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I'm not sure I could ignore some of the the things he says, however I do understand the need to redirect. In that spirit let's be reminded of these things:

1. Everyone has their favorite moments, but the #MuellerHearings were important enough to warrant my number one slot.
The single best minute today. #MullerHearing

Trump could be potentially charged after he leaves office, but should Americans have to wait? That brings me to #2.
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Excerpts from the #MuellerHearing
Mueller is not a showman. He's a prosecutor.
Listen to his words. Both from him & the Congress members from the Judiciary & Intelligence Committees.
Share the clips.
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Beat the Bots.
(Links YouTube, Facebook & Twitter)
Mueller’s Opening Statement

Transcript of Mueller’s opening Statement…
#MuellerHearings #MuellerTestimony
Video Highlights on Collusion
from #MuellerTestimony
#YesCollusion #MuellerHearing (4mins 38secs)
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After listening to the #MuellerHearings, Veterans have gathered at #TrumpTower #VetsForImpeachment
with @commondefense
Veterans speak.
with @commondefense
Veterans speak.
with @commondefense
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From Bloomberg- 🤪

Democrats Fail to Gain a Mueller Jump-Start for Trump Probes -

Special Counsel even declined to read aloud from report…
From NYT, peoples’ comments on #MuellerHearings -

“He didn’t have the fight in him that he used to have”
“He was not as precise as he was..”
“He does not appear as sharp as he was”
“This hearing should not be the judge on his service to our country”
“I hope this isn’t the American peoples’ last memory of him”
“The testimony was sometimes painful to watch”
“He was unmistakably shaky. Roughly 15 times, he asked for a question to be repeated..”
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.@JerryNadler, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, teed off today's #MuellerHearings by establishing that Trump & Barr are lying about #Mueller's findings.

Mueller, when asked if his RPT found no obstruction and exonerates Trump: "It is not what the report said." #FollowTheFacts
As Democrats focused on obstruction of justice by Trump, GOP Rep. Buck tried to help Trump.

But ended up shining a brighter light instead on the tell-tale approach Mueller decided on for when he 1) found or 2) did not find sufficient evidence of a crime by Trump. #FollowTheFacts
House Intelligence Committee Chair @AdamSchiff put it all into perspective as he discussed the "methodical" and "devastating" #MuellerReport

Echoing Mueller's words, Schiff explained that nothing short of our American democracy was attacked and remains at stake. #FollowTheFacts
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So, while I never thought of this, I think we may need to consider the possibility of it.


Seriously. He said that today during the #MuellerHearings

Optics are everything. So are distractions.
More than a few folks I respect have stated that Mueller was faking his incompetence today.

After hearing him state he never heard of Fusion GPS, alarm bells went off in my head. How could he not know who Fusion GPS is?
Thinking out loud here, it looks like this:

1. Dems lose 2016
2. Didn’t expect to lose
3. Have an “oh sh*t moment
4. Coverup mode starts
5. Who approved spying
6. Obama now needs distance
7. He said in 2015 “Russians could never influence an election”
8. He knew what he did
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Now that #MuellerHearings have ended, a key figure from his report, Felix Sater, has a phone conference coming up in a lawsuit alleging he laundered money through Trump properties.

I will be listening to that conference for @CourthouseNews.

@CourthouseNews The phone conference is scheduled to begin in roughly 10 minutes.
@CourthouseNews U.S. Magistrate Judge Katharine Parker convenes the telephone conference.

Sater's attorney Jill Levi from the firm Todd & Levi is on the line.

We're about to begin.
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"FBI claims the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign began on July 31st, 2016. But, in fact, it began before that. In June of 2016 before the investigation officially opened...
...Trump campaign associates Carter Page & Stephen Miller were invited to attend a symposium at Cambridge University in July of 2016. Your office, however, did not investigate who was responsible for inviting the Trump associates to this symposium. Your investigators also...
failed to interview an American citizen who helped organize the event and invited Carter Page to it." Why is that?
-@DevinNunes question for Mueller, Mueller won't respond. #MuellerHearings
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Live thread...
(Starts soon)

Round two about to start... everyone settle into your seats and prepare to be dumbfounded at how the dems thought this gambit would work...
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Retweet if you believe it’s time for @SpeakerPelosi to start #impeachment proceedings.

