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🚨5 key takeaways from today’s pivotal #SCOTUSLive arguments in Mazars, Deutsche Bank, & Vance -- all cases dealing with whether or not the president has immunity from accountability👇👇 #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw
1⃣As expected, Trump & DOJ attys portrayed Congressional & grand jury subpoenas as unprecedented and overreaching, when really *their* push for an imperial presidency is unprecedented...and dangerous. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw #SCOTUSLive
2⃣Trump’s attys pretended scope+scale of Trump investigs/pres subpoenas were new. But Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Buchanan, Grant...not to mention Nixon, Ford, Carter & Clinton would disagree! Receipts in our amicus brief. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw…
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The TRUTH Is Here, Learn What THE DS Don't Want You To Know. Go To and visit us often, while the site is constructed to bring you up to date real news about the Corovid 19 Shakedown Hoax With All The DS Players And Their True Identities. @realDonaldTrump
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Oh hey @FBIChicago @USPIS_CHI a year ago we were told you were investigating the death threat sent through the @USPS threatening @JussieSmollett why don’t we have answers yet? We all know he sent it to himself which is a felony. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw…
ICYMI here’s the letter: It caused chaos at the studio and actors were given security detail (which Smollette denied🙄) a security firm had to be hired to vet all mail! Guess you can do whatever you want if you’re on a TV show?
The letter included “white powder” @FBIChicago doing nothing sends a horrible message.…
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@ewarren was brilliant & #NeverthelessShePersisted fighting for democracy.
Our 3 branches of government are designed as checks & balances. If the Legislature has become too partisan, the Judiciary must protect norms of Justice in America. @teamwarren

@ewarren @TeamWarren Of course the Senators should do their jobs. @ewarren is doing her job asking these important questions in the Senate hearing, even as @teamwarren is campaigning with @IAforWarren. Yet this insightful question builds trust that she is the President America needs now. #GOTC
However, if tomorrow reaches a stalemate, and Chief Justice Roberts is put in the position of deciding to call witnesses, it makes us proud that @ewarren anticipated the situation and has put him on call.
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The Trump WH has blocked at least 12 witnesses from testifying, including: Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Don McGahn, Rob Porter, Rick Dearborn, Kupperman. And Trump now says he will invoke executive privilege to block the testimony of John Bolton. [thread]
If your arguments are like the White House's -- "executive privilege" "immunity" "absolute immunity" -- I want you to think about what you're arguing.

You're saying that you want a monarchy, not a republic. A King, not a President.

A dictator. [2]
You're saying the President and all the president's men are above the law. [3]
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My best friend of 42 years yes, 42 years, helps sometimes with transportation. I can no longer drive. 💔
Please help. 😭
I am doing my d*mndest to keep it together and RESIST this 'ADMIN'!!!
Until the last breathe leaves my body...
I've done Aqua Therapy for a year.
The results were minimal. 😔
If my mom can't afford my RX that I have to have.
I can't DIGEST food w/out it.
It's pretty important. 😏
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#QAlert 12/23/19 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Monday December 23, 2019.

Our democracy is at stake and more! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Let’s Goo!
@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
#QAlert 12/23/19 Q3748……
Important to read and understand.
Why do [D]s want to flood the US w/ illegal immigrants?
This is not another [4] year election.
Our democracy is at stake.
Do not mistake this backchannel
#QAlert 12/23/19 Q3749

Watch and listen carefully.
[D]s threaten and cull 'independently elected' officials to fall-in-line [follow orders] or face being ousted?
Who controls the [D] party?
Who really controls the [D] party?
Threat: 👇🏼
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#QAlert 12/22/19 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Sunday December 22, 2019.

NOBODY is above the law [not anymore] and more!

Let’s Goo!
@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
#QAlert 12/22/19 Q3740

Something BIG is coming.

Do people really think this can happen with no consequences?
NOBODY is above the law [not anymore].
@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
#QAlert 12/22/19 Q3741

Why are the [2] articles being held by Pelosi?
Will holding actually impact the decision of the Senate?
Will holding actually provide a better scenario [public opinion] to [D]s?
Will holding actually 'sway' select Senators to change their vote?
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You might feel disengaged from what's going on, and you might think others feel the same.

