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Live thread 🧵

@UyghurProject is in Geneva 🇨🇭 for China's review under the 🇺🇳 UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women #CEDAW.

Watch this space for live updates👇🏽
@UyghurCongress @hk_watch @TibetAdvocacy @ISHRglobal @ISHR_chinese @sarahmcneer @benedictrogers @Dolkun_Isa @PeterIrwin_ @ZumretErkin "We highly valued the participation and inputs of NGOs, academics and experts from research institutions participated in the drafting," says Huang Xiaowei, head of the Chinese delegation.

UHRP didn't get a call unfortunately. Image
@UyghurCongress @hk_watch @TibetAdvocacy @ISHRglobal @ISHR_chinese @sarahmcneer @benedictrogers @Dolkun_Isa @PeterIrwin_ @ZumretErkin "China has worked with UNESCO in [supporting] girls and women's education to encourage equity," says Huang Xiaowei.

Here's a 2022 @UyghurProject report on China's cultural cleansing of Uyghurs, instrumentalizing orgs like @UNESCO 👇🏽…
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[THREAD] La joueuse de tennis Peng Shuai, disparue après avoir accusé un ex-dirigeant chinois d'agression sexuelle, a rencontré le président du Comité international olympique (CIO) ce week-end. Elle assure aujourd'hui n'avoir "jamais disparu" ⤵️ 1/7
Début novembre, #PengShuai avait, dans un message sur les réseaux sociaux, accusé un ancien dirigeant chinois de l'avoir contrainte à un rapport sexuel. L'ancienne numéro 1 mondial en double avait rapidement effacé ces messages, puis disparu pendant des mois #AFP 2/7
Les messages de solidarité s'étaient multipliés sur les réseaux sociaux sous le hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai. Novak Djokovic, Naomi Osaka, Stan Wawrinka ou encore Serena Williams: tout le monde du tennis s'était mobilisé pour faire part de ses craintes #AFP 3/7
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🌏 #Pekin2022
Boycott, droits de l’homme, #PengShuai, écologie...

Avant même que ces JO d'Hiver ne débutent, la Chine 🇨🇳 fait face à de nombreuses critiques internationales

Quelles sont-elles ?

Comment le régime de Xi Jinping y répond ?

1er enjeu : les droits de l'Homme

Le 6 dec les Etats-Unis 🇺🇸 annoncent qu'aucune représentation diplomatique/officielle ne sera présente aux JO

Un choix justifié par "le génocide et les crimes contre l'humanité en cours de la RPC 🇨🇳 au Xinjiang"…
En effet, dénoncée par de nombreuses ONG depuis 2018, la Chine met en place une répression particulièrement violente vis à vis de la minorité musulmane ouïghoure, avec notamment la mise en place de camp de "rééducation".…
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SCOOP: Olympic athletes are getting ready to boycott the opening ceremony in Beijing… by me @PostOpinions #Beijing2022 #BoycottBeijing2022 #BoycottBeijingOlympics
"Activists told me that athletes from at least two Western teams confirmed they will not be attending the Opening Ceremonies as their personal form of protest."…
.@Dotseten of @SFTHQ: “The simple gesture of skipping out on the Opening Ceremonies can be a tremendous opportunity for athletes to show solidarity and compassion... Athletes, you have a voice, your gesture of solidarity can make a difference.”…
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Peng Shuai being interviewed by Singapore media Zaobao:…
She is obviously surprised by the interview which takes place in bad acoustic and light conditions. She answers all questions regarding recent events. #WhereIsPengShuai? In Shanghai. 1/
Peng Shuai states that she never accused anybody of sexually assaulting her. Actually, you just have to read the post from Nov. 2 attributed to her to see that there is no such accusation. It was made up by journalists like @EmilyZFeng (NPR), @stevenleemyers (NYT) etc. 2/
Peng Shuai authenticates the content of the email attributed to her by CGTN, explaining that she does not speak English well, that she sent this email in Chinese to WTA chairman Steve Simon, but that the English translation provided by CGTN is correct. 3/
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20 minutes.

That’s how long it took for China to mobilize a multifaceted propaganda campaign after tennis star Peng Shuai accused former vice premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault.

Officials use a tested playbook to stamp out / shift narratives. It didn’t work as planned...
STEP ONE: Remove all traces

Censors expunged Ms. Peng’s allegations from Weibo, scrubbed other posts referring to the claims and banned several hundred keywords.

For a while, they limited topics as broad as “tennis.”

