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Omfattende prinsipper, aldri behandlet i Stortinget, men likevel implementert i norsk lov og forvaltning.

Hvordan skjedde det?
@BentHHoyre @jonasgahrstore @erna_solberg
Her fra @bufdir sin hjemmeside. De legger #YogakartaPrinsippene til grunn for alt sitt arbeid. @BentHHoyre @kjellingolf…
Det samme gjelder @mittOmbud

Dette har vi fått demonstrert en rekke ganger, når Bjurstrøm mener kvinner som spør hva menn gjør i kvinnegarderoben gjør seg skyldig i hatefull adferd.


@abidraja @gurimelby @SV_Karin…
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@IngeWood11 Some advocates misrepresent CEDAW article 1 as addressing female-sex only. Trans women are already protected under this under sex, #GBA+ reflects it in Canada.

Bill C16 prohibits of discrimination due to gender (identity + expression) for everyone.…
@IngeWood11 CEDAW's prohibition is discrimination against women ON BASIS of sex, not discrimination ON BASIS OF female sex. Caps for emphasis. Yes, human rights orgs leveraging female-specific discrimination to address women's rights makes sense.

It is not, however, prescribed by CEDAW.
@IngeWood11 UN #CEDAW provides no international convention upholding discrimination against transgender persons because of their sex.

In fact, CEDAW protects ALL trans persons.

This is why Canada and a significant number of other countries protect trans women under sex and under gender.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Democracy and Human Rights
🇺🇸 Only one party will make gender equality a key foreign policy priority and work to achieve gender parity across our national security team. 1/13
Around the world, democracy and human rights are under greater assault than they have been in a generation. 2/13 #DemPartyPlatform #HumanRights
Under President Trump, the United States has too often been part of the assault and too rarely engaged in the defense and promotion of universal values. 3/13 #DemPartyPlatform #HumanRights #HumanityFirst
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We have officially finished our series of workshops in Brussels, in partnership with @PRESAGEgenre, @ENoMW and @Women4Word! We are SO happy and grateful for being able to hold these connecting, female and migrant women only events in a secured and loving space (1)
We held an online workshop and two physical workshops, all in the framework of political participation of young migrant women as per #CEDAW. This is a pilot project based on action-research, that will result in a toolkit on the political participation of young migrant women (2)
In total we had four young migrant women participating from Belgium, Morocco, Brazil) and Portugal. All of them developed their personal & public skills during the project and we couldn't be prouder of the work we have accomplished all together! (3)
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Hansard Parliament - PENSIONS BILL - 10 uses of FAIR in the opening paragraphs. Apparently “The concept means different things to different people” 🤷🏼‍♀️ #50sWomen know to their cost government has no concept of fair. #BackTo60 #FullRestitution 1/7…

“Government chose NOT to accept the amendment which required trustees to make an assessment of the extent to which a scheme is operating in a manner FAIR to all members; it has been REMOVED by Commons Amendment 1.” Could a case be denied on ‘no RIGHT to fairness?’ #BackTo60 2/7
“Government acknowledge the risk of unfairness, they intend to learn from experiences in other countries, such as the Netherlands...” What about learning from their own mistakes? SPA increases to #50sWomen? 225+ MPs agree. Gov needs to listen & learn closer to home. #BackTo60 3/7
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1) #CEDAWPeoplesTribunal are delighted that long time advocate of women's rights Annette Lawson @AnnetteLawson1 UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance (UKCSWA) took part in Dr Davina Lloyd's livestream interview series on our Facebook page >>…?
2) Annette Lawson @AnnetteLawson1 talking about her life & work with UKCSWA, @NAWOorg & @JudithTrust with Dr Davina Lloyd on #CEDAWPeoplesTribunal Facebook

"#CEDAW needed more than ever & will be transformative for women & girls now & in the future "

@AnnetteLawson1 discusses the casual #genderInequality & #Discrimination she experienced.