You'd be wrong.

starting a thread of the incredible turnout at pro-impeachment protests seen across the U.S. tonight
Using 6 boxes on TV at once to show protests instead of talking heads is an infinitely better use of them:
New Yorkers crowded together in Times Square in the rain, with a giant banner with Article II Section 4 of the Constitution spelled out. Strong work.
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Trump: Day 1,061
-Whines About "Ugly" Impeachment
-Takes "Zero" Responsibility 4 Actions
-McConnell Rejects Addt'l Witnesses
-71% Americans Want Aides 2 Testify
-Rick Gates Sentenced to 45 Days
-Sz Armenia Massacre Not Genocide
-Vote for Impeachment Tomorrow
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My ♥️ is in the streets, but my low blood pressure ain't having it, so tonight, here's a thread of #ImpeachmentEve events across the nation, as the most corrupt POTUS* in our history is about to become the 3rd to ever be impeached.

Starting in NYC!
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1. #QAnon dropped today on his new board confirming his new tripcode.


Q's new board header cites 18 US Code § 2385: "Advocating overthrow of Government" describing how press can criminally advocate for the overthrow of the United States government. #Spygate
2. Within 49 seconds,
~one minute of #QAnon's new board tripcode configuration drop 12:55:59 PM #3637
~one minute after that is timestamped the President's tweet time 12:56:48 PM and in
~two minutes following, #Q confirms the ∆[-1] min POTUS tweet 12:58:58 PM as IDENfctn
3. Those who follow #QAnon know how #Q has shown close coordination with @POTUS in the past, in very many instances, the ∆[-1] min coord of POTUS tweet to IDENTify the very time of #Q's new board trip conf, as an anon notes, & Q so confirms, w Q relaying to [#] other operators.
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Wow. @RashidaTlaib is under an ethics investigation for a few reasons but the most glaring is that she PAID HERSELF $45,000 from her campaign donations! She has refused to comply with investigation so far, why is that? #AbuseOfPower #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
That’s not how this works.
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Let's unpack this latest statement from #1 Most Independent Member of Congress @RepBrianFitz about #Ukraine


Some background ➡

@RepBrianFitz is an expert witness in #UkraineScandal

Brian Fitzpatrick was former National Supervisor of FBI Anti Corruption Unit & stationed in Kyiv #Ukraine during time of Shokin the corrupt Prosecutor

Shokin who Trump praised very good


In his statement @RepBrianFitz is claiming "law enforcement matters must remain separate & distinct from political matters at all times"

So our FBI Anti Corruption Supervisor Representative @RepBrianFitz believes Russian election interference is political? 🤔


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1/16 It has begun. The GOP is spinning that the sole transcript Trump says he will release is more important than the #WhistleblowerComplaint as a tactic to insist everything should ride on this one supposed piece of evidence.

#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentParty #UkraineTranscript
2/16 All reports indicate this was a months-long conspiracy Trump and Giuliani were engaged in, subverting & bypassing officials who tried to stop them.

A single call does not BEGIN to give an accurate depiction of the events that lead up to this.…
3/16 And Trump already has a shady history with releasing information.

Forget the obvious like his tax returns, school grades, and secret meetings with Putin.

Actually, a reminder of those secret meetings:
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I support @HouseJudiciary’s plan to formalize procedures for an impeachment investigation.…
I do not sit on the Judiciary Committee, but as a member of @OversightDems, I will work closely with Chairman @RepCummings to hold the Trump Administration accountable on several fronts.…
We will fight in the courts to get more information about the Trump Organization’s shady financial dealings.…
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#NoOneIsAboveTheLaw except @Comey and McCabe.