Enough wasting time. Mueller made it clear it is now up to Congress to act! Nancy either needs to act or get out of the way. #MuellerHearing
“An unsuccessful attempt to obstruct justice is still a crime, is that correct?”

MUELLER: “That is correct.”

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Jim Jordan hits a home run-@Jim_Jordan💥💥💥
#MuellerHearing #MuellerTime #QAnon
@Jim_Jordan The Mueller Disaster #MuellerHearings
@Jim_Jordan New Q Worth Remembering
There was never any collusion
They hated @POTUS and tried to set him up using any means necessary including threatening witnesses
The went around the FISA Process using UK 5eyes to TARGET, REMOVE & SILENCE ALL THOSE ILLEGALLY TARGETED #QAnon #WWG1WGA
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Here we are back with this again, from the Rs this time. Having an independent contractor run active measures and propaganda campaigns is enabling sitting US Representatives to claim that Mueller’s conclusions about Russian interference are overstated. Plausible deniability.
Being an unabashed waterboy for a hostile foreign regime doesn’t seem to embarrass a sitting member of Congress. Extraordinary. #MuellerHearings
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The hysterical, screaming Republicans – Gohmert, Jordan, Gaetz – are very well aware that questions re Steele are beyond Mueller's purview since their fellow Trump lackey Bill Barr is investigating the origins of the Russia probe but they keep harping on Steele for Trump.
.@DevinNunes, who is currently suing a cow, opens with: "Welcome everyone to the last gasp of the Russia collusion conspiracy theory" and then resorts to spewing Trump's favorite – and completely false –conspiracy theories.
Wow. The Trump Fraud Sqaud – Gohmert, Jordan, Gaetz, Ratcliffe, and now Nunes – are going full on Ride or Die on the Mifsud conspiracy theory, which originated from now-convicted felon and former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos.
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Russia interfered in our 2016 election. The Trump campaign welcomed that help. Trump repeatedly tried to dismantle the investigation into this hostile foreign government’s interference through a pattern of bullying, deceit and obstruction. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #MuellerHearing
The #Mueller Report resulted in 37 criminal indictments and 7 guilty pleas. The Report revealed 10 instances where the President obstructed justice and he also repeatedly instructed people to lie to investigators for him. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #MuellerHearing
The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in “sweeping and systematic fashion”—through a social media campaign, and releasing hacked documents—in an effort to secure the outcome of a Trump presidency and harm Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. #MuellerHearing
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D's are lying about Ukrainian businessman Kalimnik, a US State Department intelligence asset, as a "Russian agent", and having the senile Mueller affirm it.… to spin the #DeepState #SpyGate #RussiaHoax aimed at our electorate.
2. #FusionGPS's Glen Simpson, the #SpyGate perpetrator of #Steele's #FakeDossier used to deceive the #FISA COURT for the #RussiaHoax, was "outside of my purview", according to Mueller.…
3. The attempt to ensnare to the President of the United States into an obstruction of justice coup, using even his affectations rather than actions, was part of the #Comey's treason, and #Mueller wrote reams about the President's displeasure to that end.…
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Did Mueller read his own report? This is a bizarre back and forth so far and he seems extremely confused at times. I don’t think this is what the Democrats we’re hoping for. #MuellerHearings
Seriously did Mueller even write or read the report??? It genuinely comes off like he’s only read the cliff notes. This is bizarre. Safe to say this was not what elected Democrats we’re hoping for. #MuellerHearings
This is a bigger disaster than I could’ve imagined. I’m hearing from Democrat acquaintances who can’t believe what a train wreck this turned into. Whatever they hoped to do today, I’m pretty sure they did the opposite. What an embarrassing misuse of resources. #MuellerHearings
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#Mueller's already dealt fatal blows to Trump & GOP propagandists. He said 1) he didn’t indict b/c of OLC memo, 2) "no collusion no obstruction, total exoneration" is false, & 3) he won't address "origins" of the probe or Steele dossier b/c they’re under review. #MuellerHearing
@RepJerryNadler @HouseJudiciary 🤯🙄A Republican Sensenbrenner actually asked #Mueller this question: If you knew from the outset that your office wasn't going to indict the president (b/c OLC guideline prevented it), why even investigate him?
#MuellerHearings #MuellerHearing
@RepJerryNadler @HouseJudiciary #Mueller is calm but not exactly poker-faced. He just gave a disgusted sneer at crazy Louis Gohmert shouting that Trump "wasn't obstructing justice, he was pursuing justice because he's INNOCENT"! Even the gallery laughed. #MuellerHearings #MuellerHearing
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.@RepJerryNadler: "Did you actually totally exonerate the President?"

