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1/ There's no objectivity in journalism. The choice of what to cover and what not to is subjective and everything follows from there. Word choice is subjective. Both-sides, horse race coverage, euphemism, directly quoting liars, all choices. Framing is its own form of propaganda. Image
2/ What follows are a series of headlines which normalize GOP malfeasance and downplay the threat to democracy. We've edited them to make clear the purposeful employment of euphemism, especially on threats to voting. Corporate media subjects us to these pro-GOP frames everyday.
3/ We'll ease into it with a press favorite, choosing to call GOP liars "firebrands." Jim Jordan lies about elections and ignored student rapes by a team doctor when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State. America, he's just passionate. Just another "GOP firebrand." ImageImage
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@tylerkingkade and @Mike_Hixenbaugh completely whitewash the reality that Parents Defending Education is a Koch backed fake grassroots group that has created the CRT hysteria. H/t @brucewilson.
2/ As early as April, non-reporter Americans were figuring this out. Could you guys take like two minutes and do a little research? Or is your editor telling you to be ad hoc disinformation agents for the Koch's fake group? H/t @DianeRavitch.…
3/ When journos reporting on efforts to manipulate society HIDE the manipulation, they are doing the last necessary piece of work for the #KochNetwork, spreading the outrage. Americans lured by the manipulation effort see it legitimized by the news. This is anti-journalism.
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Alarmist not so alarmist now.
Climate Crisis: Science failed to predict flood & heat intensity

Top climate scientists have admitted they failed to predict intensity of German #floods & the North American heat dome #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #bcpoli #bcheatwave…
#climatescience former Met Office chief scientist Prof
told BBC News: "We should be alarmed because the IPCC #climatemodels are just not good enough

It’s is IMPOSSIBLE to say how much of an (existential) emergency we are in because we don’t have the tools to answer question🤔
Some scientists argue that it's futile to wait for the @IPCC_CH to say how bad the #climatecrisis will be 👀

#AbruptClimateChange #COP26
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"Too many in the media bottled it. At some point we have to own this. Donald Trump and his mob succeeded in getting this far because we, the media, failed. We failed you."

I have been waiting four long years to say this. It's important.

Pls watch/share:
"Many of us in the media have rightly been rightly slamming Republicans..for enabling the worst excesses of Trump. What we haven't done is taken a long hard look at ourselves, our own role in enabling him."

My mini-rant on the #mediafail of the Trump era:
"The sad reality is that a lot of black and brown voices in the media...we were calling out Trump long before others...and without much support from our peers...the U.S. media has been too white, for too long."

My mini-rant on the @MehdiHasanShow tonight:
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THREAD on the "issue" of the Bidens, Burisma, and Ukraine corruption as it is debated in the Senate during Trump's impeachment trial, among the media, voters, and candidates
1-I wrote a whole article discussing the Bidens & Burisma (linked to here), & several key points/facts have been grossly overlooked or even ignored, information credibly reported but then forgotten since that reflects favorably on Joe Biden & Hunter Biden…
2-As has been widely noted, Viktor Shokin, the corrupt prosecutor a unified international community supporting Ukraine wanted removed & that Biden was key in removing, was simply not prosecuting corruption overall, including issues with Burisma & its owner Mykola Zlochevsky
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A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On #Epstein… #MediaFail
Bois: "We would go to the media to try to explain what was going on...With the exception, really, of the Miami Herald & the Daily Beast, prior to the arrest [of #Epstein this summer] there was almost no substantive coverage." #OpDeathEaters
"For the first time, in comments to NPR, Maria and Annie Farmer are publicly confirming they gave interviews to Ward. They say they both spoke about their abuse on the record, by name, back in 2002." #OpDeathEaters #Epstein #MediaFail
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