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Quand une parole ou une action dénonce un système de domination et que vous répondez #NotAll x, y ou z, vous déviez la critique de ce système en prétendant que certains membres qui bénéficient pourtant des avantages de ce système n'en feraient pas partie.
Déjà, ça ne remet pas en cause ce système, vous faites ici une diversion.
Si vous êtes vous-même ce x, y ou z ("non mais moi j'ai jamais..."), cette diversion est à votre bénéfice personnel. Du coup, vous en faites bel et bien partie, puisque la critique initiale est affaiblie.
Car votre #NotAll, ça suppose que seuls les "vrais actifs" formeraient ce système. En réalité, ceux qui en bénéficient passivement et/ou ceux qui ne disent jamais rien en font partie aussi. Alors ceux qui en freinent la critique, vous pensez bien...
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@YasMohammedxx @KDRasmussen You keep *interpreting* me. I don’t need to change my mind because I never took back the invitation. Likewise I never said anything like you insinuate above.

I believe the problem here is different. Let’s choose something unemotional to illustrate.
@YasMohammedxx @KDRasmussen Let’s say you said “Mammals are furry and give live birth.”

I might respond and say “No. That’s not true. Echidna are a counter example.”

You might respond “I know #NotAll mammals. I never said that.”

I’d say “No. The point is that the exceptions show the description is off.”
@YasMohammedxx @KDRasmussen You might say “Well. The vast majority of mammals give live birth.”

I might say “Perhaps, but the shift from the incorrect description is critically important. It’s the difference between a phylogenetic and descriptive understanding of biology. It’s not correct minus epsilon.”
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If a Jew said White women are worse than every other race & the cause of the collapse of White communities we'd be angry.

So how come when a White man with over 100,000 followers says it, we accept it as based?

Listen to these extracts from "What is wrong with White Women."
"White women are virtue signalling White communities into collapse." We know this because the rabid antiwhite Saira Rao tell us it is so.

Excuse me? Saira Rao?
Saira Rao, Guardian & every other globohomo MSM outlet tells us White women are open to changing their behaviour; White men are lost cause.

These people hate us; want us destroyed. Can anyone explain why we'd take what they say at face value, let only use it against our women?
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Insomnia after a stressful week and reflecting on what makes patient involvement in mental health hard and creates dissonance. And how professionals who care about patients can help. I know many want to.

This is going to be tough to hear, but if you’d like to help, stick with it
Whats’s hard?
Emotional labour in spaces where there is a-sometimes overtly stated-value that anything not celebrating success is “negative”. Where people share a weird, flawed, idea that improvement is only possible by ignoring what’s wrong to only see what is thought to be good
People who have been mental health patients for a time, unless very lucky, know that things do go wrong. Too often. Sometimes very badly wrong. People’s lives are changed by this. and people sometimes die. This isn’t a minor customer complaint. It’s as serious as it could be.
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So, it's day 4 of #NAAM #NAAM2019 and I'm going to try to convey my *personal issues* with the idea that #adoption is a better life.
I can only speak for myself and my own story as to why this bothers me as much as it does.

So before anyone feels the deep and burning need to #notall me, I am talking about *me* and *my adoption* and *my lived experience*. Take your not alls and move along.
As always, I am an #adoptee but not the only adoptee. Our experiences are vast and varied and complex and same and different and all valid.

Listen to me if you'd like, and then go listen to others as well.
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It’s that time of the year again! The 9 days of festivities, Navaratri is here! Celebrated in various parts of the country in various ways, the festival is special for several reasons. #Navratri #Navaratri2019 #Thread
From the familiar golu in TN to Navaratri fasting concluding with the grand celebrations of Dasami or Dusshera depending on which part of India you're in, the festival is filled with lore, legend and backstories found in Itihasas and Puranas.
#Navratri #Navaratri2019
Some of you may remember that last year during the 9 days of #Navratri, we spoke about 9 kritis of the Navavaranas dedicated to goddess Kamalaamba,composed by Muthuswami Dikshithar. Here’s the thread if you’d like to jog through it. #Navaratri2019
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"You hear people say “but think of the unborn child!” Well I want to give you a different point of view. I am that child. I was unwanted and it was obvious. I was born two weeks premature because my father beat my mother. (A thread on what it’s like to be an unwanted child)
He went off whoring and she was left to give birth alone. I was given the correct clothes by my grandparents. I was given to my mothers family for quite some time. My grandmother was an alcoholic and my grandfather was abusive in other ways.
Most people do not remember their early childhood but I have sporadic memories, with perfect detail from as young as 2 years. Each one was due to intense fear of my father and my mother. They enjoyed tormenting me, hurting me, often laughing about it.
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In spite of his life of ostentatious sin, the Christian Right loves Trump. People like Pence and Falwell Jr. eagerly facilitate his authoritarianism. Today I want to introduce you to another far-right Christian playing that role. You might recognize him.
Bill Barr is on a mission from God. He's railed against secularism and the separation of church and state, and "called for the imposition of 'God’s law' in America."…
.@Readeradrift flags a few of Barr's far-right Christian views:
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We do. We keep saying it, but no one wants to listen. The question starts w a false premise: no one is suddenly inspired to join ISIS. This indoctrination starts from birth. The idea that Islam will rule the world. A Caliphate will rise and when it does, we must join the fight
We’re told that all non-believers are the enemy and they must be killed. This is a common theme in mosques and madrasas across the world. Joining ISIS is the punctuation at the end of a very long sentence. It’s a long, slow process and we’e only looking at the conclusion

