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Member of the Florida Department of Education and a Florida highschool senior…
I organized this walkout in Winter Park, Florida in protest of the #DontSayGay bill.…
Text of Hb1233 the “Don’t Say They” bill. A recently filed expansion to Floridas Don’t say gay law.
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Livethread: Here we go! About to start hearings on three awful, bigoted, racist bills in the Missouri House. #DontSayGay #AntiCRT #WhiteChristianNationalism #MOLeg
I'm here today with 5 amazing teenagers from @CRCStLouis, as well as dozens and dozens of clergy, activists, and educators. All drove 2+h here, leaving at 530am, to testify against these racist, homophobic bills.
We're starting with a bill to better support deaf and hearing impaired kids here in Missouri. It's kind of wild listening to testimony on a bill that would make Missourians lives better, rather than legislated bigotry. Not used to it in #MOLeg! A picture of a packed legislative hearing room, with two sig
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With a #DontSayGay bill being heard in the MO House on Wednesday at 8 am, @PROMOMissouri is asking for people to testify. If you would like to attend in order to testify, but have financial difficulties that could prevent you from doing so, @PFLAGSGF can help. #moleg
We have set some funds aside for Visa gift cards to pay for gas and related expenses (like food). These are available to anyone in SWMO who needs the support to get to Jefferson City to express their opposition. Email me at or DM @PFLAGSGF.
Make sure you also sign up to testify against HB 634 with @PROMOMissouri at their link here:…
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Live thread for Missouri's #DontSayGay bill, #SB134. Follow along below! #MOLeg #ProtectTransKidd
First up is SB34, which would encourage public schools to offer electives in High School on the "Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament"
I thought about testifying on this bill, and encouraging an expanded version, which would promote the study of religious traditions from around the world that are found in Missouri (eg, the Quran, Hindu texts, etc...).
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THREAD: Governor White Power's inauguration speech was demented. Here are some of the most egregious lies with necessary edits:

Freedom lives here, in our great Sunshine State of Florida!

[Edit: only if you agree with my authoritarianism]
Over the past few years, as so many states in our country ground their citizens down, we in Florida lifted our people up.

[Edit: as long as you were white, heterosexual, Christian and MAGA Republican]
When the world lost its mind – when common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue – Florida was a refuge of sanity, a citadel of freedom for our fellow Americans and even for people around the world.

[Edit: Always a punchline, Florida has NEVER been a refuge of sanity]
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While Republicans are smearing #DragQueens, #teachers and #librarians as "groomers," a GOP candidate in South Dakota THIS NOVEMBER was arrested for grooming and raping a family member over multiple years—and the @sdgop didn't even ask him to drop out of the race.
While Republicans are accusing others of being sexual predators, another GOP candidate in South Dakota this November LOST TO HIS MOM and then went out and raped a woman in the bathroom stall at a bar.
And that's not all:

Last year, the richest man in South Dakota—a YUGE GOP donor—was being investigated for child porn.

Yet somehow this politically connected billionaire ended up facing no charges.

Read more (no paywall):…
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If you read just one #monkeypox article, make it this one, illustrating both the folly of not listening to people on the ground in the most affected communities & the perils of shaming & stigmatizing sex so much that people won't talk about it. 1/ @NPR
This Nigerian doctor, Dimie Ogoina (@Dimostic) just addressed a special #monkeypox session at #AIDS2022. 2/
Historically, based on experienced in African countries where #MPX has been known for decades, the virus was often contracted from contact with rodents & was considered difficult to transmit from person-to-person. 3/
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My daughter asked a question re: #DontSayGay—reminding me of “All About Me” projects in kindergarten, when kids share about their families—asking if kids of #samesex parents would now have to not share, or feel compelled to lie, to not accidentally get teachers in trouble. 1/
“The bill’s sponsors have emphatically stated that the bill would not prohibit students from talking about their #LGBTQ families or bar classroom discussions about #LGBTQ history, including events like the 2016 deadly attack on the Pulse nightclub”… 2/
“Instead, they argue that the bill would bar the ‘instruction’ of sexual orientation or gender identity. But the text says both.”… + Read the bill text:… 3/ ImageImage
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“…teachers and staff members will be disallowed from wearing rainbow articles of clothing... Elementary-level teachers reported being discouraged from putting pictures of their same-sex spouse on their desk or talking about them to students.”…
“Some of the measures appeared to be far outside what the law actually forbids, as it focuses primarily on mental health monitoring and classroom curriculums.” #DontSayGay…
This was their plan all along. Make the law so vague and confusing that districts respond out of fear and erase LGBTQ people altogether.
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A large focus of the right-wing conversation is on Senate Bill 4-C & taking away the Reedy Creek Improvement District

