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#Earthquake Warning 21:24:20 [JST]
6th report (end) Forecast
Occurrence: 21:23:33 (JST) |
12:23:33 (UTC)

Epicenter: #EasternHidaka region 42.2N 142.9E 60km
Scale: #Magnitude 4.2 (MJMA)
Seismic intensity values of 3 or more have not been observed in any region.
Data plotted by Seismograph:

for time range: 10/18/2020|

11:33:00 (UTC) to 12:33:59 (UTC)
20:33:00 (JST) to 21:33:59 (JST)

previouse a 3.4 earthquake at 11:46/ 20:46 (UTC / JST)

the second was a 4.1 earthquake at
12:23 /21:23 (UTC /JST)
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Pakistan own army officer accepted Pakistan's role in creating a conflict in Kashmir. It is amply clear now Pakistan is sending the jihadist in the valley to create unrest and harass the innocent Kashmiris. I urged FATF to banned this rogue nation to save innocent lives.
For long this had been a well known secret of #Pakistan govt.........#NawazSharif exposes the GHQ-ISI nexus on pak politics
@CChristineFair @neeraj_rajput @manishindiatv @kakar_harsha @Tiny_Dhillon @TheSatishDua @Vedmalik1 @chapters4mlife
TBP Video: Baloch students are marching to protest for their educational rights after their reserved seats and scholarships were curbed in the universities of Punjab. #TBPVidoes
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Prominent #HongKong activist Granny Wong held a press conference today after completing her quarantine yesterday and after being prevented from returning to the city for more than one year.…
During the press conference, Wong said she was arrested by Chinese police while going through the border last year and she was forced to sign a declaration that she wouldn’t appeal her arrest. Then she was detained in Shenzhen for 15 days and transferred to another detention ...
... facility for another 30 days’ detention. She said she was interrogated for a long time during detention and the police also collected her finger prints and withdrew blood from her.
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‼️First #COVID19 death confirmed in a person *REINFECTED* with the #coronavirus.

Although other #SARSCoV2 reinfections have been confirmed, this is the 1st DEATH after reinfection known in the world.


#COVID19 #WearAMask…
The elderly woman had Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (rare blood cancer) & was receiving therapy to deplete B cells that make antibodies ("humoral immunity"). However, her T cells, which work to kill virus-infected cells (cell-mediated immunity), should NOT have been affected.🦠
The woman was initially admitted into hospital earlier this year with a severe cough + fever and tested positive for the #coronavirus. She was discharged 5 days later when "besides some persisting fatigue, her symptoms subsided completely."

#COVID19 #Reinfection
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On today's Money Talk; President Xi has praised #Shenzhen as an economic miracle & given it the task of leading growth & innovation across the GBA. He called upon young Hong Kongers to work, study & live in mainland #China to “revitalise” ‘one country, two systems.’
The #US State Department yesterday formally warned international financial institutions doing business with individuals deemed responsible for undermining #HongKong's autonomy that they could soon face sanctions.
#US officials are calling for Ant Group to be blacklisted ahead of its $35bn IPO in Hong Kong & Shanghai. China hardliners in the Trump administration want to deter US investors from taking part in the IPO & say buying shares in the company could expose them to fraud.
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On today's Money Talk; The #IMF has warned that the #Covid19 health crisis will cause “lasting damage” to the global economy, which is now projected to contract by 4.4% in 2020. The Fund also cut its growth forecast for 2021 to 5.2%.
Imports into #China hit their highest dollar amount on record in September. The latest trade data showed imports surging by 13.2% to a record $203bn, massively beating forecasts of a rise of just 0.1%. Exports jumped by the most since March 2019, rising 9.9%.
The World Trade Organisation has ruled that the #EU may impose taxes of up to US$4bn on US goods annually as punishment for subsidies provided to Boeing. Last year, the #WTO cleared the #US to impose tariffs on US$7.5bn of EU items.
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[Finally, I have graduated!]

1. Today, I have received the graduate certificate from #OUHK, confirming that I have completed my Bachelor of Social Sciences (Politics and Public Administration) with Second Class Honours (Upper Divison) by the University's Senate. Image
2. Throughout my six years in college since the #UmbrellaMovement in 2014, I have been suspended from my studies because I was sentenced to imprisonment. I have also tried taking examinations in prison. Now that I have finally graduated, my wish has been fulfilled.
3. In the past 6 yrs, I'd like to thank my professors for caring me & my classmates for their understanding. Though the university is conservative & our president is rumouredly an underground CCP member, university never exerted pressure on me during my studies, which is not easy
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#Taiwan 🇹🇼 #NationalDayTaiwan . Stay Strong. Together democracies will counter expansionist forces. Will we see closer India-Taiwan ties in the months & years ahead?
#Taiwan 🇹🇼 standing up to an expansionist #China is a must report story.
@iingwen has been talking about Taiwan's military modernisation & strategic ties with like minded democracies… Strong democracies together will deter expansionist bullies in the region
#Taiwan 🇹🇼

Not really cards for #India to play but relationships to cherish and nurture.