The OBAMA-appointed IG says that those two violated laws but there are no Manafort/Cohen raids; persecutions/prosecutions on unrelated things against the subjects and/or against people in their orbit as done to Manafort/Cohen/Flynn!
CNN confirms the @jsolomonReports scoop that @Comey was referred for possible prosecution, but DOJ declined. If @Comey was treated the way he sent McCabe/Strzok to treat Flynn over LOGAN ACT, and the way Mueller Thugs treated Manafort & Co, Comey would have been arrested by now!
DOJ excuse, per CNN, for not prosecuting Comey is that they are not sure he knew it is a violation. Er, he was FBI DIRECTOR! HE SHOULD KNOW! Also, if DOJ treats Comey the way he/Mueller treated Team Trump, then DOJ can easily crush him. It's all a scam.
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Feds are looking whether Tom Barrack or others violated the law requiring people who try to influence American policy or opinion at the direction of foreign governments or entities to disclose their activities to the DOJ, per people familiar with the case.…
The inquiry had proceeded far enough last month that Barrack, who played a key role in MAGA and acts as an outside adviser to the White House, was interviewed, at his request, by prosecutors in the public integrity unit of the United States Eastern District New York in Brooklyn.
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Russia interfered in our 2016 election. The Trump campaign welcomed that help. Trump repeatedly tried to dismantle the investigation into this hostile foreign government’s interference through a pattern of bullying, deceit and obstruction. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #MuellerHearing
The #Mueller Report resulted in 37 criminal indictments and 7 guilty pleas. The Report revealed 10 instances where the President obstructed justice and he also repeatedly instructed people to lie to investigators for him. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #MuellerHearing
The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in “sweeping and systematic fashion”—through a social media campaign, and releasing hacked documents—in an effort to secure the outcome of a Trump presidency and harm Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. #MuellerHearing
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@mkraju @jaketapper @SenatorRomney @MittRomney @axios Saturday, June 1st at 8PM the entire #MuellerReport will be read aloud by 100+ artists, activists, and citizens. Long Island City #muellerlive #MuellerTime
If you want to read & follow along or miss this event see tweets above for links for both
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1. "On Saturday, June 17, 2017, the President called McGahn and directed him to have the Special Counsel removed. McGahn was at home and the President was at Camp David." Page 85 vol 2 #TrumpsScaredOfMueller #TrumpObstructed
2."In interviews with this Office, McGahn recalled that the President called him at home twice and on both occasions directed him to call Rosenstein and say that Mueller had conflicts that precluded him from serving as Special Counsel." #TrumpsScaredOfMueller #TrumpObstructed
3."On the first call, McGahn recalled that the President said something like, "You gotta do this. You gotta call Rod." McGahn said he told the President that he would see what he could do." #TrumpObstructed #CaseNotClosed #Trump #TrumpsScaredOfMueller
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⚖️If you are a former Federal Prosecutor and would like to be a part of history and add your name to the list👇see the link in my thread 🧵#NoOneIsAboveTheLaw⚖️
DOJ Prosecutors Alumni Please Sign If You Believe that #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw⚖️…
Easy sign up- must send LinkedIn or other online bio link- URL as verification.
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B4 I was bitten by a tick in 2011, I was a practicing trial atty.
I must now use a walker & my 77-year-old mom is my caregiver. She helps me bathe/dress & is my driver.
She can't afford the @$198/mo I need to digest food. We get $15/mo -foodstamps
SOS #help
*$198/mo RX* EnteraGam
It's normally $1600/mo but I get a pharmaceutical scholarship from the manufacturer.
I normally have 2-3 Dr appts/wk. I was just in the hospital AGAIN last month: approx. 8th time, excluding ER visits.
I can't eat w/out this RX.
Please help us 💔 😭 #Lyme
Trying my best to stay upbeat, positive, & RESIST!
I make 5 calls to my MOC every day & use @resistbot.
I can't participate as fully as I would like but I am doing my best.
Please read our story above or on my & my mom's (@DemForLife3) pinned Tweets.
Plz put in any RT rooms. 💔
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Is there no time restriction for assigning committee members? Is there some kind of reprimand available for @GOPLeader's & @senatemajldr's obstruction by refusing to appoint Congress members to @HouseIntel? Can @RepAdamSchiff overrule to send transcripts to #Mueller?

I mean seriously @GOP KNOWS (we ALL know) that MOST of the witnesses perjured themselves during testimony. They KNOW #Mueller can charge them as soon as he gets those transcripts. This is PURPOSEFUL delay & obstruction of justice. @DonaldJTrumpJr @jeffsessions @jaredkushner

It's WORSE b/c they KNOW the "president's" campaign staff & his family have legitimate legal liability. Which includes some DIRECTLY (like @DevinNunes #WHrendezvous)

Can @RepAdamSchiff subpoena him or @mike_pence since they were senior transition members? #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw

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