Here are screenshots of her post.
This banner appeared in a Weibo tennis forum, warning: “Due to violation of community guidelines, it is temporarily prohibited to post in this Super Topic space.”
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The late Phillip Russell, former president of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, was a big deal. That's why I encourage everyone to read carefully the email he sent in April 2020. 1/11…
"The flimsiness of the epidemiology pointing to the wet market, the absence of bats in the market, the failure to identify an intermediate animal host, the extraordinary measures taken by the Chinese gov't, including persecution & probable killing of two brave physicians... 2/11
... to cover up the outbreak, the steps taken to silence the laboratory personnel,. the change in leadership of the lab, all point to the lab as the source of the outbreak.” 3/11
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2014: Peng Shuai #彭帅 28, atop @WTA, training at Tianjin Tennis Center #天津网球中心—Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 68, a top 7 🇨🇳 PSC leader—when their sex began.

FFWD 7yrs: Abuse claims, WTA suspends play—China impacts TBD at #Beijing2022 #冬奥会 & 20th PC #二十大. #MeToo #米兔 #我也是
For a line-by-line, Chinese-to-English translation of Peng Shuai’s #彭帅 2 Nov Weibo post discussing her relationship w/fmr Politburo Standing Committee, Vice Premier #副总理, Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 see ⬇️:

#MeToo #米兔 #我也是 #WhereIsPengShuai #PengShuai #Tennis #WTA #Beijing2022
Coincidentally, from 2016 Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 headed the Chinese govt’s steering committee @OlympicsCN set-up to “guide, support & supervise the 2022 Beijing Winter Games bid”—his role put him in contact w/high ranking Olympic officials, incl Pres Thomas Bach @IOCThomasBach.
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'The real Peng Shuai'

In this month's supplement, @molly_mcelwee looks into the story and life of the quiet Chinese hero who won't give up her #MeToo fight

Read more here ➡️…
@molly_mcelwee 🗣️“Speaking out showed that even someone like her, with power and status, could be affected by sexual violence – and can be silenced.”

Former doubles partner Andrea Sestini Hlavackova becomes the first player close to Peng to open up on the allegations…
Peng was considered tennis royalty. The first Chinese tennis player, male or female, to become a world No 1.…
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Essa moça aqui se chama Peng Shuai.

Peng é uma tenista chinesa - campeã de Wimbledon e Roland Garros - que chamou a atenção do mundo nos últimos dias ao acusar o ex-vice-premier chinês Zhang Gaoli de estuprá-la.

Peng sumiu após este episódio.

Essa é a sua história.
No dia 2 de novembro, Peng publicou no Weibo - o Twitter chinês - que havia sido forçada a manter relações sexuais com Zhang Gaoli.

Em minutos sua postagem foi apagada, e imediatamente todo conteúdo relacionado ao tema foi censurado na internet chinesa.
Para tentar driblar a censura no Weibo, os chineses passaram a se referir a Peng utilizando nomes semelhantes, com suas iniciais. Mas mesmo essas tentativas acabaram censuradas.

Quando a CNN transmitiu a notícia, o sinal da emissora foi cortado na China.

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After facing widespread criticism for the position it took on #WhereIsPengShuai, the @iocmedia held a video call with Peng on Sunday and she obviously claimed that she is safe and well and “would like to have her privacy respected at this time.”…
“That is why she prefers to spend her time with friends and family right now. Nevertheless, she will continue to be involved in tennis, the sport she loves so much,” IOC wrote.
“I was relieved to see that Peng Shuai was doing fine, which was our main concern. She appeared to be relaxed. I offered her our support and to stay in touch at any time of her convenience, which she obviously appreciated,” said @ELaaksonen3, IOC Athletes’ Commission.
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#WhereIsPengShuai? Pues probablemente en su casa. No vieron el correo y las fotos? Pues obvio que por mucho que los chinos lo intenten, nadie les creerá. Así que les voy a explicar qué se sabe, qué creo que pasó y qué creo que pasará. Uds sacarán sus conclusiones.
No lo pensaba hacer, pero gracias a @suidaila, pude ver el post original de Peng y no pude parar de leerlo. Decidí hacer el hilo porque lo que está haciendo la prensa occidental con su historia es un asco y la van a terminar hundiendo.
Así que empecemos: Qué sabemos que pasó?
El 2/11 Peng publica un post contando su historia con el ex Vice-Premier de China, Zhang Gaoli, 30 años mayor que ella (esto será importante). Tuvieron una relación por 3 años. Luego, él la dejó cuando fue ascendido al Politburó. Por su estatus, debía cuidar las apariencias...
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Voy a dar unos cuantos datos sobre lo que sabemos que ha sucedido y Zhang Gaoli
Peng Shuai lanzó sus acusaciones en Weibo el 2 de Noviembre
Media hora después fueron eliminadas
CC @Newtral @_anapastor_
Zhang , al que dirigió sus acusaciones Peng, es miembro del Politburó (PBSC) del Partido Comunista Chino
Es decir máximo nivel dentro del Partido
Anteriormente Zhang fue El máximo cargo en la provincia de Tianjin . También el encargado de desarrollar la iniciativa de “La nueva ruta de la seda”
Básicamente rutas de comercio con Europa atravesando Rusia y uniendo China con Alemania , Francia y Uk
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Peng Shuai: Abuso, desaparición, censura y misterio. La ex N°1 de dobles y ganadora de 23 títulos desapareció luego de contar que fue abusada por Zhang Gaoli 👇
El 2 de noviembre la tenista realizó un posteo en su cuenta de Weibo (Red social china, similar a Twitter) contando cómo fue abusada por un ex Viceprimer ministro de China, Zhang Gaoli. Acá el posteo original en chino y su traducción al inglés.
Pasados unos minutos, su posteo fue eliminado por Weibo (tiene un equipo dedicado a controlar las publicaciones) y su nombre fue censurado de esa red social. Es decir, uno busca “Peng Shuai” en su buscador y no aparece.
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1. The Women’s Tennis Association has doubted the authenticity of an email purportedly from Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, which was published by Chinese state broadcaster CGTN.