Should be part of India's strategic fold. Now & for ever.

#China is no friend of ours. Stronger strategic alliances with like minded countries is the best road ahead.
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This shield used by US police to strike this @Channel7 journalist in Washington on June 1 was made in the UK.

This is a 🧵 on the visual forensics on just one of the cases from our #EUArms UK project with @LHreports, @bellingcat, @SkyNews & @guardian 👇
The same shield with the police print can be seen being used against protestors on that same day in Washington.
That same branding and design can be seen on this image of Donald Trump walking past police in Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020.
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US @StateDept issued a statement on Saturday, condemning #HongKong government’s move to arrest more than 80 people on #China’s National Day. “We deplore the local authorities’ continued use of law enforcement for political purposes, which is ...…
... contrary to the preservation of the rule of law, and respect for human rights, including the rights to assembly and free expression.”
“  By repressing peaceful public opinion, the Hong Kong government once again shows its complicity with the Chinese Communist Party’s evisceration of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms of its people.”
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Prominent #HongKong protester Alexandra Wong, a.k.a Grandma Wong, has resurfaced in HK after being arrested and detained Chinese police for more than a year. She was permitted to return to HK following the end of her probation on September 29.
According to @StandNewsHK, former pro-democracy legislator @ChuHoiDick said Wong is in good spirit but there is an obvious bruises on her left elbow. It was the result of Chinese police pulling her during the arrest.取保候審-1-年完結-王婆婆已返港-朱凱廸-
Wong is known for waving the British flag at all protests throughout last year and she went missing after being taken away by #HongKong police on August 11, 2019. She later confirmed to Stand News via email that she was charged with Picking Quarrels and Provoking Trouble.
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Two days after #China officially “arrested” the 12 #HongKong people detained in Shenzhen, they announced today that they have found a smuggling organization that’s active between Guangdong and HK, and they have terminated two transport routes on the sea.…
They claimed that the “smuggling organization” has been facilitating illegal border crossing around #HongKong and Guangdong, describing it like “ants moving between places.”
The notification claimed that police in Guangdong began to investigate since the second half of July and they were able to finalize their investigation at several locations in Guangdong province on September 29.
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The @nytopinion ran an op-ed by pro-#Beijing #HongKong legislator Regina Ip on #China's National Day, in which she argued that the #NSL has helped to reduce the scale and frequency of ant-government protests in #HK.…
"Several prominent democracy advocates have since announced their retirement from politics, disbanded their parties or fled the city. The West tends to glorify these people as defenders of Hong Kong’s freedoms, but they have done great harm to the city...
... by going against its constitutional order and stirring up chaos and disaffection toward our motherland."
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Chan Tong-Kai, the guy who murdered his girlfriend Poon Hui-wing in #Taiwan in 2018, said he has asked his lawyer in Taiwan to contact relevant authorities to facilitate his extradition to Taiwan. He hopes he can turn himself in within this month.…
The murder case triggered the #HongKong government to propose the controversial extradition bill that has now been shelved, but the decision to introduce the bill set of months-long anti-government protests that has seen #HongKong government responded by ...
... increasing police presence and authorized police's use of force that is often times not held accountable. Chan Tong-Kai also apologized to Poon's parents again and he also thanked Poon's mother for being willing to appeal to the authority's mercy for him.
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5 weeks after their initial detention, the case of the 12 #HK people detained in Shenzhen is becoming a clear example of how #China's criminal justice system operates. What the families are going through is the reality facing millions Chinese…
The family of Chinese dissidents often have to wait for months to years until some information about their family members begins to emerge. Lawyers hired by their families are often harassed or sometimes even debarred for taking on the case. In the end, they have no choice ...
... but to let a government-appointed attorney to take over the case. Some recent examples include Chen Mei and Cai Wei from the #Terminus2049 case. (@tansunit).
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Breaking: As of 10 pm in #HongKong, at least 86 people have been arrested on #China’s National Day, including four district councilors. Another 20 people were ticketed for violating the public gathering restriction.…
A citizen who was smoking in To Kwa Wan is now being searched by the police.
Several citizens are also being searched in Mongkok. Image
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Breaking: #HongKong police claimed that 62 people have been arrested at the scene of the national day protest. Image
A video journalist from @appledaily_hk becomes the first journalist to be ticketed since the police changed their regulation about approving who are journalists in their definition. Image
46 men and 16 women were arrested for “illegal gathering.” Their hands were tied up to their back. Image
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On #China’s National Day, riot police in #HongKong are standing by around Sogo in Causeway Bay, waiting to stop and search citizens. Image
A middle-age man was surrounded by police for carrying a yellow balloon . Image
Former legislator @ray_slowbeat was also surrounded by police while he was still preparing to set up a stop by the side of the road. He questioned why the police didn’t stop and search pro-#China groups when they are doing the same thing. Image
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People's Daily reported that the Shenzhen police has officially arrested the 12 #HongKong people trying to escape to #Taiwan, under the charges of organizing illegal border crossing. Worth noting that they have been detained for almost one month before they were "arrested."
This case marks a clear example of #HongKong citizens being tried by Chinese law, as it is typical for Chinese authorities to detain defendants for a long period of time before official charges are finally announced. This is especially true for high-profile cases like this one.
I have written about so many human rights cases in #China where the individual will first be arrested and detained without official charges for month and during that period, they will often be detained at an unknown location for up to six months. This is called RSDL.
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[Companies should find ways to reduce vulnerability to #Beijing]

