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Next Saturday: #Amsterdam

I will be speaking at Read My World @RMWAdam on two panels:

Queer it up: From Screen to Pen with Mavi Veloso and Abdellah Taïa…
“The battles over women’s bodies can be won only by a revolution of the mind” - @monaeltahawy.

And on this @RMWAdam panel on sexuality, bodies and activism with @hasnaelmaroudi and @mariammaslouhi and @ClariceGargard…
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1/ #EUsupergirl at Stansted Airport ready to start the next leg of my #EUsupergirlTour
"GRIFTER HOLIDAY" trolls: Keep hating on yourselves 😘🖤👹
For those who value my work & positive, pro-European message - you can support my @ECF_tweets project:…
2/ Over the next 10 days I will be visiting:
Flying back to the UK in time for @LeedsEurope conference on 7th Sept ✈🇬🇧❤🇪🇺
Follow this thread for the #EUsupergirlTour action! #TheFutureisEurope 🦸🏼‍♀️❤🇪🇺✊🏻 @ECF_tweets
3/ #EUsupergirl made it to #Copenhagen ✈🇩🇰🚂 And what a delightfully Welcoming city it is too! 😍🇪🇺 Amused by how their welcome signs are translated & nearly everyone speaks English... makes travelling easy for us Brits, I guess! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #TheFutureisEurope #EUsupergirlTour
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#NewsAlert: Very Rare Tornado in #Luxembourg today caused major damage and havoc today in the small country, sending roof tiles and trees in the air, and causing partially power outages on some streets. #Europe
#Update: Here is some video that shows you the extensive damage of the very rare #Tornado that hit parts of #Luxembourg today on a street. #Europe
#Update: Also the #Netherlands in the city of #Amsterdam reported a forming of a Tornado but didn't caused much damage as the Tornado was forming over in a weak depression zone and disappeared quickly. But locals reported of heavy strong gust winds. #Europe weather
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#Breaking: just in - Reports that all flights from #Schiphol Airport in #Amsterdam have been halted.
#Update: Just in - All flights have been halted at #Schiphol Airport due to a technical issue with the fuel pump. #Amsterdam
#Update: Just in - flights at #Schiphol Airport can experience a delay up to 3 hours in #Amsterdam.
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| #draadje | Pampus sluit zich aan bij @wemakethecity ​festival en neemt je zondag 23 juni op sleeptouw voor o.a. een duurzame rondleiding over het eiland. Echt een unieke kans om hierbij te zijn en – ons kent ons – het kost maar een prikkie!

📷 Tiny Pampus World by @wdejager
Dit keer geen verhalen over het beroemde gezegde of over de militairen die klaar waren voor de vijand die nimmer kwam... Wel krijg je in kannen en kruiken te horen over hoe we bewust bezig zijn met een schone en mooie toekomst.

📷 Pampus Island by @mrperezident
We tonen je hoe het koesteren van erfgoed hand in hand kan gaan met hypermoderne plannen om tot een geheel duurzame zelfvoorziening te komen op het gebied van water en energie.

#wemakethecity #wemakeourisland #wemakeourfuture #joinus #getonboard
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#Breaking: Just in - A unknown incident happened at the #Rijksmuseum in #Amsterdam, police and firefighters massive on scene. Eyewitness on the ground seen a women full of blood on the sidewalk. #Netherlands
#Update: Just in - Firefighters in #Amsterdam says " there was a light smoke reported in a technical room at the #Rijksmuseum, and no fire broke out", but there is still no word on how the women who was on the sidewalk bleeding out.
#Update: Looks like the Women who was bleeding out outside the #Rijksmuseum at the sidewalk, was a elderly women who fell and started to bleed out badly for her age, she was reportedly in critical condition. #Amsterdam
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This Wednesday, I was scheduled to speak at @DeBalie in #Amsterdam. After consulting with Dutch friends whose opinions I trust, I believe that De Balie is not a venue I want to bring my views to. My apologies to all those who bought tickets to see me speak.
It was one particular event that took place at De Balie (that was brought to my attention on Saturday) which began a closer look for me at the centre and made me question whether I wanted to speak there. I explain my position 👇🏽. I hope to return to #Amsterdam soon.
Bekende feministe zegt De Balie af vanwege omstreden islamdebat | NOS
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🚨Iranian #Resistance Activities
NO : 1
#Canada - #Toronto
Supporters of the #NCRI protested against the #Iranian regime's inaction in preventing the occurrence of #Iranfloods & the lack of to save the lives of victims.
@SecPompeo #IranRegimeChange
🚨Iranian #Resistance Activities
NO : 2
Supporters of the #NCRI sympathized with the victims of the flood disaster in Iran.
they called the criminal regime the mullahs responsible for this miserable situation and called for #IranRegimeChange.
#Iran @SecPompeo
🚨Iranian #Resistance Activities
NO : 3
The adherents of the Iranian resistance (#NCRI-#MEK) expressed their condolences to #Iranfloods victims & called for the overthrow of this corrupt government.
@SecPompeo #IranRegimeChange
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London On Track To Become #Global #Fintech #Hub
by @thefintechtimes

🦄#Unicorn=a #firm with >$1 billion #market #capitalisation
🦄29 fintech unicorns worldwide
🦄9 in #SanFrancisco AND 7 in #London
2018 #income #growth increase:
💪£77.1m -> £177.6m #revenue
☝️2018 #job creation : 61% increase
☝️#Salary inflations for #IT pros: 6-8%

