Krieg.' 'Nie wieder Gewaltherrschaft!' Solche Sätze bilden das Gerüst seiner Rede. Er verspricht, an der Seite der Ukraine zu stehen und führt zur Veranschaulichung des Gesagten aus, was von Deutschland bislang an Unterstützung der Ukraine geleistet
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Neue konservative Kampagnenagentur: Wer steckt hinter »The Republic«?… via @derspiegel
Wer auf den Twitteraccount der Kampagnenagentur geht, bekommt u.a. einseitige Artikel zur dtsch Russlandpolitik präsentiert.
Bedauerlich, wenn die Bevölkerung mittels Meinungsmache hin-und hergeschoben werden soll. Union- und SPD haben hier aufzuklären. So wie jetzt:🥴#Wahlkampf
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