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#DEVELOPING: The US House is poised this week to pass their latest America Last amnesty, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019! Call your congressman TODAY and tell them to put America and American workers first by voting NO on this terrible bill! 202-224-3121
The latest product of the unholly alliance between cheap labor fanatics and Democrat Party strategists, this bill would amnesty illegal aliens (including drunk drivers and Social Security fraudsters) to use as unskilled farm labor and offer them citizenship!
This bill is deceptively named to evoke dreams of the farms of the future. Instead, it combines the failed amnesty policies of the past with rewarding criminals with citizenship, an America Last recipe for disaster! Call your Congressman and tell them to vote NO on HR 5038!
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#DEVELOPING: The House Judiciary Committee will host the markup of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019 tomorrow morning, Congress' latest attempt at an amnesty. Even in the midst of an impeachment circus, the GOP and Dems can come together to put #AmericaLast.
Forever starving for cheap labor and opposed to mechanization, the ag industry stands to benefit from 1 million+ newly amnestied workers supplied by this bill. What's worse, the bill also puts these line-jumpers on a pathway to citizenship. 1 million+ more votes for 2030 Dems!
At last count, H.R.5038 - Farm Workforce Modernization Act had 49 cosponsors, spanning both parties, and swill likely sail through committee and pass the House. It will be up to patriotic members of the Senate and President Trump to block this cheap labor and Dem vote bonanza.
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#CPS is now on the “to clarify” talking point this morning. They in here saying: “what had happened was we really didn’t mean to say we were done bargaining.”
Explaining the proposal and back pedaling furiously. #developing
Swear I don’t get how the table says one thing, the mayor says another and then the CEO says another 🤷🏾‍♀️
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Mayor of Lancaster says an @LASDHQ #deputy was shot by a #SNIPER.

The rookie deputy was walking in the sheriff’s station parking lot when he was shot by someone in a nearby mental health facility. That building overlooks the sheriff’s station parking lot
The suspect is reportedly somewhere inside the mental health facility.

The LA County Sheriff’s deputy is in the hospital, but is expected to recover. His bullet proof vest reportedly deflected the bullet. I’m told he is a young, rookie deputy.
A @LASDHQ Captain tells us the injured deputy is just 21-years-old. He is a patrol trainee who has been with the department for a year. He is in good spirits, and is going to be OK.
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Twitter seems to be banning or suspending accounts belonging to critics of the Chinese government. It started yesterday May 31th. Here is one report - I noticed a sudden loss of followers yesterday, I checked, it was mainly China critics. Twitter❤️🇨🇳 Amazing! @mouse @1GigiSims
This is happening as an effort to silence #China critics ahead of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, which is next Tuesday. Twitter is helping China do its dirty work to silence the legitimate opposition. Twitter has hit a new all time low! 👎👎👎
One other possibility that can't be discounted is that the #Chinese government is hacking into Twitter and is deleting the accounts of Chinese critics. I did hear reports in the past, that Chinese hackers were able to get into Twitter & do that.
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#Developing A large number of Chinese @Twitter accounts are being suspended today. They “happen” to be accounts critical of China, both inside and outside China. @TwitterSupport @TwitterForGood
Xia Yeliang’s account has been suspended. 夏业良老师的推号被封了。请推友在跟帖中报告你们所知的被封账户。请截屏。@Twitter @twittersecurity @TwitterSupport @TwitterForGood
@sonofreedom suspended today. @Twitter, please look into this immediately. This has to be an attack by a state actor. @twittersecurity @TwitterForGood
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Here is the Executive Order removing Scott Israel from the sheriff’s office, signed by @GovRonDeSantis (1/2 tweets) @CBSMiami @ccoddcbs4news @DeFede @FrancesWangTV
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From the executive order: “Sheriff Israel is responsible for inserting into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Active Shooter Policy that a deputy ‘may’ enter the area or structure to engage an active shooter and preserve life...” @CBSMiami @ccoddcbs4news @DeFede @GovRonDeSantis
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🚨#DEVELOPING ~ #BROWARD COUNTY ~~ Eight students from Cardinal Gibbons High School were rushed to the hospital after officials say they were exposed to an unknown substance
Cardinal Gibbons High School is a highly rated, private, Catholic school located in #Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, FL
See Map for a "lay of the land"
#FLPD & #FLFR responding to @CGHSFL ref several students falling ill for unknown medical reasons. The area of concern has been isolated, the school is on lockdown BUT no further threat to students.
@FtLaudFire on scene.
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#Khashoggi #Breaking!- #France Contradicts #Turkey President #Erdogan: Not Aware Of Any Smoking Gun #Khashoggi Video-Audio Given To Them!!- - ”Le Drian says not aware France has Khashoggi tapes, contradicts Erdogan!” | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
#Fransa Diyor ki: #Türkiye #Erdoğan #Kaşıkçı ile ilgili Bize Video vermiş diyor fakat bize böyle bir video verilmemiş- yok bildiğimiz kadarıyla .... Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
Here’s the video: Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
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Serious situation in #Gothenburg, #Sweden, Multiple cars have been set in fire for unknown reason.
#DEVELOPING Masked men have been seen at the scene, Swedish authorities have been working hard extinguish the burning vehicles in #Gothenburg, #Sweden..
#BREAKING Arson attacks on vehicles are reported in #Gothenburg and #Trollhättan in #Sweden..
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My car got clamped for illegal parking. Fine. But this VIP car who's there before me, also illegally parked, unharmed? @PDRMsia #dbkl
So I called to get my car unclamped. After a series of unnecessary personal details, I asked about the VIP car. She said to email them. 😠
TIL that PDRM VIP can break the law without punishment. @PDRMsia
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