#ai #artificialintelligence #crypto
☝️#EU #venturecapital:
1. #London 39%
2. #Berlin 21%
3. #Paris 18%
4. #Stockholm 5%
5. #Barcelona 4%
6. #Amsterdam 4%
7. #Zurich 3%
8. #Copenhagen 2%
9. #Dublin 2%
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#Breaking: Just in - Mass stabbing incident happened in #Amsterdam The Netherlands on the "Albert Cuypstraat" multiple police officers, ambulances and police helicopter now circulating on the scene - Developing...
#Update: Reports of Multiple people stabbed in #Amsterdam The Netherlands on the "Albert Cuypstraat" Police are on the scene right now.
#Breaking: Just in - The subway is on lockdown! The trams are being re-routed and asked not to stop at that station. In #Amsterdam The Netherlands on the "Albert Cuypstraat" situation is fresh and still unfolding...
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Today my article ‘Al de swarten die hier ter stede comen’ - about an Afro-Atlantic community in seventeenth century Amsterdam - was published #openaccess in @_tseg. The article is in Dutch, so I’ll do a short introduction in #thread here.… #twitterhistorian
From the moment the Dutch became active in the Atlantic world, people of African descent came to Amsterdam. Their presence is evident from baptismal and marriage registers and from seventeenth-century notarial deeds.
The earliest marriage of an African in Amsterdam that I have encountered was already at the end of the sixteenth century. On January 2, 1593 the 29-year-old Bastiaan Pietersz of ‘Maniconge in Afryken’ and Trijntje Pieters from Amsterdam registered their marriage.
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So exciting!!!! Four years ago #AugustMoon commenced their #WiseOrNaked World Tour!
Gig 1 • 12 February 2015 • #Bogota #Colombia 😄 Follow the journey ▶️…
#TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 🖤 #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
#AugustMoon #WiseOrNaked World Tour • Gig 2 • 13 February 2015 • #Bogota #Colombia 😄 Follow the journey ▶️… #TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 🖤 #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
#AugustMoon #WiseOrNaked World Tour • Gig 3 • 15 February 2015 • #Lima #Peru 🖤 “I’ll call you when we get to Lima.” - @HayesCampbell_ #TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 😃 Follow the journey on our Pinterest...… #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
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#Breaking: Just in - Multiple gunshots heard at an bank in the Netherlands in #Amsterdam at the Frederiksplein. Mass police mobilization going on.
#Update: There were heard in total about of 20 gunshot at the area of the bank in #Amsterdam at the Frederiksplein. When police arrived the suspect drove away, but got cornered and the suspect has been caught and arrested by police.
#Breaking: Just in - At least one man shot dead by Dutch police outside Dutch Central Bank in #Amsterdam at the Frederiksplein. after reports of heavy exchange of gunfire.
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I’m an avid history geek 🤓 and I got this idea from @GippersChutzpah!
My follower count is currently stuck in the mid ages. I’ll tweet some Jewish history milestones from along the years, according to my follower count. So come on, I’m 4 followers short of the first story...
On 13/12/1204, Moshe Ben Maimon AKA #Maimonides (Greek) and Ha’Rambam (Hebrew), died at 69 in Egypt.
A Philosopher, Physician, Astronomer and one of most important #Jewish Scholars of all times.
Buried in Tiberias @Israel, upon final request to be buried in the ancient homeland
WOW! 3 followers away from yet another milestone of #JewishHistory!
So far we learned about some pogroms 😠(1171 France, 1190 England) and Maïmōnídēs dying 😢(1204 Egypt).
JewishHistory is filled with sorrow and darkness but it gets better in the 2nd half of the 20th century 😉
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Looking at my #Gucci, it's about that time. It's #Cancer time. (Older heads will know, I likely don't literally have a Gucci. But a stroll down hip-hop memory lane is apt for this sign, no?)
And this is special for me since there might be folks of a particular sign, either by Sun, moon or rising, who are your Ride-or-die folks. Well, #Cancers are mine. I don't have to go looking for them or that. It just happens. Consistently. So, they're dear people for me.
Once consciousness has explored dimensions of risk & curiosity in #Gemini, it seeks out safety, responsibility, containment & renewal in #Cancer
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Prof. René van der Duim @wur is onze eerste gast van vanavond onderzocht of en op welke manier toerisme in Afrika kan bijdragen aan natuur en milieu. #tegenlicht #tegenlicht030
"Klimaatverandering is een groot probleem (...) Nu wordt @Stichting_AM aangesproken, maar moet je wel bij hen zijn, en niet bij @airbnb of bij @easyJet? (...) Vlieland is een goed voorbeeld. Daar is decennia geleden een maximaal aantal bedden afgesproken." @wur #tegenlicht
"Als een weekend Barcelona 500 euro kost, ga ik niet, maar voor twee tientjes ga ik er wel heen (...) Kerosine wordt niet belast, en is 5x zo goedkoop als benzine (...) Treinen zijn nog steeds per land geregeld. Daar hebben @transavia en @easyJet geen last van." #tegenlicht
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Any place can be transformed from a place for cars to a place for people. It takes vision & will. #Amsterdam 1976 vs 2017 via @amsterdamized
Amsterdam chose to give their streets to cars. Then they chose to take them back. There's nothing magical about #Amsterdam. They just chose.
Think your city doesn't have much in common with #Amsterdam? As city archive photos show, it used to.
HT @rwoudstra
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