Peng has not been heard from since alleging sexual assault by a retired senior Chinese politician.
2. The email, allegedly written by Peng, claimed that she is not missing or unsafe, and that the sexual assault allegation linked to her was not true.

“I have a hard time believing that Peng Shuai actually wrote the email we received,” WTA president Steve Simon said.
3. Simon also said CGTN’s statement only raises his concerns as to Peng's safety and whereabouts.

Peng wrote on Weibo earlier this month that she was forced into a sexual relationship with former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. The post has since been removed.
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Why is the cursor visible in this screenshot? Who’s taken that screenshot and when? Who sent it? #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
Also people will be analysing the tone of this language to see if it really sounds like it is being written by someone who is alright. #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
If #PengShuai has written to Steve Simon, the WTA chairman, why does it begin “Hello everyone...”?
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An International Olympic Committee spokesperson has told me the IOC are "encouraged by assurances that Peng Shuai is safe. We are touch with the International Tennis Federation who continue to monitor the situation.”

I didn't expect much more or different, but it is a pretty weak statement and is almost exactly the same as the opening lines of the ATP statement.

I appreciate this is a delicate situation and there may be further back-channels conversations going on but still: weak.
None of these "assurances" have come from reliable sources outside China, and no one has been able to contact her in any of the normal ways.

If she really was safe, well and not being at the very least censored, we would have heard from her.

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#WhereIsPengShuai:彭帥控高官性侵後 #疑似失聯,網壇名將發文聲援】#小端網絡觀察
17日上午,日本女子網球選手 #大坂直美(Naomi Osaka)於推特發文談論近期的彭帥事件,該篇推特文末的 #WhereIsPengShuai(彭帥在哪裡?)標籤也在推特發酵,當中許多推文對彭帥至今仍疑似失聯的情況感到擔憂,並要求有關當局正視彭帥的指控,全面調查此事。
2日深夜,彭帥發文指控中國前國務院副總理 #張高麗 性侵震驚全網,該文旋遭下架。這是MeToo運動進入中國以來,被控涉案官員層級最高的一次。目前中國官方並未承認指控或展開調查,3日中國外交部例行記者會中,記者提相關問題,中國外交部發言人汪文斌回應:「我沒有聽說過,而且這也不是外交問題。」
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It is now two weeks since Peng Shuai posted her allegations of sexual assault against Zhang Gaoli on social media.

They were quickly removed and she has not been heard from since. No reliable sources have been able to contact her.

Her whereabouts are not currently known. There is growing concern for her status.

@hrw's China director though tells me all is not lost. Bodies outside China *can* have an impact. WTA and ATP statements must be the start, not the end.

Sophie Richardson of @hrw cites Ai Weiwei and Liu Xia as examples of where the Chinese regime were forced into relenting.

Also urged the IOC to make their presence felt over Peng Shuai's case ahead of the Winter Olympics in February.

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A complete English translation of Peng Shuai’s deleted post. We owe it to her to read her full story in her own words #WhereIsPengShuai Image
For some cultural context, “Empress in the Palace” is a famous Chinese TV show about palace intrigue which features an Empress who cruelly mistreats her husband’s concubines
Also just want to add that speculation about Peng disappearing is entirely based off the fact that she hasn’t been posting on social media. There are reports coming from China that she’s safe. Despite how scary the Chinese government is, I do think we can believe these reports
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