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-U know which countries would be richest & rule world
-1s who have plan for #climatechange
-Freak #weather & #floods will destroy weak links
-#India needs to move away from agriculture-dependent #economy
-Need to decongest densely populated coastal regions…
-Coal has long been #India & #China’s top energy source & its production has increased consistently
-India’s per capita CO2 emissions rose from 15 to 40% of world emissions betn 1990-2019
-Good news is since 2015, India’s solar & wind power elect production increased fm 3 to 10% CEICData
-#USA’s International Development Finance Corporation has invested $300 mil in 4 solar energy projects in #India
-Quad meeting in US where #PMModi would come face to face with Pres #Biden has a lot on the plate to discuss
-#Climate would be 1 of those important topics
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Another heatwave grips Washington, Oregon & British Columbia. Climate change - long predicted + denied - is here.

We know it's time to transition off fossil fuels.

And, all year, @invw's Decarbonizing #Cascadia series is exploring how we can.…
We launched in January explaining how a region w/ official goals to slash emissions and the means to do it just keeps getting dirtier. @invw analyzed the latest data, showing that Washington, Oregon and BC's emissions rose by 5, 6 and 7% b/w 2013 & 2018.…
We also profiled #Cascadia's activists, such as the @youthvgov litigants suing govts for the right to a livable future and campaigners eroding Big Oil, Gas and Coal's political power. @robertmcclure showed how activists bottled up fossil export proposals.…
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#China🇨🇳:📍Zhengzhou subway station
#Flood #chinaflood
#China🇨🇳: Another video of Zhengzhou subway station,

Water inside metro train as flash flood raging across Zhengzhou city in central China.
#China #flooding #floods
#Flood #chinaflood
⚠️Updated🇨🇳:#CCP Propaganda Department said that One person killed, two others missing in central China's #Henan Province, after heavy rain hit the city

But Video showing more casualties...

Communication disruption has been reported in some parts of the city. Rescue is underway
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Central #China's Henan Province is experiencing floods after being hit by record heavy rains since last Saturday. 5 national meteorological stations broke the historical precipitation record for 3 consecutive days.
Pouring rain hit the subway station of #Zhengzhou, capital of the province, and left the passengers stuck in the carriage. Luckily, all the passengers have been evacuated now. #floods
1 person died, and 2 people disappeared as of now in Gongyi, a city in the Central #China's #Henan Province hit by the heavy rain. The #PLA is mobilized for rescue operations now. #floods
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#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳: Meanwhile in China; #China's CCP deployed PLA in Henan.

Currently, as per CCP propaganda department one person have been killed and two other missing, about 849 people have been rescued with 1,500 relocated.
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1. Bad rain and floods several countries eg Germany #rain #water #watchthewater #floods
2. NASA rain machine from many years ago #rain #water #watchthewater #floods #climatechange #psyop #NASA #JeremyClarkson
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Alarmist not so alarmist now.
Climate Crisis: Science failed to predict flood & heat intensity

Top climate scientists have admitted they failed to predict intensity of German #floods & the North American heat dome #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #bcpoli #bcheatwave…
#climatescience former Met Office chief scientist Prof
told BBC News: "We should be alarmed because the IPCC #climatemodels are just not good enough

It’s is IMPOSSIBLE to say how much of an (existential) emergency we are in because we don’t have the tools to answer question🤔
Some scientists argue that it's futile to wait for the @IPCC_CH to say how bad the #climatecrisis will be 👀

#AbruptClimateChange #COP26
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#Turkey:At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
#turkey #floods #landslide #flashfloods #floodin
At least six people have been killed and two people are missing after heavy rains hit Turkey’s northeastern Black Sea coast, triggering floods and landslides, Turkey's health minister said Thursday.
#Rize #güneysu #Turkey
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Just to show the scale of the massive #floods in western Europe, here you have the confluence of the rives Our and Sauer (which forms the 🇱🇺 🇩🇪 border). Left, the picturesque view in normal times. Right, a picture made by a family member just minutes ago..
The water level in the River Sauer (called Sûre in French) was 608.1cm at 11.30am. To put it into perspective, the vigilance level is 350cm and alert level is 425cm.
Elsewhere in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate the situation seems to be even worse. In Belgium it's also precarious - with even a city as large as Liège now being partially evacuated.

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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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#CycloneAmphan was the most expensive #cyclone of 2020 and the fourth most expensive natural disaster overall…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill The year 2020 saw at least ten extreme weather events that indicate #climatechange worsening — each costing more than $1.5 billion.

@pabsgill From the bushfires in Australia and the locust swarms in East Africa, here’s a full list of the top 10 most extreme weather events driven by #climatechange.

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Extreme #Weather Events Like Devastating #Floods Cost #India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report…

(📸: C Suresh Kumar/TOI, BCCL, Chennai) Image
Fifteen extreme weather events, influenced by #climatechange, were identified globally this year, including the terrible #floods that struck India cost $10 billion, killing 2,000, a UK charity report said on Monday.

The #London-based Christian Aid's report, 'Counting the cost 2020: A year of climate breakdown', said 10 of those events cost $1.5 billion or more.The #US was hit by the highest costs due to the record-breaking #hurricane season and #fires.

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#Floods and #wildfires are both subject to regression to the tail. The same holds for #droughts, #hurricanes, #landslides, #icemelt, #sealevelchange, and other phenomena closely related to the climate crisis. Image
This tells us that understanding regression to the tail and how to mitigate its specific manifestations for climate will be key to mitigating the climate crisis.
Here it is worth remembering that regression to the tail for the climate crisis will be just as indifferent to human ignorance and folly as regression to the tail is for covid-19.
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Poaching of #rhinos in #Assam for the animal's precious horns has reduced by more than 86 per cent in the past three years, Environment and Forest Minister @ParimalSuklaba1 said as #WorldRhinoDay was celebrated on Tuesday.…

(📸: IANS)
Poaching of #rhinos in #Assam for the animal's precious horns has reduced by more than 86 per cent in the past three years, Environment and Forest Minister @ParimalSuklaba1 said as the #WorldRhinoDay was celebrated.
With an estimated #Rhinoceros population of 2,640, #Assam has the largest number of Indian one-horn rhinos in the world.