Overheard from a father after she won a race, aged 7, as one of only 2 girls in her brothers prep school

"What's a girl doing running in the race never mind winning it "
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There is a plethora of women's groups, many fighting discrimination in their particular area of concern, which in itself speaks volumes
All would benefit from an end to the 40 yr wait for #CEDAW to be written into domestic law
This is where #CEDAWPeoplesTribunal can help/support Image
#CEDAWPeoplesTribunal aims to ensure #CEDAW is written into domestic law, which in turn supports other women's groups by providing
💥a mechanism for challenges to discrimination that is currently lacking
Please follow @CedawPT & share/donate to:… Image
In addition, #CEDAWPeoplesTribunal aims to ensure #CEDAW is written into domestic law, which in turn supports other women's groups by ALSO providing:
💥a route for redress for both current & historic injustices
Please follow @CedawPT & share/donate to:… ImageImageImageImage
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1)As a 1950`s born man, it depresses me that there is not more public support for CEDAW and #BackTo60. Even allowing for the fact that most people seem unable to see that if the government get away with stealing pensions from a group of people that they see as expendable as ..
2)voting support and then that government will gradually remove state funded pensions for everyone, surely the fact that these women are fighting back deserves support on its own merit. I was a youth in the 1960`s, when the women`s lib movement seemed to offer a much better ..
3)future by highlighting inequality. Sadly, my perspective on that now is that my generation of women generally experienced a life of work at lower income, caring for family, often caring for elderly or disabled relatives, childcare of grandchildren so that their daughters ..
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🆕#CEDAW just published a report highlighting that #Mali’s failure to criminalise FGM results in the violation of millions of women and girls’ human rights. @UNHumanRights

Click here for more ➡️ (1/3) Image
❓Did you know that #Mali 🇲🇱 has the fourth highest FGM prevalence worldwide❓
88% of women & girls there undergo #FGM.

Check out more in our Report "FGM/C: A Call for a Global Response" ➡️ (2/3) Image
@WHO FGM Cost calculator estimates if FGM is not prevented in #Mali over the next 30 yrs, the health expenditure to treat its complications will double from current 8,36 million to 16,88 million USD❗️❕

📣Urgent action is needed! ➡️
(3/3) Image
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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United States is one of 6 nations that have not yet ratified the international women's rights treaty (#CEDAW). The other countries are Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Palau and Tonga. #InternationalWomensDay
The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is a landmark international treaty that affirms principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women. President Carter signed it in 1980 but has never been ratified by the U.S. Senate.
While U.S. record on women's rights is certainly not the worst and far better than many countries that ratified the treaty, it is undeniable that we fall behind in many areas and there is much more to do to achieve gender equality.
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Today the #CEDAW committee holds its constructive dialogue with the UK government. We asked our From Global to Local programme participants about their key issues and hopes for the review. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities assures the committee that the UK government will continue to strive to meet its commitments under #CEDAW, and says it has taken a gender mainstreaming approach to its implementation. #CEDAW72
Elysia McCaffrey of @WomenEqualities: UK has strong human rights policy enshrined in the constitution, and its devolution policy is empowering. #CEDAW #CEDAW72
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Good morning from the .@UN 👋 We had an excellent day yesterday preparing for submissions to the CEDAW Committee and today we are back attending #CEDAW72 as the UK government will be appearing before the Committee to answer questions!
We have started now and the UK government is making its 30 minute opening statement. The #metoo movement has already been mentioned! #CEDAW72
The government delegation are highlighting the steps they have taken to promote equality, such as: doubled entitlement of free childcare; committed to assisting individuals have taken time out for caring to return to work; addressing gender pay gap. #CEDAW72
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We're at #CEDAW71, and will live-tweet the session. Minister Frankie Campbell has introduced the delegation, thanked NGOs for contributions, and introduced The #Bahamas as the most beautiful place in the world from space (as noted by astronaut Scott Kelly).

He is now giving information about the makeup of The #Bahamas -- being an archipelago, having a Family of Islands, and dealing with increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes.

He has just mentioned that The #Bahamas was successful in its bid to join the #HumanRights Council.

Now talking about the importance of the #SDGs.

#CEDAW71 #CEDAW242 #Bahamas
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