is this a political punishment, is this against freedom of speech & 1rst amendment
legit concerns & I share some of them,

they miss the point of this move by @GovRonDeSantis & Florida GOP,

Ending #ReedyCreek is about putting Disney in its place & taking back control of Florida politics from the Mouse
#politics #disney #florida #ReedyCreekImprovementDistrict
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La guerre froide #Floride vs. #Disney vire à l'affrontement total avec la possible dissolution du #ReedyCreekImprovementDistrict. Mais qu'est-ce que le #RCID ? Quels sont les enjeux de ce bras de fer ? Je vous ai préparé un petit #thread... 1/15
#Disneyland (Californie) a été bâti au milieu des orangers. Mais le développement anarchique d'Anaheim et ses laideurs ont bien vite rattrapé puis cerné le parc. #Walt était bien décidé à empêcher ça pour son #ProjectFlorida 2/15 ImageImage
Le #ProjectFlorida - futur #WaltDisneyWorld - est annoncé en 1965, un an avant la mort de #Walt : à terme, ce serait une "vraie" ville avec ses parcs à thèmes et aquatiques, ses entreprises, commerces et maisons etc. La maîtrise du foncier se révèle donc primordiale. 3/15 ImageImageImageImage
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Fact—So-called "Don't Say Gay or Trans" bills aren't the first of their kind in the country: A handful of states have had similar laws on the books for decades.…
For example, Florida’s #DontSayGay bill is part of a long legacy of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and legislation in the state. The “Save Our Children” campaign led by Anita Bryant in the 1970s helped spawn Florida's #LGBTQ culture war.…
As @loganscasey describes, these bills are also relics of the AIDS crisis: “Once the HIV epidemic came into the picture, then a bunch of states started considering & enacting laws that banned instruction on sexuality & homosexuality in public education[.]"…
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🗣️Mark it on your calendars. Friday, 4/15 at 11am PST , we'll discuss what parents and others can do to avert another “pandemic,” that of future adults with serious emotional and mental disorders. Follow the convo @EthnicMediaSVC…
@KidsPartnership @dr_shaps
🕐In less than an hour we'll be discussing a new CDC report on the #mentalhealth challenges confronting today's youth with @KidsPartnership, @dr_shaps and Dr. Myo Thwin Myint of Tulane University. Follow here @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB Live:
Welcome to EMS's weekly Friday media briefing. Today we are discussing the recent CDC report on the state of youth mental health. You can follow the discussion via FB Live here:
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I'd like to take a moment to address the concerns surrounding the far-right "Hold the Line" rally that took place in front of @Disney Studios this Wednesday afternoon.

The first major concern was safety. Safety for residents, employees, and passersby. Please know that @BurbankPD
(cont) was alerted to the protest days ahead of time and prepared a measured response to ensure everyone was taken care of. They worked with Disney's security team and coordinated traffic flow so there was very little effect on the surrounding neighborhood.

A second concern was
(cont) the appearance of leniency or support by our police department leading to accusations of support for the protestors. I want to dispel this notion by stating clearly that the internal discussions surrounding police response to political rallies has been shaped by the George
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Idea: if parents feel their child MUST be exposed to pronoun theory and gender-changing etc, can’t we just have elective programming? Parents sign your kids up? What’s with the one size fits all policy and why does my kid HAVE to learn it? 1/- #dontsaygay #kids
If the whole premise is “children must be exposed to the different types of people and relationships,” then why can’t we set a positive example of that when it comes to disagreement? 2/-
It doesn’t seem so outrageous, let parents opt in if they want their child to learn it, it gives teachers the space to express it, everyone who wants to roll the dice on the long term consequences of this - can get to. But for those of us who are reasonably concerned? 3/-
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Here's how many teens may attempt suicide in Florida each year because of its new #DontSayGay law:

Nearly 4,000.

I did some math. Please retweet & share widely the terrible potential impact of this anti-LGBTQ policy. 🧵 1/
Some background: FL signed into law a bill last week keeping teachers from talking to K-3 kids about developmentally-appropriate LGBTQ-related issues entirely, and restricting discussions in older kids, forcing families like mine to live in the shadows. 2/…
The law is purposefully written vaguely. It will create a chilling effect and leave teachers uncertain as to what they can and can't talk about. This will leave teachers afraid to talk about anything LGBTQ-related. 3/

