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#Stonewall was 51 years ago today, yet MI's GOP-led legislature can't even #RecognizeMIPride. They refused to bring my resolution recognizing #PrideMonth to a vote — for the 6th year in a row. But that won’t stop us from recognizing #LGBTQ history ourselves. THREAD: ⬇️ 1/ #mileg
#Stonewall didn't happen in a vacuum, so let’s back up. During the post-WWII Cold War, anti-communist paranoia was high. The 1950s Red Scare was our govt’s witch-hunt to root out suspected communists...& other "subversives." You can guess where this is going. #RecognizeMIPride 2/
#LGBTQ people were considered mentally ill & subversive to society & the family. As they gained visibility, they also became subjects of FBI surveillance under the assumption they were vulnerable to blackmail due to their identities & would help communists. #RecognizeMIPride 3/
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Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey will soon hold a news conference to discuss their next steps to improve the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and require bipartisan cooperation with the governor. #mileg
The 9:15 a.m. Capitol news conference will be livestreamed on our caucus Facebook page at…
Our involvement adds transparency and consensus-based decision-making to the state’s COVID-19 response.

It’s unfortunate we must take the governor to court just to get a seat at the table. #mileg
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UPDATE: Three Michiganers have been charged in connection to the murder of Calvin Munerlyn, a Family Dollar security officer who was shot in the head after telling a customer to wear a face mask in accordance with state requirements. #mileg…
Police say three family members got into a verbal altercation with Munerlyn. A suspect yelled at Munerlyn and spit at him before he told her to leave the store. Later, the suspects re-entered the store and one of them pulled out a gun and shot Munerlyn in the back of the head.
Also yesterday in a Michigan Dollar Tree store, police arrested a man they said used an employee's shirt to wipe his nose after being advised that he had to wear a mask.…
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THREAD: We share a common goal with the governor – we want to stop the spread of coronavirus and help families during this crisis. But we all need more information to make the best decisions possible.
That’s why we're asking the governor for answers about why certain businesses are closed when it appears they could safely be open, data on hospital capacity, age and health conditions of coronavirus victims, and other important questions.
We need answers to these questions so we can make important decisions on whether to give the governor such a blanket extensive of her emergency powers. #mileg
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THREAD: Saving lives and keeping people healthy is our top priority, and we are certainly willing to extend the governor’s emergency powers for that reason. But 70 more days is too long of an extension to provide right now.
What about the hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents who have lost their jobs? What do you say to the elderly shut-ins isolated from their families and friends? We cannot ask them to abandon all hope for another 10 weeks.
We should extend the governor’s powers for a shorter timeframe and adjust as needed. #mileg
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Today, the Michigan House passed House Bill 4181 (my first bill to pass the House!) which would ban any driver under the age of 18 from using a cell phone while driving. Currently, the law only applies to individuals with learner’s permits or restricted licenses. #mileg 1/
Distracted driving is a serious threat to Michigan drivers. According to the Governor's Highway Safety Association. there are 20,000+ distracted driving accidents in Michigan each year. These numbers are rising each year as cellphone use behind the wheel becomes more common. 2/
Our younger drivers are especially at risk for distracted driving. Our young drivers who are just learning to drive need to be focused on the road, not their phones. 3/
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Things covered by Auto-No Fault that are NOT COVERED by your regular medical insurance:
❎Long term brain injury & spinal cord rehab
❎Guardianship costs for TBI pts
❎Home & car alterations to accommodate wheelchairs
❎Home OT evaluations to make sure you’re safe in your home
❎ Attendant care/Home Heath Aids
❎ Case Managers to help you keep it all together
❎Attoeneys to help you fight your insurance company when they deny things wrongnly
❎ Vocational rehab to help you find a new job after a TBI
❎ Edu rehab after a TBI to ensure graduation
❎ Neuropsychologist testing and intervention after a TBI
❎ In Home Therapies (PT/OT/SLP)
❎ Replacement services/home chore reimbursement
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Back in action this morning.
For the first time, the House Committee on Natural Resources will hear #PFAS testimony.
Remember - no action will be taken on legislation that has already been introduced.
While this is happening, another very important hearing will be taking place as well.
Senate Elections Cmte will be hearing a bill that would move campaign finance oversight from the SOS office to a new, “fair political practices commission.”
#LameDuck #MILeg
That bill, SB 1250, was introduced by GOP Sen. Dave Robertson of Grand Blanc. The new panel proposed would include three members from each major political party.
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Here's a thread highlighting some of the stunts being pulled by the @MIGOP-controlled #mileg at the last minute in Michigan during #LameDuck #MiLameDuck
It's important to note that Dems swept all of the executive offices for the first time in decades and made solid gains in the #Mileg. Not to mention, passed huge voting rights, marijuana legalization and anti-gerrymandering reforms
The GOP has controlled every level of government for nearly a decade, but now they're pulling this in their last month of total power:… "GOP moves to dilute power of governor, AG, secretary of state"
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