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I really cannot get over how blatantly and frequently @seanmdav @bdomenech and the @FDRLST can be caught in simple, silly lies on this website and they continue without any shame. It's almost ... Orwellian.…
One of the ways you can tell @seanmdav is a shameless propagandist is the fact he doesn't even bother to respond, retort, or pretend he has any self respect when he is caught in a lie.
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The name of the book isn't actually 1984, even though a lot of people write it that way and a lot of book covers use the numerals

It's #NineteenEightyFour (look at the first edition book cover I pasted)
I hate to be the gatekeeper but there's so many fake Orwell fans these days
I hate people calling 1984 a "big tech" dystopia

The only real Big Tech is the telescreens and they play a really small role in the plot - the point of the book is everyone is very poor and aside from the telescreens people live like it's the Great Depression still
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Hammer & Scorecard. The "Programming" used to digitally change votes by 3% across the US. This election has now seen multiple ways voter fraud was (is) committed to manipulate the election in favor of Joe. This is just one, of a few.
2) Lt. Gen Tom McInerney knew about "Hammer & Scorecard" before the election. He revealed it here on Nov. 1st.
3) Hammer & Scorecard? How Does It Work?

Here it is in action taking away votes from the opposing candidate. They don't even hide it!
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Timeline: How the Dutch came up with their Coronavirus Strategy of Years of Yo-Yo Lockdowns,

It is a sort of a hybrid between 'Allowing the virus to run its course unchecked' [Sweden] and 'Maximum containment of the virus' [New Zealand]…
There exists a later document also:

"Why the Dutch Covid-19 strategy is ineffective and inhumane:"

"The Netherlands is currently retreating from its “intelligent lockdown” as one of the hardest-hit countries in the world."

"Although the strategy of allowing the virus to spread while building herd immunity was never abandoned, the Dutch have somehow escaped much international scrutiny – until now."…

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