The father of one of the #BethnalGreen girls stood shoulder to shoulder w Anjem Chaudhry and Lee Rigsby’s killer at extremist rallies...where he took his 13 yr old daughter. Rallies where they screamed about violence to the West and burned flags. This is what she was taught.

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Definitely one of the most helpful tweets/threads of 2018: #9ReplyGuys
In fact, @sbarolo 's thread above is so good that I want to translate it into Japanese. I hope you don't mind, Scott?
(The translation is partial and rather loose, but hopefully it'll carry the essence of your ideas.)
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This obsession is gross and weird. She is a woman in her 20s living in a hella expensive city. I’m shocked she has even that much.
A lot of this is pandering to the boomer-age viewers, so they can tut-tut about how irresponsible those avocado toast-eating millennials are. Instead, they should be asking why it’s become so hard for young people to save for the future. (Hint: It’s housing and student loans.)
Perhaps if the Voldemort generation (don’t say the B-word, they will destroy your mentions with #NotAll demands) wanted their kids to save more, voting for politicians that made that a concern instead of steadily delivering power to Republicans for generations would have helped.
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Hats off to the New York Times for seeing a blue wave building in Texas… and finding a way to center white evangelical women.
It’s not that this story isn’t interesting or newsworthy. It’s that there are thousands of interesting, newsworthy stories, and the Times spends a disproportionate amount of time covering white conservatives.
This article is like an ad for #NotAll white evangelical women, playing up “an under-the-radar web” of compassionate conservatives while downplaying the over the radar majority and the broader social and political impacts of white evangelicals.
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I appreciate where this thread is coming from, but speaking as someone who has worked with youth and met hundreds of gen Z in the last few years

It IS a fundamentally different generation. In ways I have found staggering, if largely encouraging
First, consider temporal context

Gen Z is the first generation of universal digital natives. Even kids growing up in the hood almost all have cell phones (and I worked with underserved youth, I saw this with my own eyes)

Not just digital natives, either. Social software natives
Moreover, Gen Z is entering a world of unprecedented wealth inequality. They are approaching adulthood at a time where all the roadmaps they came up following have been shredded.

College is no guarantee of anything. Workforce participation has contracted by 4m since 2008
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1. I and many ex-Evangelicals share @DJSugi’s frustration. 2017 taught us some things about how to be heard.

“I’ve spent much of my adulthood terrified that Christian extremists would take over America, and... many of my peers seemed oblivious to my concerns.”
2. Before laying out my thoughts on this, a couple of caveats. Firstly, it's not the fault of survivors of extremist Christianity that mainstream America has proven largely unwilling to listen.
3. An (untenable, circular) impulse to consider "real" religion benign is baked into American national DNA, although it functions disproportionately in favor of Christianity. Christian privilege is very real.
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Je vais vous montrer un exemple les mecs, suivez bien:
Ici cette personne demande aux féministes de se remettre en question dans leurs rapports aux personnes transgenre.
Je suis feministe.
Je me considère comme une alliée.
Je pourrais donc venir gueuler avec un #NotAllFeministes
Seulement voilà, je me remets en question: il y a des féministes EXTRÊMEMT transphobe.
Du coup peut être que cette personne fait allusions à d'autres personnes de ce groupe auquel je me sens une appartenance, les féministes, en tant que groupe donc, pas en visant chaque individu.
A ce stade il serait facile d'etre sympa, de me dire: ça ne me concerne pas, je ne suis pas visée par ce tweet comme tous les hommes ne sont pas visés par les "men a trash".
SAUF QUE c'est pas le moment de s'arrêter dans la remise en question.
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Was explaining to a (white) friend that for all its flaws, Uber is life support. I KNOW the driver will accept my fare (unlike black cabs)
It's something I have been hearing from my WoC (esp black and hijabi) students as well. Uber gives them freedom to move about the city
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1. I can always appreciate a genuine inquiry regarding #NotAllWhitePeople & #NotAllMen; join me as I take a more creative route to explain.
2. Imaging 13 kids (weird number, I know, but it'll make sense soon enough): 10 of them wear white t-shirts; 3 of them, brown tees.
3. Everyday, the "white tee" kids get to leave class early to attend lunch ahead of everyone else; the "brown tee" kids follow afterwards.
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