Robert #Mueller: "No."

#Trump #MuellerHearings
"Did your investigation find that the #Russia|n government perceived it would benefit from one of the candidates winning?"

Robert #Mueller: "Yes."

"And which candidate would that be?"

Mueller: "Well, it would be #Trump. The president." #MuellerHearings
Republican Rep. Buck: "You believe that he committed -- you can charge the president of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?"

#Mueller: "Yes." ☕
#Trump #MuellerReport #MuellerHearings
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#MuellerHearings time. Mueller's opening statement plainly states that Russia interfered in the U.S. election in "sweeping and systematic fashion". There was not evidence to conclude that any Trump members were part of the conspiracy.

(it's so early here in CA...)
There remain many people in kook media who are unable to wrap their heads around that distinction - interference and collusion are two separate things and always have been - and muddle it all into disparaging "muh Russiagate" b/c it's politically expedient. #MuellerHearings
Another restatement from Mueller in his closing sentence: Russia interfered in the U.S. election and "this deserves the attention of every American." #MuellerHearings
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If [MUELLER] defers to the original report but D's / FAKE NEWS push a false narrative 'knowing majority of the public did not watch the actual hearing' will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness
It's over [Bob].
@POTUS #MuellerHearing
You made no determination "write a confidential report about decisions reached". NOT about decisions NOT reached, You managed to violate every prosecutor's principle. Vol. 2 of this report was NOT AUTHORIZED UNDER THE LAW extra-prosecutorial commentary. @POTUS #MuellerHearing
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Rep. Nadler: '[Mueller] conducted his investigation with remarkable integrity...even when you were subjected to repeated and grossly unfair personal attacks. Your indictments spoke for you in astonishing detail.'
Rep. Nadler: 'In your report, you offer the country accountability as well.' #MuellerHearing
Rep. Nadler: 'Any other person who acted in this way would've been charged with crimes...we have a responsibility to address the evidence you've uncovered' #MuellerHearing
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WATCH: Mueller arrives in the hearing room ahead of his testimony.

Live blog:
Mueller is sworn in ahead of his testimony.
Aaron Zebley, a longtime Mueller aide, is accompanying Mueller during the hearings today.

More about Zebley:
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LIVE TWEETING #MuellerHearings Today will determine if #RobertMueller is loyal to the Constitution above all or to his love of institutional procedure. America’s Constitutional Republic could die today or fight back.
@HouseJudiciary ASK HIM: Are you still loyal to the values of the Marine Corps? #SemperFi? Then answer in that spirit. Do you Defend America first or William Barr?
Nadler positively frames Mueller with his own summaries & praises his credentials. Mueller cannot contradict that.
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Thread for questions and responses from Republican members of Congress—and the best meltdowns.

Collins opens with Barr's description of the Mueller Report as clearing Trump of "collusion"
Collins sets up his goal of proving that the whole investigation was ill-formed with "gossip"
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