1. #China’s new unreliable entity list adds one more widget to its tool kits of economic statecraft, under which it has full discretion in determining which companies are problematic.

2. Beijing’s #LiaisonOffice recently called for a “new struggle against three mountains, from legal, education to social service sectors”, where local courts are required to serve Beijing’s punitive arm and which calls into question whether judicial independence can be sustained
3. So long as #HongKong continues to function as the gateway of global capital flowing into China, foreign companies and governments still have the leverage to call for more #HumanRights and #freedom protections.
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Several people are tweeting at me saying there is no #HumanRights in #China, if there is, then show me the proof! 😡you want proof, well then let’s go! A thread...
In #China people don’t have to worry about walking on the streets at night and getting shot, mugged, stabbed, or raped. China remains one of the safest countries in the world! How about the fact that
#China hasn’t been in a war since 1979? Instead of allocating >50% of national budget to military #America, China spends its money on reinvesting back into its country to help its citizens, the results? 700 million lifted out of poverty, and poverty to be eliminated end of year..
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Es ist problematisch, wie man die #FalsePositive-Rate überhaupt messen sollte, selbst WENN den Willen und Mittel dazu hat.

Offensichtliche Ideen dazu sind diese zwei:
(1) man präpariert eine Probe X, die
(1.1) #SARSCoV2 mit Sicherheit NICHT enhält
(1.2) möglichst viele ANDERE
> Viren enthält;

dann teilt man X in 1000 Teile, kauft 1000 #Testkits von Hersteller 𝐻, wendet alle an, und erhält 𝑎∈1000 formal-'positive' Ergebnisse; 𝑎/1000 ist die gemessne #FalsePositives-Rate von Hersteller 𝐻.
(2) man kauft (sozusagen) unendlich-viele Testkits von 𝐻
> wählt (sozusagen) unendlich viele Proben/'Probanden' zufällig aus, testet diese (jeden mit einem neuen Testkit), und macht das so lange, bis man 1000 formal-'positive' Ergebnisse hat. (Eines von vielen Problemen ist, dass dieser Prozess sehr lange dauern kann, im Prinzip
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During the reception for "compatriots" from #Taiwan, Macau and #HongKong, Wang Yang, member of the #CCP's Politburo Standing Committee reiterated that the "One #China Principle" and the "92 Consensus" are the basis for Cross-Strait dialogue.…
Wang said #Beijing remains committed to implement the "One Country, Two Systems" in #HongKong and exercise #China's full jurisdiction over the city. He also emphasized that the central government fully supports the SAR government in Hong Kong and Macau to ...
... establish the legal system and execution mechanism that will help to strengthen and safeguard national security law.
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RTHK staff union source: Journalist Nabela Qoser's 3 yr probation period extended for 120 days and performance during govt press conferences to be investigated
#HongKong #PressFreedom…
Report in English about extension of journalist Nabela Qoser's civil service probation period and reopening probe into complaints of alleged biased resulting from her persistent questioning of officials at pressers:…
According to the @mingpaocom report, management considered the complaint letters against Qoser but not supportive ones: //消息人士透露,港台管理層曾開會討論延長利君雅試用期事宜,需要收集去年涉及利君雅的投訴,另席間有人提出會否考慮讚賞信但被拒//
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