Yes, I've read it & you can too:…
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This is a complete fiction. 86% of K-8 teachers are female. It's an absurd claim to say that they all go by Ms. and none by Mrs. or none are ever pregnant. I taught a mentoring group of middle grade kids for a decade until 2016 and they knew the status of all their teachers.
Plus, every kids' movie, TV show and book has stories about romance and parents and a wide range of heterosexual themes. So you have to toss all of those. No pairings of any sort. So no Frozen or Encanto or My Little Mermaid. And no Goodnight Moon, written by a lesbian.
Also, this lady is a right-wing extremist lauded by the likes of Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager. Her anti-LGBTQ biases are the basis for her celebrity. It's all she thinks about or writes about. People like this are dangerous to our kids who live in a multicultural world.
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I spent my entire PTSD therapy session talking about how under threat I feel due to all the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and hundreds of anti-LGBTQ laws being promoted and passed. I could feel my BP rising as we talked. My therapist warned me it was only going to get worse.
For those unaware of the orchestrated assault on LGBTQ Americans by the GOP as was highlighted during the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings, I wrote about it here:…
Also, there are literally HUNDREDS of anti-LGBTQ laws in state legislatures right now. I reported on that here. Please read/RT…
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So I left Twitter early Friday night because it's been a hellish week for me as a reporter & a lesbian & there were a bunch of folks in my mentions literally telling me #DontSayGay. It was just too much. Twitter's a big place. Exercise that option to just keep scrolling.
Don't tell people in historically marginalized groups not to talk about being members of marginalized communities. We are the ones dealing with discrimination,not you. Instead you could figure out ways to be supportive and an ally. Otherwise you can always just say nothing.
While navigating the healthcare system for my wife's care in the midst of her health crisis the past 10days I had to come out to more than a dozen strangers who would then be responsible for her care. Try & imagine what that would be like in the current political atmosphere.
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NEW REPORT—In recent years, a growing number of states have considered or passed curriculum censorship, hostile school climate and #DontSayGay bills. These bills threaten safe school environments, esp. for LGBTQ youth.

Read our analysis with @EqualityFed:… Image
From 2020 to 2021, the number of curriculum censorship and hostile school climate bills grew dramatically, especially bills censoring discussions of race and bills focused on transgender youth and school sports:… Image
@EqualityFed In 2020-2021, at least 42 states considered hostile school climate and curriculum censorship bills, including #DontSayGay bills and bans on critical race theory.

More than 80% of the nation’s youth—or over 59 million young people—live in these states:… Image
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Hi, Rep. Smith.
1. I’m not an insurrectionist. I pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct for the 8 minutes that I stood on the Capitol steps. I’ll save everyone some time because the next thing that will happen is a bunch of people will post articles that state that I…
encouraged a crowd to take a police officer’s shield. I signed a plea deal, written by the government, that says I did that. So the only thing I can say at this point is: I have ALWAYS backed law enforcement, and I still do. NOBODY should have taken an officer’s shield on…
January 6th, and NOBODY should have encouraged anyone to do that. That behavior is NEVER acceptable and completely contrary to who I am and what I would do in any given situation.

2. It is not us who are being dishonest about HB 1557. I suspect if you truly believed that you…
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A statement about #DontSayGay (a thread).

The legislation in Florida known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill is not really about same-sex orientation or same-sex rights. The bill aims to ensure schools will not be permitted to discuss "sexual orientation or gender identity" (1/7)
below the third grade level. Since sex ed or sexuality in general is not currently discussed in these younger grades, the bill itself does not affect same-sex rights in schools; rather, it is clear this bill is primarily designed to prevent schools from (2/7)
promoting gender ideology to young children. While we do not align politically with the proponents of this bill and we fully understand that many of its proponents are likely homophobic in addition to being critical of self-ID, we do agree that gender ideology is (3/7)
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Let me take on some of the arguments folks are making in favor of Florida's #DontSayGay bill.

Here's why child health & policy experts across the US are worried. 🧵 1/
"You haven't read the bill."

Getting this common rebuke out of the way. Yes, I have, many times, and you can too. Here's where: 2/…
"The bill is to protect kids from being taught sex ed in K thru 3."

Many things to tackle here. First, I'm not advocating for sex ed for 5-year-olds. What I am asking for is that teachers can talk about diversity of families like mine that might have 2 dads, for example. 3/
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“Speaking to you, reading your messages, and meeting with you have helped me better understand how painful our silence was,” Chapek wrote.
#VetoHB1557 #ProtectLGBTQYouth
#ItsOKToSayGay #SayGay #WeSayGay…
“Disney CEO Bob Chapek is pausing all of the company’s political donations in Florida after the passage of the #DontSayGay bill and apologized to his employees for his silence during the months-long debate on the measure.” #VetoHB1557 1/
In a letter sent to Disney workers, Chapek said the bill was “not just an issue about a bill in Florida, but instead yet another challenge to basic human rights.” 2/
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