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"India has been hit by #floods, the government will provide all kind of support to states and help them": PM @narendramodi in his #IndependenceDaySpeech from the ramparts of the iconic #RedFort.

(Image: @MIB_India)
#15August Image
@narendramodi @MIB_India "I also salute all #coronawarriors who have proven that duty comes first, no matter what. We are indebted to them forever": PM @narendramodi in his #IndependenceDaySpeech.

(Image: @MIB_India)
#15August Image
@narendramodi @MIB_India PM Modi on #CoronavirusVaccine | "Our scientists and experts are working hard to develop the vaccine. India is testing 3 vaccines and they are at different stages of testing".

(Image: IANS)
#15August Image
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.@GretaThunberg Donates ₹87.7 Lakh to Aid Flood Relief Efforts in #NortheastIndia, #Bangladesh…


(📸: IANS) Image
Teen climate activist #GretaThunberg has promised funds worth €100,000 (87.74 lakh Indian rupees) to multiple organisations that are currently conducting relief efforts in the flood-hit regions of northeast India and Bangladesh.

#floods #monsoon2020
In a series of posts on her official Twitter handle, the 17-year-old Swede stated: “Right now millions are suffering from extreme flooding fuelled by the climate crisis in India and Bangladesh - already hit by the devastation of #cycloneAmphan and #COVID19.
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#EUSpace for #EUGreenDeal💚#EUProtects
⚠️Half a million people exposed to river #flooding each year
⚠️2.2 million people exposed to coastal inundation each year
@CopernicusEU🇪🇺🛰️ monitors #floods & #coastalzones and helps by providing early warning and supporting the mitigation Image
FYI @DPCgov che purtoppo non possiamo "taggare" ;-)
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To soothe the anthropologist and journalist in me, I joined @epw_in’s Engage in 2019, where I got the space to build visual narratives of academic articles & deep-dive into EPW’s Archives to curate exhaustive reading lists.

Here's a #thread of some of the cool work I got to do.
Designed by @lalposter, here's an illustration I curated of @durbakatha & @mrinalsatish’s eye-opening research on how evidencing of rape in S. Asia is embedded in colonial assumptions, and perpetuates stereotypes of women, their character and bodies.
How has the trauma of the Partition been internalised by India's collective conscious? This timeline is based on Gita Viswanath's and Salma Malik's research on how the Partition came to be depicted through Hindi cinema.
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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"I think my County will be better managed if the Government doesn't have to face Parliamentary scrutiny about any of its 'plans'.

Since it can achieve this simply through #coronavirusuk inaction, it has my support".
Nah. Fear mongering. Obviously, they'd never do that.

OK, Mr/Mrs "Trust the Government so much despite #Floods and #Brexit".

Find the flaw⏬

Thread: Sri Lanka and Indonesia doing a better job of airport monitoring than the UK.

Oh and if you weren't convinced. Taken over last two days...
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A friend just went to 4 asian countries. He's back now and self isolating. His comment

"In every country we passed through we were strictly monitored at the border for contagion. Including IR fever technology.
Except one.
The UK.
Checks were completely lacking."
@patel4witham is content to play politics at the home office while forgetting her day job is to manage border security.

@BorisJohnson is writing a book in the full knowledge that the day job is protecting the realm.

How countries respond in first days defines viral spread
This is what happens when you elect people who have learned nothing about delivery.

Instead these populist idiots have learned everything about politics, bigotry and rabble rousing...

Just what you don't need in a healthcare crisis.
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Dealing with #covid19UK should be govt’s top priority.

I’ve called on #Johnson to pause Brexit trade talks and extend transition period so Ministers can focus.

Failure to prioritise is a recipe for disaster.

UK faces a gathering storm of managing #Coronavirus, dealing with ongoing #FloodingCrisis, whilst attempting most complicated negotiations and supply chain restructure for generations.

Govt couldn’t manage #floods crisis on its own, so how can they tackle all 3 massive threats?
#Johnson has been conspicuous by his absence during #flooding crisis and failed to show the leadership required over a threat as serious as #Coronavirus.

He’s out of his depth.
And we’re out of time.

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NEW: @BorisJohnson is finally visiting South Yorkshire this morning - six days after the flooding hit.

He is doing one pooled interview and not talking to regional media.

@itvcalendar | #GE19 | #Floods
WATCH: ‘It’s took you over five days. You should have been there Saturday morning having a meeting... and I’m sorry your announcements yesterday were a pittance.’

Residents in flood-hit Stainforth tell @BorisJohnson what they think of his govt’s response.

@itvcalendar | #Floods
UPDATE: We weren’t invited to the PM’s visit to South Yorkshire. But we turned up to Stainforth on a hunch and doorstepped him. Clip soon.

Aside from us and the pool interview, I am not aware he talked to any other media but happy to be corrected.
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Flash flooding overnight, after two months of rain fell in just a few hours. I’m in #Snodland #Kent @GMB - as weather warnings are issued for other parts of the UK, with much more rain forecast over the next few days. #BritishSummerTime
Locals here in #Snodland say there’s been nothing like this for at least 40 years - the radar shows massive amounts of rainfall over last 24 hours, spreading from South East across England and Wales. #WeatherWarning #Floods @GMB @metoffice
Flood Fashion. #Kent
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